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Mystery School of Egypt

{ Into B-ing }


h\High frequencies of light awaken through multi dimensional chakra systems; purifying and balancing the masculine and feminine energies. One awakens the conscious mind and experiences an intense surrendering to the heart. Potential then exists for transforming (multi-dimensionally) and thoroughly healing: an activating, recoding and anchoring the Essence of Who One is within the physical world,  a returning into the core Gaia and a reuniting throughout a universal, cosmic existence. This is ' THE GREAT HOMECOMING ' : a return of the 'one' to/with the 'ONE' .

the Two Goddesses Isis (at left) and Nephthys (at right) making adorations to the Sun God: inside the Sun is represented the Sun God in His two forms of scarab and ram-headed God; Entrance Gate of the “House of Eternity” of King SiPtah, Valley of the Kings (KV 47), West Uaset, Diospolis Megale-Thebes


HeriHor, the Great King and High Priest of Amon-Ra at IpetSut, and His wife, Queen Nedjmet, making adorations to the Rising Sun-God Ra; at right, the Rising Sun is lifted by the arms of the personified Ankh, and flanked by six baboons and by Isis and Nephthys making adorations to Him; next to the basis of the Ankh are two black tadpoles (the hieroglyph for 100000 years) holding the Shen-rings (symbols of Eternal Protection and of Eternity); at left, Osiris enthroned; from the “Book of Coming FOrth by Day” of Queen Nedjmet, XXI Dynasty, around 1070 bc, now in the British Museum…

Inherkau making adorations to the Rising Sun represented by the Akhet-sign (the Horizon) of two Mountains of the East and of the West between which rises the Sun; the Ankh (the symbol of Life) is hanging from it; the Rising Sun is flanked by Ruty, the Twin Lion Gods of “Yesterday” and “Tomorrow”; from the “House of Eternity” of Inherkhau son of Hay (TT359), a member of a family of leaders of the craftsmen of the “Place of Truth”, the Valley of the Kings. Inherkhau was “Foreman in the Place of Truth in the west of Thebes” and “Director of the works of the Lord of the Two Lands”.


the Great King Ramses III making adorations to the Gods of the highly sacred On-Heliopolis:
Ra-Horakhty Great God Lord of the Sky, 
Atum Lord of the Two Lands of Heliopolis,
Iusaas Lady of Heliopolis,
and Hathor Lady of Nebethetep (sacred city of the Goddess Nebethotepet in the nome/region of Heliopolis, the 13th Lower Egyptian nome).
Dated to the 1150 bc; from the Great Harris Papyrus, now in the British Museum…


(from the Great Harris Papyrus)


Words of King Ramses III:

“I tell the prayers, praises, adorations, and laudations, mighty deeds, benefactions, which I did for You, in Your Presence, O Great Lord.”

“The prayers, praises, laudations, might deeds and benefactions, which King UserMaatRa MeryAmon (Ramses III), Life, Power, Health, the Great God, did for His father Atum, Lord of the Two Lands of Heliopolis, Ra-Horakhty, Iusaas, Hathor Nebethetep, and for all the Gods of Heliopolis”.

Said King UserMaatRa MeryAmon, Life, Power, Health, the Great God, in praising His father, this noble God, Atum, Lord of the Two Lands of Heliopolis, Ra-Horakhty:

“Praise to You, Ra-Atum,
Creator of that which is,
Rising in the sky, illuminating this land with His rays.
The Hidden Ones, dwelling in Amnte (one of the names of the NetherWorld), turn Their faces to You,
They rejoice to behold Your beauty.
All people jubilate at the sight of You.

You are the One Who created Heaven and Earth,
and You appointed me to be the King over the Two Lands, and Sovereign, Life, Power, Health, on Your Great Throne,
You have given to me all the lands as far as the circuit of the Sun,
and they respect and bow down to my name, as they do to Your name. I was diligent in pursuit of benefactions and numerous great deeds for Your Temple (at Heliopolis).

[then follows a long list of the sacred buildings, offerings, and gifts dedicated by the Glorious King Ramses III to Ra-Horakhty, Atum, Iusaas, Hathor Nebethetep, and all the Gods of Heliopolis (...)]

