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A Message About Freedom from Archangel Zadkiel Through Melanie Beckler...And...On The Road To Enlightenment

Zadkiel- Freedom


A Message About Freedom from Archangel Zadkiel Through Melanie Beckler

Indeed dear one I am here I am Archangel Zadkiel. I come this day to speak with you of freedom.

There is some misconception in your world as to what it truly means to be free.

You are able to have financial freedom; to have, to do, to purchase anything you desire. But does this really make you free?

You are able to have freedom of time; to do what, where, and when you want. But does this really make you free?

You are able to have spiritual and religious freedom; to pursue, to follow, to worship, and to lead the spiritual life you desire but does this make you free?

There is nothing wrong with any of these things being incorporated into your life, but true freedom is not something that can ever be given to you or found in objects, persons, or things outside of you. Freedom is not something you can find and pick up or be rewarded. It is not something you can fight for, or take from another, and yet there have been countless deaths in the name of pursuing freedom.

Dear one, true freedom is found inside of you. The state of being free comes when you are able to live and to express fully as the powerful inner being that for too long has been suppressed. The wise, inner genius, sage, wizard, master, divine being, god or goddess.

When you look within, connect, and allow yourself to express your inner divinity. When you fully resonate with the light of your soul, with your higher self, your true self and therefore your true power, then dear one you are free.

Angel Message about FreedomKnow that you are able to experience the feelings of unconditional love and joy always, never straying, this is freedom. When by default you love you, and reach out in compassion towards others, this is freedom. This compassion and love feels good and expressing it returns to you the blessing of the universe. By claiming your freedom, living your truth, and expressing your inner wise one, you open up to live all types of freedom. For, as you are truly connected to yourself, abundance flows naturally to you as if you are a magnet for financial success and prosperity.   When you are connected to your true self, abundance begins to magically appear in your life. Though this is really no surprise, for connection with higher self in and of itself is a state of magic.

Being connected with your inner self gives you the knowing that there is no religion, or government, parent, friend, or institution that can tell you who you should be or how you should live your life. But rather, when you are truly free you stand up and know that by following your inner voice you are on your path, you are following what you came here to do. This is something no religion can ever tell you how to do. True freedom is not the ability to practice certain traditions or certain rituals, it is the willingness to create as you go… doing and expressing what works for you.

There are of course obstacles that will come up in your pursuit of freedom, your pursuit of returning to the full connection of your inner wisdom and inner divinity. There are outside forces, which will want you to conform to their ways, will tell you what you are doing is wrong, because it does not follow this book or this example. There are people who will want you to stay secure, and stay safe often in a circumstance you know is not in line with your freedom, and with your true path.  These outside obstacles are easier to overcome than the main obstacle in the pursuit of your freedom, which is your ego, your mind. The ego is a challenger that has been conditioned to be in fear to remain disconnected from your inner wisdom. To fight or to run, when obstacles are encountered, instead of quieting all voices being calm and looking within allowing a solution to appear.   You see quieting your mind and looking within you, is how you experience and live out your true freedom.

By looking inside of you, you allow yourself the opportunity to see that you do have all that you need in this very moment. Look inward, connect with your inner knowing, your inner power, claim your freedom and your power and then reach out with compassion towards others following the guidance of your heart and your joy, knowing that this is true freedom. When you live for you, while serving others you are free.

I am happy to assist you in overcoming obstacles, or in providing a deeper understanding. Call upon me if I may be of assistance in any area. I am Archangel Zadkiel and I leave you now, asking that you be surrounded with light and with love to assist and support you in looking in and reconnecting with your freedom and your wisdom, your inner genius, the divine, spark of god and goddess that lives in you.

Go now in peace and in love knowing that I am with you, I am Archangel Zadkiel, goodbye.


