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Introduction to Day 6 ~ Entering the Universal Underworld


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From September 5th to September the 22nd, we enter into Day Six of the Universal Underworld, Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light through the Cosmic Ray of Galactic Christ Consciousness, and the Brotherhood of the Light. This Cosmic ray focus brings a greater level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness by activating the DNA through the energy of the super-electron, also known as Divine energy transmissions of Metatronic Light.

As we increasingly take on our garments of Light, and lift ourselves in Cosmic Consciousness awareness into the higher dimensions, the etheric blueprints within the DNA connect interdimensionally to each portal and Light activity experienced through the Unity Grid and Solar Grid of Light, and the DNA strands or light particles within the DNA start to act as transmitters as well as receivers to these vibrating energy transmissions; in other words, our DNA is activated and actualized through these Light frequencies, bringing increased levels of Cosmic Consciousness awareness, as well as becoming these portals of Divine Light. As these portals of Light have the ability to receive these oscillating Light frequencies from the super-electron from outside of our time and space, this information is transmitted in the form of light particles to the DNA while transforming the carbon based cells into their crystalline structure of Light, and building the I AM Avatar Blueprint of Light.

However, our DNA itself has the ability to transmit information in the form of light particles interdimensionally - and this further connects us to each atom and molecule within our Multi-Universe through the frequency of Divine Love, giving us a deeper understanding of our ability to create and affect change within our environment simply through our Beingness as these sacred Master Beings of Light, in service to Mother Earth and all her Life. Additionally, it is through the increased activation of our DNA, and these related Light encodings that we will greatly assist in anchoring and activating the new DNA encodings of Divine Love on 11:11:11 through the Crystalline 144 Unity Grid.

This is further assisted through the sacred Crystalline Cities of Light into which we have been entering as well as the magnificent crystals within Mother Earth's physical body of Light. In Day 6, we are invited into the etheric Crystalline City of Light anchored within Mt. Shasta in Northern California to meet the Brotherhood of the Light members to the Great White Lodge and assist in activating the sub-electron through Metatronic Consciousness so that all Life may experience these harmonic octaves of oscillating Light frequencies and Divine Love, while finding purpose within their own lives.

As we are becoming more multidimensional, through the activation of the 97% dormant DNA within our bodies, and the merging with our I AM Presence and multidimensional Selves, we are asked to hold the Light as these Keepers of the Flame of Divine Love for all Life on this earth plane. We are asked to connect with family and friends and loved ones, and other Light Workers in Divine Love through the practice of vibrational attunement into the realms of Light, with the understanding that we are the wayshowers, teachers and leaders co-creating this New Earth through increased levels of Cosmic Consciousness awareness within our daily lives.

Invocation to Day Six

I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, my I Am Presence, and all the Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge, as I now wrap myself in the beautiful silver-gold flame of Galactic Christ Consciousness, through the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light and the Brotherhood of the Light.

I now ask the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light to take me in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light into the Crystalline City of Light within Mt. Shasta, so I may deepen my service work through connecting into the matrix of Divine Love through the amplified frequencies of the super-electron and assist in the increased Cosmic Consciousness awareness of myself and all Life on this earth plane.

I am now greeted by three gatekeepers to this beautiful Crystalline City of Light, embraced and welcomed as an initiate of Light.

I am now taken into a silver-gold pyramid shaped Temple of Light,

taking on the light frequencies and encodings to this magnificent silver-gold ray of Light, merging now with my multidimensional Selves at this sixth dimensional frequency.

I now affirm: I am open to receiving and transmitting these Light encodings of Divine Love through increased levels of Cosmic Consciousness awareness. I choose to be of Service in Love. I choose to experience each day giving and receiving the Flame of Divine Love, connecting to all Life through this Unified Field of Love and Light. I have the power, the strength, the courage, the discipline and willingness to affect and create change within my reality, experiencing simply the reality of One Unity Consciousness. I now integrate my personality and soul aspects as I merge with my I Am Presence, experiencing a deeper activation of the dormant DNA and the Unified Field of Divine Love through the energy of the super-electron.

I am now placed within a Metatronic Activated Chamber of Light.

As this three dimensional rectangular grid of Light now comes in, it spins the electron-positron pairs within my body in increased frequencies of Light relative to my level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness. And now, Divine energy transmissions powered through the super-electron pour into my physical energy body, activating my dormant DNA, and bringing integrated concepts and increased levels of Cosmic Christ Consciousness that I may potentially manifest on this earth plane as this wayshower and physical vessel of Light.

