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Volcanoes And Planetary Ley Lines

Volcanoes And Planetary Ley Lines

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Volcanoes & Planetary Ley-lines


By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
October 7, 2002


How to Find the Planetary Ley-lines


Ley-lines are subtle energy paths across the Earth's surface. Expert dowsers can find them with divining rods. In England and Europe, maps have been created showing a veritable spider's web of ley-lines connecting neolithic sites. For the purposes of this essay the subtle etheric energy will be called orgone.


The orgone atmosphere around the Earth is moving constantly. Earth's magnetic field is the flow of orgone circulating through the core of the planet and out back to the opposite pole via the Van Allen Belts. Orgone particles flow through the core and mantle of the Earth out one pole, out into space high over the waist of the planet and back into to the Earth at the opposite pole. Orgone is in a perpetual circuit.  The North and South Magnetic Poles are orgone holes. The best study of these subtle influences is found in Feng Shui.


After the magnetic poles the next largest holes are called Hot Spots. These are places in the crust where volcanism is constant. Iceland, The Azores and The Canary Islands are perpetually active as they are located on expansion joints in the crust of the globe. Hawaii is a bit different, as magma appears to be upwelling from deep in the mantle irrespective of crustal shifts. Hawaii is a chain of islands 1200 miles long, formed by the movement of the crust over a hot portion of the mantle.


Generally the crust is ten to forty miles thick, ten miles beneath oceans and forty miles below mountain ranges. The mantle is the two thousand mile thick layer between the crust and the core of the Earth. This was determined by seismic studies.

Geologists theorize that water and gases trapped in the mantle during the formation of the planet puncture the crust. Water at great pressure and temperature can lower the melting point of silicates by hundreds of degrees. A basic description of planetary volcanism is: Water deep in the crust or mantle.


Water is key in the understanding of orgone. Water is the universal solvent/filter/accumulator of orgone. The same places where water is in motion is where orgone is in motion. Hot Spots are portals into the mantle of the Earth.

There are various numbers for Hot Spots. Most often the number thirty-three is cited. The number is more likely sixty as geologists have omitted most of Asian volcanism as arising from the mantle. Also due to the height of the Himalayas and other mountain ranges, Hot Spots may be hidden at depth but still creating orgone portals.


Most active volcanism on the Ring of Fire circling the Pacific Ocean is due to subduction zones where the ocean floor is pushed under continent edges by plate tectonics. In this situation water trapped in the ocean muds are pushed to depths of thirty to forty miles. Typically these volcanos are two to four hundred miles inland from the coastline. The actual point of ocean floor subduction is hundreds of miles off the coast beyond the continental shelf. Mt. St. Helens is 250 miles from the coast and most of the Cascade Mountain Range volcanos are about the same. These volcanos are not listed as mantle created Hot Spots but they do represent pathways of orgone from the deeper parts of the crust.


Inactive volcanos are orgone portals, but weaker.


Ancient volcanos and their lava/pumice/basaltic rocks can still act as orgone openings, but are even weaker yet.


Hot springs, spas and geysers indicate orgone openings. They are often healthful places to go as the flow of orgone is natural and strong.


Most of the temperate and tropical Hot Spots are listed as recommended vacation islands/mountains and tourist destinations. They are places people can relax.


With a list of all the Hot Spots, an accurate model globe, and a piece of thread one can trace out most of the Primary Ley-lines in about an hour. Very interesting relationships start popping up at midpoints between Hot Spots and their crossing points. One of the first things which is seen is the relationship between Hot Spots and empires especially the British and French colonizations of the previous four centuries. The ghosts of the Greek and Roman Empires which are still traced in languages and national borders can be seen to be the results of "Spheres of Influence" caused by Hot Spot portals. The diverse tribalism and confusing nationalism of Africa can be seen as the result of too many competing Spheres of Influence. The apparent lack of Hot Spots in and around Asia can be seen as indicative of the formation of large nations like Russia, China and India. North America can be seen as having few nations too.


