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Hello Dear Friends!

Thank you all for your interest in Dragons, Serpents, Trees, Crystals and the like. I would like to share with you the “next part” of the story of the Dragon and the Pearl (the “Sphere”).  For those who are interested, Part I of the story can be found here:

For starters, a bit of background:

  1. Within the last two years I began “seeing” Dragon and Serpent Spirits. I was a bit surprised! I mean, I had been talking to Trees for many years and they were very peaceful and comforting. Weren’t  Dragons and Snakes supposed to be “scary”? Much to my continued surprise, I found the Dragons to be a very wise, comforting, strong, mighty and ancient energy. I saw many different types of Dragons – purple dragons, white dragons, dragons laced with gold, dragons with different wing configurations. I was also astonished to find out that the “Kundalini Energy” is often described as the energy of the SERPENT!!
  2. One day, a group of serpent beings appeared to me. They looked like dark black cobra beings … long, hooded snakes … they told me they were the “Manatee Beings”. They do not look like, nor are they related to the marine “manatees” of Earth … that is solely how they identified themselves.
  3. For many years, I have been seeing  “geometric shapes” …. Cubes, spheres, triangles, pentagrams, cubes, tetrahedrons, octahedrons, deodecahedrons … all of the platonic solids! One of the first things the Trees did with me was to pump out all of these shapes in all sorts of crazy arrangements … I was rather astonished as I had no idea why I was seeing such things … geometry was NOT my strong suit in school!
  4. Then I began to hear references to “Sacred Geometry” and “Ley Lines” and “Planetary Grids”. Most recently, I read David Wilcock’s new book – The Source Field Investigations. I would highly recommend this to you, my friends. David talks about the “super consciousness” that surrounds us all and all living matter – including trees, rocks, planets, galaxies and even the Universe! I had a big “me too” moment when he began to describe the GEOMETRIC shaped energy fields that make up ALL matter – organic and inorganic – from the nucleus of atoms, to planetary bodies, to the orbits of planets around stars, to the configuration of entire solar systems, galaxies and entire Universes!! Cubes, Pentagrams, Spheres, Tetrahedrons, Octahedrons, Deodecahedrons, and the like. David makes a very factual and persuasive discussion based upon SCIENTIFIC observations that these geometric energy patterns create energy vortices that affect our consciousness and spiritual/physical evolution. This is NOT “woo-woo” science … he cites many references to proven scientific FACT made by many human scientists which have gone ignored in mainstream society. Read the  book and find out for yourselves, Dear Friends!

And, now to my own story of Dragons, Shapes, and Hammers (remember Thor’s Hammer??):



Two years ago (2009), a group of Manatee Serpent Beings come to me. I am a bit “frightened” but they tell me not to be afraid.  Suddenly, I am holding a diamond –shaped octahedron in my hand (two square-based pyramids fused at their bases). I am told this is a “Key”, called the “Gateway Crystal”, and to please watch. I am also shown the stump of a very ancient Tree … a HUGE round tree stump that is almost like an altar and this is what I see:

The Angelic Manatee Beings are swarming around the great round Tree stump
which has become the Holy Table. Their serpent shapes swim and glide through
the air. They are busily at work. The Gateway Crystal, the Great Key, stands
in the very middle of the Table, gently supported and surrounded by a myriad
of other, white crystals - The Cradle.

The Cradle sits in the middle of a much larger circle of white crystals
which the Manatee pluck and place at a furious pace with exacting precision.
They have long, thin arms with even longer and thinner fingers which can
protrude from their snake-shaped body for moments at a time ... To perform
such work ... They are tireless at Their Task.

The Gateway Crystal is glowing now - emitting its own intense, violet light
energy. It sweeps the area as energy grids are being placed and vector
arrays penetrate the field. The other white crystals which circle the table
slowly start to glow in various color combinations ....

The Cradle is in its infancy. But the Cradle is now active.


