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Anrita Melchizedek is founder of The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network, an ascension network of Light offering numerous programs of Light - and in 2011 she worked closely together with the Children of the Sun, guiding us all!

Soul Healing Invocation By Anrita Melchizedek

Soul Healing Invocation By Anrita Melchizedek

Expanding from within my Loving Heart, and amplified through every sub-atomic particle within my beingness, is a beautiful Golden Sun, my Purity and Innocence, worthy and loving, compassionate, powerful and wise. This is the embodied essence of my amazing Soul Light.

I take a moment now to deepen into this connection with my Universe, feeling and sensing this re-union of hearts, with my magnificent Soul and Higher Selves. I breathe deep into my body, as I focus on my loving heart.

I breathe in Love, and I breathe out Love, sensing my loving heart expanding now, as I embody ever deeper, my Divinity, my Soul Light.

My third eye now activates, as the Pineal gland expands, taking me into the memories of timelines of Self-Mastery, as my Higher Selves, Beloved I Am Presence, God Self and so much more, for I am continuously ascending and expanding my frequency from within every cell, as the sub-atomic particles spin in increased Light, Crystalline Consciousness, connected to the One Heart of All That Is.

Breathing in Love, breathing out Love. As I continue this deep rhythmic breath, feeling and sensing the energy waves and photonic light from within, the kundalini ignites as I move my pelvis backwards and forwards, and from side to side.

I now listen to the frequencies and tones of my Soul emitted through the inner ears, feeling into the sounds, colors and sacred geometries, and further experiencing the feelings and qualities of gratitude, joy, peace, appreciation, and Love.

And sensing now the Three-Fold of Power, Love and Wisdom expand from within my Loving Heart, into each cell, each molecule, in these plumes of Blue, Pink and Golden Yellow.

I continue to expand my consciousness and connect now into the Crystalline Grid of Divine Love, the 144 Unity Grid, to share my Light Codes as I receive, from Divine Mother, Gaia, as well as my Soul Brothers, Soul Sisters, and the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High, deepening into the stillness of my Loving Heart, and the Wisdom of my Higher Mind, fine tuning my frequency, whilst dissolving, releasing, expanding, and transcending, and continually ascending in each Now moment.

I now bring my focus back into my body, sensing and feeling how each body part and organ are doing in this Now moment. No matter how uncomfortable some places may be, I go there willingly, trusting and surrendering to my Universe.

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I now state: All my cells and organs function perfectly. Each cell in my body is an expression of perfect health, vitality and well-being. Each cell in my body is replenishing, replacing, rejuvenating and regenerating according to the perfection of my original divine eight-cell blueprint.

Each organ in my body functions at peak efficacy, taking me deeper into Divine Love, taking me deeper into the knowing of myself as a sacred Flame of Divinity, as the Light of God I Am.

As I hold the essence of my Divinity, the knowing of my Innocence and Purity, I release and collapse old karmic timelines no longer needing to be experienced. I embrace and let go of my addictions, old stories, resentments, perceived pain and victim/persecutor consciousness.

I deepen into my beautiful Inner Temple of Divine Love, where all is Love and Love is all there is. My Inner Temple of Divine Love is where I know I am safe, supported, and deeply loved; where I simply trust and surrender to my Universe; where I express my magnificence and Light, in loving kindness, respect, compassion and Love, for my Self and to all others.

I am committed to releasing unforgiveness, resentment, blame and judgment. I am committed to transforming every relationship I have, as I meet each perceived challenge with compassion, insight and understanding. 

I walk the path of Love as the Light of God that I Am.

I accept and appreciate my uniqueness and magnificence.

I know I am divinely loved and deeply supported and celebrated on all levels of my being.

I ask in every moment now to experience the full blossoming of my Soul's forward evolution with divine grace and ease and love and abundance.

I say to my universe, "Bring it on !

My loving heart now hold only 'observational awareness' without judgement.

I now express my thoughts and feelings with clarity and compassion, and loving kindness, truth and understanding.

No matter how others may perceive me, I stand fast in the Light of God in this dawning Golden Age of Light.

I now experience the witnessing Presence of my Beloved I Am prior to reacting and responding, know All is Love, and Love is All I Am.

I take a moment now to acknowledge my Divine Self and Presence of Love and say to myself: "I love you (giving your full name). I love you. I love you."

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