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This is such a lovely and wonderful group! I feel like I have "come home" at long last ... I wish to share this tree article I wrote a number of years ago. It tells a little bit about my own awakening and the roles the Trees had to play ... the Tremendous Talking Trees ...




I had always considered myself a pretty "average" person. Average height and weight; average intelligence. All I ever really wanted in life was to earn an honest and decent living – to be able to take care of my family and friends. I never really considered myself "spiritual" either – but that was about to change. About six years ago I fell down the proverbial rabbit hole – it was on the day that I first "heard" the Trees speaking to me … .

My beloved mother had died of breast cancer several years prior. I had been devastated. There seemed to be no end to my grief. The pain was almost unbearable. Just when I thought I was over it, it all began anew. I was recovering from major knee surgery. I lived alone – well, just me and my cat. I had a lot of time on my hands and would just sit quietly on my couch waiting to heal. I really missed Mom. It had been almost nine years since she had passed away, but it felt just like yesterday. I began to "hear" her voice in my mind; to "feel" her presence. She told me that she loved me; that she was all right. I thought I needed therapy.

As I sat alone and stared out my window, I thought to myself that I must be crazy. Who would believe me that I was hearing ghosts? "We believe you", said the very large pine tree who stood right outside my sliding glass door. At first I was confused? Who’s speaking to me? Who’s there? Silence. No reply.

I bean to sob uncontrollably. I feared I had finally lost it. Lost control. Lost myself. "We are here for you. We love you as well," comforted the Mighty Pine Tree. I gazed in awe at the tree. "It’s you! YOU are talking to me, Mr. Tree?" I don’t know how I knew but he smiled at me. He answered very simply, "Yes. You can hear me now as well."

I admit that I had some real difficulty trying to integrate these experiences. Hearing "spirits" I could almost handle, but plants? Now, don’t misunderstand me. I had always enjoyed the trees and plants. However, I was in no way a strong "nature advocate", either. I couldn’t deny what was happening, though. Well, I tried to deny it – to ignore it, but day after day, my new Friend would send me his loving thoughts and energy.

I asked him if he had a name. I didn’t receive any clear answer so I named him. Johannes seemed like a good choice. After I had fully recovered from my surgery I spent some time outside with Johannes and two other tall pines that were right next to him. The other two trees started to "speak" to me as well. I named them Susanne and Alfred respectively. Don’t know why – one seemed more "feminine" and one more "masculine."

As I was taking out the trash one sunny day, I made a few more new friends. Again, they were large pine trees. These trees stood out back behind my condo. They chose a different topic of conversation, though. "We know who you are," they stated very simply to me. I stopped in my tracks. "You are Amoran," they prodded further. I was shocked. I thought my Mom had been telling me the same name – Amoran. She seemed to say that was my true name – my Spirit Name. My Soul Name. Not Frank – Amoran. Wanting to seize the moment, I asked the trees, "How do you know that name?" No answer. I decided upon a different approach. "What is my connection to you?" This seemed to strike a chord with them. They replied, "There are many." I could quickly tell that somehow the specific questions were just as important as the specific answers. Not every question evoked an answer – or, maybe I just couldn’t understand all of the replies. We were somehow learning – or, maybe remembering, how to best communicate telepathically with each other.

Hoping to keep the momentum of the conversation going, I asked for confirmation: "You stated that there are many connections between us?" Their answer was simply, "Yes." Becoming a little bit impatient, I asked again, "Well, what are these connections, then?" The answer a second time: "There are many." Changing tactics a little, I re-asked, "Well, then let us begin with just one – what is one connection we have?"

Finally, a meaningful response: "You are one who cares about us." I was more than a little surprised at this answer. I admitted to them that I had always liked the trees and plants but that I had done little in this life on their behalf. At some deep, deep level, though, what they said to me sounded familiar. Before I realized it, I was again prodding for more information. "Why now? Why are you telling me this now?" They were not nearly as flustered as I was. Their response was kind, gentle and even in tone: "It is time. It is time for you to remember."


