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Today I feel wonderful - like an entire new being. Lightgrid connection was easily flowing - and sooo quick! The picture of connecting to you, the dolphins and our star brothers and sisters came all at once and HEALING was flowing instantaneously to those I use to send healing to ... and for all this I am most grateful!


The weekend was just the contrary - well not exatly concerning our connection times - but generally speaking. I felt very very anxious on Saturday morning, like there was a lot going on but didn#t know what exactly it was ... in the evening Gerhard developped an awful headache which nearly drove him insane. Gladly I could help him until the pills which he had taken helped him as well ... and the next day the headache hit me. Not as intense as it had Gerhard, but enough to make me lie down and sleep for a while in the afternoon. In the evening I recovered - but felt as if I had drunk alcohol te previous night and was now recovering from that ... Today I have gained new ground - yes, I know now that our system has been rebooted and that we were trained to absorb high frequency energy. A training which micht serve us well in the coming times ... My question now is what was this weekend like for you? Did anyone else experience similar symptoms?


If so, please let me know - and if not - how was your weekend going?


Thank you for reading this - and eventually commenting :-)


Sonja Myriel

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Hi Sonja

Thanks for asking.

The weekend was very intense, I was working with a family with sensitive children, interesting the 2 year olds coped fine however the parents were very stressed, angry, frustrated, misunderstandings then truths coming out into the open, also some celebration, a birthday party, intensity. for me had to stay so present and focused just to be there. My body was aching from head to toe, at times I felt as if I would burst. All energies around me were going through me, have been transmuting negative energies for many years, never this intense before! I needed to have a  good cry, and release the energies from all my bodies, being in water gave relief. Had sleepless, restless night  Sunday, this has been happening over past 3 mths...woke crying, around 4am ..... had to release more. Noticed the meditation from Metatron on LightGrid, will do tonight before sleep and in the morning. Stretched to the Max....the Masters once told me you will feel like a rubber band being stretched to the maximum however they will not let us break....ahhhh....I must believe this!!!!!

At the same time, it is Ok: many things blocked before are flowing into place, or slotting into place, like pieces of a jigsaw.....a sense all is well despite being very uncomfortable, a new way is evolving. I have been gifted a flower/gem essence from the Masters, it is really helping to bring in and balance new feminine and masculine energies. If anyone wants to trail it, just ask me via ......a new experience of life is unfolding.


Together we are co-creating the new world,


Blessings for us all whatever part we each are playing,




P.S. The Sound Balance CD gifted through me last year is also helping to balance all my bodies, ask if you'd like to use it, can be sent via email.

Dear Kali Daniel, thank you for your reply! Your expreience matches mine pretty well - feeling like a rubber band being strethced to the max - LOL! I like this comaprison ... yes, my feelings can definitely be compared to this!


I have just come back now from a walk I took in nature ... first I noticed all the beauty around me, but then I became aware of the trash that was lying around as well ... and then I found a dead swan ... It gifted me with some of its feathers and I burried it. It was a sign for me that the time to actively work to protect our environment has come! I have also found the perfect stick with two hole on top of it to which I have attached the feathers and will add some crystals as well and make a beautiful stick which will always remind me of what I witnessed and saw today. The swan energy is part of me ... it came to me three years ago and now a new phase has begun. I feel that a task is waiting for me - and although I'm very insecure still as to whether I will be able to accomplish what is asked of me, I have decided to do whatever is in my power to do to help protect Mother Earth ... I saw trees that had been cut ... many ... the dead swan ... and all the litter. The next time I go for a walk I will take a plasctic bag with me!


I have also realized that somehow all this is connected to the Goddess Inanna. According to my deck of goddess cards, she represents the encounter with one's shadow - it is time for a journey to the underworld.


The weekend with its high energies has been preparing me for this - a new level of being which is calling for an encounter with my shadow. I have also noticed the waxing moon ... and this tells me that I am just at the beginning of it all.