More recently, from within the past six months (2011):

The Pentagram and Ancient Protocols

It is appropriate for me to mention that for the last 2-3 years I have been seeing a vivid image of a Pentagram. Each corner of the Pentagram glows brightly – as does the exact center of the Pentagram. I have been shown that these glowing “dots” of the Pentagram represent very ancient “protocols”. At certain times I will be shown that each dot will “open” and release coded “instructions”.

I will then see many beings – including the Dragons, the Manatee Serpents, and the Trees – “snatch up” these “instructions” and they will all begin to enact different energetic “operations” and “manifestations.”


I can not clearly see what they are really “doing”. I just know that we continue to be guided in a very loving way with ancient and sacred knowledge.

Also, I was absolutely THRILLED to read recently that the Pentagram is a symbol of the Sacred and Divine Feminine – of the Goddess Energy that nurtures and creates; that protects and cherishes.

The Crystal City and the Pentagram Gate

I have also been corresponding with a second, Dear Friend recently – during this same timeframe. I made brief mention to her also very briefly of a “Pentagram”. A few days later she sent me an email about a most beautiful and moving vision she had had. In part, here is her message to me:

August 15, 2011

Tonight I wish to share with you an experience I had today as I sat by the river to meditate as I so often do.

I was taken on a 'journey of no return', or so I was told, a journey worthy of my attention in every way. I was taken to a place of being able to co-create a reality of co-creation of the highest order in a world which was just being birthed that instant. I was taken to this new world unexpectedly, unaware of what I was to explore there.

As I arrived I was greeted by a most magnificent being of light of such magnitude. His light was so bright,  he emanated the most unassuming yet glorious manifestation of the purest of purest of energies of co-creation of the highest order in every way. He was veiled from me that I may allow myself to uncover more of him as I co-create anew. He was veiled in a way that left me totally unaware of that which was to be accomplished and how.

 He then took me to an open valley where he instructed me to co-create anything I wished to co-create there. That is when I felt a little inadequate in my abilities to bless this new world with my co-creation. However, upon further reflection, a myriad of beautiful, clear and pure crystal beings appeared throughout the valley to allow themselves to be sculpted into anything I wished to create.

 My thoughts went to a 'city of light' but perhaps that was a bit too premature for me LOL.  I opted to co-create a Temple of Co-creation of the Highest Order and as my thoughts molded this Temple of magnificent light, I reveled in the opportunity that was presented to me to help birth this new world …

This magnificent Temple took on the shape of a most beautiful Community Temple which allowed access to many who would come to enjoy it from many directions as I specifically co-created the access points in the form of a 'Pentagram'.

The Temple itself glowed in the most glorious light of opalescence and the mother of pearl essence flowed through it like a breeze. Its two-tiered structure allowed those who wished to partake of the activities of the chambers of the upper level to view a magnificent fountain of light in the center of the ground level, a fountain of utter beauty as it reflected unto all a sense that they were a part of this fountain, for there was already much activity in this Temple.

 The grounds were of extreme proportions in that they allowed for a most symmetrical yet unique entry into the Temple surrounded by water which flowed into streams in the gardens that also surround it. The beauty was breathtaking.

 The five access paths leading to the temple were lined with crystal trellis-like threads of light woven intricately and forming archways to accommodate climbing vines of silver and gold crystal light.

 The gardens contained a large variety of plants and flowers of violet and white, aquamarine, blues and other hues that are pleasing to the eye.

 The outer top portion of the Temple culminated into what I believe is a cone-shaped receptor of higher energies designed to allow for the manifestation of co-creation of the highest order within the Temple.

 The beauty of this is that this Temple exists now in a new world which was designed to allow for the manifestation of only the purest of purest of co-creations …

I wish to share with you that tonight, here, is a 'Rainbow' night.



My Own Vision and Reply to My Friend:

August 16, 2011

Beloved One!

 I now have something to share with you .... I have returned again in Great Presence to my Human Earthly Body .... The Joy of My Soul is Boundless to the Ends of Eternity ... for through your vision a Sacred Protocol of the Hidden Pentagram has now been activated ...   


