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with Soluntra King


   The Dragon energy is our connection to the beginning of the Earth story as we are each part of it, we wouldn’t be here otherwise. Awareness of the creative energy we have in us. The dragon eggs are light codes that we all hold within us in higher dimensions of self. When we become at one with nature, the earth, other dimensions and beings they activate as our body becomes lighter and clearer. We sense the energies in the earth, the stars, the crystals, the Sun, in oneness to it all. The dragon energy is life force energy that runs in our earth and us with the crystalline grids and our crystalline body that is becoming even higher frequency into our Diamond Light Body, multi- prismed multi-dimensional.
     Another aspect of our multi-d Earth and multi-d self that is now also unifying and moving into the higher dimensions as is all life on Earth. The vortexes where the dragon grids meet are the serpent wisdom multi-d doorways through us and the Earth.
     There are many dimensions and layers on and through the Earth and Heavens that are all merging now within us. We are in the time of union with our own divine essence in all its multi-d forms.

     The dragon story is our own story of liberation of our life force creative energy to create Heaven on Earth through our love.
Below is a summary of events that happened.


On Sunday July 10th after much preparation since Friday night 1st July and through the week until now we were ready and we soul travelled to the pyramid. It was old and covered in a calcified crust, the Dragon’s heart. The Dragon was in pain and suffering and moving around very unsettled and uncomfortable, he was very wounded. He said ‘he wasn’t always like this but that from aeons of neglect in human consciousness and the negative energies of the dragon slayers who would have him dead, who are Reptilians, he had to hide deep in the earth’.
He was sorry that his pain affected the earth and made humans weep too. He said humans have forgotten so much of their connection to their dragon serpent linages and why the earth is so neglected and abused’. His name is Altraea.
     We all have dragon hearts and he showed how much pain there still is in the collective of humanities heart.
Then we became aware of the Second Sun and the union of our Sun with it’s twin. The RA Light of the Second Sun came in to activate and awaken our hearts and know deep within who we are. The RA Light came through us and the love that’s always been there and we all formed a circle around the pyramid on the inner. We started to sing the song of love from our hearts and the heart of our Sun and Second Sun as the love came through our voices. As everyone made beautiful sound codes and the crystal pyramid started to clear and shone until it was radiant clear and alive.
The dragon smiled and was healed and at peace.
Then we became aware of a Light City in the higher dimensions of Tokyo that can now integrate into the realms of consciousness, as we remembered ourselves there and brought in the gifts to our self here in our bodies. Tokyo was shining and so light, the heart of the dragon so radiant and strong. Peace through the grids and the ring of fire. The dragon’s heart sings once again with joy and wonder for the life we are creating through our dragon heart.
   Now with awareness also of the Light City in Tokyo and as I left early the next morning to fly to Kagoshima the city was so clear and bright and illuminated.

Suddenly wow!!! this huge energy comes blasting into my heart and the mountain and dragon there has given me a Dragon’s egg into my heart. The others felt it as well.
     Then I was aware of the crystal under the earth as healing energies came through with each of us being a channel for the crystal in the mountain there. It healed fast and then we received the most divine loving energies from the mountain that was rejuvenating and revitalising.
Feeling on such a high and positive wave of energy and light, on the way back past the monk three of us choose a number and took a reading, mine was very positive and true. Everything since I stepped off the plane in Japan had been so positive and amazing.

mtkaimonkagoshima11julyWe parked at the top of the road and connected to Mt Kaimon and connected to emerald mountain, Mt Take over in the distance by the ocean. Geoff and I sang light language and tones as the egg I had been given from Mitakasan birthed and lots of baby dragons came and kissed me on the face and called me mother.

     The emerald was glowing and took me onto the volcano council meeting and about Shambala anchoring through the volcano when we come back tomorrow it will anchor.
Today we needed to go to the southern point at Cape Sata to sing the songs of the ancient dragons to bring back the life and into the grids here. The emerald will activate the grids into a higher vibration once the songs are sung and the volcano can then illuminate and move into the higher vibrations to open the Shamballa Template here.
   Very important that it happens and this mission is so important the Dragons say ‘Dragon queen you were at inception as you know and one of us now back in form on the surface. To bring us home to the worlds of all dimensions and into the consciousness of humanity to open their Dragon Earth and know they cleared the Earth and create her again in the higher dimensions to be the guardians of her, and honour her and all nature and creatures again’.


cape sata

It was sunny and warm, what a blessing and Geoff and I made sound codes and sung in Dragon light as I felt under the ground instantly the rumblings. The Dragons came up and swam around the ocean and flew in the sky and I knew there would be a sign in the heavens. Sure enough I looked up in the sky and there was a dragon cloud and he looked out to the light house.

