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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Goddess began this channel with speaking of love and referencing the last channel which was Pure, Unconditional Love from 02-03-13.  The energy immediately was flowing through all who were present. From there she shifted in the place where everyone’s higher self resides. 

One of the differences in the channels since the beginning of 2013 is that the Goddess is creating a space where we can really know our higher selves.  Prior to this year, we would shift to the magnetic grid; pause and then move into the crystalline grid; pause and then move into the Soul Plane.  As a part of the shift in energies, she’s working with everyone so that you’ll really know your higher self and have a greater ease with connecting to that energy.

Once we were in the All That Is, the Goddess began talking about DNA.  She spoke of the various strands and the transitions that are taking place.  She said that there were a potential for 144 strands of DNA to be activated.  She also said that the higher strands were in alignment with the higher dimensions and levels of vibration. 

As she spoke of the DNA, she invited everyone to align with their own as a form of reference.  I could see the parts of DNA that aligned all of humanity to each other. As each person was linking with their DNA, she spoke of the various experiences that people have in their lives.  She gave as an example; perhaps 50 people have a particular strand or pattern say that aligned with cancer; 20 people got cancer, some had a scare, some had no reaction.  She spoke of the intention we make prior to being born for certain things to happen in our lives.  So while some may have a potential for something, they never tap into it.  She spoke of how we can work with the DNA to create a change.  I perceived strands where many were dormant, but certain ones were highlighted or different.  In aligning with those that were illuminated, but associated with something we wanted to move beyond; she spoke of working with the energy to shift it and create a greater balance.   It was truly very powerful!!

From there she pulled it all together by bringing in the Lightbody energies as our highest, lightest vibration.  Then allowing that to flow through illuminating our mental bodies, emotional and physical bodies, it gave us a chance to shift through those parts of ourselves.  So in essence, we can make changes in our lives, from the level of our most basic physical – our DNA to our lightest most transparent – our Lightbody.  What was interesting to me was that our DNA was in alignment with our Lightbody to a degree; as if all came full circle.   

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you feeling your energies, feeling your essence, creating an alignment that allows us to be able to share this time together, that will assist you in whatever it is that may be going on within your life.

This past week was the time of Valentines. It was the time of love, it was the time of awareness and from our journey together two weeks ago (Pure, Unconditional Love! 02-03-13) that opened up the doorway and it opened up the pathway for love and energy and the essence of who you are to come in to the forefront. And now here we are again coming together sharing this time, allowing all of that love to be there for you once again.

There is an abundance of love within and around you. It is present not only within you from your higher self, your divinity, the energies of the universe; but love is available to you in many different ways in your everyday life. Sometimes it may feel quite evident, other times it may seem at a distance.

So close your eyes for just a moment, allow yourself to feel the energies and just be in the space of this moment while you’re still here grounded upon the earth and breathe in allowing yourself to just feel the peace, the tranquility, the presence of what this is.

I now invite you to have a sense of once more letting go the energies of the earth. As you do so you have a sense of beginning by breathing down within yourself, feeling yourself in your physical reality and then you send that down into the earth anchoring yet again and then you let those energies of the earth flow up through you.

And then you allow your consciousness to stream. It is as if you let go your physical body. You allow your energies to flow out from you. They immediately flow into the space of your higher self. Feel what that is to you.

As you feel these energies of your higher self you can feel the expansion that takes place. You can feel that not only is your consciousness stretching out and moving around but you have that sense of the lighter finer vibration that is you. This is the space where we can also feel the blended energies of the magnetic and the crystalline grid. I invite you to utilize that as a means of becoming aware of the foundation or of the pathways that are available to you that can assist you as you create a space of existence within your higher self.

From there, I invite you to have a sense of relaxing, almost as if you let go the energies of your higher self. You allow yourself to shift into the soul plane.

As you move within this space, become aware of your divinity. Your I AM presence is here. It’s within and around, you may have a sense of it coming up from within you, you may have a sense of seeing it as if at a distance and you walk towards it. Feel as if you open up. You open up to receive an even deeper alignment to your divinity.

