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I was sitting quietly in my healing room with my good friend Sherry. I have been assisting  her raise her vibration with the help of my guides. We have shared so much together, and I have been watching her grow in her abilities. She is now able to take others on meditative journeys with the help of her own guides, which she channels. Sherry was here today to take me on a meditative journey.

We sat comfortably concentrating on our breathing, eyes closed and very relaxed. As I moved into a meditative state the image of a burial chamber slowly appeared. I recognized this,  I had seen this same room before. It was in a meditation just a few weeks prior that I had found myself viewing these very walls. I had ventured deep within a pyramid, following my intuition and inner guidance. The room was dimly lit with the flicker of a burning torch. Stale air filled my nostrils and the cool air was giving me goose bumps. I held the torch front of me as I moved about the room trying to read the glyphs on the wall. As I surveyed my surroundings, I had noticed a tomb in the centre of the room. This too had the same writings covering all four sides. I was guided to open the tomb, sliding the huge stone which I thought to be far to heavy with ease. I found myself gazing at an amazing sarcophagus. The gold glistened in the flickering torchlight, and as I studied the face before me I felt  I was being told to reach in and touch the shoulders. As I stretched forward to touch the sarcophagus there was a shrill ringing, the phone rang it startled me and the image disappeared instantly.

Now today I found myself back in a very similar room, dimly lit, this time the smell of incense floating around me. I sensed that I was back inside the pyramid, but this room felt much larger. The guide who had come through Sherry then asked me "do you know where you are?" I replied "I think it's the throne room in the pyramid, there is a huge chair very ornate with a straight back." Before me was a huge golden chair, the arms and supports of the chair were in fact carved cobras raised in the striking position. The back of the chair seemed to be images peacock feathers spread in display. The rest of the room was dark as I stood with my torch admiring what was before me. My guide then asked "What do you see when you look up?" I replied "A small pinprick of light, it is very dark even with my torch." My guide then asked "can you see who is with you?" I gazed around me and saw him "he is very, very tall towering above me, he is on my left." The tall being seemed to be crystalline as I could see through him. He had a beautiful blue glowing aura and filament like energy field behind him that could be mistaken for wings. I then told my guide "There is a priestess on my right, showing  me to use the torch to light a reservoir to illuminate the room"  The lovely Egyptian looking priestess handed me the torch and I extended my arm towards the liquid "oh my!"

Galactic Activation by visionary artist Deb Graves

Galactic Activation by visionary artist Deb Graves

The room was now brighter with dancing flames all around. My guide asked "what colour is the flame?" As I stood taking in what I could see I realized that the flame was blue, a beautiful clear, clean blue like the colour of the sky. It was still not bright enough to see clearly everything around me. My guide has sensed this and said "ask them to open the top to let more light in." I had turned to speak to the tall being beside me, but this was not necessary as he knew what I was about to say. A large capstone seemed to float off the top of what was now clearly a pyramid. The room was awash in the most amazing violet light, this was not what I had been expecting. I could feel the violet rays flooding over me.  My guide then asked "where is the blue flame?" I looked around and the tall being now behind to the left me held the torch "I want you to ask him to pass it back to you now." I turned and as I did he held the flame towards me and I found myself engulfed in the blue flame. My guide then spoke "Perfect. I want you to tell me how it feels inside this flame with this violet light shining down on you." I replied "I am trembling my whole body is vibrating, it almost feels like I am underwater, the flame is not hot it is cool."  I stood in wonder of this beautiful sight. Once again my guide spoke "I want you to reach out and touch everything and tell me what it feels like." To my surprise it was indeed water, not too hot and not too cold, perfect. She then told me to drink some of this water and feel it splashing inside of me. I felt so alive it was as if my whole body was igniting. She then said "Can you sense it pouring out of you in all directions?" The water flowed around and through me, I felt like I was underwater yet I could still breath freely. She continued "keep drinking, letting pour out of you. Now what is the violet light doing is it surrounding you?" The violet light was now getting brighter,  I closed my eyes and asked the light what it was doing and why it was there. I sensed that it was protecting something. It was protecting the purity of the water. I reached out and touched the violet light, it felt warm and inviting. At this time tears started to well up in my eyes I felt so peaceful and protected.

