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Balanced Energy Bodies
Sunday, September 7, 2014

I’m beginning to see a theme here that the Goddess is sharing with us! BALANCE I think that we all are seeking balance within our lives and she’s given us a number of different ways for us to find it.

During this journey, the Goddess spoke specifically about each of the energy bodies. She began with our physical body, talking of physical ailments that we may have. She cleared out this energy and created a greater place of integration. She concluded with infusing the crystalline light into our DNA.

She then spoke of emotions and filled the space with light that would illuminate emotions of which people may or may not be conscious. This was a way to create a greater balance and strength within your emotions so that they may truly support you in life.

In the mental body, she spoke of the thoughts that people may have about themselves and their life. So too, she spoke of how people may be influenced by others there by taking on ‘less than’ beliefs about themselves. Many times it’s the mental body through the unconscious thoughts and beliefs that keep you in a stuck place or keep you unaware of opportunities and potentials.

I found the spiritual body to be really interesting. At first it felt confined – well the mental body really felt confined, but people’s perceptions of their God Source energy was really restricted in a lot of cases. The clearing out of this area, allowed for greater amounts of your source energy to flow in.

Lastly, in speaking of the Lightbody Energy, it was easy to have a clear discernment between that and one’s spiritual body. The crystalline is universal. It’s there; it’s a pure high light vibration. The Goddess spoke of how it’s impossible to infuse low vibration into this space; it just flows away. Therefore, the more lightbody energy you have, the more intrinsically you are in a balanced space!

Be open to receive. Be open to creating balance. It’s here for YOU!
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Question and Answer

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole.

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you. I open up from my heart to your heart inviting you to create an alignment with me. I invite you to open up your energy so that you may feel the flow of, not only of I the Goddess, but all the universal light that is here and present for you.

This is a time of transformation. It is a time for you in which you may let go of any burdens that you are carrying around, where you may let go releasing whatever it is that no longer serves you.

When you are living your life upon the earth you’re living in a space that is multi-dimensional. Intrinsically the energies are in the 5th dimension, but there are many times in which you may flow upwards into the 6th and possibly the 7th. There are many times that you may find yourself going into the 4th. Some people may feel as if they are still in the 3rd dimensional energies; but that is not truly possible at this time.

So be open to realize, or understand, that you are in a space that is mobile. That you are in a space that will allow your energy to flow in different directions so that it may assist you in your everyday life.

There are times in which it may feel as if there are so many distractions; distractions from the people you live with, distractions from your work, distractions from society. So that at times you wonder what do I do? Where should I focus? What should I place my emphasis upon?

The bottom line is always about opening up to the alignment with your divinity so that your divinity empowers all of who you are.

As your divinity fills you up with light, with love, compassion, awareness, your perspective of everything else around you will come from a place that more fully supports you. You will be less distracted. You will have more to share with others and if you are focusing on events taking place in the world you can do so from a place of compassion infusing light, balance into whatever that may be. Yes you are empowered. Yes you have amazing abilities and they’re here with you right now.

I invite you to take in one more deep breath. This time breathing in and sending that energy and light all the way down into the earth. As you breathe into the earth allow yourself to align with Gaia. Allow yourself to align with the energies of this amazing planet upon which you live. Let all of those energies come back up within you anchoring them in your solar plexus and your heart center.

Then as you release your consciousness you allow it to just stream upwards as if you send it up through your head center allowing it to move easily into the space of your higher self. As you move into your higher self you can look around, perceive all that is here, and perceive the energies that support you as you live your life.

I invite you to allow your consciousness to move even further allowing it to shift into the space of the Soul Plane. As you find yourself arriving within the Soul Plane this is where the majority of your divinity resides. This is where you have that greater access to your I AM presence.

Open up and take in all that is here from this space of your own divinity. As you feel yourself aligning allow your consciousness to expand further so that you may know what is here within your I AM presence that’s available to you. Indeed as you look around everything is in support of you. The key is about what comes available to you or that you recognize with your consciousness.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst everyone who is here. With each one of you I reach out to embrace you. I open up creating a deeper alignment, not only to you, but allowing you to merge and expand more fully with my energies. You will find yourself shifting in to the space of the All That Is. Look around. Open to feel the joy, the high vibrational essence of who you are, because when you are in the space of the All That Is everything is within the flow. Everything is open potential. You are limitless and the opportunities around you are limitless.

We over the last several teleconferences have been working with assisting you to integrate more and more of your light body energies. As this integration is moving through you within the All That Is it then flows down to your everyday reality.

I would like to take a moment using this opportunity to truly clear out all the energy bodies that make up who you are. I believe we have done this before, but when you experience a transformation, a clearing, a shift; it is always taking place in a different perspective, because this now moment is different from the previous now moment.

