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Mighty Cosmos

Mighty Cosmos is a being whose self-awareness of God embraces all of cosmos. He focuses his rays through the pure quartz crystal. In his service, Mighty Cosmos helps restore earth to its
original pitch in the music of the spheres, by attuning it to the
hum of creation.

In 1939, Mighty Cosmos anchored a secret ray focusing the energies of Alpha into the North Pole and a secret ray focusing the energies of Omega into the South Pole. Then in 1973, he released
all five secret rays to help earth come into alignment with the divine
blueprint for a golden age of Aquarius.

Mighty Cosmos ensouls the five secret rays of God locked in the secret chamber of our heart. He serves us individually by enfolding the light and life force that descends into our heart
through a filigree thread from our higher self. He charges this crystal
cord with the divine pattern of our lifestream before we can misqualify
the energy, superimposing upon it the memory of our divine plan that
magnetizes our soul back to God.



Mighty Cosmos is a being whose self-awareness of God embraces all of cosmos. He focuses his rays through the pure quartz crystal. In his service, Mighty Cosmos helps restore earth to its original pitch in the music of the spheres, by attuning it to the hum of creation.

Mighty Cosmos ensouls the five secret rays of God locked in the secret chamber of our heart. He serves us individually by enfolding the light and life force that descends into our heart through a filigree thread from our higher self. He charges this crystal cord with the divine pattern of our lifestream before we can misqualify the energy, superimposing upon it the memory of our divine plan that magnetizes our soul back to God.



Mighty Cosmos


"Remember, you are Children of the Light!"

White Fire Core

"Beloved Children of the ever increasing Light, I greet you in the Name of America's Cosmic Victory!
"What a pity all mankind cannot at once understand the Magnificent Glory and Freedom which Saint Germain has brought to you and all It means. I trust ere I have finished, you will understand things that you have never dreamed were possible.
"My coming forth, tonight, to hold your attention is for a great Cosmic Purpose in the Onrushing Power of the Cosmic Light which America needs and which her people need at this time. Within the hour there have been sent to this earth two of the Secret Rays, making nine to this earth, two of which the outer world has never known.
"Before proceeding, I want you as the student body in America to realize your part for you who have stood so loyal to the Messengers, to the Light and Saint Germain, have been this magnificent Magnet of Power which has drawn Me to the Earth, and with Me these Two Secret Rays. That means the Victory of the Light, the Light of God that never fails upon this earth! . . .
". . . The people of earth must know, that with all the beloved Saint Germain's and the Other Ascended Masters' pleading with mankind, pleading, pleading and pleading if it would have been possible, Their Hearts would have broken. However, with the Ascended Masters such a thing is not possible, but when They plead, plead and plead, then mankind chooses to go on and on and ignore Their pleading, there comes the Action of the Great Cosmic Law which ignores the human being and demands the Law of Life take Its Action.
"So remember you are dealing with Law, the Law of Life and no longer may mercy be shown to those who willfully turn away from this Light. I tell you, beloved ones, it will be very well if you listen to Me tonight because I AM the Law of One of These Mighty Secret Rays which have come forth, of which the outer world shall never know. Scientific minds in the outer world shall not have an opportunity to pass human opinions concerning It! When mankind have advanced enough in the incoming Golden Age, it will be revealed! Then they will know and all army, navy, penal institutions and hospitals will cease to exist within your land. . . .
". . . Be not terrified in the future by human conditions that confront you. Be not dismayed! Say to such an appearance: 'Be thou gone! Mighty I AM sweep Your Mighty Light Rays in there! Bring Divine Justice and Divine Order! Bring the supply I require from my Treasure-House.' Be firm and unyielding and see how quickly all conditions that have limited you will know that you are their master.
"What do you think these conditions and the world of human creation are, dear people? Oh, do you not see they are just your own human creation which have bound you in chains of feeling? They have frightened and terrified you so long, but no more! You can look them straight in the face and say with a smile, instead of being white with fear: 'You poor unfortunate thing, even though you are my creation, still 'I AM' your Master; still is the Light within this human form your master! Get on your knees before this Light and never again try to assert yourself or limit me.'
"Just as this beloved Messenger said on the street in Los Angeles, to his human self: 'You have scared me for the last time. You have no power!' - and he has been its master ever since. It is only your accumulations that try to terrify, limit and frighten you. They have no power! When you will say with intense feeling to them, that they have no power, they will know you have become their Master, and they will know quite readily. Why? Because this Light is the Commanding Presence of all human creation! Assert it! Be firm and unyielding!
"It matters not what your condition is tonight in the outer world, say to it: 'You have no power! You are helpless to frighten, affect or limit me again. I refuse to accept you any longer! I AM by the Power of this Light of my Presence, your Master.' My dear ones, do you quite understand what is the meaning and the Power released in the Words I AM speaking to you now? When you say to a thing that is of yours or anyone's else human creation: 'You have no power! I AM your master!' - if you will accept that Authority in its fullness right then and there, you become the Master over those conditions which frighten you or cause anxiety any longer. Your call then to the Presence in great firmness will release Its Intelligence, Power, Light and Energy to go forth - not only dissolving the condition, but bringing you what you require in serving the Light. Take the Authority tonight over all those outer limiting conditions of destruction and say: 'You have no power! I AM your Master!'
"Why have the individuals throughout the centuries who have taken command of outer things been called masters? Because they were! Because they were master over conditions, over human things, master over substance and energy. When one has become that, he or she is entitled to the name 'Master.' However, there are a lot of individuals in your America who think they are masters, but they have a long way to go, so be not deceived. . . . "