I now connect to the members of the Great White Lodge, to further experience these energy transmissions of Light, as I stand steadfast in my Light, as this Master Being of Love and Light.

I now find myself on the Galactic Grid of Light Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, the Brotherhood of the Light, starseeded ones and Light workers, and all those Beings of Light from On High assisting in the ascension of this quadrant of the galaxy.

I now link into this Unified Field of Divine Love, in alignment with Sirius, the Sun and earth.

I now direct this sacred silver-gold flame of increased Cosmic Consciousness awareness through the super-electron as the vibration of the sub-electron into this Solar System, onto all the sacred and non-sacred planets within this Solar System and now onto earth, into Shamballa, into the Unity Grid and Crystalline Grid of Light, through all the leylines and sacred sites, and now into the hearts and minds of all Humanity, lifting them into the Flame of Divine Love and the experience of Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

I Am loving kindness and compassion,

I Am courage and wisdom,

I Am the Flame of Divine Love,

I Am in Service to all Life,

I Am aware and conscious,

I give and receive of the Flame of Divine Love,

I connect with all Life through the Unified Matrix of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness,


I now gently come back into my sacred space, grounding into the crystal heart of Mother Earth, wrapped in this celestial silver-gold Flame of Galactic Christ Consciousness, and connected to my I Am Presence.


Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek

Co-created by Adi'El

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Day Six ~ Transmission from the Elders

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This is Anrita Melchizedek and I am now going to make a connection to the Elders, ancient Celestial Beings and High Council members to the Order of Melchizedek to bring through some more information on Day Six of the Universal Underworld.

Welcome, sweet ones,

It gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now as you enter into Day Six of the Universal Underworld with the focus on increased levels of Cosmic Consciousness Awareness; also called 'Cosmic Christ Consciousness'. Now the importance of this cannot be underestimated, sweet ones. For in knowing that you are these Beings of Light, these physical vessels of Light, there is an integration process that occurs through the merging of your I-AM Presence into the personality aspect of yourselves; that, of course, which we also refer to as the negative ego aspects.

What happens, sweet ones, is that the cellular memories within yourselves genetically inherited, carried through from past-lives as well as replayed in this particular life through challenges that you have undergone, in fact, initiations should we say, to take you to this place in time, so creates a reverberation between the higher and the lower aspects of yourself. This means it is important to 'consciously' tune into these dimensionall frequencies of Light through 'conscious practice' in your every-day lives. Let us take an example of the experience of Divine Love. For truly you are all these Flames of Divine Love, sweet ones, not only in the matrix of this Unified Field of Love, but further to this, with the encodings you hold within yourselves, within your original eight-cell blueprint, within the dormant DNA, as these star-seeded ones and Lightworkers to affect and create change on this earthplane, with the knowing that you are here through Service in Love. But knowing this and experiencing this are certainly not the same. So in the conscious practice in 'living in Love', how do 'you' connect to this Unified Grid of Light and Divine Love?

It is about waking up each day with the process of considering how 'you' can send your Divine Love to others and receive this as this beacon of Light. It is how you can assist others to increase their levels of Cosmic Consciousness Awareness. But most of all, this starts with Self, letting go of the fears and doubts; transmuting, healing and clearing, to come into this vibration that you have existed within eternally. This Flame of Divine Love is 'anchored' on this earthplane for all Life to experience, sweet ones. And this amplification will be experienced through the 11-11-11 portal of Light and the activation of these new DNA encodings of Light. But, you should be feeling this within yourselves a lot more. And, you may too be moving into the deeper shadow aspects of yourself, for the greater the Light, the greater the shadow aspects, amplified in every Now. Not only are you seeing this on the earthplane, sweet ones, through the collective consciousness of humanity, but this is the time for 'you' as Lightworkers to truly deal with all 'your' baggage, with all 'your' issues, to truly experience 'living' as this Flame of Divine Love in Conscious Awareness. So the choice is yours. Either you can replay these human miscreations in vibrational frequency: you can continue to play out the victim and persecutor consciousness; you can continue to reflect and mirror these issues of anger or frustration or separation or poverty consciousness, or you can truly be the co-creator that you are as this Master Being of Divine Love. This requires effort, it requires discipline, it requires a willingness to let go of the 'lethargy' that has existed within the collective consciousness of humanity and within yourselves too. For you too are tired, sweet ones. When you look around you through your human eyes, you see this planet of duality, you see the human miscreations, and certainly this can create a greater degree of separation. But, the reality is there is only Love. And it is loving and forgiving and connecting in Light; sending small messages of love to your family and friends of the Light, acting in loving-kindness, in compassion, in 'awareness', lifts you into a greater level of Cosmic Consciousness Awareness.

