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Diagnosing fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome can be difficult. There are no official clinical tests and each patient has different symptoms with both illnesses. Plus the symptoms of each illness are similar to other conditions or underlying illnesses that need to be ruled out before an official diagnosis can be made. The risk of misdiagnosis is high. The important thing to remember is that you know your body better than anyone else. Don’t be put off if you’re told the symptoms are in your head. Be persistent.

With fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, the symptoms of both illnesses are similar but each illness has a specific primary complaint in most cases. With fibromyalgia the primary complaint is body pain. Pain is widespread but worse along the 18 tender points, also sometimes referred to as trigger points. With chronic fatigue syndrome the primary complaint is unrelenting fatigue although patients with fibromyalgia also experience this symptom. Someone with chronic fatigue syndrome can find themselves in bed for days after just the smallest physical exertion.

There is a connection between the two illnesses to thyroid problems. Any type of thyroid condition increases the chances of an individual getting fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. It’s possible to have both conditions at the same time.


The markers or risk factors for both illnesses are the same. Both fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome affect women more than men. Those with a family or personal history of endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome, mood disorder, chronic or persistent nasal symptoms, ovarian cysts, ear infections, Epstein-Barr Virus, mononucleosis or irregular periods have a higher chance of getting these conditions. Women who have had a hysterectomy have a higher chance of getting chronic fatigue syndrome. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are also risk factors of the two illnesses.

Severe life stress or a physical injury or trauma could be a trigger. In some cases recent immunizations or vaccinations have been connected to both illnesses. Toxic exposures could cause either condition as can hypermobile joints.

Official Criteria for CFS

For chronic fatigue syndrome to be diagnosed, the patient must have medically unexplainable fatigue for at least six months that isn’t relieved by activity reduction or sufficient rest. The patient must experience four or more of the following:

  • • Muscle pain • Sore throat • Substantially impaired concentration/memory • Unrefreshing sleep • Joint pain in multiple joints without redness or swelling • Tender neck or armpit lymph nodes • Unusual headaches, meaning ones that have a new severity or pattern

Official Criteria for Fibromyalgia

For fibromyalgia to be diagnosed, a patient must have widespread pain for at least three months on both sides of the body, and the cervical and thoracic spine. Pain also needs to be experienced in 11 of the 18 specific tender points, according to the American College of Rheumatology criteria for fibromyalgia.

There are a variety of other possible symptoms including:

• Extreme exhaustion • Difficulty concentrating and confusion • Sleep disturbances • Eye or vision problems • Low blood sugarCarpal tunnel syndrome-like pains • Chemical sensitivities • Heart palpitations • Weight gain or loss not associated to diet changes • Low blood pressure • Recurrent low grade fever

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I suffer from both of these and let me tell you-they seem one in the same at times!






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wanted to mention the possibility of lyme disease overlapping w/ these other diseases/disorders.    i was misdiagnosed w/ chronic fatigue etc for years,,,  only recently diagnosed w/ lyme diseases which is notorious for mimicking many debilitating conditions...  cfs, fibromyalgia, ms, als ,parkinsons... and more.   it is a terrible bug that because of its spiral shape(spirokete bacteria) moves/drills thru tissue easier than thru the blood,,,    it tends to colonize the brain, central nervous system and joints especially. but also affects every  system in the body.  where it decides to colonize determines what kind of symptom picture one gets.   too often it presents a picture that fits the description of these other conditions which to me seem like empty labels.   

    the tragedy is the lack of awareness of how prevalent it is across the country.  since i've been dealing w/ it for 3 years now, it has just become commonplace to read articles where lyme is linked w/ these other names and can actually be the cause... (and i have spent more hours than i would like to think about,researching all of the latest info out there)    International Lyme and Associated Disease Society  or ILADS is a good balanced source of info on it,,,   their motives are true.  

   just wanted to raise that awareness since it was unusual for me to read the discussions here w/out once hearing the mention of lyme being invloved as a possibility.     just want to present the reality of lyme w/out imposing.    i understand all the anguish and struggle that comes w/ trying to come to terms w/ a condition of mystery origins...    its a shame that finding the answers  behind these conditions is like embarking on some exotic archeological dig for truth,,,   while the medical establishment obscures the real causes,,,    which seem to me to be mostly environmental factors...   chemicals/heavy metals, mutating stealth bacteria and parasites,  extremely sensitive and susceptible people and of course others.         

      there is a great online community w/ a life-saving wealth of info    called Planet Thrive.    awesome place to educate and be educated on these serious health challenges present today...




Yes-you are right:) Please post anything you wish here-this is what this forum is for:) There are MANY things that overlap or can be mistaken for CFS OR FMS!I am sorry for what you had to go through! I agree with you on environmental sensitivities-there is  so much junk in everything we eat and put on our body and hair. I have tried to go all organic with everything. I even make my own cleaning supplies. It seems to have helped. I 'm also planning on doing a cleanse then a heavy metal cleanse.I don't like the medications they throw at you to mask symptoms. I do a ton of supplements. They say the best thing for FMS is water aerobics but the chlorine in the water is terrible for your body and causes endocrine issues(which is interesting because I use to be a swimmer in school and now have Hashi's and Hypothyroidism?)I've seen the movie this what you are talking about?I've been to the website as well!

Love and Light,



hi  -Angela-

       what an intense way to come to rapid spiritual evolution,,,  that is mysterious new multidimensional health challenges.    mine are reaching a fever pitch as it seems all my most crucial issues and those that have metaphorical meaning are coming into sharp focus....    i actually feel my immune system is caving in on itself from all the pressures of my illness/cicumstances.   but i keep to the wisdom of the I-ching ,book of changes, that states its a law of the universe for things to reverse to their opposites once thev'e reached their extremes.    what better place to start fresh ans declare what it is i am,thru trial and fire, becoming so clear on what i want...(a vibrant functional immune system)

    swimming sounds so nice,,,  water is such a healer...    picturing clear mountain streams and soothing natural hot springs,,,   w/out chemicals just  minerals:)

    yeah its actually different than the movie thrive oe site...     this one is called Planet Thrive.  would highly reccomend checking it out.   hugely supportive environment for anyone recovering from health issues, w/ a very active and conscious group of members...

                                      take care


I will check it out:)

Have you tried using collodial silver?Have you given any thought to getting supplements to build your immune system?I've got a huge list. With Hashimoto's my immune system is attacking my thyroid. The doctors just give you a artificial hormone which does not address the problem of fixing the immune system. I feel your pain-I know it all too well. I wish you health and happiness!Once the Golden Age is here we shall no longer deal with all of this dis-ease!You are in my prayers!



yeah thanks so much.    i do have a large list too, w/ medicinal mushrooms being high on the list.  kidneys at the moment are too weak to handle any die-off generated from taking even micro-doses of anything...   so i wait and build/nourish.   

       yes, cant wait to shed these burdens.   its been too long,,, lifetimes,ages!




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