Beloved Mighty Cosmos
through the Messenger, Godfre,   July 22, 1939   Los Angeles, California U.S.A. 2

    Secret Ray     Secret Ray     Secret Ray     Secret Ray     Secret Ray

"From out the White Fire Core of Being I project the Secret Rays. And I AM the Consciousness of the Secret Rays within you.
"Have you thought about the fact that there is a Consciousness and Awareness of God within the Core of Being that is the Threefold Flame, and within the White Fire that is the heart of every atom of man's being? So then, I AM that Consciousness; and you are that Consciousness if you choose to ensoul the White Fire.
"I caution you not to leap into the Flame without the realization that all that is human, all that is less than Divine within you, must be consumed when you make that leap. I think of how mankind gingerly approach the waters of the sea, and they put in one toe and quickly withdraw it because it is too cold. Well, you might do the same because it is too hot. But the heat is only generated by the friction of your own consciousness in the Flame.
"Therefore, first divest thyself of the awareness of thyself as a being apart from God, apart from His preeminence; and then consider the allness that is man as the manifestation of God. Realize that that allness can only be the Consuming Fire. And there - there you stand. Take one step and enter the Flame, for that is how close the Flame is. That is how near divine perfection is. And that is how unreal the vanity of vanities is. Only one step, and you step out of imperfection into Perfection. . . .
" . . . May I suggest that you cease the struggle and the sense of struggle and that you come into the communion of the Christ Consciousness and of the saints - that simply utters the word and the Fire that is a Consuming Fire is released from the White Fire Core; and all that is unlike it is consumed. There is a process, a human process, of unraveling the skeins of the mind and undoing the knots, one by one, laboriously. And then there is the process of casting the entire mess of knots and bondage into the Flame without examining, without clinging to the realities of the lesser self.
"This day you have an opportunity to prove by the Power of the Victory of the Feminine Ray as it has been outpictured here at this point in time and space to begin a new cycle of victorious overcoming. This is a cosmic moment in the history of the planet Earth.
"And so I have come forth to release at the behest of the Lords of Karma an extraordinary assistance through the Momentum of the Secret Rays that descend now from the Heart of Alpha and Omega, from the Hearts of the mighty Elohim and Their Heavenly Consorts, Who send forth the aspect of the Masculine, the aspect of the Feminine of the Secret Rays. And They are spiraling into manifestation through the etheric, the mental, the emotional, and into the physical plane of the planet Earth. . . . "
". . . So then the Power of Mighty Cosmos is Victorious 'as above, so below' this day. And the Cycles of God-Vision are released from the Heart of the Earth, from the Heart of the Four Beings of the Elements; and the planetary adjustments begin. For the Lord God requires this day that the four lower bodies of the planet Earth come into alignment and that the Consciousness of Cosmos be made manifest north, south, east, and west for the rectifying of the poles and of the axis in physical manifestation. So the Spiral is released and so the manifestation shall be made plain at the hour and in the time of the Lord's appointing.
"These are days when a cycle of thirty-six shall bring to mankind the fulfillment of the Destiny of the Golden Age. The cycle of years then that are preparatory to the manifestation of the Golden Age must manifest triumphantly in some among earth's evolutions. Count then this hour as the beginning of your own cycle of the thirty-six, the victorious Power of the Three Times Three in the Blue, in the Yellow, and in the Pink, as the Cosmic Christ Consciousness that descends from the Pleiades, from the Heart of Lanello and every Saint and Ascended Being of all ages. For to you, Children of the Sun, who have vowed the Vow of the Eternal One, is given the opportunity of the Victory of the thirty-six for the manifestation of the great Golden Age.
"The spiral goes forth. It is released as a mighty coil from the Heart of Alpha and Omega. Let all then ride the Spiral by the ultimate Power of Victory and God-Reality unto the perfection of the manifestation of the Cosmic Virgin upon the planet Earth, Terra - Terra in the Heart of God dedicated to the flowering of the Beauty of God and the Dream of the Mother for all ages.
"So let it appear. So let the Mother of Quadrants go forth to conquer north, south, east, and west. And let all come under the dominion of the Divine Woman and Her Seed. For the Light of Cosmos shall not fail! The Light of Cosmos shall not fail! The Light of Cosmos shall not fail! And the Victory is nigh, even at the very door."
Beloved Mighty Cosmos
through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   April 8, 1973   Colorado Springs, Colorado U.S.A. 2
    Secret Ray     Secret Ray     Secret Ray     Secret Ray     Secret Ray
Mighty Cosmos is a Being who has attained Cosmic Consciousness and ensouls the energies of many worlds and systems of worlds within this galaxy and beyond with the Power of the Secret Rays.
    Secret Ray     Secret Ray     Secret Ray     Secret Ray     Secret Ray
First Public Dictation / Discourse:
  • July 22, 1939   Los Angeles, California U.S.A. 3