And as we move through the Cosmic Rays now, you are lifted dimensionally in frequency from the fourth dimension, the fifth, and in this Day Six, into the sixth dimension of "Galactic Christ Consciousness", bringing balance through increased levels of Cosmic Christ Consciousness Awareness between giving and receiving. Open your hearts to receiving, sweet ones. For many of you have become islands unto yourself. As these networking connections are increased in Light frequency, vibrationally connecting 'you' into your soul family and friends of the Light, this is the time to rely on the support of others, this is a time to trust and surrender, not only to the Divine, but also with discernment to those around you. And discernment is key too, sweet ones. For, of course, many are not ready to experience these teachings of Light. And, if you widely proclaim your Love for all, you will certainly be met with much confusion. So it is really to send this energetically through the transmissions of 'your' own Light frequencies while connecting to other Lightworkers, sending this Love through the Unified Matrix of Divine Love and Light.

One of the easiest places, of course, to do this is through the Unity Grid of Light, this crystalline matirx, holding the 'Highest' Potential of all life on this earthplane, and a place where many Lightworkers, Starseeded Ones, and the Beings of Light from on High can affect and create the most change. In the amplification of this frequency of Cosmic Christ Consciousness, you are 'lifting' yourselves into the higher dimensions through the merging with your multi-dimensional Selves, while experiencing a greater level of these increased Light frequencies, activating the dormant DNA and further too, in this instance, through the energy of the super-electron. These oscillating Light waves, moving out through photons and anti-photons, creating these increased levels of Light at a cellular level through spinning the electron-positron pairs within the body through this highway of information.

Again, moving into the energy of giving and receiving, both personally and collectively. For a moment now, we would like to lift you from dimension to dimension into the matrix of these Unified Fields of Divine Light experienced within this Quadrant of the Galaxy. - You see yourself now within the Unity Grid of Light, experiencing the energy of this beautiful, magnificent Unified Field of Planetary Christ Consciousness through the Golden Flame of "One Unity Consciousness". Feel the Love as you connect to your soul and star families of the Light, to the other Lightworkers, to all the Beings of Light from On High that you personally acknowledge. See how 'you' are creating and affecting change through being both the receiver and the transmitter.

For a moment now, sweet ones, take on these planetary keycodes of Light. For these keycodes of Light are continually changing with these oscillating Light frequencies. And what is being experienced is simply a deeper level of this Flame of Divine Love, removing all that needs to be released and transmuted in this Now.

Feel the sense of connecting through the Crystalline Cities of Light, taking on this Crystalline Matrix of Light at a cellular level within your own body. Feel the crystals within the body of Mother Earth, supporting you, 'holding' you in this frequency of Divine Love. Experience the energy of the power vortices of Light, sacred sites, the leylines. -- Now feel the strength of yourself as this planetary Lightworker in Service to all Life.

You take this beautiful Golden Flame now into the hearts and minds of all humanity within the Cosmic Law of Free Will, allowing for them, the opportunity to experience this Divine frequency of Unity Consciousness. If you may like to direct this beautiful Flame onto particular places or areas that you feel will benefit through this Flame of Unity Consciousness and Divine Love, do so now.

And now, find yourself within the Solar Grid of Light. This Grid of Light extends etherically around 'all' the planets within this solar system. As this Solar Grid of Light is activated and coming closer energetically in frequency around the earthplane, and around all the planets, sacred or non-sacred, within this solar system, you experience the sense of connecting into this broader matrix of Divine Love through the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta. Have a sense of how the solar flares have been affecting you through this electromagnetic grid; how the chakras are being activated to a deeper level of Divine Love as this clearing has increased at warp speed; how you are finding a deeper level of balance for yourself as you clear old karmic patterns, old cellular memories, judgments and false beliefs. And feel and experience the sense, truly, of merging into this increased frequency of Light as you merge with your multi-dimensional Selves at this fourth dimensional level of Solar Christ Consciousness. The energy of the Solar Grid brings through the dimensional keycodes frequencies to be experienced by all Life in 2012/ 2013, an amplification of the Twelfth Ray of "Unity Consciousness" and the Second Ray of "Love-Wisdom". All Life is energetically moving from one octave to the next. And the frequency of this planet in particular, this sacred jewel on which you exist, sweet ones, is moving into the vibrational frequency of Love-Wisdom and 'all' lessons will be experienced on the essence of Love and Wisdom. So know that all pathways before you are simply of the Light, and all lessons can be experienced through Divine Love.

