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A Hathor Planetary Meditation By Tom Kenyon

We are offering this sound meditation as a tool for those who wish to assist future generations of human beings upon your Earth.

This method is based upon a ritual we engage whenever a new Hathor is born. His or her parents, and all of his or her relations, sing A Song of Highest Destiny that is sung to the child to create a harmonic field of intent that will follow him or her through his or her entire life as a Hathor being.

The intention is that this being will have deep and unobstructed access to his or her spiritual strengths, and as life presents him or her with the challenges of existence in a dualistic universe, that deep well of strength can be more easily drawn upon.

As we contemplate the future of Earth and the extraordinary circumstances facing children who will incarnate upon your planet, we are moved by compassion to sing for them this song in the very same spirit we sing the Song of Highest Destiny for our own children.

Due to the ever-increasing number and intensity of Chaotic Nodes that are now unfolding, and will continue to unfold on your planet, humanity’s future is in a state of rapid and radical transformation. Beings who incarnate into these circumstances will face unprecedented physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges.

From our perspective, the “purpose of life” is to offer a field of expression whereby a being can discover his or her deeper nature under the pressure of existence in order to develop higher spiritual qualities and abilities that he or she will take into other lifetimes, as well as other dimensions of reality that are trans-biological, meaning realms of embodiment that are composed more of light than of matter.

If you feel a resonance to the intent of this sound meditation, we invite you to engage it whenever you are so called. By its very nature, this sound meditation tends to impart healing and comfort to those who work with it. As you listen to the sound codes—know that without any action on your part—they activate and bring forward the vast, mysterious and infinite matrix of consciousness as it expresses itself in the finite reality of your current physical embodiment.

Let your awareness rest in your heart chakra (in the center of your chest) and imagine—in whatever ways feel natural to you—that all future generations of children born on this Earth are in front of you. This will be a very large number of beings, indeed. Many of them will be from different cultural realities and races than your own. Simply embrace them in your awareness. This is the first step: to simply be aware of them in your vivid imagination.

The next step is to add a harmonic that will help sustain them in the future unfoldment of their lives. Send them feelings of courage, comfort and appreciation (if not gratitude) for the great task they will be undertaking by incarnating into a world that is in such flux and transformation.

Some of you may find yourselves, from time to time, being overcome by feelings of fear, despair, sorrow and other emotions related to your own trepidations regarding the future. If such feelings arise in you, disconnect from holding the image of Earth’s future children in front of you.

Rather focus on your heart chakra and allow the sound codes to transform your own pain and anxiety around the future. Simply be with the sound codes and let the feelings that arise be there without changing those emotions in any way.

Eventually the union of your awareness and your emotional pain along with the energetics of the sound codes will transform those feelings and create a different emotional space for you. You may need to work with the sound codes in this way several times and on multiple occasions to “clear” your own negative impressions regarding the future.

Do not work with the sound meditation as a means to send positive intent to future generations until you are emotionally clear.

It is vital to understand that you need to attain a certain degree of spiritual mastery in order to hold the vibrational field that is necessary to impart positive intent. Make sure you can hold this level of positivity for the duration of the sound meditation.

If you find yourself unable to hold this positive vibratory field in your emotional reality, work with the sound codes for the sole purpose of self-clearing as described above. Make this the focus of your meditation rather than the sending of positive intent to future generations. When you have cleared enough emotional material to hold a positive space for the duration of the meditation, then feel free to engage it for the benefit of future generations.

There are moments in the flow of time where it will be more advantageous to work with the meditation as a means to generate a positive influence for future generations. If you feel a connection to this work you will sense when these times arise. Generally speaking, cosmic junctures such as the New Moon, the Full Moon and other significant cosmic alignments present highly productive opportunities for working with this sound meditation.

For those of you who feel the calling to work with this meditation on a regular basis, we thank you on behalf of the children of Earth and all future generations.