The Primary Ley-lines of America

The Hot Spots influencing America are: Yellowstone Wyoming, Steamboat Springs Colorado, Hawaii, Bermuda, Azores, The Three Virgin's Volcanos, Santa Rosalia, Baja California and underwater seamount off the northern coast of Vancouver Island. The seamount has a name but is hard to find in the atlas. It is on the contact point of the Pacific, Nootka and Juan Da Fuca plates. These cracks in the ocean bottom are the northern extension of the San Andreas Fault.


Spokane is midpoint between Yellowstone and Vancouver Island seamount. Midpoints are important as they are the intersections between competing spheres of influence. For that reason Spokane can be called the covenant point or covenant city between two strong orgone fields. The clearing of Deadly Orgone is critical in covenant cities.


Boise, Idaho is midpoint between Steamboat Springs CO. and Vancouver Island.


Bohemian Grove is on the line between Yellowstone and Hawaii. It is the nearest place to the midpoint. Plus it is near the midpoint of the The Baja and Vancouver Island which is north of Sacramento. The intersection of the two ley-lines is near Beale Air Force Base, Marysville CA. That area should be totally clear of Deadly Orgone. It is interesting that the covenant city is named Sacramento, the Capitol of California. It is also intriguing that the original meeting place and proposed site of the Unitied Nations in 1945 was near San Francisco. The Rockefellers had other plans.


The midpoint between Baja and Yellowstone is Sedona Arizona. This is another city which should get the full Spokane treatment.


The midpoint between Yellowstone and Bermuda is Louisville Kentucky. The midway point between Steamboat Springs and Bermuda is Asheville North Carolina. The juxtaposition of these two covenant cities is important in relationship to the Civil War. Louisville was a garrison/supplies town during that time and it sent Union men and materiels south along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. Asheville supplied the Confederacy. The resolution of the north-south conflict in the USA requires that both these cities have healthy orgone. Asheville people are reported to be different compared to other Carolinians. The Vanderbilts built a castle in the Appalachians near that covenant city. Did the Vanderbilt's know about orgone?


The midpoint between Baja and Bermuda is in the vicinity of Biloxi and Mobile.


The midpoint between Baja and Azores is New York City.


The midpoint between Steamboat and Azores Campobello Maine.


There are a few other connections of cities to the ley-lines between Hot Spots. An interesting Canadian city is Quebec City. North of that city is the midpoint between Yellowstone and Azores. There were plans immediately after WWII to move the Vatican to that very area should Italy fall to the communists.


The Hidden European Hot Spot: Frankfurt am Main


There are about a dozen Hot Spots influencing European affairs. With that number there are many ley-lines. Stringing lines between the North Atlantic Island Hot Spots and the three Sahara Desert Hot Spots: Mt. Tahat, Algeria; Emi Koussi, Chad; and Jeb. Marra, Sudan. Intersecting spider's webs of ley-lines do not indicate the full complexity of European factionalism and history until the spa district of Frankfurt Germany is included.


Edinburgh is the covenant city between Iceland and Frankfurt. Continue on the same ley-line south to Emi Koussi, Chad, and one finds another important midpoint in history, Malta.


Emi Koussi is the Hot Spot which influences people in the eastern Mediterranean. Mount Tahat is the Hot Spot influencing the western Mediterranean. The Greek and Roman Civilizations cannot be understood unless the spheres of influence from these two Hot Spots are included in the political relationships.


Although Mount Ararat, Turkey is not considered a Hot Spot, midpoints between it and north African Hot Spots is interesting.


Benghazi, Libya, is midpoint between Tahat and Ararat.


Alexandria, Egypt, is midway between Koussi and Ararat. Here the connection of Koussi to Greek culture reads very clear.


Marra, Sudan and Ararat is bisected by the ancient Egyptian capitols of Karnak/Luxor. Jeb. Marra is the mountain with its sphere of influence over Egypt and the mideast.