Now take this beautiful Copper-Gold Flame of Light, directed onto this earthplane through manifestation, through stability, through Divine Love, allowing all Life to experience this within their hearts, within their minds, within their lives - this level of Solar Christ Consciousness and the Divine frequencies of Light pouring forth from the Realms of "Illumined Truth" to be experienced by all Life in the year 2012/2013, as you move into a deeper level of this Galactic alignment of Light.

And now, as you find yourself moving into deeper levels of Solar Christ Consciousness, you merge with your multidimensional Selves at this dimensional level, taking on the Solar keycodes of Light through the Solar disks of Light. These Solar disks of Light are also etherically being activated through the Crystalline Cities of Light and the power vortices, the major chakras to Mother Earth. This will allow for a greater level of this download of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness to be experienced from a multidimensional perspective as increased Cosmic Consciousness Awareness.

Lift yourselves now, sweet ones, into the Interstellar Grid of Light Overlighted by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light. As you connect to these beautiful Christed ET's, as you connect to your star family at this dimensional level, this fifth dimensional level, you see you are connected into a deeper level of this matrix of Divine Love from this Interstellar Grid of Light as you are wrapped now in this beautiful Silver Flame of Light of "Illumination and Joy". Experience this joy within each cell and molecule within your bodies, sweet ones. Know that you have the ability to experience these frequencies. Find this within yourself, take yourself to that moment where you have truly experienced joy within your life and allow these Beings of Light from on High, these legions of Light that you are now connected to at an interstellar level of Christ Consciousness, to assist you to amplify this frequency of Divine Love through the experience of joy and illumination. Look through your Master Eyes at all of Life around you. As you now direct this beautiful Silver Flame through this solar system and onto all the planets within this solar system, through Shambala onto the Earth, to the sacred sites, to the Crystalline Cities of Light. And now, within the hearts and minds of all humanity, bringing the sense of the Divine Equality of all Life; with simply the understanding of the levels of Cosmic Consciousness Awareness that differs from individual to individual.

And now find yourself being lifted into a deeper level of Cosmic Consciousness Awareness, as you enter into the sixth dimensional frequency of Galactic Christ Consciousness through the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light. As you are lifted into this sixth dimensional frequency of Light you find yourself connected to this Galactic Grid of Light, to the Brotherhood of the Light, to the Great White Lodge, to all the Beings of Light from on High assisting in the ascension of this Quadrant of the Galaxy. And now experience at this dimensional frequency the amplified energies of the super-electron in these oscillating Cosmic frequencies of Light, taking you in vibrational attunement to this harmonic wavelength that lifts you now to this sixth dimensional frequency of Galactic Christ Consciousness. As the subatomic particles within your body spin in increased frequencies of Light, as the electron-positron pairs within the body are activated at a deeper level through the solar flares, through the photon rays, and now through the energy of the super-electron, truly you step into the magnificence of yourself, as your chakras start to merge at a deeper level, in one unified column of Light. As these old cellular memories, patternings and conditionings are being released from within your energy field, from within your body at a cellular level, so you may truly take on the crystalline frequencies of Divine Light and experience yourselves as these Flames of Divine Love, holding this energy for all Life on this earthplane. -- Merge with your multi-dimensional Selves at this dimensional level now, as you direct the energy of this sacred silver-gold Flame of Light through this Quadrant of the Galaxy through an alignment between Sirius, your Sun and the Earth.

Know that you have the ability to express your Divinity, regardless of what your reality is reflecting back to you or mirroring to you in any Now. This requires, as we said, a level of will and power. But, you have this ability to transform as you take on these keycodes of Light that will create your I-AM Avatar Blueprint of Light; that will create this perfect physical body of Light, your etheric-electronic blueprint of Light, your Adam-Kadmon Body of Light. This is happening now for many Lightworkers, sweet ones. And it requires simply for you to truly trust, to "let go and let God", to experience a greater level of the magnificence of yourself and your many gifts as they unfold at a deeper level, taking you into the experience of telepathy, of clairvoyance, of clairaudience, of activating your Lightbodies and sacred Merkabas, of 'being' truly these Flames of Divine Love in service to Mother Earth and all her Life.