     Then we went down to another lookout and lay in grass for a while soaking it all in. As I was told on the inner ‘the Dragons are so glad to be free of the death keel of the slayers. To swim and fly and dance again as life unfolds to be like a tree and flea, a moth, butterfly and bird, and in the human heart resides as the Dragon heart is free to fully love.
   Life is now in a new dimension and hopes and joys fulfilled, the real life of divine inspiration and divine love sparks through the Dragon hearts, from ancient times revered as the Ancient of Ancient is the ones that we are.
     The world's have merged and the life of being true to self, transmuted and real, and true hearts reveal and now come forth in all their Dragon aspects to play in human form and live the joy of the gift of the creator.
   Those who cut this off and slayed the truth of life will now be given the choice to open up and be as one with all in divine love. Or cease to exist in the world's of creation to remember, and be no more for it is said as the lore of one comes forth now to be lived in full. The abundance and the light shines and sings as all wonder at the joys of life’.

  I was told on the inner ‘your mission today is to go to the top point of the volcano and just be there as the Shambala Template can now be anchored through the dragon lines and Japan from the base of the dragon to the top and beyond. It will allow for the humans and all creatures to open up more fully, you will be surprised how many will awaken now in Japan.
The dragon egg you were given at Mitakasan was so important to be birthed in the volcano so now the young dragons can fly free as they do. Then the ancient ones needed to be brought back from the pain and slayers cannot touch them now, and because of this the grids are clear and flowing so Shambala can be anchored

   In the dragon council last night with Lord Maitreya and all the Shambala Beings the template was set to be anchored on this day. They told me the dragons name in the grid here is Altraea and yes this is your connection to Japan you felt as a goddess and yes from the dragon clan the ancient dragons who were awakened yesterday all from the clan and Geoff too belongs to them and they love him as well it is all in divine order or symmetry of love’.

lakeikeadragonshambalaSo in the afternoon we drive to Lake Ikeda, near Mt Kaimon, we are in the off season so no one was there and a few tourist shops over the road. But what stands out are the signs with dragons on them. They had been sighted in the lake years before.

     I notice that whenever the Shambala energies are to be anchored it always includes water, as water transmits the codes easily around the Earth, as do the grids in the Earth.
So when it felt the time; with intention and awareness to anchor Shambala I saw the mountain that was there before it exploded and is now a crater lake, it was high with snow on it and Shambala could only come in that far to the mountain in the higher dimensions. But it had anchored, a very positive sign for Japan and that part of the earth. No doubt more mission when the time was right for it to anchor into the lower dimensions when enough were ready with open hearts.

   Then we drove around the lake and kept being drawn to look at the rim of the crater cliffs and the Light Beings all around it.
   It wasn’t far to the volcano after we had checked out the farmland around the lake and we drove back to the payment booth then up the drive to the top point. Where we parked at the same place as the Dragon egg was hatched and I saw the Shambala energies come up from the inner earth through the core of the volcano and told to come back in the night in a soul travel.

   The Shambala Template could only come up through from the Inner Earth and activate the portals there through the lake first, in the time when the great mountain existed when the place was vibrating in higher dimensions of light. Now the template is set in the sixth dimension so that those who are able to can more easily open up to their divine aspects. The rim of the volcanic crater is showing the ring of the doorway as many beings from the Inner Earth can come through now. You kept looking at the rim yesterday because you were seeing them on another level.
   It will take more time for the Shambala template to fully anchor here and it needed to be at an area where the dragons came alive again and Altraea was able to flow once more through all of Japan so that energy could move throughout the land.
     When you are at the top at the dragons head you will understand even more the importance of the Shambala anchoring and the dragons egg from Mitakasan. That awakened and birthed the young new paradigm dragons so then you could sing the ancient ones back fro
mttake14julym the terror and entrapment. As now the Reptilians and others who have held the Earth and those on her hostage no longer have the grip they had. This is happening fast now and will in Japan also, liberation of the Dragon heart is our liberation as we are not separate.

