Grid Information - What is the LIGHTGRID?

What is the Crystalline Grid? What is the Gravity Grid? What the Electromagnetic Grid? In this group we will share our knowledge concerning grids in order to arrive at an understanding of what the LIGHTGRID really is ...

Grid Work of Adama ~ Aurelia Louise Jones~ FOL

I would like to invite you to read the following excerpt on 

Grid Work of Adama ~ Aurelia Louise Jones~

and then follow the link to FOL to read the channeling in its entirety - THANK YOU, Kerrie, for the link!

... it was thought that the global shift could happen with a series of infusions of energy to the planet herself, and through the planet to you. But you are as such the cells of the body of the planet, and we understand now that you must anchor and integrate the vibrations individually to fully account for all of the unique permutations of human consciousness. The DNA matrix (or crystalline grid) will shift in a slightly different manner for each individual, and in doing so will hold the full spectrum of vibration that is needed for a true global shift. As energies then harmonize for larger and larger groups of individuals who have accomplished their individual shifts, the global shift will happen in ever increasing waves.

The SONGS of this new harmonic are indeed rising

I feel drawn to tone and sing and chant,

knowing that I AM FREQUENCY!


There are many, many beings that are also working with the grid. There have been references to different grids, but they are all as such multi-dimensional layers of one huge, extensive grid work, which is all being incorporated together now.


 it is also the coming together of different groups who have worked with all these energies over a long period of time to put the different components of this grid together. The new grid has been created as a result of the participation of many, many different energies. The Elohim, many extra-terrestrials energies such as the Arcturians, the Pleadians, the Andromadians, the Venusians, etc. that have actually come from other places, and so many other energies that have come in different ways. As we are all parts of a whole, it is now being formed as one whole that will work for and with the planet.

Each of us has chosen her place and has become an important part of the overall picture.

When we follow our inner guidance and burry crystal here, take a special stone from one place to the other 

or dump a power object into a river -

All this MAKES A DIFFERENCE to the GRID ...

and more


and we are positioned EXACTLY at the place where our energy is needed ...







FIRST OUR OWN GRID - Consciousness :-)

And by doing so we are providing the necessary energy for the larger grid ...


Sonja Myriel