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How Emotionally Naked Are You?

How comfortable are you naked?

How easily do you show all you’ve got to the world, a few people, or just one special one?

And how do you feel?

Vulnerable? Embarrassed? Proud? Excited?

Being naked means we are completely exposed. Now there’s nothing to hide. Everything is ‘out there’ on view and we are laid bare.

We are scared! Fearful that others will laugh or reject us, break our trust and hurt us, or dislike what they see and thus dislike more than just our body. Worse still they could joke about us and make fun of our nudity leading to us being the laughing stock.

When we strip off we get stripped down too.

Therefore, what we hide underneath, we hide for good reason. It’s private and personal, intimate and secret.

It’s about the other nakedness. The true one that gives us anxiety and panic when we’re in that state. The one that we avoid at all costs whether we’re in a committed relationship, married for many years, or merely been dating for a couple of months.

Being naked emotionally.

Undressing our real feelings and innermost thoughts to others.

I have one firm belief.

That we are far more comfortable being naked physically than we are being naked emotionally.

It’s a weird paradox that in this modern age bodily nudity is more widespreadly accepted than emotional openness. More people are comfortable with unclothed souls than they are with souls who bare their all sentiments.

‘I can touch you but I don’t want to feel you’, is what they’re thinking.

So we all cover up and shy away from opening up. We hold in the very feelings that would bring us closer together to create authentic intimacy. Meaning we could move from skin to skin to heart to heart at last.

And to a more trusting world.

Getting really naked.

Some people find it hard to see themselves naked in front of the mirror. They don’t like what they see.

The same applies emotionally. Many can’t face the feelings and senses that they possess and so avoid stripping themselves down now and again to look at what’s underneath.

Truth: This is where happiness starts and stays.

Emotionally you need to..

Get naked with yourself

Get familiar with the bit and bobs of who you are

Feel equally relaxed looking at your wonderful and less attractive emotive parts

Accept yourself warts and all and be happy living in your skin

Dare to bare this person to others

When a relationship ends very rarely do we tell others about another person’s body as the reasons for the split. No! It’s more usual to complain about how selfish they were, or wouldn’t open up and allow closeness, or that they were angry far more than happy.

It’s the buried emotions that ended it.

 Unless you can get naked and take everything off that’s holding you back, there can be an end to your emotional evolution.

It’s not rude to be nude!

So, how naked are you? Have you stripped back those emotions that kept you shying away from a happy life? How have you beaten the embarrassment of baring your feelings? Or what’s worrying you about getting things off (your chest)?

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Love You sister!


Thank you Ang. Thank you that i can always be emotionally naked with you. It means a lot right now (after being asked to stuff my feelings). i love you ~

Many Blessings,

A ~

I would say that this topic spans throughout time and is as relevant in it's reference in Genesis as it is today.  For a lot of us, what resides inside our psychic skins is also reflected on the outside in our corporeal bodies.  It is an emotional transference, or better yet, an emotional projection.  I've found that one really needs to work on all fronts in order to feel comfortable with one's self.  That is to say that one should work on the health of their bodies, minds, and souls.  This is not to say that if you are overweight, you are not necessarily emotionally insecure, but I've found that it does lend itself to insecurities wether known to one's self or hidden within their unconscious.  There is a whole study on how society has added to our insecurities and how even the simple exposure to advertising can lend to or propagate our insecurities.  I can't speak for Europe, the Far East, or the Pacific, but I can tell you that America is obsessed with the outer appearance and is even a bit prudish when it comes to nudity.  Perhaps in a capitalist and consumerist society, we value things more than people or bodily attributes more than psychic attributes.  Who knows?  All in all, I think the lessen we all need to bring out of this discussion is for those of the light to stop thinking in a corporeal sense, and start thinking in a psychic sense.  This means that we as a society of world citizens really need to focus on our psyches as vigorously as we seem to on our physical being wether it be our appearance, stature, wealth, or position.  Because we all know that none of those things mean anything when put into a psychic context.         

Yes Gary. It does seem that many ironies exist in society, at large. Each of us, as individuals, continuing to be our most authentic selves, welcomes others to do so. Thank you Gary for being here and sharing another, societal,  perspective.

Many Blessings,


wonderful truth!  :-)  how can we ever truly connect with "another" if we can not stand completely honest, naked, authentic, exposed as "ourself" ~~~~  great post ~~~~ as long as we are hiding we are building or supporting walls and "keeping" others "out"  ~~~ as long as we are afraid to be wherever however whenever whoever we are honest and true and naked we continue to create and support the walls that separate us from one another and also from our own Divine Source Within us ~~~~  I choose to Embrace the naked mysterious Wonderment of it all!!! :-) ~~~~ jump in the ocean of love ~ no labels to be attached to, no clothes to hide in, no roles to avoid true beingness ~ just Be !   ~~~~  lets swim naked in the ocean of love!

~~~ the ocean refuses no river, no river

the open heart refuses no part of me, no part of you ~~~       Rumi

Yes definitely Kathryn. This issue came to my attention when it was suggested, by a friend, that i stuff my bits and bobs back into the box, during a difficult time; in order to not 'look' a certain way. There are many lessons and layers of info here. Each of the replies and the post are continually offering a new perspective. 

Thank you Kathryn :-).

Many Blessings,




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