From the emerald, Mt Take we received the codes to take with us to Hokkaido for the Light Template anchoring and the codes from the Shambala field. Mt Take is on the grid point vortex and takes us through to Draco, and for myself anyway about the new 6D Light Body that is the next step in the awakening journey.


Hokkaido is the head of the Dragon and also the site of a Light City that existed in the first cycle when the Dragons first came to Earth. For the mission I knew we needed to connect to our Dragon origins as the Light City will come back into the realms of awareness, and the role of each person as a Dragon is important as each holds the codes of the beginning. So now as the template is anchored each will bring in that quality through their being.
     I was aware of when I came first to Earth and took on the form of the Dragon to assist with the creation of the Earth to be habitable. Now we are creating again the higher dimensional New Earth, a space we create through our love.
     Each has a Dragon line so long and to remember some if it is important so that we can move into the New Earth with the wisdom of the old. Going deeper into the heart of our Dragon self and remembering why we came to Earth. The Dragon initiation is to pass as a dragon in our energy and fly through the mountain and into the new creation of the Dragon field.
The green Emerald codes hold the vibrations to assist each to get to hold the stillness and oneness.

   The importance of connecting to our Dragon origins, as each of us remembers deep within the inception of the Earth and the role we played as the ancient, ancient ones who created the Earth to be habitable by linking the crystals and creating the crystalline grids and vortexes. That created an electromagnetic field on the surface that brought moisture and then life. Now we are coming full circle from the first inception to now as the Earth makes a huge shift in dimensions and light from the dense form she was, with so many higher dimensions within her, to now the dense becomes higher dimensional as well.   We also all have a Dragon wound, from time of the Dragon Slayers who came to own and control the Earth and dominate the beings on the lower dimensions. The Reptilians and other ET races who once the Dragon Serpent beings had created the Earth to be inhabitable came and took it over, which has been our experience for a long time now.
     But now we are liberating ourselves and owning our own divine self and coming from the Dragon Heart and those controllers; who are playing out their final dance right now. With their terror and greed, and all manner of controlling and agendas of separation and fear. Are in their final throes and so it is now time for the Dragon Heart to come once more to the surface. As we heal our wounds and know our deep inner connection from the heart of us, through the heart of the Earth, through the heart of the Suns, all one.


   As we aligned the nuclei of our cells to the centre of the Sun, through the centre of the Galaxy, through the centre of the Earth all one. Awakening our Divine Blueprints and Light Body to move on the soul travel into the Light City of the First Cycle and Dragon origins.
     We travelled into the Inner Earth and through the Inner Earth Sun into a hidden world not seen by those on the surface before.
     There the ancient Earth Deva greets us. Calling each of us by our ancient Dragon name.
     She said each of us had a made a solemn vow to return now as the Earth moves into the higher dimensions with the wisdom of the Ancient Ones that we are. (This is not just us in the group but all who choose).
       As we healed our wound last night so we could each be at peace. The initiation is to move beyond fear so we can fully hold the light and remember.
     We spoke our name on the inner, the key to the Light City. That can now appear into the realms of humans who resonate 5D and beyond to return the Earth to her full glory with honour and respect for all that she gives us.
     (If you still hold a dragon wound from the time of the slaying then love and accept it until you can move into the Light City and remember your form and role in the Light City until you sense it coming through the veils from the doorway of the Inner Earth Sun.)

Remember the origins of the Earth at inception and now again through our Dragon Hearts we create the higher dimensional New Earth so powerful so beautiful.

lightcity dragonorigin kosen osen16july       The Elementals held the rain off for us and an Eagle came to fly above us. I felt and saw myself and as ancient dragon goddess and the energy was so on and so beautiful I could hardly move and didn’t wanted to leave there. Aware that we also had to get back for our prearranged dinner I stayed in the zone as long as I could and was the last to leave as the others were up at the car eating saki cake gifted by dearest Lillian. Then it was off back to the hotel through the dragon and serpent realms, just in time for dinner and then the hot pools and integration.