And now just surround the Earth and all her Life in the beautiful Pink-Orange Flame of "Illumined Truth". For this Eleventh Ray of "Illumined Truth" is the energy Overlighting this year, that of the Divine feminine archetypes, the Divine Mother. And, the experience of this for 'all' Life, leading up to 11-11-11 will be greatly amplified as you take on these encodings of Light yourselves, sweet ones.

You are now invited into this Crystalline City of Light within Mount Shasta, so you may meet the members of the Great White Lodge. And you have already experienced yourself here recently, taking on these keycodes of Light of increased Cosmic Consciousness through Metatronic Consciousness and this related Chamber of Light. You now find yourself back here with ease, greeted by your three gatekeepers of the Light. Just enter into this City of Light, sweet ones, with a sense of what this beautiful City of Light brings for you in terms of these Crystalline frequencies of Light, in terms of what 'you' are needing in this Now. Have a look around you at these many varying geometric Temples of Light. For much that the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light brings with them in imbuing your consciousness is that of sacred geometry. These Great White Lodge members, of Ascended Masters, many of the Christed ETs - all those assisting in this Quadrant of the Galaxy; and further, experienced through the Overlighting of Lord Melchizedek, Lord Michael, and Lord Metatron. Find your way around, to the Temples of Light that you are drawn to now, to experience a deeper level of the Teachings of Light from On High and the work that you are doing on the inner planes, not only as this Lightworker in service to Mother Earth, but also what you are doing to personally shift your frequency to this level of Cosmic Consciousness Awareness through these Teachings of Light. This etheric Crystalline City of Light is linked directly to the Great White Lodge in the etheric of Sirius. And these energy transmissions of Light take place either in Soul consciousness within the Great White Lodge or also within these Temples of Light and Crystalline Cities of Light. And in this instance, sweet ones, you are invited to meet the Masters that 'you' choose to work with in this Now, or that you are already working with, and would like simply to experience a deeper level of the knowing of your connection to or this Light frequency. Take the time to explore; take the time to have fun; but most of all, 'know' the importance of yourself, of your puzzlepiece in this Unified Matrix of Divine Light, for you are greeted as this Being of Light as you enter into this Crystalline City of Light.

You are making great progress, sweet ones, and what is needed is a greater balance, taking time out, if need be, to integrate many of these increased Light frequencies while working with the personality and the negative ego aspects of yourselves through these oscillating frequencies. But this is happening more and more. And in Night Six of the Universal Underworld, you have the amplified frequencies of the new comet Elenin coming down, of the equinox energies, as well as the new moon focus. So, experience yourself in this Now, simply by trusting and surrendering to the Divine, wrapping yourself in this beautiful silver-gold Flame of Light, this pink-orange Flame of Illumined Truth of Divine Love, and connect to others through this frequency of Divine Love. 'Consciously' practice it, and it will become your reality.

When you are ready to leave this Crystalline City of Light, you just thank all the Teachers of Light that have assisted you to get to this place of where you are standing steadfast in your Light. Remember, coming back into your sacred space, to ground yourself into the crystal heart of Mother Earth. Truly we honor you as this physical vessel of Light, as this custodian to Mother Earth and all her Life. And with this we bid you a most magical day.

Transcribed by AliceAnn


Message from Anrita

Welcome my precious friends, it is certainly an interesting moment in time, as we move through the rhythm of the Mayan Universal Underworld focus along with so many planetary activities of Light. Like many lightworkers, I have been working at a deeper level of both the shadow and light aspects to myself, often tired and constantly "redefining" my Self while stepping into a deeper level of this multidimensional matrix of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness.