Complete You for me the mighty deeds, which I did for You, O father.
I have reached Amnte, like Osiris: grant that I may receive offerings, which come forth before You, that I may smell incense and myrrh like Your Divine Ennead.
Grant that Your radiance may bathe my head daily, that my soul may live and behold You at early morning.
Do You the desire of my heart, o Noble Father, for I was a benefactor of Your spirit-ka while I was upon Earth. Hear my petition, do that which I say, which Gods and men announce to You: establish my son (Ramses IV) to be King, as Lord of the Two Lands, that He may rule the Two Lands, like You, as Sovereign, Life, Power, Health, in Egypt:
Horus UserMaatRa SetepenAmon (Ramses IV), Life, Power, Health, Whom You have chosen for Yourself, to be Heir, to magnify Your name. Place the White Crown and the Divine Couble Crown upon His head, like as You were crowned upon Earth, as Horus the Wearer of the Double Diadem. Make sound His every limb, make to flourish His bones and His eyes, flourishing in beholding the Love of millions. Make His duration upon Earth like the Pole Star, ready like a mighty bull, seizing the Two Lands. Give to Him the Nine Bows (the traditional enemies of Egypt), united under His two feet, saluting His name, while His sword is over them.

You are the One Who created Him, when He was a child, You appointed Him to be the Hereditary Prince upon the Double Throne of Geb. You said: ‘Let Him become King upon the Throne of Him Who begat Him’.

The things which You had ordered, they come to pass, abiding, and established. Give to Him a great and prolonged reign, and jubilees great and mighty, like the God of the Primaeval Mound, the King of Upper and Lower Egypt Lord of the Two Lands UserMaatRa SetepenAmon, Life, Power, Health, the Son of Ra and Lord of Diadems Ramses (IV) HeqaMaat-MeryAmon, Life, Power, Health!”



double representation of Queen Nefertari making offerings to Osiris (left), and to Atum (right), from Her “House of Eternity”, Valley of the Queens, West Uaset, Diospolis Megale-Thebes

“I am Atum in rising
I am the Monad, the One;
I came into being in Nun(the primeval water, the Cosmic Ocean).

I am Ra Who rose in the First Time”
(from the Book of Coming Forth by Day, spell XVII)

“Hail Atum, Who made the sky, Who created that which exists,
Lord of all that is, Who gave birth to the Gods”
(from the Book of Coming Forth by Day, spell LXXIX)

Atum is the God of the setting Sun, the Lord of totality, the “Self-Engendered One”, the Monad, the God of the Creative Principle, He Who creates the first Gods (Shu and Tefnut)in the First Time(the Beginning of Creation). Atum is the Creator, the original Creation itself, the Destroyer, and He Who creates anew:
in the CLXXV spell of the Book of Coming Forth by Day, Atum says to Osiris that at the end of the world He will destroy everything He has created: the cosmos will be again in the state of Nun, the Cosmic Ocean, as in the First Time.

Atum is He Who remains, together with Osiris, after having returned to the form of the Primeval Serpent that no man knows, that no God sees, before the beginning of a new creation, in the cyclical eternity of the endless Time.

(Book of Coming Forth by Day, spell CLXXV)

the righteous King Horemheb kneeling and offering two jars to the enthroned God Atum; from Luxor Temple cachette, now in the Luxor Museum

Atum as a human-headed cobra wearing the Double Crown with uraeus, ca. 664-30 BC; now in the Brooklyn Museum

II scene from the I part of the Sacred “Book of the Earth”, called “The bodies in the land of the Ba (the Soul)”. Four mummiform Gods, from left to right: Nun, Khepry, Atum-Ra with the Solar disk upon His head, Tefnut, and Shu; from the “House of Eternity” of King Ramses VI (XX Dynasty), KV9, Valley of the Kings, West Diospolis Megale/Thebes

scene from the “House of Eternity” of King Ramses I, Valley of the Kings, KV16, West Uaset (Diospolis Megale-Thebes):
Neith, Atum, and Horus leading King Ramses I to the presence of Osiris.
from right to left, Neith (wearing Her sacred symbol on the head and holding the Ankh in the left), Atum, King Ramses I, and Horus (wearing the Double Crown and holding the Uas-Scepter of Power and Dominion).

Atum enthroned inside a shrine; behind Him is represented Sekhmet. In front of Them there is an altar with large offerings.
Scene from the “House of Eternity” of Nefer-renepet, “Chief scribe of the treasury of the Temple of Amon-Ra” and “Scribe of the divine offerings of the House of Amon”; TT178, West Uaset, Diospolis Megale-Thebes


Ra-Horakhty represented as Kheper-Ra, wearing the Solar Crown with the sacred Scarab and the Uraeus; detail from the north-west wall of the Chapel of Ra-Horakhty in the “Great Temple” of King Sethi I at Abydos


pectoral of King TutAnkhAmon with winged scarab, uraei (fire-breathing cobras), sacred Eyes, Ankh-signs, and Lotus fringe; this pectoral is composed of TutAnkhAmon’s Royal Name as “King of Upper and Lower Egypt”:  “Neb-Kheperu-Ra” (the hieroglyphs of: basket, Scarab-in Plural-strokes, and the Sun), “Lord of the Forms of Ra”

Green jasper heart scarab of King Sobekemsaf (XVII Dynasty, around 1590 bc); from the “House of Eternity” of King Sobekemsaf, Diospolis Megale, Thebes; now in the British Museum….. This is among the earliest heart scarabs known, and the first that is known to have belonged to an Egyptian King. The appearance of Sobekemsaf’s scarab follows exactly the instructions of the Spell XXX of the “Book of Coming Forth by Day”, being ‘made from green stone, mounted in fine gold’.

