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Maha Shakti, The Divine Light of the Mother


Maha Shakti, The Divine Light of the Mother

Maha means the Big Divine Light - and Shakti is the Primoridal Power of Active Creation. Maha Shakti is the Divine Mother of All Creation - and She is beyond gender ... She is the principle of ACTIVITY - the Driving Force behind everything - even the gods. Without Her there is no movement, no evolution. 

Come and join me in exploring Her Realms!

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Maha Shakti - Maha Devi: Lakshmi - Parvati - Saraswati

Atrwork Image - Shakti Blossom -  By Vivianne Nantel

Maha Shakti, the Divine Mother of the Light,

is neither male nor female.

She is the Principle of CREATION -

the LIGHT in all matter.


She is POWER


She is the ONE



Her first form is that of

Maha Devi,

the Divine Mother

the Light in Matter

She is Mother of all gods,

the Divine Mother of humanity,

the Mother of Matter

Her form is feminine

She is all goddesses

She is the one who ACTS in the name of God


She comes as


And Her Appearance is THREEFOLD


Her essence is embodied in the triple goddess.

She IS

Lakshmi, consort of Vishnu

Parvati, consort of Shiva

Saraswati, consort of Brahma

And She is their Inspiration!



Shakti is ENERGY


Shakti is Kundalini


Kundalini Shakti


Kundalini-Shakti-Bhakti Mantra

Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Namo Namo!
Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Namo Namo!
Prithum Bhagvati, Prithum Bhagvati, Prithum Bhagvati, Namo Namo!
Kundalini Mata Shakti, Mata Shakti, Namo Namo!


Primal Shakti, I bow to Thee!
All-Encompassing Shakti, I bow to Thee!
That through which Divine Creates, I bow to Thee!
Creative Power of the Kundalini, Mother of all Mother Power, To Thee I Bow! [8]

"Merge in the Maha Shakti. This is enough to take away your misfortune. This will carve out of you a woman. Woman needs her own Shakti, not anybody else will do it… When a woman chants the Kundalini Bhakti mantra, God clears the way. This is not a religion, it is a reality. Woman is not born to suffer, and woman needs her own power.”

“When India and Indian women knew this mantra, it dwelt in the land of milk and honey.”

~ Yogi Bhajan (Harbhajan Singh) [9]
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You need to be a member of Maha Shakti, The Divine Light of the Mother to add comments!

Comment by Mukesh on April 27, 2012 at 8:44pm

Nava Durga

Nava Durga ~ Navratri

Comment by Mukesh on April 22, 2012 at 6:29am

Sarah Ji Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

and honored. 

Comment by KEN of holyness on April 21, 2012 at 8:48pm

i dont think women were ever made to suffer. it was made up by men along time ago. women have a special place in gods heart.  love and light xxxxxxxxxxxxx      also kerri you think i should talk to sonja about what? the past life regression of jesus? or something else?

Comment by Mukesh on April 21, 2012 at 12:10pm

@ Dear Sonja  Namaste .  Light is all and Love. Thank you. For us 6th May ias full moon  day and is Buddha Poornima. It on the next day. At your place that can be.

@ Kerri Ji Namaste Thank you. Dear Sarah gave me the link and recently you too for Pillars of Light. Thanks n Love. 

Knowing that we are One is great but being one is the ultimate.  Living in  unconditional Love.

Once again thank you. 

Love ^ Light.

Comment by Myriel RAouine on April 21, 2012 at 11:54am

Yes, dearest Mukesh - Divine Guidance is UNITING us :-)

After I had sent out the message broadcast I realized that your event is right on the Full Moon - is this so? I am sorry that I realized this only afterwards - maybe when you were reading the broadcast message, lol - but I will share the event about a week before the Full Moon with all our members, ok?

Kerrie, your gratitude is amplified by mine towards you - THANK YOU for the most loving and unconditional support you are extending to lightgrid and me continually!

Ken, Lynette, AyAnna - thank you for your comments and participation - and a heartfelt WELCOME to all members here :-)

Comment by KEN of holyness on April 21, 2012 at 5:26am

just wanted to say hello. love and light xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Comment by Lynette Williams on April 20, 2012 at 11:28pm

Dear Sonja

I just did the  Adi Shakti meditation, really beautiful and what a beautiful women.  Thank you.

Love Lynette

Comment by ayana on April 20, 2012 at 8:56pm

Comment by Mukesh on April 19, 2012 at 11:24pm

Dearest Sonja Ji ~ Me honored to be here.  its just divine providence that i saw this first and joined immediately only to feel surprised that  i am the first member apart from creator.  How Shakti works.  

I knew about two things very firmly since my child hood ~ One is Jyotirmaya and another is Shakti.  As if they are part of me.

I am honored to be here.  May be words are not enough to talk about Shakti but the feeling is.

Blessings of Maha Shakti .


Members (43)



Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


Lightgrid CONNEXION Groups

This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!


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