What I wanted to share with you is a simple understanding of how we can actually experience ourselves within the Unity Grid of Light. I have a sense that some people consider this outside of themselves, or a place they experience only in meditation and the like. This Divine Matrix of Light, this Unified Field of Light and Divine Love, is existing in this Now, within and around us, as well as within and around the energy field of Mother Earth. It is not something that we consciously have to lift ourselves into, it is something to absorb into, if that makes sense. Just imagine that you are within the Unity Grid, this Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness. And see this Christ Consciousness Grid of Light all around you as well as within you as these lattices and spiraling vortices of Divine Light, connecting you to other lightworkers, to all the Beings of Light from On High and to all Life. Starting each day with the intention of consciously attuning to Unified Field of Divine Love, will bring us into a deeper level of this experience of Divine Love. Of course it is very much, too, about conscious awareness and being conscious of our behavioral patterns, how we act and react, what is being mirrored to us, and whether or not we operate from the personality aspects of ourselves or the soul consciousness aspects. However, in experiencing the Unified Field of Divine Love, know that regardless of what we choose to experience, this will always take us into the experience of Divine Love. If we choose to move deeper into the shadow aspects of ourselves, working with anger issues, poverty consciousness issues, victim and persecutor consciousness issues and a myriad of related issues, amplified and mirrored through our everyday reality, know that these pathways too led to Divine Love. For truly through many of the perceived challenges that we have taken on us lightworkers, we have gained enormously in these Life and Soul experiences in coming into a deeper level of compassion, empowerment, understanding and wisdom, humility and so on, and of course, Divine Love. This happens when we experience change through our patterns being reflected back to us, and have the courage to change the aspects of ourselves needing to be embraced in Divine Love. Additionally, this has been the way that we have learnt best through this earth plane as a School of Learning. However, these karmic contracts are coming to an end now, and we are being presented with the opportunity to experience our lessons based on a deeper level of joy and harmony, creativity, prosperity consciousness, and so on, all taking us into the experience of Divine Love. This requires trusting and surrendering to the Divine, with the knowing that we are these Beings of Light experiencing Life in human embodiment, which brings to our experiences a level of conscious awareness that allows us to act and react in ways that are more aligned to our Highest Potential as these Flames of Divine Love, while practicing intentional frequency or vibrational attunement into the Unified Matrix of Divine Love. So just see these pathways before you within this Unified Field, with the frequency or energy vibration of abundance, or joy, creativity, freedom, peace, whatever it is that you are working on in this Now moment, and take yourself to that point of choosing to travel into this frequency within the Unified Grid of Light through vibrational attunement in Cosmic Consciousness awareness. Experience this feeling within you through merging with your I AM Presence as you connect to this like frequency, and draw it into your body through your breath, as you affirm to yourself: "I choose to experience myself as the Flame of Divine Love". As you move into this expanded state of consciousness, as you experience these frequencies of Divine Love, it awakens and activates this related harmonic frequency within the DNA, taking you into a deeper level of appreciation and Love for yourself.

As we become more multidimensional, we are able to further connect into the Unified Field of Divine Love and Unity Grid on a Solar level, Interstellar level, Galactic and Universal level. Again, it is about experiencing this dimensional frequency within ourselves, and creating this connection through vibrational attunement to these higher dimensions. What is important to understand here is that all these dimensions, and in the system of energy I work with, nine dimensions, exist within this Unified Field of Divine Love too, and you can access these frequency portals by lifting yourself in increased levels of Cosmic Consciousness awareness into these related dimensions of Light. Within this system of energy, we build our multidimensional Bodies of Light primarily through the ray frequencies, sacred geometry, color frequencies, higher chakra anchorings, DNA activation and merging with our multidimensional Selves. There is much power in symbolism, sacred geometry, sound and color frequencies, so you may like to have a sense of a particular symbol or color connecting you into the higher dimensions. You may also like to surround yourself in the ray colors related to the Mayan Underworld focus, in this instance, in the copper-gold Flame of increased Cosmic Consciousness Awareness and the pink-orange Flame of Divine Love. Regardless of how you access these multidimensional portals of Light, you are generally taken on the most beautiful journeys through various planets and stars with Angelic Beings and Christed ET's, and often finding yourself too within many celestial Cities and Ashrams of Light as well as experiencing parallel realities of Self Mastery and merging with your multidimensional Selves. And know too, we are surrounded by our Higher Light, our I AM Presence, our Master Guides, our Guardian Angel, our friends and family of the light; these Legions upon Legions of Light are working with us, supporting us and loving us.