I the Goddess, move in and amongst each one of you. I reach out inviting you to come within this space; inviting you to allow my energies to merge with you even more fully so that you may expand into the All That Is.

As you feel yourself shifting within this space you have that sense of who you are. You have that sense of this space that you move into when you seek to make a creation within your life.

The All That Is, is ever changing. The All That Is, is a place of creation not only by everyone who is here but by individuals of the universe, the omniverse, the earth and more. So much takes place through intention. Intention indeed is the foundation of your life. Your intention has an effect upon everything that you do. So let’s take a moment to consider what that may be.

You gather around you the essence or the energy of what’s happening within your life right now. Indeed, during our last journey while we were in this space, I invited you to experience the various levels of perception that you have about your life. You were able to shift that as you moved into an openness or an awareness that allowed you to be able to create from a new perspective or create from a more expanded awareness.

By speaking of this I could see so many of you shifting immediately back into that space that you had created for yourself. If this gives you a sense of being something brand-new or something that you are very used to, open up and feel the essence of that energy and what that is for you.

In everything that we do within these journeys, my intention is always for you to find that place within and around you, that allows you to be much more fully the person you want to be. That allows you to find that place of peace, that place of awareness, that place of simply experiencing your life in the fullest way possible.

As you have a sense of these energies and what you seek to create in your life, I feel very drawn this evening to speak about your DNA. Your DNA is a part of the foundation for who you are as a human. Your DNA has a multitude of aspects within it that are a part of all of humanity; that which you can look at and say this is male, this is female, this is one race or another race.

And it can go on and on from there until it gets into those parts of the DNA that are very specific for you and then from within you, you  have that which is similar to your siblings, your family, your extended family and on and on.

So it’s if you are looking at the hierarchy of this or that’s not the word I would like to use, almost as if you are looking at a spreadsheet. You get a sense of how there are certain aspects of your DNA that are what cause you to feel the alignment with all the rest of humanity. It is that part that links you into the collective consciousness. It is that part that creates the foundation for who you are in physical biology.

Every time we come into this space of the All That Is, we are working with the energies of expansion. We are working with the energies that are in alignment with your divinity within the flow of the high, lite, easier vibrations and the intention with that is that everybody would like to have that as their reality in your everyday life.

In some cases, that’s exactly what’s taking place. In other cases you are not quite there. This awareness of working with your DNA will give you a new opportunity to work with or shift the energies of your physical reality.

People keep speaking of the strands of DNA that are activated. People keep speaking of the physical and nonphysical aspects of DNA. People keep questioning, what is the intention or the purpose of working with the various strands and how many are there ultimately?  

You as humanity, on average have about 12 strands activated on a very consistent and regular basis. There is an ultimate ability for 144 strands, but those individuals that have all of those activated are very close to being nonphysical because many, many, many of the higher strands are in alignment with the aspects of divinity or the aspects of the universe that are transparent upon the earth.

The science that is available to everyone today has not yet gotten to a place that they can register some of the subtle nuances that are available. What is consistent, and what is completely available to people are working through the strands up to we will say 44.

Another way of considering the higher vibrations of the DNA, are that they are in alignment with dimensions. A dimension is a shift in consciousness that gives one the ability to vibrate or emanate an energy of alignment. Many people are very aware of these dimensions and they want to know, where am I? What number? To give it a sense of dimension or definition that allows you to have that greater understanding in your everyday life. If that is something of interest to you, then by all means seek to find the answers. You need not get caught up in that if you so choose.

Your DNA in many forms will hold memories, you could say, of other existences. They may hold the information, the biology that has to do with various what you would call diseases in your life. Sometimes it has to do with potentials.

Because there may be 50 individuals that carry a potential aspect to their DNA as if it’s a thread or a strand that gives them an opportunity to step into an experience, we will say for example, cancer, and it may be that 20 of those individuals will step into that experience so as to have that life or the education or whatever it may be that goes along with having perhaps a particular type of cancer or just that.

