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The sphinx speaks reflecting the past and the future

As we have been silent for some time, the end of the year has come and the time for reflection of the past and the future is here as another year or maybe turning point in your life is here.

When reflecting on the past we see a lot of change has begun, it is not complete but that cannot be expected in such short amount of time.

The year 2013 seems to have come and gone and for many has brought some new awareness of what life might be or could be.

When reflecting on the year that has passed we see many newly awakened ones that have come to be aware of their own new path and are and have been finding their way into their own new awareness of what they truly can be.

There have been many predictions for this year 2013 that is now coming to an end and how much has come into reality is based upon your own view and understanding of this reality. The predictions for the future year 2014 have come as well and some of those may come into your reality as well.

Messages like this are for the awakened ones, the unawakened ones will not see them. In reality many of these messages are like the many religions that are already upon earth, there is a message for every religion, every belief within the system of belief.

When you think you have moved past religion, a new religion is always created, you can call it belief system, or maybe even truth, but still each person each group has their own belief system of truth within this reality on earth.

Many have changed their belief in God or a creator in themselves being the God or creator and are in this way still controlled by a God or Creator being as they have come to love and sometimes even worship their own God or Creator being within.

When you reflect upon the year that has now passed, how much change have you seen? How much have you changed, have you done everything that you could do, become everything you can be or is there still work to be done?

Is the world changing? Are and have you changed?

Many will answer this with a yes and many will say they have worked hard to where they are now. They have seen change within themselves and within others.

Much of that change is in reality only happening within the awake ones, the unawake have not seen much change in the way you have.

Humanity and changing all of humanity is not something that can change overnight. Look at your own change and how much time it has taken for you to be where you are now. Each on your own path and each within different timeframes, yet all of it did take earth time.

When there are predictions for the future, we can only tell you what the possibilities are, we cannot predict any outcome as there is no outcome.

The future of your reality is wide open as change is happening within each person in its own time.

The many predictions and messages are related to what you belief and what you think could happen. In reality they are just another way of creating what you think might happen and what you think the future can be as each of you will choose a certain path and future for you own reality experience upon earth.

For example, many still are waiting for the arrests of the dark ones and have been every year, these humans will read the messages related to this belief system. Many are waiting for a soul mate, a partner and they will read the messages related to that belief system. And so forth as the inner reality of each human changes over and over again.

We would like to give you another way of seeing the future and this is that you keep an open mind for all possibilities to be present within your future, everything that can be right for you to come into your reality and giving you the choice at that moment to accept or not.

Many see the future as becoming a better place for all humans, this however will take time upon earth, just like every change will take time as it has taken time for you to change to where you are now.
When you ask for something, you can expect something to come, when you think of something you can expect it to come. But the way it will come might surprise you and sometimes you have already rejected or have expectations of what can and cannot come as you have a belief system of what would be the right thing to come.

So what will the future year bring to you, everything you can expect and everything you did not expect.

Letting go of your expectations will bring all that can be brought to you.

Will the world change overnight?

No it will not, and the change you will see will be within you.

Do not limit yourself by any expectations and or belief systems and let the world become your change that is needed for your own being.

As we have told you this there are some other subjects that need addressing and this is for each of you to choose your personal path, do not let yourself be persuaded to follow that of another as they all have their own expectations and belief systems that might overlap yours but are never the same.

Many have or are aware of what is possible, yet expectations of certain outcomes will limit the outcome.

You are source beings coming into this life, experiencing more fully what can be present within this human life, yet just accepting or knowing you are a source being is not enough.

Many of you are still in some way disconnected from your full source being, as you understand that the human part of you is part of this source being, you have not come to understand that being a full source being is capable of unlimited creation within this reality. Yet the expectation and belief systems of the human are still limiting you from fully connecting and becoming a fully realized source being.

For those of you that choose this path, there is work to be done that is not easy and will ask of you a commitment that as a human you might not understand yet. It requires a full reliance within and following the guidance within in ways that go many times against the logic of your human understanding.

It requires a life of no expectations, no beliefs and allowing for each truth to come and go and not hold on to anything that you see or feel as it will change within each moment.

The human logical mind will come and go with reasons and truths that will work against you at times and it is for you to find the real guidance and commitment to your being as you defy all logic and become a full realization of your full complete being upon earth.

Understanding and knowing is what the mind will use to prevent you from releasing your expectations and beliefs, and even the heart will fool you many times as you move through the experiences of becoming full source.

But the path is worth the wait for many.

Our teachings have never been about changing the earth reality, they have always been about bringing you full circle into what you once really were and in reality are. Source realized within every reality.

"Here is the thing about the future, every time you look at it; it changes because you have looked at it, and that changes everything else."


From one source to another
December 31, 2013
Petra Margolis

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