May I ask, Kali, what you work? You say that you were working with this family? And you know how to transmute energies for others, right? This is something I am just learning ... maybe I did it before - but onyl unconsciously ... now that I write about it I see that I did it, indeed - even when I was very young ... but now the time has come to do this on a new level, or so it seems, for me.


I know the wonderful elixir of water ... yet, I still have troubles to freely cry. Somehow I have not yet found the key to let my tears flow freely ... you are blessed that you can do this so easily - or so it seems to me, that it comes naturally and easily to you. Maybe I will encounter something in the underworld that can help me with this, too ... some past experience which needs healing ... You think that your Sound Balance CD could help me? I will send you a mail, ok?


Thanks again for sharing your weekend's experience with me, Kali! It ahs triggered a lot now for me ...


Blessed BE, my dear,


Sonja Myriel



Hi Sonja,

Lovely to hear back from you, to know we are resonating in this experience and having our own understanding of it. 

I feel Spirit is connecting us for a reason and would love the opportunity to speak with you, somehow writing feels inadequate!

Feel free to email me and we can explore how best to connect more if you are guided to from within. 

I understand about the underworld and exploring our shadow, we all have one and in bringing it to the surface and transmuting it, we can 'reveal' how perfectly we were created and what has become our altered 'ego'.....the stories created in our minds to try to make sense of experiences that felt 'off' to our pure essence, especially when we were young children. 

I was asked to embody Goddess KALI to helps us heal the shadow side, Her compassion is extraordinary and with our permission She brings to the surface what has been hidden from us in our subconscious. With our permission, She cuts away the dross and transmutes each illusion as we are ready to see, feel and surrender it to the truth. She invites us to our hearts whilst allowing our 'humanness' encouraging us to be real and authentic about our true feelings, thoughts and actions, to slowly step by step return to wholeness.

My understanding of these current experiences are we are not only transmuting for Gaia and each other we are also transmuting our own shadow, I have hit my core issues, the most difficult to shift. I felt sad that I was able to help others with KALI yet not myself.

In compassion, I've been gifted 'The Elixir of Life Essence' is Goddess KALI in a bottle and the Sound CD balances all our bodies as the shadow side emerges, it assists the illusions to be safely transmuted whether our own shadow, another's shadow or indeed Gaia's, does it matter since we are truly all ONE?

Much Love and Blessings to you Sonja, and to us All,





Thank you so much, dear Kali!


Please read my latest reply to this discussion - I have written on what I experienced last night ... it was amazing ...

At the moment I have so many duties - but I whall finish with some tonight, so I hope I will be able to message you by the beginning of next week, ok?


Blessed Be, and thank you for offering your help!


Sonja Myriel

My weekend went effortlessly.  Except for lack of energy that I am adjusting to.  No aches or pains.

Dear Ana, thank you for your open reply! What CrystaLin Joy says is so important: we are all processing at different times - right! And that's good that way because in this way we can better care for each other :-)


Love you, dear sister, and thank you for your presence!


Sonja Myriel

Beloved Sonja, it is so good to hear from you!  We are ALL (Lightworkers especially) receiving upgrades, as we choose to enlighten and go through the exercises we resonate with. While the energy waves definitely enhance our enlightenment, still it is our awareness and intention that make it happen. So, I think the timelines vary for each of US as we evolve according to our own vibrational status.

That said, I have been experiencing many migraines this last year and have been much more photophobic than was usual for me.  Last week I had a series of migraines (3 days in a row) ~ I just had to take my Excedrin Migraine gel caps to get relief (takes 60 to 90 minutes to kick in). Friday was pain free ~headache wise, but my guides had counseled me to begin the new chiropractic "pro-adjuster" computer synthesized treatment. That's where the "anxiety" came in. My  teacher disability is just above poverty level, consequently I have depleted my retirement savings over the last five years on medical/health needs. So, my re-habilitation from 5 auto accidents and 5 subsequent falls that compressed spinal vertebrae, has begun...painfully. I have 8 vertebrae (4 cervical and 4 lumbar) that have osteoporosis and nearly depleted discs which cause pain, bending or sleeping. I must remember to "Relax into the Arms of the Universe, Knowing that I am Loved, Cherished, Protected and Provided for, and that my Path is Guided for my Highest Good and the Highest Good and Honor of ALL That IS."  