As I sat with the tears flowing freely my guide then brought my attention to what was below me. She said "I want you to notice another colour coming up from below, what colour is it?" I looked beneath me and there was a wondrous magenta glow rising up and around the violet light. It felt so warm and such a glorious colour, once again she asked me to reach out and touch the new light. As my fingers touched the encasing magenta rays they started to come up my arm. My guide asked me a series of questions about the magenta ray. Which arm is it coming in? Why is it doing that what is the purpose of it doing that? I stood with my left arm extended, the magenta ray moved quickly up towards my centre. It felt like it was clearing and healing. It too felt like liquid, I felt safe and protected as if I were in a cocoon or inside a womb surrounded by Mother.

My guide spoke once again "Can you see past the magenta, what is there?" I studied the swirling rainbow colours before me. As I focused I could see a mirror like substance on the outside of what now seemed to be a bubble. The word mercury came to me which I shared with my guide. She then said "I want you to envision this bubble getting larger and that feeling getting larger in all directions, tell me how you feel as it grows." I could now see tiny web like filaments reaching out in all directions. I felt so peaceful as I floated around, I sensed that I was sending and receiving messages and that I was connected to all. This felt so natural to me, as if this is as it should be and has always been. Once again the tears started to flow I marveled at this amazing feeling of being one with everything. My guide then quietly said "so are you going to allow this to be?" to which I replied sobbing "oh yes" I could now feel her embrace me as she said "perfect."

The next part of my journey was about to start, I had wiped away the tears and gathered my thoughts to continue on. My guide asked me "Now it it dark in there or is it bright?" I looked around me everything was sparkling. I seemed to be inside a huge diamond! The pinprick of light now was below me. I had burst free of the pyramid. My guide then asked "Do you know where you are?" I replied without hesitation "Shambhala" and burst once again into tears. I had never seen so much light, I felt like I was radiating. My guide then asked "what is all around you outside of the temple?" As I gazed around me all I could see were crystals, crystals of every colour imaginable and not imaginable. Around then was a thick mist of brilliant colours and rainbows. She now asked "Do you know what those crystals are?" I now sensed that these crystals were in fact us! Each and every one a unique being. We were all existing where the air was so clean and clear and perfect.  I could hear water flowing like a waterfall. All the crystals were singing, it was a song of peace, joy and love.

The Crystal Grid by visionary artist Deb Graves

The Crystal Grid by visionary artist Deb Graves

It was then I realized that I could now see much further up into the heavens. Each of the planets were crystal as were the stars "we are one" was the message that came forth. My guide then spoke "Can you see that you are everywhere in all direction in all spaces with all beings?" I replied "oh yes, it feels as it should." Her next question was "So what do you have to do in order to keep this knowing, in order to carry forward with trust and complete faith?" I answered "love" to which she replied "love who?" I said "everyone and everything" She then asked "and who do you love first to expand this love?" I said "me, every last crystal point, and it feels wonderful."  I sat with a feeling of complete and utter joy and a knowing that all I had to do was to share this with others by shining brightly illuminating all.
My guide then spoke to me in a soft and loving tone "What do you have to do aside from love?" I answered "share" to which she said"There isn't just any one thing is there? There are many things, sending the light, sending the vibration, just being, just being."

I sat quietly assimilating all that I had seen, felt and heard. It was not until my guide asked me "Do you need to hide inside the temple, or do you need to expand beyond the temple?" that I realized that there were once again walls surrounding me. I told her "Wherever I go I send forth these vibrations of love and light. I need not stay inside the temple, but it is available." She then asked "What if you take the temple down. What if you just remove the walls of the temple so that you no longer hide how does that feel. Is there a need to hide or does it make sense to remove it and just be?" I now looked around me and said "I am protected, I am secure, I am one with the Universe". The temple walls started melting, liquid gold, silver, copper swirled around me. Suddenly they rushed towards me and now I felt them inside of my being. My guide then asked "Where is the throne that you once sat upon?" I started to laugh as I realized it was in my hand, it was now tiny and looked like a toy. I was studying the throne when my guide asked "What do you think you have to do with this throne?" I held it looseley in my right hand and said it needs to be sent somewhere" As I watched it began to melt, the gold spiraling down towards an opening below me "it is going back to mother, back into the Earth." At that moment the entire melted temple started to pour from me joining the chair in the opening below. I described to my guide that it was like grains of sand flowing through an hour glass. She spoke with a sparkling laughter "perfect timing."

