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The Sixth Day of the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar Begins !!

Flowering of Universal Consciousness

by Sean Caulfield

A deep resonance to the evolution of consciousness through the Mayan calendar

6th Day of the Universal Wave and build up to the Cosmic Convergence 23rd to 26th September
(Eleventh 18 day cycle of Universal Wave – 6th Day = 5th September 22nd September 2011)
Link to Universal Wave calendar...


We are nearing completion of the tenth cycle within the Universal Wave(9th Level) which is the darkest period of dark and completes on 4th September 2011. Symbolically, in the plants life it is the growth of the bud. In your life it was puberty. On the various levels of the Mayan calendar this stage has been a time of great physical hardships or major conflict. Going back in time, the Illonian Ice Age, Neanderthals going extinct, World War II, the Great Depression of the 1930’s and more recently the World markets finding challenges and crashing in 2008 on the Galactic 8th Level, were examples of this cycles energy. More about the 10th cycles 5th Night here at this link...


So now we enter the “Flowering of Universal Consciousness” and this will come through the “Creation of Clarity in the 6th Day, the eleventh 18 day cycle of the 9th and top level of the 9 level pyramid of the Mayan calendar. For those peoples not familiar, these pyramids are stone buildings and temple structures scattered throughout the central America region. It was from a Stele in Coba that the dates on it could be decoded and mapped over the current Gregorian calendar. Through this we now no that the completion of all the 9 levels of the Mayan calendar is on the 28th October 2011. Consider that the beginning date is 16.4 billion years ago. The consciousness of this understanding is that this is when the universe was concieved and we are nearing the completion of the gestation period and about to give birth to become one with the infinite universe.


There has been alot of dabate over what is the correct end date and this article that Dr Calleman shared with me brings further clarity. Follow link for more...

As we complete the 5th Night of challenges bringing manifest (symbolicly, the main leaves that do not serve anymore fall off), we on the Mayan calendar's Tzolkin have also gone through some interesting parallel's which for me serve to show how creation and its harmonics and rhymic vibrations are all pointing towards Divine outcomes that serve creations will of bringing everything back to be one with the infinite universe.


31st August is 7-Ik(Wind) = communicate change. Follow link for more on Universal Wave calendar...


The 13 day Trecena of Cib(Owl/Vulture) started on the 25th August and brings a receptiveness to the cosmic forces, washing away that which does not serve. Ask for pardon of your digrestions. 7-Ik(Wind) is the middle day of this 13 day Trecena of Cib(Owl/Vulture) and the crest of the wave and most influencial day symbolic of Butterfly(Reveal).

From the 4th Sept 11-Cimi(Death) the last day of the 5th Night, to 12-Manik(Deer) we enter the 6th Day on the 5th Sept. Cimi(Death) = tranformation and rebirth, brings what is needed so as to go from one perspective to the next. Also, with the intention of the number 11, brings clarity and resolve on the last day of the 5th Night. And then the next day the number 12 comes with the “Creation of Understanding” with the aspect of Deer = return to nature and recreating spiritual strength, as we enter the 6th Day. Consciousness is continuing to give birth on a spiritual plane.


6th Day “Flowering” (11 = Creates Clarity) Goddess of Birth, Yohualticitl – Scarlet Macaw


Cycle eleven is an enlightenment period of light and this brought the flower in a plants life. For you it was adolescence. In human history this was the creation of the 1st tools, the 1st attempts at agriculture and constructed shelter, the renaissance and the flower children of the 1960’s. This has also recently seen the Flowering of our spiritual consciousness on a galactic level. Many of us are meeting our galactic neighbours.