I know that I have mentioned it before, but especially when we are in this space I can hear many of you talking and asking questions, making suggestions and I’m hearing some of you talking about how you really enjoyed working as if you were looking at a big screen. So as you look at your life, or as you look at what is coming up for you in this place, if it helps, create a screen in front of you so that it may assist you in that visual image that takes you to the next level.

For others if you have a sense of just feeling as if you were creating you the person that you are living in your life on the earth plane, but replicate that here in the All That Is. What so ever works for you works for me.

Let us consider you Physical Body:

Your physical body is what makes you human. It gives you the opportunity to have a physical experience. Some of your lifetimes that are out within the universe are without physical body and without a situation that has a gravitational pull such as the earth has. So this physical body that you have right now is what you have created for yourself through living your life. Many, many times you take it for granted. Many times you consider it only in the ways in which you feel pain, discomfort, or illness.

Your physical body as it integrates the crystalline vibrations is going through one of the most dramatic transitions that humanity has experienced throughout all of time space reality upon the earth. You’re hearing about more people becoming ill. Sometimes it is due to the chemicals within your environment. Sometimes it is due to stress, or the thoughts with your mental body. Sometimes it is due to the attempt of the crystalline vibration to merge with your cellular structure and to create change that you unconsciously are in resistance to. It therefore blocks the crystalline integration.

So take this moment and really connect with your physical body. Everything within the 5th dimension or more is directly aligned with your heart center. If you choose you may start with your heart. You may start with your feet and move upwards. What so ever you do allow yourself to really connect with your physical body as it is represented here within the All that Is.

Do you have what you term a disease? That dis-ease with your physical body or your life, or the experience that you are having? Take a moment allowing yourself to focus within. Allow yourself to move into that space within your physical body where you are feeling out of balance, having discomfort, where your physical body is not working for you in this now moment. Allow yourself to link with it knowing you have all these energies of the All That Is to clear out whatever it is that is going on with you.

So you link with that energy and then swirl through the energies of the universal light, these crystalline energies and ~Phew~ let it clear out; whatever it is within your physical body. For some you may feel as if you took away a layer and there is more to be released, so again allow your focus to go within knowing that you are here within the All That Is and you gather in the energies of the universe. Allow those energies to move through you perhaps going to a specific place within your physical body -- but if not a specific place then just let it go through every part of your physical body and take in a deep breath ~Phew~ and let it go.

Begin to consider that your physical body is your friend. Your physical body wants to be healthy and active and move and digest the food and do everything that the physical body wants to do, and here within the All That Is breathe in the balance. No matter what is going on in your body it can be rejuvenated. Breathe in the balance. As you do so let it move into every cell within your body so that it activates those higher light vibrations of your DNA, which in turn creates the alignment for that crystalline energy to come within you. I can feel each one of you tapping into that more translucent aspect of who you are and you let it go through your physical body. Know that you are in exactly the place you need to be, and especially within the All That Is, you are in balance and your physical body reflects that.

Let us move on to your Emotional Body:

In some ways the emotional body is a little bit easier to work with and a little bit more challenging to work with. There are certain emotions that you are very consonant of, love, joy, excitement, stress, depression, fear, frustration. I know that I could go on and on and there will be people saying, “That one’s mine, that one’s mine.”

You live with many different levels of emotions at any given time. These emotions can support you assisting you in moving forward or they can hold you back. At this time for those of you using the screen look at your life and how your emotions are affecting you. Or if you are going within yourself open up to connect to your emotional body and whatever are the most prominent emotions at this time.

Be open to accept that which represents emotions that support you. Perhaps it’s courage. Perhaps it’s strength. Perhaps it’s self-love. Perhaps it’s self-acceptance. The list again goes on and on so become aware of that which you already have within you that is already supporting you. Allow that to be the foundation of your emotional body in this now moment.

I next invite you to have a sense of gathering information. What emotions seem to come up again and again and again in a repeating pattern - anger, frustration, sadness, disappointment, stress? As you consider these emotions, or anything else that comes to your mind that perhaps I didn’t mention but this is what is real for you, let these emotions come up.

They are the ones that you don’t need to look at it, or even know what it is related to, unless there is something inside that says why is that there or why has that emotion come into my life, or been a part of my life in some people for years. Allow yourself to take in understanding what that energy is. As you do so feel what that is for you, and with that knowledge and acknowledgment allow yourself to go to wherever the roots may be so you can gently take it up by the roots ~Phew~ and let them go.