There may be 30 other people or 20 other people that have that same exact pattern but they never step into that because instead their focus or their intention is moving in another direction.

I can hear you. And that’s brought a very strong reaction from many different people. I can hear people saying, “I did not choose cancer”. “I did not want that in my life”. “I was not going anywhere near that so why is this happening, what brought this about? And this is again a layer of this experience that goes back to before the time that you chose to incarnate into this lifetime. It goes back into the energies of intention and awareness and it gives you a potential to manifest or create an experience.

There are scientists who already are seeking to change DNA. They are seeking to change those threads that may cause a disease or an illness within a person. Is that right or wrong? That is up to each individual to decide.

As you have the opportunity to work with your own DNA there are many layers and levels that just are that they are.

What you can do is begin to work with the energies of the higher threads or strands of DNA so as to create a greater alignment on a physical level with the intention that you seek to have on the nonphysical level.

I invite you to step into this space here in the All That Is because with all that we’ve just done it set forth the intention or the awareness and it is as if you see before you those twisting strands of your DNA. If there is a blank, as if it’s a blank slate in front of you, that’s okay. If you have a sense of seeing the very specific energies, that’s good too.

But take this moment as if you are moving down a ladder. It may be certain parts especially at the very beginning, you just -- whew – you just go slowly and easily and quickly through it until you get to the point where it may feel as if there is somewhat of a roadblock.

As you find yourself moving through this ladder, as you find yourself tapping into these various energies what you are doing in some cases is activating an energy by stating or by putting consciousness into it.

As you get to this place and you can feel this energy all around you that is different, there isn’t that same openness, there isn’t the same flow, and instead you have this sense of just being in a place, then perhaps you’ve gotten as far as your DNA is activated.

So as if you are separating the energies, as if you are reaching in, have a sense of pulling back that film or opening up that energy so that you may see what is next or see what is now available to you.

As more threads or strains of your DNA become activated it is what will support you in expanding your consciousness and in vibrating at a higher level of existence.

As you open up further, I invite you to be in this moment. Be open to receive whatever message may be there and then invite the intention of balance to flow both forwards and backwards through this space within your DNA.

No matter what you come into contact with you have the ability to focus upon that one thread, that one strain or that the number of threads and strains and work with it with the intention of creating balance.

Going back for example to an individual that has a strain or thread of DNA that is activated to perhaps experience cancer; as you allow your focus or your intention to move through and go to that spot, work with the gentle energies of that strain and open it up to your divinity allowing the balance and the expansion of your divinity to then come through.

And as it does so, have the intention of balancing those strains of diminishing any impact and of releasing anything that may take you on a completely different journey than what you are choosing for your life.

Some may consider this control and manipulation. That is not our intention in the least. Our intention is that you have an opportunity to work with this, which is your most basic physical reality and if you see anything that is illuminated or anything that is out of balance you then infuse balance into that space and into those threads that have such an effect upon your physical reality. And as you do so it creates a potential to shift or change things in your physical reality.

As you create this change in DNA, it has the potential to create a change in DNA for those family members or those people that are very biologically associated with you. For some, if this is very strongly activated you may ask the question, why? Why am I having that experience? What message do I need to receive? Is there a particular experience or reality that I need to know? Be open to receive whatever that may be.

Allow yourself this opportunity to experience the highest potential of everything available to you. And what I mean by that is as you shift your focus, as you shift your intention, be open to alternatives. If you no longer had something in your life that’s been an intense focus for quite some time, what would you do in place of that?

If you could choose to have a particular experience in your life why do you want that? What is the energy behind it that would cause you to reach out for that experience?

It need not be to learn a lesson. It may be you simply wish joy in your life. It may be you wish to experience life with the eyes of another. It may be that you wish to experience life in a purely healthy dynamic form. It may be that you wish to experience life from a foundation of joy, happiness, love, abundance and awareness.

As we say all this look around you at the threads and the strands of DNA.