Bringing my attention once again to my breath I was not sure why but I was feeing uneasy. My guide must have sensed this as she asked "How do you feel now?" I sat shaking "  I release all fear , I release all fear" where was this coming from why did I suddenly feel this way?.  My guide asked "why are you feeling frightened?" I composed myself and concentrated "I am feeling very exposed."  She told me to go back into my centre, I want you to see all the colour swirling around. She then said "I want you to reach out and touch it, how does it feel in there?" I relaxed as I felt the warm and welcoming glow surrounding me "I feel safe" She told me to stand in there and hug it and allow it to hug and hold me. That this place where I stand right now is with me always. Everywhere I go all the time, because this is me, I am always, always in this space, I don't need walls. This is me. With a kind and understanding vice she asked  "what do you see outside you now?"  I glanced around me there was a beautiful rainbow, all the crystals were shining brightly, with the light and the mist the rainbow of colours were everywhere. My guide then asked me "How do you feel now. Does it feel safe? Do you feel exposed or connected?" I told her that I felt so connected a part of the whole. Her warmth then filled the room as she said "Anytime you feel frightened come back, embrace yourself.  Feel the colours, feel the comfort, feel the warmth. Accept yourself exactly as you are. Love your self exactly as you are. Look outside of yourself and see the crystals, you are not alone. You are surrounded by everything that you are, there is nothing to fear. This is the way it is meant to be, always. Every step you take, you take with this feeling inside and you expand upon it. You radiate it, and the more you walk with it, and embrace it, and accept it, the more you shine it on to those crystal lights. Thus allowing those crystals to get brighter and stronger. Together we all expand, with each step we take, with each moment that we take to sit in that very feeling and embrace it. This is the step that you must take with you everywhere you go. When you feeling as though you have stepped out, allow yourself time to sit  take a moment and step back in. Make it your intention to step back in, to be completley connected to the truth of who you are, which is everything.

The Sacred Rose by visionary artist Deb Graves/Araznu

The Sacred Rose

We sat resting, I say resting as I was sure there was more of my journey to come. I felt wonderful my whole body was vibrating and glowing. I had a new awareness to what I could sense and feel. My guide now gained my attention "As you look around is there anything else you see, a sign, a message, a symbol?" I was not sure what I was supposed to see, but out of the mist appeared a circular grid, I described this to my guide "I see a circular grid, a spiral, going clockwise, it does not end, it just keeps going all the way through to the centre." She asked me "Where does it want to go?" I looked into the spiraling grid in front of me, it seemed to go on forever. As I walked forward an archway of beautiful magenta roses appeared. The heavenly perfume from them was almost overwhelming, I had smelt these before they were like the damask roses that I had in my garden. I continued forward through the archway walking towards the rotating grid. I now felt like I was a part of it, it was getting warmer the further I ventured. Before me was a swirling grey mass I said to my guide "I don't like grey" She replied sweetly "That's ok don't judge it. Does it want you to go in a particular direction, or does it want to show you something?" I sensed that it wanted me to go with it. My guide then said "So can you do that, can you trust that this is for your highest and greatest good?"

Contact by visionary artist Deb Graves

Contact by visionary artist Deb Graves

I walked forward trusting completely. "Wow" I exclaimed as I felt myself moving a tremendous speed. My guide then asked me what I could feel. I felt like I was in a wormhole, I saw brilliant colours swirling around me. There was a bright light in front of me that I seemed to be moving towards. "Oh my!" an intense wave of wonderful loving emotions flooded through my body, tears ran down my face as I stood staring at the wonder before me. My guide softly asked "and what is it you see?" With a shaking and emotional voice I replied "I am in a most beautiful garden" more tears ran down my face as I realized where I was. I was in Heaven. My guide asked me a series of questions about this beautiful place. I then described what I saw, smelt and heard.

Reunion by visionary artist Deb Graves

Reunion by visionary artist Deb Graves

As I moved forward I seemed to be floating, as if walking on air, around me was a light mist which seemed to make everything glisten. I saw plants that I did not recognize, tall exotic looking trees with huge blossoms that came in glorious colours. I could hear birds singing, so many that I could not single out a particular bird. Then to my surprise a most beautiful white horse walked towards me, I took a step back as I realized it was in fact a unicorn. I laughed at this as it seemed almost too hard to believe. My guide then asked "Is there anyone here that you are supposed to talk to?"
I looked around and saw someone approaching me. I let out a gasp as I recognized who she was. N (name withheld) stood before me, arms outstretched waiting to embrace me "welcome to Eden my friend" she said in a joyous voice. I hugged her and sobbeduncontrollably, she whispered in my ear "you did it, you did it!" She comforted me telling me that everything was as it should be.