You may not be consciously aware of it, but I saw some of you let go of these emotions then grab hold of it and bring it back. If you take a moment to let go of any emotion that no longer serves you and then it comes back again and again then ask, “How are you serving me”. “What is my benefit from feeling bad because of this particular emotion?” Perhaps it keeps you from moving in another direction that may not feel as comfortable to you. Perhaps it keeps you from that relationship, or something else, that you may not feel ready for or may push you to experience things that are uncomfortable. There is always a reason conscious or unconscious why you keep pulling back emotions that hold you in a place from which you would like to transitions.

So within the emotional body we are going to take all the energy of the All That Is and we are going to begin to swirl it through your emotions. As you do so let it illuminate that which supports you helping you to expand and also illuminate that which is holding you back so you can be very clear how you seek to move forward in your life.

As this light illuminates all that is in the emotional body you clear out ~Phew~ letting go and releasing anything at all that no longer serves you, and then you can feel those emotions, joy, love, compassion and strength. You let those fill you up even more!

Perhaps for some of you, you would like to be happier in your life so reach for happiness, bring it in to your emotional body now and consciously weave it in to your emotional body. As it integrates into this level of the All That Is you will find that there will be things happening within your days that cause you to say “doesn’t that feel good” or “Oh I’m glad I got to notice that” and you find happiness begins perhaps in a subtle way and then it expands.

I invite you to move on to the mental body:

It is quite different from you emotional body is it not. It too is nonphysical, but with the mental body it is as if you have these rigid constraints suddenly placed around you. It’s as if you find yourself attempting to, or actually conforming to, other people’s beliefs or even your own beliefs.

So consider your mental body, consider your thoughts and consider the belief systems you have had throughout your life. Times change, certain things that have perhaps worked for you in the past maybe they no longer do so. This is your opportunity to breathe that in.

Begin to recognize how your thoughts and beliefs gave you the structure that you needed to build a life. Perhaps there were times in your life that you had to have regimented thoughts to help you feel secure, and to help you to know exactly what you wanted to do and where you wanted to go. Perhaps that is exactly where you are right now within your life.

If there are certain beliefs or certain thoughts that you have on a consistent basis that cause you to feel expanded, or that cause you to be able to manifest within your life more fully, let those beliefs and thoughts come to your awareness right now.

For some of you it is as if you pick up the energy that overlays it, because you don’t know that you have within you already the beliefs and the knowledge and the thoughts that will support you. So peel away the layers, open up and as you bring in these thoughts and beliefs let go any regimented beliefs or thoughts that may be around you. Indeed I can see the walls just tumbling down around you. So take a deep breath in and as you clear out your mental body ~Phew~ let go those old thoughts and those old patterns that do not serve you.

Do other people’s opinions of you have an effect upon you? Does it cause you to question the choices that you make? Does it cause you to question your thoughts or does it perhaps make you feel different from those people around you? Let’s remove anything that may be from someone else as if you go through your thoughts and beliefs. Ah in particular I am hearing “you are not good enough”, “Who do you think you are to do that?” “What makes you think that you are the one to manifest that?” So any of these thoughts or beliefs that are limiting to you or pull you down let’s just connect with them. Bring them up by the roots and as you bring them up taking them out, taking them out by the roots ~Phew~ let them go. There was a lot that was within that that was released.

Allow yourself to be very conscious to opening up to thoughts that do support you. You have the ability to create whatever you seek to have in your life. It is here around you. You can do whatever you seek to do within your life. It is here around you. Allow your thoughts to be in that space of balance and to be in that space of that open flow.

Consider your spiritual body:

As you are looking at that screen, or feeling it within your expanded consciousness, the spiritual body is that that represented your God Source energy. There were also times when people’s spiritual bodies were constricted due to those narrow beliefs. Some of those came from perhaps religion. Some of them came from a perception of being disconnected from source energy.

So here from within this spiritual energy of who you are clear it out. ~Phew~ there we go. You are right here within your divinity. So let that expand into your spiritual body. Let your own God Source energy be there filling you up in your everyday life. Let it move through these spaces. Your spiritual body supports you in so many ways. This greater clarity will assist you as you move forward in life.

As you look around at your lightbody energy:

Some may say the mental, emotional, spiritual bodies are your light body, but we are speaking of your crystalline energy body; your lightbody that is here because the earth has ascended. Your lightbody is here because you have and are ascending. Your lightbody that is more and more fully integrating through you in every way. Feel the lightness. Feel the transparency and you’ll find that somewhere in the spiritual body, but mostly in the light body, it is possible to have negative energies and emotions. They simply dissolve from within that space.

Now if you are in a flow where those negative energies are filled up within your thoughts or your beliefs, your perceptions of divinity and light body will be limited. Your perception that your spiritual or light body is not there to work for you is because you are looking at it from a space that is non-existent in the crystalline light.

