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Restoring Your Energy Body with Archangel Uriel By Melanie Beckler ... And ... Dr Stone's Healing Meditation and Creative Visualization ... And ... Walking in Your Empowerment By Jenny Schiltz
Restoring Your Energy Body with Archangel Uriel By Melanie Beckler ... And ... Dr Stone's Healing Meditation and Creative Visualization ... And ... Walking in Your Empowerment By Jenny Schiltz
Please let yourself enjoy these three uplifting messages as you receive Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light, Steve
Restoring Your Energy Body with Archangel Uriel By Melanie Beckler
Happy New Moon! 
I know I've talked to you about this before... 
About how the time on and around the new moon is a powerful time of new beginnings... 
And this is so true! 
But what I maybe haven't mentioned... 
Is that with big changes, new beginnings, and setting new things into motion. 
There is often a period of release before hand...
And oftentimes before a big shift, breakthrough, or advancement, there's a breakdown... 
Where the systems, structures, beliefs or processes that once worked no longer seem to hold true.
And as a part of this you may feel immensely challenged, emotional, or even like you're going crazy! 
So many people are feeling like this right now. 
Because collectively we're on the threshold of something new! 
Something big, but in order to step into it... 
We have to release the old. 
And along these lines, yesterday there was a HUGE collective energy of release... 
Emotions were high, and sensitivities revealed as we collectively processed much of what has happened and is happening individually and globally now and during the past cycle. 
So if you've been having a hard time... 
This is part of why! 
Take a moment to breathe, ground, and consciously let go so you can return to love and presence in the moment. 
Because right now is so powerful for anchoring new intentions and putting something new into motion.
But to pull this off... 
You have to be willing to let go of what you've been, and even who you are... 
To adapt, change, be versatile and stay awake to the changing currents within and around you. 

And to support you with this now... 
I've been guided to GIVE you this month's New Moon Angel Session with Archangel Uriel, free! 
Uriel connects in a short, and yet immensely powerful message to restore your energy body and to prepare you for the new opportunities and openings that await.
Opportunities for you to become the fullness of the enlightened being you authentically are.
Click the link above to listen to this message now! 
With love, light and gratitude, 
Restoring Your Energy Body with Archangel Uriel

Greetings from Archangel Uriel – Let yourself deeply relax now as you shift your awareness inside, as above your head, a brilliant golden light appears and slowly begins to move down around your body and around your energy…

A golden shimmering orb of iridescent light surrounding your entire being.

Take a few moments to simply breathe, relax, and focus your awareness inward. Shift out of the state of the logical mind and into the realm of intuition and imagination where you can feel and sense and experience the pure brilliance of the Angelic light and energy that is all around you.

I Uriel now surround you with the light of illumination to clarify your energy body of any lower vibrational forms.

Breathe in, and now as you exhale, let go.

Let go of tension and density, let go of judgment and limitation, let go and let the light wrap around your body, let the light fill your mind, and let the light infuse your spirit with brilliance, peace, and harmony.

And now, with light all around you and light indeed within you, just relax, enjoy this moment, enjoy the warmth and serenity and peace of this moment and of the light that is all around you, that is revitalizing your energy body, that is raising your vibration, and that is realigning you with your highest vibrational state.

Imagine light glowing along your spinal column, light filling your core, filling your entire physical body, filling out your aura, filling your mind.

Be the light, shine with light.

And from this inward focused space, become aware of your surroundings now. With your eyes still closed, tune into the objects in the room you are in, the happenings in the neighborhood or city, the surroundings near and far, and recognize the light that fills each and everyone surrounding you, recognize the light within you, the light around you, and the light that connects you to everyone and everything, for in all beings, all things and all moments, there is light.

You are light and you are in this moment able to recognize this and feel this and lift in vibration to fully experience this, so that you can not only recognize your light, but recognize the light and brilliance in all.

Bring your awareness back inside as we in the Angelic realms step the energy up.

An ascension exercise now raising your vibration even more, not by changing you, not by changing the state of your energy, rather by restoring the truth of your radiant high vibrational self, through connecting you directly to God, Goddess, Divine Light, through helping you become aware of your direct connection with the infinite supply of illumination, of high vibrational energy, of enlightened being.

Shine with the light, be the enlightened being that you authentically are, vibrate with light, and let the light from within you fill your energy body, creating a vibrant energy field that protects you, that raises the vibration of your surroundings, that aligns you with your inner inspiration, with your truth and knowing, with peace, awareness and presence, with creativity, abundance and vitality…

All of which are strengthened and empowered through your being the light being you are, through shining, through vibrating higher, restoring your energy body through simply becoming aware, expanding your consciousness to perceive and experience this higher vibration of truth, illuminating your higher nature.

Continue now to shine, to glow, and to radiate light as you now move on from this session, refreshed and revitalized, ready to embrace the moment with love, to see the blessings, to see the light, for when you shine with the immense light that is your authentic truth, your surroundings mirror this light back in turn.

Be the light, see the light with immense love and light. And so, it is…


Dr Stone's Healing Meditation and Creative Visualization

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. As you breathe in, breathe in the Light of God and as you breathe out, breathe out all that is not of the Divine.

In your mind’s eye, see yourself now in a magnificent room with crystal floors and iridescent walls. You are lying on a crystalline bed that is soft to the touch and you feel so relaxed.