My adjustment Saturday left me somewhat disoriented, but my "can do" attitude took over and I managed to get through feeding my adopted, extended family a delicious vegan dinner.  Sunday was better.  Today I noticed, for the first time in the last three years, that the  sunlight from our Beloved Father Sun is NOT hurting my eyes and perceptive centers!  Wonderful Blessing ~ I am Excited and Infinitely Grateful!  

Since the 1st of January, I have been running the Unified Chakra and specifically the Healing Diamond Crystalline Energy to every cell, space, particle and wave of my Being, on ALL Levels and Dimensions, Through ALL Space and Time. ~Then the same Energy to Specific problems in this body.  Remember, as a Walk-in, I have learned to live in a body that already had many of these problems.  My challenge is/was to learn to heal them.  

We have a new dispensation available to Lightworkers..."Grace" Elohim is readily available to us for whatever help we need to do our work.  She fixed my car power window last Friday when it got stuck half way down in 28 degree weather. So ask Grace for help when you need it. You'll know her energy signature ~ it looks like "fairy dust."

I agree with you that there has been an upgrade and retraining of our systems to absorb the Light more efficiently.  I have also been working on absorbing Adamantine Particles while visiting the Central Sun, and emitting their Radiance to All. I think part of the latest upgrade has to do with the carbon base structures becoming more crystalline.  My Guides have told me that my healing time will be reduced because my structures are very flexible and already more crystalline than carbon ~ which might explain why my X-rays are more etherial than most. :-)))

I see that you also found a dead Swan (Ouch! My Heart Hurts!!) Because you Hold the Swan Energy, this sign is telling you about a part of you that is dying and being reborn.  I think you found that rebirth this morning. 

Also, I'd like to leave you with a clearing technique for those stuck energies:  Find a private space outdoors on grass or earth where you can stomp your feet.  Do this: " Stomp, Stomp, Clap, Clap, Sweep, Sweep, Sweep"~ (the Sweeps are with your arms circling overhead as high as you can reach ( your Soul Star), then sweeping outward and downward as you bend to touch the ground/grass and sweep it with your fingertips etherically touching your Earth Star.) When I make the circle overhead  I call in my Angels and Guides to help Clear, Cleanse and Protect me. The Sweep out and downward creates an "egg" that holds a boundary /shield from outer interference.  I hope this help you.  Let me know how it goes...

I Love YOU Infinitely!  CrystaLin Joy

Thank you so much for your reply, dear CrystaLin Joy!


Yes, not all receive the energies at the same time, yet it seems we did, LOL! The sunlight hurt your eyes and today it's better? LOL! Sounds fantastic :-) Like an upgrade - lol :-)


The dead swan - yes, your are right, it's about death and rebirth - and I have had  some more insights on Inanna as she is the Sumerian Goddess of the Heavens ... and she sets out to visit her sister who dwell in te underworld She takes on herself all that is necessary to reach the underworld - even death ... and in the end she cannot return without annointing someone in her place to stay in the underworld. This someone in her son and spouse Damuzi who had taken over the throne in the heavens during her absence ...

T me this story is about our soul (Inannan) who sets out to find the lost part of herself - its incarnation on Earth ... but in the end she (the soul) wants to return again and what is trapped is the male part of herself - Damuzi, her son and spouse - who remains with her sister in the underworld. He cannot remain in Heaven because he has taken the throne of Heaven without Inanna's consent ...


But now Inanna has both - her sister and her son and spouse in the underworld ... NOW it is time she decends as well - bringin Heaven down to Earth, redeeming Damuzi and Ereskigal, her sister.


In other words: we are preparing our bodies to receive our soul essence and this is why Inanna showed up with me some days ago - to bring me this essential message ... and again, yes, it's about death and rebirth ...