My guide then spoke "Take a piece of this with you everywhere you go. Show others this is the way to live. This is the way it was meant to be. The way to show it is by living it for yourself. Don't push it upon anyone, don't try force it. Don't try to understand it, just live it, every moment of every day. Live in this Garden of Eden, take it with you, take share it, and continue to grow with it. You know this is real. You can feel it. You can touch it right now because you are standing in it. Take a deep breath in, what does it smell like?" I took a deep breath. Once again I could smell the wonderful Damask roses. I could also smell the ocean, "mmm sea air."  The breeze was warm and the air clean clear and fresh. I stood basking in this taking everything in, I felt so alive and at peace in this place, I felt as I did as a child.
My guide must have sensed this as she then said " I want you to run, run and hold your arms out be a kid. Run, scream, sing, how does it feel? Do whatever your heart desires right now. Tell me how it feels." I started by laughing out loud and then said "well I am going up that tree, just like when I was a kid." I would sit in the top of the tree and watch the clouds going by for hours, noticing the images and messages that formed and faded as they rolled by. As I approached this tree in this beautiful place I felt her presence. I sensed the trees spirit. I walked forward and hugged her and to my surprised  her branches started to move to hug me back.  She then formed a cradle with her branches and held me. I felt completely safe, protected and loved.

The Elementals by visionary artist Deb Graves

The Elementals by visionary artist Deb Graves

I hugged and thanked the tree for all that she was. I turned and hugged "N" my soul sister who had been with me here in this Garden of Eden. My guide spoke softly "Always remember this feeling, the smell, the textures, the joy. Everything you can feel from the inside and out. Stand in it and breath it in, feel every sensation you can. Embrace it. Now take three breaths in, hold, three breaths out, hold.  I want you to look around, what do you look like now?"
I looked down at myself, I glistened, I could see through myself, I was crystalline! As my eyes drifted over the rest of my body I noticed what could be described as wings draped from my shoulders. The easiest way to describe what I looked like to others would to say that I looked like an angel.

Freedom by visionary artist Deb Graves

Freedom by visionary artist Deb Graves

The sweet voice of my guide floated towards me "Take one last look around you, and then I want go back through the tunnel that brought you here. I want you to remember that you are taking this with you and you are expanding it here in all directions. For the day will come that what you just experienced will be everywhere, always. This will be everywhere for everyone, every living thing in every direction, of the entire universe everywhere. So I want you to come back through. I want you to feel that it is coming with you. I want you to know that you are going to walk with it, radiating it through you in all directions. Sending it out to all those crystal lights that you know that are in all directions. This will be all around you at all times. When you see them and that sparkle in their eye, you know that as you smile with a nod you will give them a piece of Heaven. They will continue to expand with you and they will share it with each look and each smile upon their face.

Things are changing time is standing still, we are bringing heaven here everywhere at all times. There is nothing to fear. There is no place to hide. There is nothing to hide from. Heaven that is where we were all meant to be, at all times always, everywhere. Let go of the fear, allow yourself to grow and expand. Knowing that each expansion you allow for yourself,  that all the crystals around you expand with you. It keeps getting bigger and brighter, and more beautiful more brilliant. Each and every day you can stand in this space, at any given time, just allow, just allow yourself to be.
Take those feelings and allow them to be. Take those aromas and bask in them. Allow them to expand as you think of them. Others that are with you will notice and they will smell them with you. They will wonder where this is coming from. As you giggle inside you know you have brought heaven with you, and they can smell a piece of Heaven.

Enjoy the feeling of floating. It is ok and safe to float. Allow yourself to feel the warmth and safety no matter where you are. Allow yourself to climb a tree hug it, talk to it, and allow it to cradle you in its branches. Allow yourself to drink in the water. Allow it to cleanse you, feeling it charge you, feeling it pouring out in all directions from you.
Relax, don't try to force things. Don't put so much pressure on yourself to do things perfect. You already are perfect there is no need to do anything except breath and be exactly as you are."

I sat quietly feeling completely at one with everything around me.Then an amazing sensation of total peace and trust that I was being watched over and gently guided upon my journey. There was knowing that all would be provided for, as needed, with every step that I took on my rainbow path.

New Beginnings by visionary artist Deb Graves

New Beginnings by visionary artist Deb Graves.

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I'll print this out and read in peace and tranquility :-)

Thank you for sharing!



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