See what that is. See if there’s anything that’s coming to your awareness. There are energies within your DNA that can also help to strengthen that within you. Say for example you are intrinsically an easy-going person but you’ve been struggling for some time. So reach towards that part of your physical reality that is that basic intrinsic easy-going energy and amplify your focus in your awareness upon it.

There is something within your DNA that has a thread or a strand for everything that you want to have in this life. Say, for example abundance. You’ve been seeking abundance again and again and again and you might have touches of it, you might sense it, you might see opportunities that just passed you by and you’ve just barely missed it.

So again using your DNA and using this energy of the physical, allow your consciousness to go to that strand or that spot that supports abundance. Every single one of you has that! So let your energy go there and as if you are becoming aware of it you infuse the energies of balance, you infuse the energies of awareness and you allow those energies to amplify everything that’s happening.

And as you do so, be open to feel on a very physical level that expansion of abundance, that expansion of awareness and however that can be expressed within your life. As you work with these energies especially here in the All That Is, you are working in a place of very expanded light energy and is giving you the opportunity to be a aware. There is no right or wrong. There is only unlimited potential, so experience that.

I have a sense that some of you have gone very deeply through this spiral and it is as if you are within a tunnel. So have a sense of letting your energies flow back or your consciousness flow back until you are in this space as if at the beginning or as if you are once more here within the All That Is and you can see the openness in the expansion that is all around you.

You are not alone. You have first and foremost your own divinity and through your divinity you have many different aspects of energy that are you in other existences, that are you with other life experiences that are available to help you or support you in your everyday life.

We began by working with that very molecular level of what makes you physical. At the opposite end of the spectrum or perhaps a part of the whole, because it’s not really that one is separate from the other, but in your most light form is your light body energy, so have a sense of looking around, of reaching out towards that and inviting even more of that to come within, filling in the space that is all around you.

This is the energy body that assist you in supporting your spiritual, mental, emotional, physical; it’s also that greater link to the crystalline energies that are so much more activated within your earth experience.

As you allow, as if on the one side the light body experiences as if in the other side the physical experience, now consider the emotional and mental experiences that you are having in your life and as you do so the thought patterns that create your reality.

Are your thoughts warm, loving, supportive? Are your thoughts keen, sharp, definitive? Are your thoughts focused with intention? Are your thoughts, harsh, brutal, hard, critical about you and anything in the wide immense spectrum including all of that or more?

Have this sense or have this moment of focusing upon your thoughts and your mental body with the intention that you clear it out of any thoughts that keep you from being the highest potential of who you are. --Whew-- Let it go --Whew-- Let it go.  And in place moving right behind it is that gentle infusion of your lightbody energy that will create a new thought process, that will create a new space of vibration so that the thoughts within and around you will instead be very supportive of you.

Consider your emotions. Do your emotions support self-love? Do they support self-acceptance? Do they support joy, happiness, a full life for you? Do your emotions keep you in a place that is beat down? Keep you in a place that is perhaps not even your own, the emotions are not your own? Do your emotions link with your mental body in such a way that it creates pain inside your physical body or disease so that all three of these build upon one another, creating a situation that you would like to let go and release?

So here within this space with the illumination of your light body energy have a sense of opening up to whatever it may be; that may be, that is perhaps mental, emotional, physical and keeping you in a place of disease, pain, suffering.

As you see that alignment right now, you move through it you have a sense of taking up all of that which is merged together and -- Whew-- let it go --Whew--let it go --Whew--let it go! and as you do so you have a sense of that light body energy just gently working through and it moves all the way through ,moving down until it’s as if it’s merging or illuminating your DNA.

So at the very level of your biology you can create a change so that you de-emphasize or diminish a strand that may have created that potential for you to have in your lifetime. And instead you invite that you may illuminate something else that creates a new beginning or a new awareness for you. Then you take a deep breathe in allowing for that to be a new creation.