I had organised to take workshop that night but knew it was too much and we all needed to stay in the zone of the Light City and our Dragon origins as the codes filtered through us.

   I was told on the inner: ‘The Council of Light at the Light City there wishes that we continue working in the Light City and that each with our Dragon name. Use that name tomorrow to do our Dragon mudra and sound our Dragon name, this brings back the remembrance more fully and helps to anchor the Light Template.

                           THE DNA KARMIC PATTERNING CLEARED
                             FROM THE DRAGON LINES AND GRIDS

We followed the same dragon serpent lines and road the next day but stopped at Sounkyp Gorge to clear the karmic accumulation in the dragon lines, but first we had to collect a Dragon’s egg.
We found a walkway that went right up to this amazing waterfall and we walked along the track along the Akaishi River.
Then up the steep track in the deep forest with the waterfalls dancing down through the great rocks and the pregnant Dragon so happy we had come as she wanted to give us her eggs.

   We walked up past a beautiful rock doorway and little fern fairy realms, up the top of the waterfall to receive the egg or eggs. I received one, an opalescent huge one, others received whatever was needed for this mission and some for other mission to take the energy around Japan and the world.
     The waterfalls were so loud that we just allowed and received there. On the walk back down we stopped at a magical place on the grids, a doorway with soft grass and herbs as we sat amongst them. I guided everyone into clearing any cosmic karma they had as we were at the next place nearby going to clear if from the grids so needed to clear ourselves. As we spoke in light language about the Dragon eggs and the connection through the grids.

     Then drove down to the Ginga No Taki Falls that were from way up the top of the gorge to the bottom, a great distance. And along the ridges of the gorge the light beings and dragons were watching and waiting. As I went to find a spot where we could be in private.

 ginga no taki falls dnaclearing  groupdnaclearedgingnotakifalls17july     

    We transmuted DNA at dense structural levels in our bodies as we cleared the levels of ourselves ready as the rain started to come, this time the elementals were letting it happened as it was part of the work, it was still light and misty. As we tuned into our own Dragon mudra and spoke our Dragon name and then sang from our Dragon Hearts that cleared the grids of all the accumulated karma through the great Dragon of Japan and out through all the grids and Ring of Fire and Earth. It was the most amazing thing, the energy so divine, the grids so clear and sparkling and we felt so high channelling through our Dragon origins and linage to clear the old wounds held in the Earth matrix and throughout the grids in the area and then out worldwide.
     On the way back to the hotel that late afternoon we couldn’t contain ourselves and were dancing in the car to the David Bowie ‘put on your red shoes and dance….let’s dance!’ as we partied in celebration and joy for the release of so much old blocking energy now cleared through the Dragon Lines and ready for the next day and the Light Template anchoring at the Dragons Head.
That night after dinner another workshop with the DNA ancestral separation and unification now of the strands from the point of separation with DNA integration. As we opened up to ourselves in the higher dimensions and embodied our higher dimensional selves more fully and into the levels of our light body all ready for the next day.

                                         MT ASAHIDAKE
Then we went to the shrine by the lake, Sugatami Pond and there were too many people there and also it was raining. But there was a shed for shelter nearby and we went in and the people in there had finished their lunch and went out and we had it to ourselves while we energetically got in the zone ready to anchor the Light Template.
         Opening up the divine light through the endocrine glands and chakras to our Iridescent Light Body. As we healed any old duality games of our goddess god aspects and then into our Diamond Light Body and the highest dimensional self that each of us could hold as we surrendered into the octahedron spiralling vortex of life force and Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow.
       As we spoke in light language about why it was here that the Light Template needed to be anchored. As the Dragon here is so important to the Earth and once the Light Template was anchored it was moving out through all the Earth. (This has meant the shift is even more pronounced. No going back, no more sitting on fences, it’s either in the Light or out, for those still not sure it’s not easy as everything that needs to be looked at is brought to their attention to be dealt with.) The energy was so on as our Diamond Light Bodies glowed.