1 12-Deer(Manik/Kiej) 5th September 2011, 12 = Creates Understanding, West, Nature & Spiritual

2 13-Rabbit(Lamat/Qaniel) 6th September 2011, 13 = Completes, South, Abundance & Appreciate

3 1-Water(Muluc/Toj) 7th September 2011, 1 = Initiates, East, Gratitude & Offering

4 2-Dog(Oc/Tzi) 8th September 2011, 2 = Creates Reaction, North, Guiding & Devotion

5 3-Monkey(Chuen/Baatz) 9th September 2011, 3 = Activates, West, Memory & Creativity

6 4-Road(Eb/Eey) 10th September 2011, 4 = Stability, South, Awareness & Protect

7 5-Reed(Ben/Aaj) 11th September 2011, 5 = Empowers, East, Growth & Sustenance

8 6-Jaguar(Ix/Ix-Balam) 12th September 2011, 6-Creates Flow, North, Nurture & Guardian

9 7-Eagle(Men/Tzikin) 13th September 2011, 7-Reveals, West, Vision & Confident

1 8-Owl/Vulture(Cib/Ajmaq) 14th September 2011, 8 = Harmonizes, South, Wisdom & Receptiveness

2 9-Earth(Caban/Noj) 15th September 2011, 9 = Creates Forward Movement, East, Movement & Compassion

3 10-Flint(Edznab/Tijax) 16th September 2011, 10 = Challenge, North, Reflection & Strength

4 11-Rainstorm(Cauac/Kawoq) 17th September 2011, 11 = Creates Clarity, West, Cleansing & Giving

5 12-Light(Ahau/Jun-Ajpub) 18th September 2011, 12 = Creates Understanding, South, Patience & Expansion

6 13-Alligator(Imix/Imox) 19th September 2011, 13 = Completes, East, Water & Rejuvenate

7 1-Wind(Ik/Iq) 20th September 2011, 1 = Initiates, North, Communicate & Change

8 2-Night(Akbal/Aqabal) 21st September 2011, 2 = Creates Reaction,West, Renewal & Resurrection

9 3-Lizard(Kan/Kat) 22nd September 2011, 3 = Activates, South, Harvest & Gifts


On the 6th September it is 13-Lamat(Lizard) and completion of the Trecena that held the intention of Cib(Owl/Vulture), letting go of that which your mind thinks serves you but the heart knows does not serve you. Lamat(Rabbit) is a good time to offer appreciation for all creation. The ancient reality is returning to a spititual dimension and this is bringing the understanding that the sky lords are shining back the truth that the golden road is within our human understanding of the cosmos.


On 7th Sept we start another Trecena of 13 days called Muluc(Water) this will bring in another aspect to life that we as consciousness will grow with as a process from seed to fruit on the cosmic Tree of Life. Muluc is all about realizing the complexitiy and diversity of the divine process. It is a time when ceremonies are performed and offerings are given. Ask that all our daily sacrifice comes to fruition and prosperity. It is a time to pay ones debt for the life one has been given and for the life to come. Muluc is the drop of blood offered up to the Gods for the drop of rain recieved for human sustenance.


Within every 13 day wave, day by day the intention grows and evolves from seed to fruit carrying the aspect that it is initiated with. The growth to 13 starts with (initiation-1), by planting the seed, we then (create a reaction-2) for its growth by watering the soil, bringing the (activation-3) for the plant to grow to become (stable-4) and strong by receiving (empowerment-5), then its journey is given strength and is attracted to (flow-6) upwards to eventually (reveal-7) more, thus allowing for a sense of (harmony-8) and justice and this (creates forward movement-9) that brings the (challenge-10) to manifest a higher sense of purpose, bringing the (creation of clarity-11) and then by looking within we are shown the (creation of understanding-12) how to (complete-13) to become the fruit that will bear the seeds for the next fruits on the cosmic Tree of Life. The future generations are the fruits that will grow from the seeds we plant. All this is as we flow through the challenge of the 5th Night which is the 10th number out of the 13.


At the end of the 6th Day the new 13 day Tecena starts and holds the intention with the aspect of Ik(Wind) communicating the change, a good time to revitalize our lives and ask that we may grow spiritually. This is the spirit of vital energy that moves this world towards change. Brings inspiration and creativity and through the breath of life manifestations are newly born. Ask that sorrow be taken away and give thanks for the spirit that lives within. Have a balance of looking at what you have verses what you don't have. Life is the opportunity and the gift it presents is in every moment.