Service to Life: 1
  • Released the First Two Secret Rays into outer Activity on the Earth on July 22, 1939
  • Released the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Secret Rays into outer Activity on the Earth on April 8, 1973 2

 Beloved Mighty Cosmos - 2nd July, 1988

The Sword of Mighty Cosmos
Intercessor Before the Five Dhyani Buddhas

I AM Mighty Cosmos. Out of the rings of fire surrounding the Central Sun I descend. My sword is a sword that does divide the Real from the Unreal in the cosmic secret-ray manifestation of thy life. I come because you have need of me, even as Sanat Kumara does come for your need. <1>

I come, therefore, standing on the six o’clock line of your individual Cosmic Clock, and I direct your attention toward the reality which I now reveal to you, that for many the difficulty to move beyond the first seven rays <2> into the initiations of the Eighth Ray and [of] the Eighth Ray chakra, [which is] the secret chamber of the heart, has been and remains an insurmountable difficulty.

I come, therefore, wielding this sword <3> for the binding of those barriers self-imposed [as well as those] superimposed by fallen angels, all of whom are alien to the mansions of God. This stumbling block, therefore, between that [six o’clock] line and the entering in [by the sons and daughters of God] to the center of Being by means of the eightfold, eight-petaled chakra must be removed by Divine Intercession.

I AM that Intercessor by the grace of God.

Now manifesting with me you see suspended Five Dhyani Buddhas–[five] Buddhas bearing [sacred] fire of secret ray, Buddhas wielding sword of secret ray. Therefore, beloved, they stand and wait as initiators at the half hours of seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven [on the Cosmic Clock]. <4> Make thy peace with the Cosmic Virgin in the heart of the Goddess of Liberty, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and so [with] others of our bands who represent the Feminine God and others who represent the Masculine Ray in [their] adoration and therefore [their] Self-realization, of the Mother.

O come forth, thou prince, it is thy hour of incarnation!

Come forth, O prince, for thy hour is come!

Thus I call to earth a soul destined for the divine calling of embodying, then, such Motherhood of God as to embrace the five secret rays on behalf of ye all, a soul who has volunteered solely because you have need.

Is the sacrifice too hard, beloved, for you who are in embodiment to recognize the needs of other Lightbearers and to give a life that is lawful and needful to give because of your karma? [“No.”]

Think, then, beloved, [that] for want of this givingness a soul of Light descends from heaven having no karma compelling that one but only the desire to love you and to be in your midst that Presence of the Intercessor which I AM, for it is needful to have such an one in physical incarnation surely in addition to the Messenger. For surely you should not desire to see the short-circuiting of the cosmic circuits in the body of the Messenger for the necessity of containing so much Light <5> to compensate for your neglect.

Thus, beloved, some do elect to descend for the “very love of thee” <6> even when you do not love yourselves enough, even when you, so loved by Hierarchy, begin to take for granted all protection and graces and dispensations almost as spoiled children, forgetting that all that we do, we do as demonstration that you might see an example and say, “This must I be. This must I become. Thus, I will relieve a cosmic one and be in the earth a flame, perhaps not a cosmic flame today or tomorrow but ‘the third day’ I shall surely be that cosmic flame.” <7>
Blessed ones, when you call for my secret rays you may also call for my cosmic flames:

Flames of secret rays in the hearts of Dhyani Buddhas, reveal thyself! And therefore, Flames, consume the force of anti-Desire <8> that should <9> in the untransmuted self repel rather than attract thy manifestation.