Allow that flow of the crystalline energies to just….. It is like they move in wave upon wave, moving through you, supporting around you. Let that be what balances your physical body, so that your physical body works with you. Let that be what balances and clears out your emotions, your thoughts so that everything about you in your physical reality is balanced, supports you, assists you in living the life that you seek to have.

Take a deep breath in and let that all just move through you.

As you are here within the center as your physical body and you reach for the balance of your emotional, mental, spiritual and light body it is as if you can let those energies move out in one direction then another direction and it just flows so that you are balanced.

Here within the All That Is it may seem as if this is an easier place to create. Everything that you do within the All That Is is available within your physical reality. So have a sense of letting this consciously go through you, go down through that beam of light that links you to your physical person and let it just wash over you in your physical reality.

As this energy is coming down into and around you let it balance your physical reality. Allow the cellular structure to find its natural balance with those crystalline light energies as this cleared energy of your emotions and your thoughts is moving in through you in your physical reality. ~Phew~ clear it out. Clear it out on your everyday reality. Clear it out in this now moment so that you may be open to receive; receiving all of who you are as the balanced essence of who you are. There is just a warm and loving flow that moves through you in every way.

Let your focus shift returning once more into the All That Is so that you may look around, perhaps aligning with the Angels and the Beings of Light that work with you. Or perhaps the aspects of you from here within your divinity that are in some cases being reintegrated and in other cases are coming forward to give you the knowledge, the emotional support, the physical support that you may need to have in your life. Let it open up. Allow it to assist you in balancing even further.

As you allow for this flow know that you are never alone. Know that whatever you seek to have, be it clearing out of what no longer serves you or integrating where you choose to go, that it is here you have done it already and you can accept it into your life in the physical plane.

I invite you to gather together so that you create that circle that allows for the hologram of the earth to come up within the center and as the hologram moves in between all of you who are here take a moment and infuse the energy of balance into this hologram. Infuse the energy of support from all of your angels, all of your aspects, all of who you are. Let it go into the hologram.

As that hologram begins to spin it takes on even more of the lightbody energies and the universal light so that it amplifies everything that you experienced this evening. As those energies flow within the hologram you begin to see it shifting as it moves. It is as if there is a pathway that allows it to move down into the earth plane and there is a pathway that allows it to move out to the universe. So this hologram is creating a balance between the universe and the earth, which will assist in the further integration of all of this light energy.

We follow the hologram as it moves into the earth plane, as it links within the earth, it links within the core center of the earth, aligning with the crystals and then that vibration and that energy comes out moving out through every layer of the earth, coming up within you the physical person that is you. You have already set down and cleared out the energies the aspects of who you are or the energy fields that create that of your physical reality. So now receive that which is coming up from the earth, let is anchor you in yet another way infusing even more with that crystalline energy and balanced light.

So too this energy moves throughout everything that is taking place upon the earth. That balance and that crystalline light moves through wherever there is discord and, ~Phew~ it clears it out. It moves up through the grass, the water, the trees into the animals, it moves into everybody creating a greater sense of balance.

Allow your focus to return once more to the All That Is. For many of you a great deal of your consciousness has already returned to your earth plane, but this is an opportunity for you now to let the rest of your consciousness flow through now.

As you move through the Soul Plane you may have a sense of your I Am presence remaining here, and then the rest of your consciousness moving back, moving into the space of your higher self. Open up to receive that alignment. Let it clear out and balance all that is here for you and then let the remainder of your consciousness stream back down into your physical body.

If you need to expand outward into your energy body so that it may integrate and accept and feel this deeper balance moving through your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and light body energies. Allow it all to balance. Allow it to create a manifestation for all that you have done so that now moving forward you are here. You have arrived. It is time to accept your transformation of who you are.

As you move through these next days and weeks upon the earth become very conscious of choosing balance within your life. Begin to recognize that you can clear out your thoughts and create a new beginning. You can release the past and create a new beginning. You can let go whatever those physical ailments or experiences that you are having and create a new beginning.

Invite balance to be within your life. Invite balance to assist you in everything that you do, because you are intrinsically aligned with the universe and the earth and there is an intrinsic balance within you.

Beloved family know that I am always with you and within you.

Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this channel, but we ask you not take any portion of it out of the body of the channel and to retain this copyright message. For further information please check out our website:
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I felt the Goddess energy moving throughout my whole being very powerfully in this transmission from Shelly. Thanks so much for sharing it Sonja.

Blessings of Love & Light,


Woh!!!!! beautiful Thanks Shukla XXX Love the collors!!!

Thank you Sonja,



Beautiful!  thank you for sharing!  Many Blessings.

How I LOVE these colours :-)))



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