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Hello Dear Members of this Group. My name is Amoran. I just recently joined your site. I have known about you all for quite some time and am now truly blessed to be here among you.


I am one who communes with the Trees and the Plants and Nature. I wanted to share this story with you. It is one I also shared on another site and it seems to fit well into this group and the desire to connect to the Earth Kingdoms.


Just very brief background: I married a wonderful Indonesain woman, named Heppy, in 2010  on 10-10-10 - what a great date!! She is really the only one in my immediate family who knows about my connections to "nature" - that I "speak" to the trees and such ... . She is open to it as she is Asian and although of Muslim beliefs, is really influenced very strongly by ancient Chinese and Indian (Hindu) philosophy. In her culture, there are people who speak to volcanoes ... so Trees are pretty "normal" ... .


Heppy was visiting her family in Indonesia a few months ago and we were "texting" back and forth to communicate. Something happened while we were texting and then I was brought into a very powerful energy stream of the Trees ... I fell off the conversation with Heppy for a while ... and then resumed with her ... and then was told that the Trees also wanted to communicate with her in this way!


It was really pretty cool ... I mean, I have tried "face to face" to explain to my Wife what I expereince with the Trees on many occasions but it never felt quite right or the moment wasn't really there ... so, I was suprised at this merging of "human and spiritual" technology - text message and telepathy ... so I just went with it ... Heppy got really excited during the chat and even started to send me unsolicitated pictures as we were talking ...


The visions and messages that came to me during the conversation were fast and furious and I only could bet the "basics" down ... typing on ablackberry is hard work!! And, I found that I had to "translate" a little bit for my wife so that she would more easily understand what the Tree message was all about ... as you will surely note in my references to "God" and such ...


So, I offer this to you and I hope that some of you may find it entertaining and yet another example of how "things are manifesting" for us now with our Tree Brothers and the Plant Kingdom ....


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Begin text message:~~~~~~~~~~~



Heppy: Are u still there?

({}) Me!= Sorry, I have been in discussions with the Trees ... Yes, am here now for you, My Wife! O:)

Heppy: Uh-oh sorry for disturbing:O. Any news?

({}) Me!=*: No disturbing, Hon. You never disturb! :D

({}) Me!=*: Would you like to know more of what the Trees say, Hon?

Heppy: Iyyaa...:D

Heppy: Yes. that's why am asking..

({}) Me!=*: The Trees stand silently - watching and listening to everyone and everything. They are God's "eyes and ears" here on Earth.

({}) Me!=*: They know that many humans are suffering; that there is much pain, anger and fear.

({}) Me!=*: They wish for us humans to know that they, The Trees, are our Guardians, our Protectors - they are part of the "police" which God has sent to us.

({}) Me!=*: They ask us NOT to fear - to only LOVE and to follow our hearts. They ask that we CHOOSE to be strong, confident, and compassionate.

({}) Me!=*: They ask us to help each other; to help us heal each other. They ask for us to remember kindness and gratitude; to count and remember our blessings.

({}) Me!=*: They tell us that they LOVE us sooo much ... That God LOVES each one of us.

({}) Me!=*: They send a BIG KISS :* :* :* from God! :D

({}) Me!=*: They tell us we are LOVED. <3

({}) Me!=*: We are never forgotten. We are NEVER alone.

Heppy:'s amazing! Please send my thanks and regards to the Trees. I feel honored and so blessed!

({}) Me!=*: Are you ready for more now?

Heppy: Yes ..

({}) Me!=*: There is a tree that stands in front of your home - it is a big old tree, yes?

Heppy: Yes. That's mango tree.

({}) Me!=*: Ah! A mango tree! How lovely! How long has that tree been there?

Heppy: It's about 20 years old

({}) Me!=*: Yes, that is what she tells me. I "talk" to her now. Her name is "Inu" - pronounced "EE-new".

({}) Me!=*: I sense her as a "female" which makes sense since she is a fruit tree - she gives birth to fruit.


Heppy: ‎Inserts pictures of tree here and says, excitedly: "She is breaking through the fence!"


({}) Me!=*: Yes, I see she breaks thru - she is strong and mighty!

({}) Me!=*: She wishes for me to tell you that she is the Guardian Tree for your family. She has watched you all for 20 years.

({}) Me!=*: She is sooo happy you are home to visit. She knows that you watch over your family as she watches over all of you.


Heppy: ‎(there is a long pause here and I fear that maybe I have gone too far ... but then, came the following picture from across the street - looking at the family home ... ):



({}) Me!=*: She is BEAUTIFUL! She is STRONG and MIGHTY!

({}) Me!=*: She asks that you go to her now - that you stand under her and that you place your hand warmly on her trunk. Please tell her that you love her and that you thank her, Honey. Tell her you now know that she is ALIVE!

({}) Me!=*: She asks that every day, when you are home, that you spend time with her. Just stand or sit with her and close your eyes for a few moments and talk to her.

({}) Me!=*: She loves you all very much and misses you.

({}) Me!=*: She is sending much love and healing energy to you and your family. She wishes for you all to LOVE each other.

({}) Me!=*: She watches over your family when you are gone. She calls you "Sister"!

({}) Me!=*: She thanks and blesses you. She loves you. O:)

Heppy: I just went outside and stand close to her and say thanks for watching over my family. Thank you Hon for sending me this message!!!

({}) Me!=*: She smiles :) at you now. She hugs ({}) you. She thanks you. (y)

({}) Me!=*: Uh-oh!! She says: "Siip! Selamat buat Ibu Heppy!" ({})

Heppy: Aww she's nice. Thanks back to her and to you! ({})

({}) Me!=*: You can tell her yourself, Honey. That is the meaning here. You can talk to her now yourself! :O You can thank her yourself. She wants to receive your thoughts directly. She wants you to know that she hears and understands you even if you don't hear her voice ...

Heppy: Aww really? Thank you. I will spend myself for a while to be with her everyday if I'm at home.

({}) Me!=*: Thank you, Sweetheart. Yes, that is important. She sends energy of peace and calm to you, your family, and your neighbors. O:)


~~~~~~~~~~ End text message ~~~~~~~~~~


The Trees send you their Peace and Love - to One and All!


Blessings to you in this Way, Always, in All Ways,




PS. There is a "Part II" to this story that can be found here:

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Dear Amoran, I am enthralled by your story and now will go on hugging  trees without feeling silly and embarrassed to be seen to do so.  I love to walk in woods and feel refreshed and enveloped in peaceful calm.  Thank you for posting. Love and light Renate

Hello Renate,


Bless you, Dear One! Yes, it is truly the Glory of All That Is,  which now overwhelms us ... that tells us, "yes, it is OK" ....


As I walk the woods, or even the city streets, I find it satisfying to simply walk by a tree and to gently touch its trunk ... to cup a leaf in my hand, to stop and pause and "stretch" as I embrace my Brother Tree and laugh gently as I do so ... everything so "clandestine" ...but then again not ...


Please know that every single gesture of love - whether a simple thought or nod as you walk by ... or an overt hug of affection ... is received by our Tree Brothers with the Joy and Love of the Entire Cosmos!!


Happy Hugging and Many Blessings to you,





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