       We went outside and found a spot just off the track, as the track and area of the shrine where roped off and so there was not much room to stand as a group but it didn’t matter. The rain was very light and gentle and a fog, the Dragons were all there and so we did our Dragon mudra, and Dragon name as we gave our Dragon egg/s to the mountain the Light Template come in through our Dragon heart singing. We felt so much joy and the energy became so clear, the Dragons were happy and the grids so clear and crystalline sparkling.
     The energy was so on and I knew this was big, but how to put in human words to explain such huge shifts in the dimensional realms of Earth so much more joy and light. In 3d things needed to settle as the old is being cleansed and transmuted as everyone’s hearts are the key.

The others left to walk back down to the cable car, but I couldn’t move, I was so in the moment and energy and so found a place to sit on the side of the track near the lake and just be in the stillness and peace. Meanwhile the clearing of the grids will be shaking up a lot for the places and those who still need to choose love as the way forward in the world.

   There was so much love from the mountain and the Dragons, the Devas, Elementals and the Dragons asked that we remember the song of the Dragon Heart to be with them tonight and dance in the Dragon light of the heart.
The Light Template was now anchored though the Dragon lines the water and cosmic ocean, the stars and crystals the light cities and through nature and the elementals. The elementals had given this mission and the Light Template anchored through the elementals energies on the physical earth, stars and also other dimensional realms of earth was almost complete with only the Diamonds and Diamond light matrix through the geographical location.... The stones and multi-universes at Avebury and the Dolphins and Whale codes completing at the Crown Chakra of the New ...


     The next morning 19th we said good bye to Naomi who could not come with us for the rest of the journey and drove towards the Shiretoko Peninsular.
       We stopped at Lake Kussharo for lunch and to view the great crater with islands in it but no such luck as per usual it was foggy and light rain. Then we drove through lush fields of grains and potatoes and onwards to the coast and the Oshin Koshin Taki falls that were right by the coast. It was still raining of course as we climbed up the steps to the waterfall, the energy was so divine. I had of course wanted to do more preparation for the work that was to take place but it was all good and it was not hard for us all to get in the zone.

                                   OSHIN KOSHIN TAKI FALLS VORTEX,
                               NEW EARTH HOLOGRAM RE-PATTERNED

     As we opened to the Living Library of Light codes we brought with us from Lyra, as we came through the prism and danced in the holograms of our love experiencing duality. Now as we are on the journey home we connected to the Sun that was important to each of us. As we moved through the Sun/s allowing the codes through the Sun in our hearts and out through our cells. The Living Library of Light we hold awakens more fully the codes we hold create the New Earth.

     As the New Earth is a hologram of our love. As the codes we hold though our Suns re-pattern the Earth in divine order of symmetry of Light resonating in the Love that we are, one with the Source. Aware of the great vortex where we stood, the sacred Dragon portal, the Dragon Lines and grids so clear from the work we had done and others around the Earth. Creating a clear loving space for the Earth to be resonate enough now as the collective consciousness of humanity are ready or not.

       Aware of the Living Library of Light codes we all held, and the codes through the waterfall and vortex they all flow through us and into the Inner Earth Sun and out through the Dragon Heart and Dragon grids all cleared now through the Earth. I could literally see the Earth so bright and shining clear, network of light shining. The energy was so beautiful and divine and as we opened our eyes seeing even more with eyes of Love.
     Everything had changed, the shift has exhilarated majorly and the dark forces are out. You might find that hard to believe if you watch TV or any of the media games, but that is the illusion and not even real, let go the old programmes and the brainwashing machines and feel yourself there already. Re-patterned in divine order of love. Not just changing the channel but turning it all off and allowing the reality of love and life to embrace you.

CAPRICORN FULL MOON 20 JULY                              

As usual it was raining and cool and so we walked up to the top of the little track that lead onto the waterfall and did our inner connection to all the elementals, devas, dragons, goddesses and gods, light beings and guardians who had called us here to the Inner Earth doorway.
       I guided everyone first
into preconception about coming into the New Earth, then conception on why they choose their mother father and thank them. Then in the womb how did they feel in the New Earth. Aware of the vortex at the physical location of the birth place and is it an old Earth or new earth place, if old loving and accepting until transmuted. Receiving the codes and love coming through the New Earth vortex into life. Coming out into New Earth higher dimensional Earth and self.
     Then working with the elementals to assist anywhere we lived, in our body and gifts any are giving us. Then aware of the elementals of the doorway and falls, the flower goddess wished to give us essences of the flowers and the Tree god, Lord of forest assisting us with our inner light and inner strength. Then there were all the fairies, elves and nature spirits as they took us to a serene tunnel of gold and obsolescent 13 rays of the rainbow light.
     As we travelled to the Ancient Serpent Woman who puts us into the Cosmic Egg for healing and
rejuvenation until we birthed out of the egg the real self. We received the light codes then for Capricorn Full Moon grounding through Star Temple and higher dimensional stars into the New Earth. After much gratitude to the Ancient Serpent Woman and for birthing from the Cosmic Egg we went to play on the waterfall. Some of the group went way up high, others had a soak in the pools. It was such a joyful place to be.

