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Watching my daughter's school (performing arts school) production today, was AMAZING! Shakespeare's 'A Comedy of Errors' meets Bollywood~musical. They knocked my socks off!

Throughout the first act (I felt almost in a trance), conjured a spiritual experience. Ideas were flying and flowing about these concepts: the use and allowing of space~timing and physical spacial awareness, the movements and stillness placings and the varying resonances (especially of one actor). It was an exercise of quantum mechanics/physics and creativity that source (itself) was speaking through/to... Spectacular and beyond words. I began thinking of returning to school to get another degree~education/theater, that I could use these 'knowings~learnings' to share this... WoW!

Thank you Mrs. Ogden, director extraordinaire (@ Houston's High School for Performing and Visual Arts) and the magnificent cast, crew and support team... So grateful, am I, that thes magnificently talented, unique children have you all...

All true teachers and supporting staff, around the world, are such heroes, to me.

I even considered, returning to school to apply all of this, for sharing with our, infinitely illuminating, new generations.

Well, afterwards, my daughter's best friend, another amazingly splendid, light-filled young lady (beyond words) asked if I would work with her on some of her monologue work, for upcoming college auditions.

This is...this life...this dreaming~creating~seeing and Being... It was awesome to see 'teaching', through my spirit's my mind, trying to organize and intellectualize it...then watch again...being co-created/manifesting, With spirit and another blessed being. Reminding to leave 'space'...allowing the universe to flow with/through us, often takes care of the details. :-)


Love and Light Joy Blessings EvEryONE~ :-)


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Ah - yes! Here we have the child at play - artistic expression - beautiful!


Thank you for sharing, dear AyAnna :-)




Sonja Myriel



THANK YOU, so much SOnja~~~~


Thanks for the 'child at play'...  It led me to change the title...something a little more deserving ;-).


WoW...I am still revelling in this awesome computer miracle and the timing, with this about living...learning about the gifts of acceptance and flow...AWESOME~WONDERFUL~Heart Love~Technology, us, life, LOVE~ALL, Harmoniously Beautiful  :-)))




Blessings and a hug :-)



Blessings and a hug :-)

Lovely to hear about the amazing experience you both had!Very Beautiful!Seeing our children doing something so beautiful is an experience a mother can hardly describe isn't it;)Your heart fills with love and admiration of their beautiful soul!




Mother to Mother   :-)


Thank you ANG~


Loving you Sister~  :-)




Thank you Monika~ How Beautiful, your words are~Thank you~Blessings~Loving~Light~Namaste~

Love AyAnna


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It is with great gratitude and appreciation that I am standing before you as one of the Golden Dolphins as well. Today is the day that we are, as Golden Dolphins, to embrace the wholeness of who we are, and having done that to have the courage to declare the Divinity of who we are in its wholeness, because the new era of the Golden Dolphin is safe. That is the message of the Hathors: gratitude, appreciation, wholeness and for you to know that it is safe to declare the wholeness of who you are and your Divinity. I will speak those words in a moment, but first I need to stand before you in my wholeness and to declare to you my Divinity, not in the written word, but in the spoken word in clarity, in crystalline clear clarity.

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