The Trecena of Ik(Wind) takes consciousness into the reflective application of the 6th Night, an opportunity to look within and see self for what self is. The Cosmic Convergence take place as the “Creation of Understanding” starts at the beginning of the 6th Night. This is the 12th cycle of the Universal Wave and the last Night of application before the 7th Day in October. This will lead consciousness through to the complete completion of all the 9 levels when it is said that 9 Gods will desend to earth as consciousness ascends to new heights of reality from looking within. We are learning that all the answers lay within and that the ancient heart has the answer. When we look within there can be no illusion as to who we are. When we call back our truth from within we will attract the mirror of our choice to be the new reality we see, and this can only be a reality of harmony and balance with everything that the universe is made up of.


Cosmic Convergence 23rd to 26th September is a global event that can be looked at as a time to reflect by yourself or in a group format. This is an article that Dr. Calleman (who called for this event) wrote...



A very important YouTube about the Cosmic Convergence with Dr. Carl Calleman, interviewed by Lilou, from Juicy living tours.


We participated with the San/Bushmen in the Conscious Convergence in July 2010 and this is an article I wrote...


We are always provided what we need to survive to the next stage of life. Creation is always on our side because we are not separate from her. From my life's view point, the consciousness of Creator/Source is sacredly weaving the web of creation to be able to exist infinitely within the circle of our sacred universe. All the separate parts of life, make up one whole collective and the whole collective is Creator/Source. Everything outside of myself is within and thus nothing is separate, hence what you do to life you do to yourself. The time of fully realizing this is dawning. What you see is a reflection of your choices that you have attracted from who you are within.


My consciousness is growing and I am seeing my new self emerge and rise up from the ashes. As I re-member I evolve to new understandings that bare the fruit of who I am within. I am being conscious and allowing the duality of myself to be...


Conscious of the direction I am walking and be committed to consciously attracting a Divine outcome through the understanding that all life is sacred and equal.


Weather I have been ignorant or not, I ask forgiveness for that what I have done wrong.

To treat the Divine feminine and masculine as equal.


I command that the energies that work with me and through me are of the highest universal vibrations of Divine intent from the center of the infinite universe.


With permission and through the Great Spirit I call upon the infinite universal guides of pure love and light to show me how to show myself how to live at one with all life and to treat all Creation with respect and regard.


I see myself as a fully conscious being of spiritual light that holds unconditional love as a Divine intention.


I allow and consciously let go of my ego self and have no want of any self gain with anything I do.

To know that my physical body is a manifestation of my spiritual walk that has been as a result of an ancient existence that was sparked from the beginning of time, when the universe was conceived out of Great Mystery.


I allow the will of Creator/Source to flow through me as I learn to trust myself.


Nothing is a coincidence as everything is part of a Divine Plan for consciousness to see itself and feel itself so as to be one within itself. This is all being manifested from the intentions of the center of the infinite universe where the will of Creator is breathing life into creation, and that which does not serve creation is not continuing as part of the ultimate purpose. Because of dualities perceived separateness we are learning to become one balanced collective and one with the sacred life of Earth Mother. For the most part we as a collective are anything but one with our Mother Earth. For this reason lots of change is happening and challenges are being felt as we draw nearer to the birth of a new world. We as consciousness are needing to take a good look within and see what we are doing. This will enable our growth process to be comfortable. Your intentions from the aspect of who you are, are of profound importance at this pivotal time. How you treat life is how you will be treated. Waking up to the ancient hearts discernment and letting go to the grip of the minds wants, is being challenged. The ancient heart is connecting consciousness to the universal flower of unconditional love which will see peoples perspectives changing to realize that the material illusion is keeping us separate from our true collective potential of infinite Oneness with the universe.


We have evolved from nothing, except a spark of light which will always remind us that life is a gift.



Love and light from my ancient heart,

Sean Caulfield (email =

Link to note on Facebook...


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“We will see Human spirit become able to manifest whatever

‘Things’ that they could desire.” Ian Lungold, Sixth Day

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