On The Road To Enlightenment

Hilarion's Message For July 3-10, 2016

Beloved Ones,

On your road to enlightenment you have made many stops and starts. As you trudged up the mountain to the top, you have found yourself taking many winding paths, spiraling paths, but ultimately you have reached for the top. This is now in sight for many of you; this is now within your reach. All that is required is that you persist, that you continue in your efforts to hold your Light, to stand in your Light. Standing in your Light means that you stay true to your self always. No matter what seeks to distract you in the outside world, within yourself you know who you are. And this is what you must always rely on as the first order of priority. You are important. Your well being is important. Many there are who need your attention but you need to give attention to yourself first.

Because you have walked the road less travelled, you have been the ones to clear the path for others. Picture yourselves with a machete knife cutting swaths through thick jungle brush, this is what you have been doing with your lives as you have walked into the unknown, not knowing what to expect but still trudging forward. This is what you signed up for, Beloved Ones, and here you are, almost at the finish line. The ascension of the Earth is in the process, the awakening of humanity is now in full progression. It is not pleasant for those who are just awakening - you remember how it is. It is uncomfortable for them, they are wondering if they are losing their minds, why is it that no one else can see as they see, who think the thoughts that they think, reaching out beyond limited concepts, seeking for answers to questions that they have unformed within their consciousness.

It is a difficult path, but because you have walked that path that they are going through, it is made much easier. For in this time of now with the advent and establishment of the internet, the answers are available. By using their discernment and checking in with their heart space, they can find the answers to any question that they seek an answer to. This is highly important and it is something that is now occurring. There are many along your path who will try to steal your thunder, so to speak, you will always know when this occurs by the feeling that you have of manipulation and exploitation. However, you know how to fend these off. You know that you must simply remove yourselves from any such interference and continue along your path. Always, it is a choice, which way to turn? Do not engage in those games. Those are parasitical games of life that others play because they do not want to put in the effort themselves. Brush it off, move on, move forward.

The gold ring is almost within your grasp, do not be distracted by the world around you. Those who seek ego reinforcement, those who seek answers to frivolous questions, this is not where they are going to find the answers. You do not have to provide those answers for them, you have merely to honor yourself, knowing and following your own path, your own star. What do we mean by star? We mean your own soul star, your highest guidance and direction from Source energy that will never fail you, that is always there for you. Follow this guidance always in all ways.

This is the time now of like minds connecting with others of like mind and it is a joy! It is the establishment of connections that are meaningful and healing for those that partake of these. It feels very good when you converse with someone who understands exactly what you are talking about. This has been rare in your life; this has been a fond dream that has never been realized. To speak with others and be totally accepted and understood, it is a rare feeling but now, those of you who have walked this path are meeting others of like mind and connecting with each other in mutual support and encouragement, in mutual respect; giving assistance to each other in ways that are meaningful to the other.

We advise that you enjoy these connections; some may last a lifetime, others may serve a temporary purpose, nevertheless, they are important in your life at this time. See the synchronicities; go with it when it occurs for you!  It can only bring good to you; it can only bring more stability, more foundation, more of joy in your life. Enjoy these moments, enjoy these connections. There is much that has taken place on the inner planes so that which is in your experience at this time is already preordained. Those connections are here to give answers, to give assistance - a sort of short cut to those roads that each must travel. Voice your appreciations for each others input and just allow the connection. It will be good, it will be right, it will lead to openings that would not have been possible without them.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

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Kelly Jean, I'm so wound up with a duplicate reply here - so I tried to delete one of them, but the system somehow deleted both of them before I even had a chance to read it...but I just discovered your full message in my email - so I'll just paste it below...and thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us.

Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light,


From Kelly Jean:

I believe I was with your group when I was last on three years ago and a lot has changed.  I disconnected so long that now reconnecting I am getting massive downloads, for the lack of a better way to explain myself, my whole body while listening to that speech of sorts with this angelic prayer it felt like to me, washing over me causing my entire body to jump and quiver.  I felt touching on my third eye...than the hands to shoulders...seeing the outer circle I saw masculine statures in robes, tanish/brown in color with a rope sash and hooded.  Light surrounded me all around I was ONE with ALL, finally.  The inner circle were feminine statures all in white gleaming robes, also with a golden rope sash.  I still feel them all.  What a blessing.  Namaste'



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One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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