“The glorious transformations of Ra”, the Great God Ra performs His transformations; scene from IV part of the “Book of the Earth”, II register, VI scene, inscribed in the “House of Eternity” of the two Kings Ramses V and Ramses VI, Valley of the Kings (KV9), West Diospolis Megale, Thebes
Scene from the astronomical ceiling of the Hypostyle Hall of the Temple of Hathor at Iunet, second band east:
the Boat of the Morning Sun pulled into the Eastern Sky by three black jackals/wolves and an Uraeus. On the Solar Boat is represented Kheper-Ra (the God of the Morning Sun) standing inside a shrine; before Him there are Hu, Sia, Isis, and Maat; on the bow is depicted Horus the Child seated, and on the stern is represented a falcon-headed God steering the Sacred Boat.

the cyclical birth/rebirth of the Sun God Ra from the womb of the Sky-Goddess Nut, detail from theastronomical ceiling of the Hypostyle Hall of the Temple of Hathor ...

Kheper-Ra represented as a hawk-headed scarab with outstretched wings and holding the disk of the Sun (above) and the Shen-ring (below, the symbol of Eternal Protection); in the lower register, at left, Lady Gautseshenu playing the sistra, and the personification of the Amentet-symbol; in the middle, the Four Sons of Horus (Imsety, Hapi, Duamutef, and Qebehsenuef); at right, Anubis weighing the heart of Gautseshenu on the balance of Maat (Righteousness and Truth); from the coffin of Lady Gautseshenu (her name means “Bouquet of lotuses”);  late XXV Dynasty/early XXVI Dynasty, ca. 700-650 bc; now in the Brooklyn Museum.



Scene from the astronomical ceiling of the Hypostyle Hall of the Temple of Hathor at Iunet, second band east: the Sacred Bark of Ra sailing across the sky.
The Sacred Bark is pulled by three Gods (at right) representing the Stars that accompany Ra.
On the Solar Bark is represented Ra-Horakhty standing in a shrine; before Him there are Hu, Sia, Isis, and Maat. On the bow is depicted a sacred baboon, and next to Him a Falcon-headed God is spearing the cursed apophis (the enemy of Ra and of all the Gods); on the stern is represented a falcon-headed God steering the Sacred Boat.



the Great King Ramses III (wearing the White Crown) making adorations to Ra-Horakhty “Great God, Lord of the Sky”;
detail from the Great Harris Papyrus, dated to the 1150 bc; now in the British Museum…



Temple of Horus at Bedhet, eastern tower of the Pylon, III register, I scene:
the King (Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos) presenting Maat (that is the offering of Righteousness and Truth) to Ra of Behdet. Behind Ra are represented, from right to left:
Thoth, Maat, the pair of Hu (God of authoritative utterance) and Sia (the God of Perception), the pair of Maa (the God of Seeing) and Sotem (the God of Hearing), and the the pair of the two Seshat-Goddesses



Irynefer and His wife Mehytkhati making adorations to Ra represented in His forms of Solar Orb and sacred white calf (as the son of the Celestial Cow, the Goddess Nut) standing in between two turquoise sycamores (“the two turquoise sycamores between which Ra goes forth”, spell CIX of the “Book of Coming Forth by Day”).
Scene from the “House of Eternity” of Irynefer, “Servant in the Seat of Righteousness and Truth (a workman of the Royal Necropolis of Uaset-Thebes, the’Valley of the Kings’)”, who lived during the reign of King Ramses II; West Uaset-Thebes (TT290).



scenes from the west wall of the Room VII of the Temple of Isis at Philae:
-in the lower register, King Ptolemy II Philadelphos offering the Udjat-Eye to Ra-Horakhty, Tefnut (lioness-headed), and Shu;above the King there is Uadjet in Her form of winged Uraeus;
-in the upper register, the King offering a statuette of Maat to Osiris, Isis, and Harpokrates; above the King there is the Winged Solar Orb (representing Horus of Behdet) flanked by the Two Uraei.
-The frieze is decorated with images of the Goddess Nekhbet in Her form of winged Uraeus (wearing the White Crown), spreading Her wings as a sign of protection before the Djed-Pillar of Osiris (wearing the Solar Crown).
-On the left, the inner side of the door (beyond it there is the Room V): on the lintel is represented the King, followed by Hathor.