Dear CrystaLin joy, I absolutely admire your positive nature :-) I will do as you suggest when I go skiing with my kids tomorrow - to prepare my muscles and body for movement - and when I am alone in nature, as I was today ... Mother Eath is calling me into service and I will gladly obey ... she knows what I can do and will find a way to let me know.


Clear, Cleanse and Protect me ... ok! Thank you once again for your caring and sharing love, dear star sister - we are holding each other in the light - sending each other loving energy and light. Thank you!


Sonja Myriel




Here's a message which was sent to me by Kathleen / SunspiritSmiles which has also helped me to understand some more of what's going on ... interestingly enough, the waxing moon doeas indeed seem to play an important role - LOL!


Here it is:


WE'RE RIDING a strong wave of Aquarius energy now, a wave that was initiated with the New Moon and Sun-Mars alignment last week. Aquarius is the sign of progressive thinking, independence, idealism, nonconformity and rebellion. As groups and individually, we are making changes now that will allow us to live more authentic lives, free of the internal patterns and external structures that have inhibited our self-expression and the full embodiment of our Soul's essence.

This wave of accelerated growth and change will take us all the way through the Leo Full Moon next week (on February 18), when we will integrate the heightened energies even more completely into our personality/ego structures.

IN SUPPORT of this wave of change, other important planetary shifts and alignments happen this week. On Tuesday, Chiron enters Pisces, moving us into a new phase of personal and global healing.

Chiron has been in Aquarius since 2005, and since that time has been exposing and healing the wound of separation. Many of us have experienced the physical loss of loved ones during this time, and have come face to face with our own very personal wounds around abandonment and rejection. As a part of our healing, we have needed to open our awareness further and wider, to encompass more of the unseen realms as we deepened our understanding that there is, in truth, no separation from those we love.

Also in keeping with the themes of Chiron in Aquarius, over these past six years there has been increasing emphasis on individual participation (Aquarius) in the healing process (Chiron) through the growing trend of "patient and family centered care" in the health care industry.

AS CHIRON now enters Pisces and journeys through that sign for the next eight years, we will shift into a new healing phase -- one that moves us away from victim, martyr and rescuer roles, and opens our hearts to a clearer understanding of the true nature of compassion and unconditional love, as well as of the Oneness of all life.

Of course, in keeping with Chiron's usual process, our wounds in these areas will first need to come to the surface so that we can heal them. Chiron was in Pisces for a short while in 2010, before going retrograde (backward) and returning to Aquarius. The day that Chiron entered Pisces (April 20), the oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, beginning the many months of dealing with the resulting oil spill.

THE OCEANS are ruled by Pisces, and represent the fact that energetically, we are all One. Whatever happens in the ocean in one area of the globe eventually affects us all.

And, as in the myth of the centaur Chiron, a "wound that cannot be healed" potentially leads us to a greater healing than we could have first imagined. As Chiron journeys through Pisces, we most likely will become more aware of the condition of our oceans, and will begin to work together to heal this vital life-support system.

It is also interesting to consider the effect of Chiron in Pisces on mainstream health care. One possibility is the advancement of healing techniques that utilize spiritual connection and prayer. We may also see a rise in those who use illusion to create a pretense of healing.

Time will tell.

THE MOON'S NODES also change signs this week. (Note: This is based on the location of the "mean" nodes, rather than the "true" nodes, which change signs on March 2.)

The Moon's nodes are points in space that are defined by the intersection of the Moon's orbit with the plane of the ecliptic (the path of the Sun). In our birth charts, the nodes describe our path of greatest spiritual growth and personal development for the current lifetime. In present time, the nodes define the traits that humanity is moving away from (South Node) and toward (North Node) on our common path of spiritual evolution.

As the North Node enters Sagittarius and the South Node enters Gemini, we are each called upon to develop the positive traits of Sagittarius, and to transform the negative traits of Gemini. All signs have both healthy and unhealthy expressions; but when interpreting the South Node, we are typically looking at traits we want to move away from.