I shudder to think what life should be upon this planet without Hierarchy and without yourselves. And I rejoice to think, as does every hierarch, just what life can be in its fullest sense when you come to that awakening, that awakening, that awakening of Lord Gautama Buddha, the full awakening to the full spiritual potential to be God and cease your denial of that manifestation in your Messenger or yourself or in anyone who is a Keeper of the Flame of God!

O blessed hearts, outside of the centeredness of Mighty Cosmos’ consciousness you do not have a co-measurement of just how much self-limitation you confine yourselves to until some of you are so boxed in that you can scarcely be effective in a given day’s opportunity for life.

Now, therefore, piercing through, quickening conscience, I come. For this sword must descend now to take from you the block between the six o’clock line and the six-thirty line and the six-thirty passageway [through the heart of Padma Sambhava] to the center of your Cosmic Clock.

I give you a moment to make your peace with your God and to whisper the prayer of surrender as to what I, Mighty Cosmos, may be allowed by your free will to deliver you of, specifically at that point of the secret[-ray] entrance to the Eightfold Path and [the secret] chamber [of the heart]. [personal prayers offered; intonations by the Master]

It is done. Sword of Mighty Cosmos, angel of Mighty Cosmos, perform thy work! The Light has shot forth. Therefore, none who have so received my cosmic ministration may ever claim ignorance or inability to embrace Eightfold Path of Divine Wholeness.

I raise my sword and I say: from this hour on know thy accountability to pursue thy Godhood for the one and the many; and if the tempter should ever tempt you again to believe you have no need of Community, Guru or Teaching, remember thus and so say it:

Even if I have all attainment of Cosmos, I have need to serve for the sake of mine own humility and inner integration with God. Therefore, thou shalt not tempt me with spiritual pride nor with its opposite, worthlessness, loss of self-esteem.

My [real] self is the God Self, needing and having no other. I AM the bride of Cosmos. My veil is a veil of Cosmos’ secret rays embroidered by Five Dhyani Buddhas of my heart, God’s heart. Therefore, I shall serve, for God in me and in all hath need of my living flame of Cosmic Christ service.

In the name of Mighty Cosmos, I shall keep the flame of cosmic service. In the name of the ascended Mother of the Flame, Ich dien! <10>

This dictation by Mighty Cosmos was delivered by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, July 2, 1988, 12:42-12:57 p.m. MDT, at FREEDOM 1988 in the Heart of the Inner Retreat at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. Dictation available with that of the Goddess of Liberty on 81-min. audiocassette B88099; on 2-hr. videocassette HP88068 with dictations of the Goddess of Liberty, Serapis Bey, Archangels Gabriel and Michael. [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Mighty Cosmos’ direction for clarity in the written word.]

1. “You have need of me.” Sanat Kumara, 1988 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31 no. 44, pp. 353-60.
2. The seven rays and the initiations of the Lords of the Seven Rays are charted consecutively on the Cosmic Clock from the 12 to the 6 o’clock lines; the five secret rays are charted on the 7 to 11.
3. During this dictation the Messenger held the sword Excalibur directly in front of her in a vertical position pointing upward.
4. On July 3, 1988, the Messenger gave teachings on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, charting these initiations on the Cosmic Clock, and on the Five Dhyani Buddhas, their mantras and their positions on the Clock; on two 90-min. audiocassettes B88103-4. N.B. Padma Sambhava, initiator of the Messenger, stands on the 6:30 line.
5. Light: the Universal Christ Consciousness and the light-emanation thereof
6. ”Give me, good Lord, a longing to be with Thee; not for the avoiding of the calamities of this wicked world, nor so much for the avoiding of the pains of purgatory, nor the pains of Hell neither, nor so much for the attaining of the joys of Heaven in respect of mine own commodity, as even for a very love of Thee.” Thomas More, English Works, 1557, quoted in Joseph Vann, ed., Lives of Saints (New York: John J. Crawley & Co., 1954), pp. 322-23.
7. Third day I shall be perfected. Luke 13:32.
8. anti-God Desire
9. archaic: might, could
10 . Ich dien (German, “I serve”), the motto of the Prince of Wales, was the guiding principle of Clara Louise Kieninger, who was anointed by Saint Germain as the first Mother of the Flame when the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity was founded in 1961. On October 25, 1970, at the age of 87, Clara Louise made her ascension from Berkeley, California. Her memoirs, edited and compiled by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, are published in Ich Dien, Summit University Press. See glossary in Saint Germain On Alchemy, pp. 433-34.

