Gaia and The Dragons of the Beltway Portal - Part III

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The above picture depicts an energetic construct - a portal, called the Beltway Portal, which I witnessed the trees create a couple of years ago. This is an excerpt from my journal that speaks to how this connects with Gaia and the Dragons:

September 30, 2010

I had the following vision while awake:

I sense the Others - we focus now on the schematic of the BeltWay Portal ... And a brilliant violet light appears. It comes to me from above .... And it forms itself as it now embraces me. She is beautiful! For, it is Gaia Terra Shan come to me now during this very sacred moment.


She has chosen her form to present Herself to me: the Grace and Beauty of the Serpent Dragon. She is dark violet with gold features that accentuate her entire Being - from single Dragon Head to long, beautiful single Tail. She has two beautiful, powerful wings of gold-laced purple perfection. I see Her Face so very clearly. She is Mighty, Powerful, Awesome - imagine a face of utter violet beauty laced with the gold of Strength, Determination, Guidance and Motherly Love.


She bows her head and lowers her long, serpent neck. She asks me to "climb aboard" ... And I do. Off we fly now ... I can not seem to remember "seeing" anything along the way ... I only know that I am now "there". There is a meeting about to take place and I am where I am supposed to be. That is all that matters now. All is as it is supposed to Be.


Gaia remains her serpent form and I look around me now .... There are many serpents gathered here ... Many ... Many ... They surround Gaia and me. We are but a small, tiny dot encircled by countless numbers of Manatee Serpent Beings.


Gaia calls to each of you - "Please come join us now". You all appear instantly and join our circle - we sit now all of us and Gaia Terra Shan. We are all violet Manatee (Dragon) Serpent Beings. We greet each other lovingly and with Great Joy!


Gaia looks at each of us and smiles ... As a Dragon smiles. For, physically, she is an AWESOME beast of power and majesty, but her Heart is of the Most Golden Love. We see her smile in her eyes. She speaks:


"We wish to share with you now a 'little Secret'. It is really no Secret at all but it may seem as much to you right now. You lovingly call me "Mother Gaia" and refer to me as your 'Mother.' I am, however, not your 'Mother'. I am your SISTER! So, I greet you now appropriately, My Loving Brothers and Sisters of the One!


We thank you for your focus upon the BeltWay construct. It is most Sacred to us all, indeed. It is a Joining of All That Wishes to Be. It is Manifestation in Process.


For you see, Dear Brothers and Sisters, you now call The Gathering."


There is now a "pregnant silence." All is quiet. All are at rest.


Gaia tilts her head to listen, and then whispers, "They are coming now."


We all look to the "sky" and we SEE them ... Countless dots that blot out the "light" streaming in from above.


Gaia says, "The Legions come now. The Legions of Source Creation."


She then turns to me and says, "Amoran, will you greet them? They call to you now ... "


I am instantly above the Legion "herd" that now approaches ... I see countless Hydra and Dragon Beings of all sorts descending upon the Gathering Place. Elderon - the Hydra of our own Galactic Center - leads the way.


It is in this NOW moment that I am most moved. For, I not only see the Dragon Beings descending. I see that there are Tree and Flower Faeries who ride their backs!! Every Dragon has at least one - sometimes many - Tree and Flower Beings who joyfully cling to their backs like horseman perfectly riding their stallions into Glory .... All Animal and Plant species are represented as the Dragons furiously pump their wings, necks, and their heads to reach the meeting place .... 


I am again among you in the circle. The BeltWay portal is now "on the floor" in the "middle" of our sacred group ... The Legions Land joyfully in our company ... The BeltWay portal begins to glow and "fire" as each inner, geometric construct joins in the energy of the Gathering ....


Gaia looks at us and says:


"You SEE now. It is EVERYWHERE .... It is WITHIN you - it SURROUNDS you .... The Majesty of Co-Creation absorbs you all in new ways ..."


As I look around me I, too, see the BeltWay Portal everywhere ... I see it in the trees, in the animals, in my Heart ... It has become my heart. It is within me now - it is within EACH of us ... It is above; it is below; it is joyfully creating Itself to Become Itself.


It is Truly That Which Wishes to Be.


A prayer comes to my lips:


"May we Gladly welcome All That is. All That Wishes to Be.


All that Wishes to Be, SHALL Be."


In Love, Always, in All Ways,



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  • Tej

    Wow Amoran,amazing, I could picture it all.
    Thank you for sharing .
    Lots of love n light
  • Angel~a

    Beautiful experience! 

  • Amoran

    Thank you, Dear Friends - you are all so very important to me. I so appreciate all of the love, compassion, and support that you provide to everyone and everything!


    Yes, this experience/vision holds a very special place in my heart ... it is one that I had wondered about for quite some time as to it's exact meaning and implication ... and, I think that it is now clear - both the meaning and the profound implications!


    Dragon Blessings to you All, Always,