Here is her list of traits to develop with the North Node in Sagitttarius:

Reliance on intuition and invisible guidance
Speaking from Higher Consciousness
Spontaneity, and a sense of freedom and adventure
Direct, uncensored communication
Trust in self
Time alone and in nature
Intuitive listening -- hearing the meaning behind the words

And, here is her list of traits to leave behind with the South Node in Gemini:

Second-guessing what others are thinking
Always seeking more information before making a decision
Saying what others want to hear
Invalidating intuition with logic
Trusting others' perceptions more than one's own

The nodes will be in Sagittarius/Gemini for about 18 months, and correspond with eclipses in those signs for the same amount of time. In 2011, issues related to the themes listed above are likely to increase around the time of our eclipses -- in June/July and November/December.

In Onenes of the Light dear heart

Thanks Sonja and Kathleen / SunspiritSmiles,

I particularly resonated with -

 "wound that cannot be healed" potentially leads us to a greater healing than we could have first imagined"

thank-you....thank-you an ability to stay centered in love and presence whilst the wild winds raged around me was simply there .......and sense an even deeper peace and centeredness is to come with practice.

In our vulnerability we are portals of love and acceptance of all that IS.


I realised today...... we are in training...these seemingly negative experiences when embraced with Love, strengthen us ....offer us the opportunity to stay present in Love when things around us are not as we prefer or would normally tolerate.


Some words of Lord Sananda spring to mind ' you will one day stand and need no thing........ no water, no food .... no will simply be the Presence of Source and that will be all that is needed. "


I am grateful for this happening and know we are being prepared for the 2 days of darkness in 2012....... practicing being centered while chaos rages around us.


Peace to All








Sooo true, dear Kali, that's exactly what I feel and see as well ... we are learning to take in and transmute large amounts of energy and this training is taking us to the edge ... in this way we can learn to hold more and more energy and really reamin calm and peaceful whilst the world around us may be in havoc, turned upside down ... the more energy we are able to hold, the more people we can take with us - and of course, the more of us who are able to remain centerd in their hearts amidst chaos, the better!


I really don't know, if we have already gained the I don't know how many per cent of people who are awake - and I know there a re huge differences of being awake and being awake - LOL! - all I know is that those woh have declared themselves ready, are receiving intense training now ... and although it's sometimes very, very intense, it's the best that can happen to us :-)


Thank you so much for your replies, dear Kali, I feel that we are truly on the same journey!


Blessed Be, dear sister,


Sonja Myriel

My Very Precious Angel Sister, Sonja,  I too admire Your very extensive knowledge base and ability to run LightGrid and keep it all going - it's growing by leaps and bounds!! :-)  And, I LOVE Your Heart centered ability ~ Your vibrational signature that guards and guides Us in such a positive, uplifting way.  

I'm  very happy You're feeling better.  We seem to be processing issues and emotional upheavals much faster. 

I'm fascinated with Your Inanna story.  Was she also the ruler of a matriarchal society before the patriarch took over? (I've always been drawn to the old myths and stories that explain how things came about.) 

I drew a special pendant from a dream/vision my Guides gave me, insisting I arise and draw it exactly as given in the dream.  It was a 2" pendant for my teardrop Sugalite (Royal Azul) stone ~ the point is upwards with a three pointed crown of diamonds, and wings with five points of feathers. I used it specifically for protection and in healing ceremonies and sessions.  When I had it appraised, it was thought to be similar to Egyptian, but different. Then someone though it was possibly Atlantean or Lemurian, or maybe Sumerian ~of Inanna's era.  No one seemed to know for sure. I know that I incarnated during Inanna's rule ~ it was a gentler time when Mother Earth was Honored, as were All things feminine.  

Thank YOU, for Your response Sonja, It is my Great Pleasure to Hold YOU in the LoveLight.  Be Well, Dear Heart and have a wonderful day skiing!  I Love YOU Infinitely,  CrystaLin Joy



Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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