I would like to share with you an experience I had recently of a deeper level of Divine Love. I receive many beautiful messages and emails and I thank all of you for your many gracious comments. I am deeply grateful to be connecting with you all as these lightworkers supporting and loving one another. Know that each time I receive a message, I make a connection to you and send my Love back. I also receive messages that end with "I Love You" and again, as I send my Love back, I am coming from this place of saying, "I see you, I see your Magnificence and I see your Light". However, it was recently I realized the power of these words "I Love You", have in being able to take us into a deeper experience of Divine Love. If we send our Love to another with the pure intention of sharing our Love as these Flames of Divine Love, and truly mean it and feel it, we connect through this Unified Grid of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness at a deeper level, strengthening our Light through the transmitting and receiving of Divine Love, and taking us into a deeper level of Self-Love as we move through the ascension process. So I took the time to send some of my own loving messages and it was such a beautiful experience of receiving these energetic celestial vibrations of Divine Love from other lightworkers. I am not suggesting you necessarily need to go around sending all these messages of " I Love You" but it is certainly one way you can awaken your heart and the hearts of others. However, if there is a resonating frequency with others you can certainly send your loving messages, and you can send your messages of Love to your family and to your friends. You can wake up each morning thinking how can I be more loving today, how can I experience a greater degree of Divine Love in my Life, how can I assist others in experiencing a greater degree of Divine Love within their lives. It comes down to this art of consciously practicing awareness through vibrational attunement, and choosing to embrace all Life through loving and forgiving while standing in our power. And of course even as lightworkers the resonating frequencies attract us to some and not to others. This is simply vibration and energy, but behind this, this focus of giving and receiving Divine Love, of supporting and strengthening our connections in Light, and networking with one another, is invaluable in activating the Flame of Divine Love through the Unified Grid and within ourselves. And know that this is not something outside of ourselves, for we have these cellular keycodes being activated that will take us into a deeper level of Divine Love. WE ARE GENETICALLY ENCODED TO EXPERIENCE DIVINE LOVE. It is within ourselves. And it is exciting to realize that we are transforming into these Flames of Divine Love. And with this, able to hold ourselves more steadfast in the Light, and to affect and create change within our realities as these Flames of Divine Love.

There is enormous change being experienced at this time, both personal and on a planetary level through these increased Light frequencies, and sometimes it flattens us, and sometimes, it takes us into a deeper experience of Divine Love, all the while adjusting our frequencies as we find a new balance within ourselves. But we have chosen these roles as wayshowers, teachers and custodians to Mother Earth and all her Life, and regardless of what is currently being experienced within our realities, we have the courage, wisdom and navigation tools to truly experience ourselves as Divine Love through Cosmic Consciousness Awareness. So, take a leap of faith, and as the Elders say: "Open your hearts, sweet ones, to the experience of Divine Love".

"I Love You. I see your Magnificence, I see your Preciousness, I see your Light".

From my Heart to your Heart and to the Cosmic Heart of all Creation.

Blessings in Love.

Anrita Melchizedek


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Sonja Myriel thank you for all the info you provide and for all the time you spend doing it.  


When I first became a member of this gorup about a year or two ago my first email to you was about  the mixing of subjects that just don't mix or shouldn't be mix with out permission ((((if you imply that it comes from a certain group))) of that group if you are going to mix.   


This email has lots of wonderful info and lot of it is true but 80 to 90% of what in this message has nothing to do with the Mayans.  All that you are doing and/or who ever, is confusing the people.    The Mayans have a wonderful and very beautiful   culture and they don't need and/or except all that is said on this message.  Like I said, it all true but it does not come from the Mayans.   Now if its you interpretation, it is you right to do it but let the people know that so they don't believe that all this comes from the Mayans but from you interpretation of events of the Mayans.   Thank you and God Bless.     Tlamatini-vicente

Yes, thank you for this reminder!


Actually, all the material here is not from the Mayan elders - although Callemann seems to be in contact with some of them - and our CPRBM-Project is also based on José Argüelles'  findings - not on traditional Mayan knowledge ... Argüelles, however, was seen as Pacal Votan's reincarnation and interestingly enugh he died exactly on Pacal Votan's birthday! He said he came to remind the Maya and humanity of the Sacred Knowledge of the Mayan Ancestors.


Be it however it IS - we all seem to have to find our own way in the jungle of information offered - LOL! And I am grateful for your reminder that it is important not to misuse the Maya!


The material presented here in this discussion is by ANRITA MELCHIZEDEK. She is one of the leading hearts of children of the sun, as well, and she is channeling information on each of the phases of the 9th Underworld - and you are absolutely right, there is not much Mayan wisdom in this beautiful text - which does not mean it is not relevant - LOL!


THANK YOU for never hesitating to point out your truth, dear Vicente! Your comments are always helping me to dive deeper :-)




Sonja Myriel



Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!


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