As you are here in the All That Is, as you look around you at all the many, many, energies you know that you are fully supported. You know that there is so much here for you. Allow that to be so powerful and so strong within you that it is undeniable in your everyday life. Let that flow. Let your intention be that it flows through you and it flows down so that it’s actually anchored within every part of you.

Change is always available. Change can be very subtle or very dramatic. Open to feel those potentials or opportunities for you right now.

We have a sense of inviting the energies of the hologram to come up within the midst of all of this. As you look at this hologram of the earth, you may have a sense of seeing it as it rotates. As you do so, become aware that the hologram has that energy that is the crystalline and that energy that represents the physical earth that is magnetic based.

As you infuse your intention and all the transition that you went through this evening you have a sense of seeing how the light body energy or the crystalline energy of the earth, which is perhaps the new earth, becomes infused and it goes all the way down into the physical earth upon which you live and as this all moves within this hologram it creates a pattern or it creates a space in which there is motion that allows for this transition to take place.

As this all becomes infused within the hologram you have a sense of seeing it release. It as if it moves down, it moves through the many dimensions, it moves down through the space of everyone’s higher self or the crystalline grid and as it does you have a sense of shifting out so that it goes out to that place of the crystalline energies or the light body energies and it goes all the way down anchoring within the center of earth.

And as this happens you can feel it as it anchors all of you own intention. All of the work that you have done becomes anchored within the center of the earth, it links with those crystals and from there it emanates out. It is as if it comes out from the center of the earth, it comes up through the grass, the water, the trees, through everything that is upon the earth.

As your physical body is there upon the earth it moves up within your energy and all of the transition that you did with your DNA; that recognition and that activation moves up.

It comes up from the earth, it comes up into your physical biology and then from there it moves out, it moves through your mental body, through your emotional body, your spiritual and it moves through every aspect of who you are in this reality.

And then you can have that intention of sending it outward as if it moves out from you with the intention that it creates the change that will support you in your everyday life. Perhaps your family, your work, your town, your environment, whatever it may be you send that out so that you can have the support mechanism in your everyday life. You are not alone.

Allow your consciousness to once more return into the All That Is and as you do so you can feel the way that you’ve already begun to ground your energies. So you first of all have a sense of shifting as you once more move into the space of the soul plane.

As you are here within this space you find yourself in the energies of your divinity and you put forth the intention that as much of that as is possible comes with you as you move through the energies of your higher self. Look around you. What does this look like? Is it the same as when you were here before or has it transitioned as a result of everything you were doing this evening?

You have a sense of continuing to move bringing your energies back down. You have a sense of opening up the energy bodies around you and you let your consciousness stream back down. It comes in through you, it comes down through the top of your head, it moves through all your energy bodies within you, and it goes all the way down anchoring within the earth and as you anchor you feel the pull of the Earth. You let everything that you had already infused through the hologram come up with that alignment, come up within you so that as you ground yourself you are opening up and receiving everything you did for yourself this evening.

So take a moment and feel what it is that’s different. Feel what it is to have the physical body that is working for you in support of you. Feel what it is to have that alignment of balance and energy that’s coming through. Yes, this is you. Yes, you can create significant changes in your life and you have. Yes,you are grounding this all the way down within your physical reality, all the way down into your DNA and all the way down into the very minute particle of what makes up you in this physical biology.

I love you dearly! You are precious exactly as you are. In my perception no one need change a thing, but I know how you as the humans are constantly seeking change. Open to believe that you are precious and perfect exactly as you are. It is those aspects, or those parts of you that you can be so critical of that in my eyes makes you so special and so precious. I invite you to breathe in acceptance of what that may be for you.

And as you are acclimating to these energies, I invite you to come back within the room if you would so choose.

And so with that we will bring this evening to a close. We as always appreciate this opportunity to be able to work with you. As you consider your DNA and how that as being the foundation has an effect on every other part of your life be open to ways in which you can create changes from a cellular structure all the way out to the rest of your reality; shifting your physical, your mental, your emotional, your spiritual and then anchor it all with the crystalline energies of your lightbody.

We are ever with you and within you.


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