Between Ararat and Djibouti, a Hot Spot near the southern entrance to the Red Sea, the ley-line passes through Mecca/Medina.


Looking at central Asia there could be hidden Hot Spots in central Tibet, somewhere in the Ural Mountains, near the Tian Shan Mountains of western China, and near Lake Baykal, Siberia. Lake Baykal is in a rift valley similar to the the Great Rift Valley of eastern Africa, where there is a Hot Spot made famous by Diane Fossey's, "Gorilla's in the Mist", Ruwenzori Range.


A list of Hot Spots not yet mentioned: Mount Forel, Greenland; Madeira Islands, Portugal;Canary Islands, Spain; Cape Verde Islands; Fernando de Noronha Islands, Brazil; Ascension Island, U.K.; St. Helena, U.K.; Tristan de Cunha, U.K.; Gough Island, U.K.; Crozets Islands, France; Mauritius; Reunion Island, France; Cormoros; Seychelles; Clipperton Island, France; Galapagos, Ecuador; Easter Island, Chile; Juan Fernandez Island, Chile; Balleny Islands, Antarctica; and possibly four Hot Spots in Polynesia.


When ley-lines from Hot Spots are combined with all manner of volcanos the number of connections world-wide becomes an expanded version of a dowser's map of England. The understanding of the key role volcanism plays in ley-lines must have been understood hundreds of years ago. British and French fleets looked for and claimed every volcanic island they found. Both took islands from the Spanish, Portugese, Dutch and native populations. Tall volcanic islands usually have deep harbors and good supplies of water. The way they leap-frogged around the world building empires along trade routes, they appear to have known that they were claiming key orgone real estate. Maybe the explorers used willow twigs over their charts to determine where they should go. Back in England and France the nobility who were funding the exploration and colonization knew something about where they should invest their money. Why would France claim three mountains in the middle of the Sahara? Why would France claim Djibouti? Why do both France and England still hold onto the remnants of their empires, their volcanic islands?



Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone © Copyright 2002 Educate-Yourself.or...
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    Dr. SohiniBen Shukla

    Dear Sonja,

    Thanks for your support and helping....


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      CrystaLin Joy

      Fascinating geophysics and history lesson.  Thank YOU, SohiniBen and Joanna for this Enlightening Post.  I'm a sometimes dowser as I have all the tools and understanding with some experience, but generally not the time.  I know that Mono Lake is also a "hot spot" east of the Range of Light (High Sierras near Yosemite and Mt. Whitney [highest mountain in contiguous US]). The ancient caldera are readily visible at Mono Lake and the area is known as "Fire and Ice."  Great post!  With Love and Light, CrystaLin Joy
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        Myriel RAouine

        Ley Lines were termed ‘Dragon Lines’ by the Chinese centuries ago. When these ‘Dragon Lines’ cross each other their energy spirals into a vortex. If several lines cross at a given point, called a node, it produces a massive vortex of energy. One such place is located at Avebury in England, where twelve lines meet and go down into the Earth. This is a place where megalithic stone structures were built in ancient times and is where many crop circles appear today.
         From Eden, The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666 by Joye Jeffries Pugh, 2006.


        Ley lines, also known as “leys” and “dragon lines” are phenomena most people have heard of but few really understand. Indeed it would be fair to say that no-one understands them fully, as they remain largely unexplained.

         From what we do know, a ley line seems to be a straight line that carries an altered form of the earth’s magnetic field, however it is proving difficult to define that power even to this day.

         It has been claimed that birds, fish and animals use them as ‘compasses’, helping them find direction back to breeding grounds and to warmer climates during winter months. They have also been said to be vast prehistoric trade routes.

         An article in New Scientist magazine, published in 1987, suggested that species as diverse as pigeons, whales, bees and even bacteria can navigate using the earth’s magnetic field.

         It is thought that a tissue containing a substance called magnetite is responsible for this.

         Magnetite enables living creatures to sense magnetic changes and has been found in human tissue linked to the ethmoid bone in the front of the skull.