From our perspective all consciousness throughout the cosmos, regardless of what forms it may take, are part of an intricately interconnected tapestry of light and energy.

A shift in any area of the cosmos affects other areas. Thus, for those who work with this sound meditation to send positive intent, know with certainty that you are adding seeds of beneficial emanations to the vast tapestry of life.

May all beings be healed and elevated to know that they are—without exception—the living embodiment of the Great Mystery and may their lives be blessed by this realization.

The Hathors
October 21, 2019

Video - "Judy Satori - Experience Your Authentic Divine Self In The Inner Stillness"

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

This sound meditation is disarmingly simple and having worked with it on multiple occasions I can attest to the Hathors’ comment that:

“this sound meditation tends to impart healing and comfort to those who work with it.”

There have been several times when I have been upset by world events and decided to work with the meditation. In every instance, I felt myself enter a more open, resourceful and peaceful mental/emotional state.

This sound meditation is 13:51 minutes in length and is the complete unedited sound meditation as it was imparted in the closing session of a workshop in Seattle, Washington in 2018, called The Luminous Ones.

After receiving this communication, I asked my Hathor mentors a few questions I thought some of those reading this message might ask.

First of all, while they addressed those children who will be incarnating in the future they did not address to any extent those who are currently children. Can this meditation be directed to those who have already incarnated and are still in their childhood?

The short answer is yes, but with a caveat. It is important to understand that you are not imposing any thought forms, beliefs or agendas on the recipients of this meditation. The sole purpose of this meditation is to connect them to their own inner spiritual strengths and resources—not, and I repeat not, impose any of yours upon them.

As I anticipated a lot of emails from animal lovers, I asked my mentors if this meditation could also be used to direct positive intent to non-human animals yet to be incarnated upon this planet. Their comment was a resounding yes.

In fact, they said that some animal spirits are more advanced than some human spirits, and as all sentient beings would be affected by the planetary transformations we are now entering, the sound meditation was also a very beneficial thing to do for the animal kingdom. They did say that if you choose to direct positive intent to animals and human beings, they should be done in separate sessions.

Their next comment had to do with spiritual alignments. According to the Hathors, some people feel closer to animals than they do to humans, and if this is the case then simply embrace that preference and use the meditation to work solely with the animal kingdom.

Their final comment on this topic was, to me, quite interesting. They said that those who use the meditation to work solely with the animal kingdom may eventually find a sense of unexpected compassion arising in themselves toward human beings in general, as many (if not most) humans are deeply wounded by their perceived separation from the animal kingdom and lack of interaction with the realm of animal spirits.

Finally, I have discovered that these sound codes have some interesting properties.

I mention this for those of you who are Sound Healers, explorers of Psychoacoustics. and/or Psychonauts of the Mind.

The sound codes of this particular sound mediation are laid out in unusual harmonic and spatial relationships. I believe these harmonic and spatial relationships are partly responsible for the quantum-fluctuations and multidimensional rotational fields of subtle energy that generate minute energetic worm holes. I further believe that it is through these infinitesimal worm holes or Einstein-Rosenberg Bridges that we are able to create a positive generator of intent for future generations.

While being of benefit to unborn generations is the sole focus of this sound meditation, I believe that we are also creating a positive effect for ourselves through the act of serving a higher good beyond our own self-interest.

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The Luminous Ones

As mentioned in the above message, A Song of Highest Destiny for the Children of Earth is the complete unedited sound meditation from a Seattle Intensive that was called The Luminous Ones.

The live recordings of this event are currently available as both CDs and mp3 audio downloads.

The event was unusual due to the wide range of celestial beings that imparted their luminous energies. Comprising sixteen sound meditations, this set of recordings includes sound transmissions from Hathorian,

Hindu and Shamanic lineages as well as a notable sound mediation from the 13th Century Dzogchen Master, Longchenpa. 

Click here - or go to The Store for more information.

Video - "Embracing The Flow Meditation - Aligning With Universal Intelligence" By Steve Nobel

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