In the room we could look out and see the port and the ocean and we did inner unification on the broken DNA strands and template of light transmission activation. Then onto our star linages and one with the Andromedan heart of the Galaxy with the Inner Earth Sun, heart of the Earth, one through our heart. We had a break right as the Sun was setting with the most beautiful magenta pink sunset that illuminated right through the room magenta and the soft sun light.
     As we opened up to the stars and the planets within us and the New Solar System stars were downloaded through us. We connected in the Star Temple and the codes we had picked up. Aware of dancing in the stars and into the ethereal Star Temple as the Earth and Star Walkers. Light and free dancing in the beauty of the stars and higher dimensional stars in unlimited possibilities. Aware of the starlight, still present on our physical bodies with the light codes we carried from the Inner Earth, the Living Library of Light and Star Temple, through the higher dimensional stars and into the New Earth that now was re-patterned to absorb the new star lights.
       Then holding the energy we walked outside the hotel and over to an area that wasfullmoonrise20july parkland with view of the ocean and the hills in the east with the full moon coming up behind the hills, almost risen. As we formed a circle and toned in the codes through the New Earth and Inner Earth Sun, star light codes and living light codes with the blessing and love from the Inner Earth Ancient Ones and Dragons.
     As the full moon started to rise at the same time as to my surprise the Cosmic Egg in the Inner Earth came though and was birthed here on the surface. The new creation of the New Earth. Even more to my surprise the Ancient Serpent Woman who was a multi-d aspect of mine (this is not exclusive we are all one with these higher dimensional aspects of our self, it’s just a matter of being clear and unified enough to remember). I had worked with for years as she held the ancient of ancient codes and Earth Wisdom.

As the full moon shone through the clouds as a sign that the light had once again returned to shine through our hearts as we create heaven on earth, it was almost too much to take in what had occurred and awhile to integrate.


With so much love and gratitude for Masumi, Magumi, Coco and Geoff who helped so much with the logistics of the missions. To all the participants in Tokyo and Hokkaido radiant divine ones, thank you for sharing your love and radiant light for this such amazing mission for humanity and the great shift in cycle. I love you, without you none of it is possible divine radiant ones. And to you the reader who was there too as your multi-d selves the Dragon’s, Goddesses Gods, Elementals and divine essences. We have changed the reality, what we have wanted in our hearts all along now coming to us.
In the One Heart so much gratitude and love for all of us, all one.

Love and big hugs Soluntra xxxxx

Permission is given to copy and redistribute these Cosmic Events on the trust that the contents remain complete, all credit is given to the author and it is freely distributed.

.Copyright © 2016 Soluntra King PO Box 11 Whakatane, Bay of Plenty. 3158  New Zealand


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Dear Sonja,

Soluntra and Her group travels a lot and they are experiencing different energies and enjoy the nature and her teachings is very helpful for our Ascension...

Travelling to certain places on the auspicious days is very essential and advisable for all of us...The Ambassadors of Light , Love & Peace !!!


So true, dear SohiniBen! I am learning this more and more ... Indeed, it IS Most appropriate for US to visit power nodes and Sacred Sites for CEREMONY on Special days like equinoxes, SOLSTICES or eclipse days! The first steps NOW for me Are to gather People around me WHO Are following the Same path As I towards the embodyment of our divinity and to scout for These power nodes and Sacred Sites in Nature for Future ceremonies.

Goddess Love and blessings,

Sonja Myriel

Dear Sonja,

Thanks for your reply and I am fond of certain places to visit on auspicious days ...

Sending you lots of Love, Light and Peace....

I will write some time as some guests are here to see me...




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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


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Sonja Myriel RAouine

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