- Here is the "current update""

 I ride on top of Elderon - the Soul of our Universe - he has once again become the Mighty Purple Dragon - he achieves speeds of mind-boggling intensity ... He knows where he is GOING!!! I hug his neck closely as he pumps his mighty wings ... I feel every vibration of his massive body ... with every wing stroke he gains speed ... his urgency is unmatched ....

 The Legions of the 300 - the Legions of Source - fly in perfect formation above and below Him ... they struggle to keep up but they do not comment ... for, they are Proud beings and they are CONFIDENT!!


There is a murmur among the ranks ... I hear it and I tease Elderon: "Do you know where we are going ... in such urgency?"

 He has NO TIME for my questions ... he simply nods his head to the left ... and we all look ... and we see it for the FIRST TIME ... it is the CRYSTAL CITY OF THE PENTAGRAM GATEWAY .... Elderon barks orders now for he has sighted the Target ... and all Forces of Source Creation now CONVERGE ....

 Elderon "crashes" through the sun-dome portal on the very top .... it has allowed his entrance ... the five gateways spark to life as the legions rush in .... they swarm now into the streams of the Cone-Shaped dome and fly the circumference parameters of the Flower Bud .... up and down, around and around ... in endless glory ... they become the Purple Light of the Dome itself ... they "blur" into the background ....

And there is rejoicing and relief ...

Another vital artery re-established; another vital connection is now alive.

 Gaia Terra Shan holds us all close now ... as we joyfully, and with confidence, take this next step.

 For - these next steps are of the Pentagram - the Pentagram of Hidden Protocols and Sacred Intervention.

Shortly thereafter occurred the feast at the pond described I Part I. This all occured during the rainbow meditation which Sonja so fearlessly and beautifully orchestrated in late August and invited me to join with.

Now fast forward a few months later to October 2011 …

October 8, 2011

Today is 10-8. I wish to write of a few things that happened on 10-4 and 10-6.


Put together in chronological sequence I find this to be a very pleasing number! A number of the Dragons ….

10-4 The “Recorders”

On Tuesday, October 4, I was just sitting in my living room after work. It was evening time. Dusk had set in. I first hear the Trees state an “alert”:

“There is Presence here now among us … Energy signatures have been identified and authenticated. We have allowed Access.”


Such a “formal” announcement had not happened for quite a while. I checked my own heart center and I, too, felt no threat … only anticipation.

Suddenly, there were several “beings” in my living room – hovering overhead. I could only see two of them. A disembodied voice said very unemotionally:

“The Recorders are now present and request permission to take up station.”

While I could not see the voice speaking I could, however, see the “Recorders” who were asking to “set up station.” They had Roswell alien like heads – bulbous ovals with big oval dark eyes … but they were very tall and thin – maybe 8 feet tall or so. They wore very bright violet robes that glowed … their limbs were pencil thin with long, thin, slender fingers …

I somehow found their appearance “curious” but knew that they were friend.

“It is fine,” I said. “Where shall they take station?”

Without a word the two thin alien, energetic beings floated down to my couch and sat, side by side as a long, complicated “keyboard” appeared in front of them … they both began to type furiously … to take record …

10-6 The Dragon’s Dagger

Well, this went on for a few days. They didn’t seem to mind when I watched football or had a cocktail … or smoked a cigarette … or when my cats jumped all over. They are energy beings after all, I guessed, and they don’t really take up the same “physical space” …

Of course I had taken note of their presence and wondered about it – about timing and all. This type of thing has happened to me before … albeit not quite like this, though. I know enough now, to know now, that although I don’t understand the individual steps … eventually I will understand the larger path.

Thursday evening was uneventful. Just some quiet time at home while Heppy is away.

Suddenly – another alert – not from the Trees but from some other unknown source:

“We are NOW Ready!”

A chill goes through my body and I have goose bumps as I stand at my sink … then I am no longer standing at my sink …. I am standing in front of a console – pentagram shaped … I see the lighted points where each side intersects …. I reach down and I “pick up” one lighted point on the pentagram …

I am holding a purple, diamond shaped crystal (an octahedron). The diamond is formed by two square-based pyramids that are joined precisely at and by their square bases.