As the weeks and months passed, I became more adept at my communication with my New Friends. More and more trees began making connections. Oaks, maples, birches, apple trees – I began to hear them all. Then smaller plants chimed in with their own voices as well. Even the flowers decided to join the chorus. Since that day six years ago, I have met many other people who also feel, or sense, a very strong connection to nature – and to the trees and plants specifically. There is no doubt in my mind that the Trees and Plants are all aware, intelligent and sentient beings – creatures with emotions, thoughts, and souls just like you and me. Not long ago they gave me a message that I think is appropriate to pass along here. The conversation went like this:

During my drive home from a very difficult day at work, I remarked to the Trees, "If only mankind were more like the trees - so honest, honorable and respectful." During a sudden flash of intuition, I then lovingly challenged my Friends, the Trees, with the following question: "What would you have done differently, or what would you like to change as it relates to your position vis-à-vis mankind? Give me the three most important things."


It didn't take them long to respond, and, although I had told them they could think about it overnight, they had given me the following three things before I completed my drive home:


1. Communication

2. Relationship

3. Influence

I found their answers not at all surprising, but very wise and telling, indeed. Their bottom line appears to be that they would love to see their relative position to mankind change in these three areas - established, intelligent communication with humans; a more even, fair and two way relationship with more influence into the decisions that impact the evolution of this world.


During my drive to work the following morning, I pressed them a little bit more on "specifics" vs. just "theoretical":


What type of communication? When? With whom? Everyone or just select individuals? Which select individuals? What type of relationship did they envision? How would it be created, maintained, nurtured? How much influence? Equal influence?


They seemed to understand where I was going with all of this and they politely answered: "Difficult questions, indeed!"


Yes, difficult questions with equally difficult answers. It’s a start, though. A very important beginning. Indeed. Maybe it’s just what we need.




Tree Blessings to All,





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Blessings to you, brother!

I hear you...I also have a great connection with the trees. One day hopefully we will all be able to hear them and connect. Thanks for sharing your story!!!

Clarice. :))

Hello Clarice!


My heart sings with joy at your words! Blessings of Gratitude and Thanksgiving to you!


Yes, I believe the day will come soon when the voices of the Trees shall be shared among us all - what a moment that shall be! It shall most certainly shift much of our way of being and our connection to all of Nature.





Hello Pam!


Thank you for your kind words and for your sharing. I truly do believe that the day will come in the not so distant future when many, many others will find and re-establish their lost connection to Nature. It promises to be a joyous time for all!


I believe that you are absolutely correct about your hedges. If you send them love and gratitude and explain to them that you will be giving them a trim, to please prepare themselves appropriately, and that in the end, the "hair cut" can help them grow even stronger and more beautiful, I think they will be just fine.


I encounter a similar siutation when I prune my plants.  As I perfrom my pruning I send them my love and gratitude and explain to them that I am doing it out of love for them and for their health. They seem pretty happy about it and I have found that the plants then do grow even stronger and more vibrant.


Blessings to you, Dear One,



Hello Dear Friend,


This situation is one I have also encountered. I live in a condo and have had to watch as several of my beloved friends were cut down or removed. It was very traumatizing for me.


I have spoken to other trees about this and they have reminded me that they, too, consicously choose their "lifetimes" and which bodies they will inhabit. They enter this realm with full awareness of who and what they are (unlike humans). They know of the "dangers" and "risks" that potentially await them here - from forest fires, to power lines to a chain saw. They lovingly, consciously and willingly give of themselves for us - so that we may eat their fruit, use their wood for our homes and to keep us warm.


So, in my humble opinion, trees and plants come into this existence with us with "eyes wide open" ... I believe that it is really the "energy" of the situation that makes all of the difference. If you lovingly prune a tree that is different than just hacking away with no care. If you lovingly explain to a tree or bush and prepare them for the fact that they need to be removed for such and such a reason that is different than just "attacking" the being.


In cases where trees/plants have had foreknowledge of their removal, I have witnessed them "leaving" prior with their energy ... they are able to "exit" and to even "walk in" to other areas where they no longer experience such tremendous physical pain and trauma.


In this case it is difficult since it is out of your control. If it were me, I would be very honest with your bushes and explain the situation. Give them fair warning so that they may prepare. Our plant and tree brothers are strong, resilient and very creative!


I would also express my love and gratitude to them for being there with you - for sharing their life with you in this way. Let them know that you will be together again and that they have had such a positive influence and impact on your life.