You are aware that you are in this room to receive physical rejuvenation and healing from the inner planes provided by Dr. Lorphan, the Galactic Healers, the Ascended Masters, the Arcturians and the Angels.

As you lie quietly, call first to Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Lord Metatron to anchor the Platinum Net to clear away any imbalanced or negative energy.

Call now to Djwhal Khul and the Galactic Healers to bring forth the Core Fear Matrix Removal Program and to pull out of your subconscious mind all thought forms, images and negative feelings connected with poor health.

Relax while you feel these fears being pulled out through your crown and then request that the Ascended Masters place into your subconscious mind thought forms, feelings, images and attributes of perfect health.

Now call to Dr. Lorphan and the healing group to clear from your four-body-system all etheric disease, astral disease, mental disease, Spiritual disease and physical disease.

Call on the Lord of Arcturus and the Arcturians to now balance your meridians and feel the rush of energy. For help in repairing your etheric vehicle, call on the etheric healers and then ask the Ascended Masters to permanently anchor your Monadic Blueprint Body, as well as your Mayavarupa Body which will greatly accelerate any physical healing.

Call now for the Arcturians to give you a 100 percent light quotient increase and a complete revitalization of your physical body; and finally call to Dr. Lorphan, his entire healing team, Lord Arcturus and the Arcturians and the Angels for a down pouring shower of core love.

Spend a few moments absorbing this beautiful energy and when you are ready, open your eyes and enjoy your day.

Written by Joshua David Stone and Gloria Excelsias

Video: "Expanding Your Consciousness While Manifestation Your Soul's Desires - By Steven Hutchinson" -




Walking in Your Empowerment By Jenny Schiltz

The other day as I was waking I saw very clearly in my mind a metal circular door, with lots of markings. I found myself standing in front of it and as I stood there waiting for it to open I heard clearly “put your hand on it”. Laughing to myself and feeling a little silly, I placed my hand in the smooth spot and the doors opened. I stood there surprised and a little in shock as I realized I was looking into an observation deck of a ship. I walked in and was happy to see my highest aspect looking out the vast windows. She beckoned me over and I looked out the window at the beautiful earth below and was just amazed at the sheer number of ships in the sky.

I asked her if the ships were there for a mass landing as I had seen a few posts saying that landings were imminent. She shook her head and told me no, that a mass landing would bring about fear, panic, and utter chaos. None of which is beneficial in helping people to break free of the control matrix.

She did say however, that more and more contact is being made, but on an individual and group basis. This can come in dreams, meditations, and journeying. That people need to simply open up to receiving and put away their logical mind which can interfere with contact. The minute you say “I’m imagining this” or ”It’s not real.” the experience ends.  I tell my clients who do this to tell their thinking mind that they are playing when they go into meditation, because giving yourself permission to play can help stop the logical mind from judging the experience.

As we were talking, Sananda and a few other Ascended Masters entered the room. They explained to me that we are in a critical time. Too many are getting lost in the “Savior” stories. That the belief that ships will descend to save us is no different than the belief in the Christian rapture.  Both of those stories are designed to take the responsibility of fixing our lives out of our own hands.

The deep truth is that only we can save ourselves. We must each do what it takes to save ourselves, whatever that means for us.  Another part of the “savior” stories that we have been playing out is the belief that we can save another. Too many are martyring themselves trying to save another at great expense to themselves.

It was explained that we cannot change another, but we can be the example. We can show a different way, but we must honor each person’s individual choice. Sananda also explained that each person is being tested during these times. Can we hold our light in the face of chaos and adversity? Can we come from a place of non-judgement and by doing so, truly be the example?

The most important thing they explained to me is that each person must walk in their own power, their own sovereignty. To become the walking master means to understand at the core that YOU are the one that affects your life the most. YOU are the creator of your own destiny. To think that another has control over your life is to give your power away.

Can we in the face of reality crumbling maintain the focus on our own growth, our own mastery?  They explained that it has never been more important to empower ourselves to be the highest version of self in every moment.

There was an urgency to this message. Things are going to continue to unfold, truths exposed that have the potential to trigger great outrage within us and the collective. It is up to each us to remain centered, balanced, and loving. It is up to each of us to continue on the path of remembering who we are as the world wakes from a long deep sleep.

At the end of the meeting, I was told that there were body upgrades coming that would require us to rest more and to use every tool that we have learned to move through the next phases. I returned from this incredible meeting to find myself knocked down for a few days with the upgrades so intense they reminded me of what I experienced in 2014. This time however, I knew that on the other side of the stomach pains (explosions), body aches and shivers would be a huge jump in frequency and greater clarity.

I hope that this message finds you well and walking in your mastery and remembering that no one is more powerful in your life than you. Thank you to all who read, share, and support these transmissions.


Video: "I Am The Embodiment of My Divine Self" -



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Dear Steve,
Thanks alot for every message and supporting Videos also...
Sending love, Light & Blessings...

Thank you for the wonderful activation sharings! Life is grand, so grand!

This seems to be the best advice from  many messages we are getting.

There was an urgency to this message. Things are going to continue to unfold, truths exposed that have the potential to trigger great outrage within us and the collective. It is up to each us to remain centered, balanced, and loving. It is up to each of us to continue on the path of remembering who we are as the world wakes from a long deep sleep.

Blessings for us All,




Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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