I hold this crystal out in front of me … and I see hundreds of ancient symbols – characters of some unknown language – begin to stream in front of my eyes. I then watch as the characters begin to sequence themselves …

I then hear another voice say:

“Sequencing Protocol is now Active!”

I watch, quite inquisitive, as I see hundreds then thousands of symbols fall into a stream of information … and then I hear,

“Sequencing Protocols are now complete. Countdown has begun!!!!”

Countdown? What Countdown, I wonder?

Then I see them – the Reptilian “Energy Hammers” – the log-like rolls of energy suspended from a triangular trapezoid-shaped huge battering rams … vines of brilliant energy encircle each and every “hammer log” … [now the connection has finally been made to the Hammer of Thor!]

There are TRILLIONS of these hammers! I then flash to the same vision of the “Cube-Shaped” Multi-Verse I was shown during the Rainbow Meditation. It is a living, breathing, sentient Being with Gaia at it’s heart center … the Cube-Frame holds all universal systems together in a tight geometric shape

I then see that these Trillion Hammers are now positioned by the Dragons at every “nerve junction portal” of the cubed multi-verse – at all of the “joints” if you will.

With a gasp, I am shown a vision of it before it actually “happens” … upon ZERO countdown all hammers FLASH simultaneously – perfectly synchronized within absolute vibrations of Source Energy – the type of energy that the timelines and fibers of our multi-dimensional existence are comprised of ….

In my living room the “Recorders” now shed their skin – like snakes emerging from old flesh I see now two magnificent, purple colored dragons! They laugh as they know their “ruse” has been imperfect … but it has been “perfect enough” ….

Then, I receive a vision of the other Serpents and the Dragons – everywhere they form circles and they begin a frantic, frenzied, and I mean FRENZIED dance!

They shoot straight up together, then halt suddenly; then they spread their purple wings into a “cross-like” position, they point their heads straight up shooting intense flames skyward, and thrust their tails straight down … and they WIGGLE their bodies frantically and forcefully … and then it happens …


I see a brilliant flash of light … then an even larger, second flash! There is NO sound, however, where my mind thinks there should be a deafening ROAR!!


And then, I see it – the cube framework is shattered … and now appears, instead, a brilliant, violent SPHERE! The multi-verse has birthed itself back into a perfectly balanced spheroid … .


During the Flash-Point of the Dagger Strike, I am standing in front of my sliding glass door with arms spread wide and tears streaming down my face … and I look to the sky and this is what I see:



 A Serpent shaped violet- pink cloud!!!                      


The Dragon Soul of this Universe, Elderon, comes to me now smoothly and with mighty Honor and Grace – he hands me a sacred Kris – a sacred serpent knife to me and says:


“You have now truly witnessed the Dagger of the Dragon. We are Blessed with UNLIMITED SOURCE RESOURCE. We need only ask for that which is Required.”

I go to my wall where a sacred Kris dagger hangs … and I take it in my hand. And, I know this is the dagger that the Knight I have been seing has been using to “prick” the nerve points of a holographic image (the Multi-Verse).

A majestic and sacred symbol of the Dagger of the Dragon – that energy which binds, guards, transforms and trans-shapes the very fabric of Time, Dimension and Existence Itself! I am brought to tears …

The Multi-Verse spins happily now … safe and secure within its preferred “home” geometric SPHERICAL shape.

Guarded forever and always by the Dragons – and their Dagger.

And, now, to you, My Friends, I hand you the Dagger of the Dragon – unlimited resource is for us to use in this cause of the One – the Cause of All For the One.




This precious and sacred spiritual tool should now join with the Hammers of Thor in your possession. Together, we may just have all we need to move forward ….

I am Blessed to remain, your Brother, Amoran, forever and always.



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Beautiful..........I have no words either! The Pentagram ....I found that to be truly amazing-starting to understand more of the energies of it. You are very blessed ....please continue anymore of what happens!

Thank You for sharing!

Love and Light,




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We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


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