Gratitude. Thanksgiving. Kindness. Respect. Love.


It will make all the difference!


Blessings to you,



Shalom Amoran,

 I am Queen. I love your experience with my friends. I too hear them speak. fifteen years ago I and two friends were at the river for lunch. As  we were talking I heard someone call my name. Our picnic bench was  on the bank of the river and the only thing in the area behind my friend was this huge  old oak tree and behind it the drop off into the river.  No human was there.  He called my name again.  I  told my friends that tree keeps calling my name. They said nothing but this horrid look came across their faces. I answered, I hear you. The tree said I need your help. Come here. Again I told my friends what the tree said.  I got up and walked over to the tree.  I asked how can I help you. He said I'm in pain.  Take the wire off.  I looked. I had not seen the wire at first.  There was wire around the trunk. It had grown into the bark. Again I told my friends that the tree asked me to remove the wire he was in pain.  I tried to pull the wire out with my hands. I couldnt get it loose.  I turned to my friends and asked if they might have any wire cutters in their car. Needless to say they were ready to go home. NOW!  I Promised the tree I would come back the next day with the cutters and take the wire out. Suddenly other trees began to call my name. Queen come here. We know you.  I kept my promise the next day, Since then They speak to me whereever I go. They help me with the pain I have also in my body. I ask and they take it away. Namaste!    

Oh my - sooo good to hear this, Queen Ottawa! I would love to learn more - I feel that you have developped a beautiful way of communication, just as Amoran, and you are now fully connected to your environment, right?


Thank you for sharing your experience of awakening!


This one here is for you:



Seeding Love and Light and true EMPOWERMENT - that is what we have come for :-)


Sonja Myriel

Hello Queen!


Many, many thanks for sharing your story here among us. Yes, this is an experience I know all too well! Over the years I have given my assistance to several plants and trees who have requested it.


So wonderful and joyous to know that you, too, are there for them in this way. I, too, have received assitance from our Tree Brothers as it relates to my own physical health and healing. It truly becomes an exchange of intense, healing, loving energy - from them to us and from us to them.


I rejoice in meeting you here, Dear Friend of the Trees!





Hi Amoran,

OK, I had to read at least one entry :-) Lo and behold I had seen this one and loved it even before we connected :-)

I love the pines, they have such a calming effect , at least for me. I have two very large ones - among many younger ones- that are most likely 60-70 years old. They are the Sentinels and watch over our whole yard.

I enjoyed this entry. Thank you for sharing it.


Hello Amy!

Thanks so much for stopping by again to share. Yes, the Trees are very much "Guardians" in my experience as well. Especially the pines ... I have witnessed them as mighty "Transmitters" ... or "Command and Control" Beacons that help coordinate and manage messages and communications among, within, and between the Group Mind of the Tree Consciousness.





What a wonderful way to start communicating with the trees. This, and the comments that followed reminded me of a story as well.

My wife and I were looking at property and one of them was 36 acres that had been mostly cleared. We walked the grounds and really had to be careful where we stepped because there were so many branches and smaller downed trees all over the ground. It had been a few years since some developer had clear cut with the intention of building a residential neighborhood.

As we walked, I opened myself to feel the land around me and get a sense of the energy. What I got as an empathy was great pain and sadness. The branches and downed trees now appeared as bones strewn about carelessly and without respect. I felt I was walking in an open graveyard. I started talking to them and I felt the collective of trees and animals become hopeful that someone actually cared. They wanted me to commit to repairing the land and to heal the wrong that had been committed. I had to tell them that I couldn't make that commitment because I didn't know if I could even purchase the property. I told them that if I purchased it, I would do everything I could to repair and create an beautiful, peaceful and loving space.

I felt bad that I couldn't just fix it for them, but I can still hold them in loving embrace even today. If it's still for sale in the future, maybe I'll be able to help in more tangible ways.

Thank you for sharing how a wonderful relationship can blossom in unexpected ways. Sorry about your mom too...


Bless you, Dear Brother Everian, for coming here to this place to be with us as well.


Deep Gratitude for your Presence and Your Sharing. May we all assist each other in whatever way we can - it is always a Blessing, always.







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