Ra-Horakhty (on the left) and Horus of Miam (on the right) embracing King Thutmosis III; Ra-Horakhty (wearing the Solar Crown with the Uraeus) gives the Ankh to the King; above the head of Thutmosis III there is the cartouche with His Royal Name as “King of Upper and Lower Egypt”, “MenkheperRa”/”Enduring is the manifestation of Ra”;
from the Vestibule of the Temple of Amon-Ra and Ra-Horakhty at Miam (now called “the Temple of Amada”), Lower Kush/Nubia

Ra-Horakhty (on the right) giving to King Amenhotep II the Ankh (“life”), the Djed (“stability”) and the Uas (“power and dominion”); on the left is represented Hathor embracing the King.
Scene from the Inner Shrine of the Temple of Amon-Ra and Ra-Horakhty at Miam (now called “the Temple of Amada”), Lower Kush/Nubia


King Sethi I offering the sceptre, crook, flail, armlets, and anklets to Ra-Horakhty; Ra-Horakhty gives the Ankh (the symbol of Life) with the Uas-scepter (the symbol of Power and Dominion) to the King. Behind Ra-Horakhty is represented the Goddess Iusaas with Her right hand raised in blessing.
Scene from the Daily Ritual in honor of Ra-Horakhty, south-west wall of the Chapel of Ra-Horakhty in the “Great Temple” of King Sethi I at Abydos


scene from the Girdle Wall (inner face, west wall) of the Temple of Horus at Behdet:
the King (to the left) making adorations and offerings to Ra-Harakhty, Horus of Behdet, Hathor, and Harsomtous. Ra-Harakhty is represented enthroned within the sacred Ished-Tree, and behind Harsomtous (to the right) there is another sacred tree.


scenes from the Girdle Wall of the Temple of Horus at Behdet, inner face, west wall:
-in the lower register,
Horus son of Isis (to the left) and Horus of Behdet spearing and binding Seth represented as a captive enemy; to the right, Ra-Harakhty enthroned upon a sacred boat; to the left, behind Horus son of Isis, are represented Isis and Osiris (standing in a shrine);
-in the upper register,
Seshat (to the left) followed by the seven ram-headed Constructor-Gods;
(the images of the Gods have been impiously hammered by the christians…)


stela dedicated to the Divine cats of Ra and Atum:
in the upper register, the “Cat of the God Ra” and the “Great Cat, the Peaceful One, in His perfect name of Atum”; in the middle, a table with offerings.
In the lower register, a couple making adorations to the Divine cats.
XIX Dynasty, from West Uaset (Thebes), now in the Ashmolean Museum…


“The Great Cat, Who appears in the image of Ra”: the Almighty Sun God Ra represented as a Great Cat slaughtering with His knives the cursed serpent apophis, the enemy of the Gods: its body is riddled with stab wounds, from where its blood flows out, whilst its head, in which is a large cut, is fixed firmly on the ground by the paw of the Great Cat. The Great Cat smiles whilst slaying the cursed snake.   from the “House of Eternity” of NakhtAmon, Valley of The Nobles, TT335, West Diospolis Megale/Thebes NakhtAmon lived in the time of King Ramses II; he was a sculptor in the “Seat of Truth” (the Valley of the Kings) and Uab-Priest of the deified King Amenhotep I; son of Piay who, like himself, was a sculptor in the “Valley of the Kings”, and of the lady Neferetkhau , “Lady of the House”. NakhtAmon’ s wife is Nebuemsheset. 

Walking backwards through the cosmic mirror:


The Blue Lotus flower is found on the shores of the Nile River in Egypt but also as a powerful symbol in ancient Egyptology. Because of its mythological and cosmological symbolism, the blue lotus flower was seen as an elite flower that produced shamanic effects...

In one variation of the ancient Egyptian story of Horus and Seth, the lotus flower appears as a symbol of the divine, all-seeing eye. When Seth, the god of chaos, tracks down Horus, the god of light, in an oasis, he rips out his left eye and buries it in the sand, whereupon it is transformed into a lotus flower. 

a birthing of the inner space_light_lotus





God Be-ing Resonance



Consciousness Creating


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The ancient Taoists believed (or knew) that their knowledge, incredibly and implausibly advanced for their era, was handed them by a troop of aliens who’d come originally from the Pleiades via a refuel stop on a planet near Sirius. These aliens were purportedly from the same tribe as those the ancient Egyptians learned their pyramid building technique from and depicted with the Pharaoh type faces. They were referred to as blue light beings, because they seemed to be composed of blue light, and because they were able to channel blue light – flashlight electric blue (not navy). And an entire system or more precisely angle on an entire system evolved and was passed down by them around accessing and deploying this blue light for healing and manifesting magic, with some pretty interesting exercises...


thank you for sharing this post.  i really enjoyed it

THANK YOU, AyAnna :-)



Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


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