Copyright © 1988, 2002 The Summit Lighthouse. All rights reserved. 


We are going to have a long way up the stages of evolution

The Mighty Cosmos,
December 28, 2009

I AM the Mighty Cosmos. I AM a Cosmic Creature. And I AM very happy that I can give a message to the humankind of the Earth.

I am putting into this message that impulse of energy, which will allow you to think much more widely than everything that surrounds you in the physical life and even wider than everything that exists in your home planet. The moment comes when the humankind should go out of the bounds of the globe, out of the bounds of the planet Earth. The cosmic community has been ready to accept the earth people for a long time.

There is something within you, a mechanism, which starts working at a certain stage of the development of the humankind. This mechanism exists in your being like a potential, like a Divine Opportunity.

You know that the human being has energy centres - chacras. You know about the seven main chacras. However, the energy centres are much more. And they open one after another during your successful evolutionary development, similar to the flowers of the rose bush.

Your development in the current moment does not allow you to open these flowers. However, you have to understand and realise that the cosmic evolution is neither restricted to this life of yours nor to the life of the Planet Earth.

You have to prepare your consciousness with the opportunity for coming into a contact with the whole cosmos and the beings who inhabit it. The whole question is locked in your consciousness, in that, what you are capable of allowing in your consciousness.

I learn from the members of the Karmic Board about many people who do not know what to start dealing with. They spend endless hours and years in completely non - understandable for me activities that do not help for the development but to the contrary lead to degradation.

The paradox is that none of the Masters makes you deal with these affairs of yours. And if you carefully read the dictations that are given to you by the Ascended Beings of Light then there, to the contrary is talked about that you have to give up many typical for you activities and stereotypes of behaviour.

Your level of consciousness does not allow you to understand the simplest things we are talking about. The criterion in which we can define you have understood us is the application of the knowledge in practice and the following of these instructions in your life, which are given. However, this is not happening. I am watching how so many times one and the same truth is said not only through this messenger. Several thousand years ago, we were giving these same truths through other famous to you historical persons who are considered from you now as founders of the religions, existing on the Earth.

I understand that it is very difficult to believe in this which is inaccessible for considering and touching. However, your science has data, which absolutely scientifically prove the existence of finer worlds. Probably you have to be brisker and alert.

I am watching upon the humankind in the same way you are watching upon your nursery garden. Remember how you worry when the best types of flowers that have been planted by you, do not adapt and are ill. You become annoyed and try again and again to do something in order for your so favorite flowers to live and to make you happy with their racemes.

You are such flowers for me. And when I am watching the humankind from my level I am watching only the flowers comprising your chakras. And I see that the beautiful, bright racemes are very few. They exist and make me happy, but at the same time I see individuals who hardly have only one chakra open. How much you are to do on your way in order to achieve the opening of all your chakras. Including those chakras, which will make you free cosmic beings.

I am also seeing too many individuals who have not preserved their chakras and have closed them completely. There is no emptiness in the nature beloved. And these people who have lost the connection with the Divine world become immediately a prey for many creatures who inhabit the astral plane and do not have an opportunity to incarnate on the physical plane anymore.

Everything wants to live. And in your nursery garden, weeds come up sometimes that get stuck to your favorite ones in the hope that you will not notice them and that they will be able to exist. What do you do with the weeds? We are doing the same. No one can be hidden from the look of the great gardener of this universe. Soon or late there will be an order put in your planet.

And your planet will be turning into a wonderful nursery garden where no more weeds or ill plants will exist.

Every being, living on the Earth, has the potential to become a great powerful being. You have to always remember this.

There is something that is wonderful in your life. While there are also deformed models in your life. Unfortunately, your consciousness is not capable of making a differentiation sometimes and preferring the beautiful. This is a temporary phenomenon beloved. Certain time will pass and your soul will be attracted towards the beautiful models. The beautiful, harmonious models in every sphere of the human life will come into fashion again.

I hope very much that you will be able to aim at the beautiful and not to wait the different cataclysms, illnesses and misfortunes to start suggesting about this to you. Work. You need harmonious models in everything and especially in the music. The music of the spheres is awaiting the individuals, capable of transmitting it in the language of the notes. You need to develop sensitivity towards the fine manifestations of life. Do not think of this which is imperfect. Get on with creation.

When the vibrations of the planet increase a little bit more, all this which looks unscrupulous and ruthless will dissolve and disappear like a dream. Long way with you is to come yet on the steps of the evolution. Be able to see the persepctive in your movement, be able to feel the direction of your goals.

I AM the Great Cosmos.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Proletina Dragoeva



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One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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