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June 16, 2011

The High Council of Orion: Your health

"Welcome beloveds, by now you should be feeling the changes and shifts of the moon within your very BEing. Some of you will be experiencing intense emotions and emotional reactions to those around you, this may be in the guise of lots of tears for no reason that you can comprehend or for many others it may in the guise of stomach or limb pain. Know that the energies that sweep across the planet and those that are intensified by the moon are cleansing and sweeping away that which you no longer need on all levels.


Human BEings are not the complicated BEings that your medical profession would have you think, you are relatively straight forward in that your emotional state will alter your physical. Once this is absorbed by you then it is a matter of reading the physical manifestation of your emotional body and then clearing it. More and more humans across the planet are beginning to fully understand and absorb this information and as more do then health in general will start to increase across your planet.

Many humans have been pulled into illusion with regard to their health and have followed the advice of others with regard to what only THEY can fix. In reality dear ones you are fully aware of the emotion state of your BEing, this is reflected in the physical, who would know better than you what was going on with you? The reason that so many disregard their inner knowledge when it comes to their health is the solid training that you have received from a young age. Instead of going with instinct and doing what you thought best, the seeds of fear were triggered that perhaps more was going on that you could comprehend so many ignored their own feelings on the matter and deferred to someone with “qualifications”.

We guide most strongly beloved ones that physical symptoms are a manifestation of EMOTION within you. How you FEEL is reflected in your physical body. Please absorb these words and take on board what this means. For many of you over the past few weeks and months this has been a trying time. A time where you have felt and re-experienced emotions that for some were very painful. It is this very pain that sits in your energy system and wreaks havoc if it is not listened to. Again the illusion is training many of you to ignore your emotions, the incidence of ill health across the planet earth is on a steep rise, do you see how this works beloved ones? How the more you ignore your “gut” feelings, the more you ignore how you TRULY feel the more illness and dis-ease that there is?

There is no mystery to dis-ease, the illusion would tell you differently and it is to this we give you guidance. Many humans across the planet have managed to step out of the fear that is immediately triggered when a diagnosis of an illness is given. If we can step back to our guidance previously about the power of words and the energies behind them. Now take your attention to a “trained” medical professional delivering news about health to one of you. The words chosen will be full of emotion and fear, it is this that is absorbed. The fact that the human concerned is already in denial of emotions that are stored within and coming from a place of fear is further concentrated by the diagnosis and the delivery of words. Do you see our analogy dear ones, do you see how this is a double blow?

The diagnosis of illness pushes many of you back down into fear, the very fear that took you to the physical dis-ease in the first instance. Many of the “treatments” we see that are undergone by ill humans furthers the distance between emotion and physical body. Many shut down their hearts as they struggle to take in what is happening to them. Always on the verge of panic as they believe that what is happening to them is outside of their “control”. We guide you most strongly dear ones that illness is fully within your control. It is part of you, as is full health and vitality. The difference between the two states of BEing are your thought processes.

Many of you struggle with our words of guidance and we fully acknowledge how difficult our words may be to many of you. Some of you will have reacted straight away on reading our words and [begin] pouring scorn and other negative emotions through your BEing as you read further our words. We highlight the dis-ease pattern within humans to alert you to the power that you have over your own health. Many of you have not been able to fully digest our words of communication because they have used the word fear in the guidance. Beloveds you have to be aware of what is going on across your planet and you cannot live in love and compassion until you have found the seeds of fear and uprooted them.

For us to continually send messages that contain ONLY love and compassion would serve no one. It is vital that you are aware of the illusion and how it works so that you may disconnect from illusion. So strong is it across the planet that many do not feel it, nor see it. It is to this end that we guide you around fear.

If the word fear triggers more fear then perhaps that is an issue that needs more exploration for many of you. It is after all just a word but the emotion behind it is huge. We guide that any of you feeling uncomfortable with our guidance around the fear go within and check what is going on with your BEing.


The ascension process is not only about love and compassion, focussing ONLY on these two emotions will not allow your vibration to rise UNLESS you have rooted out seeds of fear. Many across the planet play with the manifestation process. We are aware of thousands upon thousands of humans who play with the laws of [the] universe. Many try to manifest what they truly want, whilst this is admirable many choose not to uproot any fears they have prior to doing this, the result will be disappointing as fear cancels out any intention to manifest. This results in frustration which then grows more fear and so the cycle continues. Do you understand our words and anologies dear ones?


You need to have a full picture and that picture contains ALL emotions that have to be worked through and worked upon. It would be remiss of us to only concentrate on one aspect of your BEing whilst you were being seduced by the illusion. It can be very persuasive and there are many tricks that it plays upon you. To be fully informed as to how illusion works is your best way of understanding it. Once you fully understand how illusion works then the choice of whether to disconnect is one made from your heart.

Many of you will be fully aware of the vaccination programmes that are rampant across the planet and for all intents and purposes are being used more and more. This is fear based dear ones, your human energy system is more than capable of providing health and vitality for you if kept pure and clear. To introduce substances that are synthetic to the natural human BEing will result in more dis-ease. Be aware of what is contained within these vaccinations and seek to make your own choice through how they make you FEEL. Many vaccination programmes will seek to feed on the fear of death. Even the word death has emotion that is negative around it, we simply use it in this context for you to be aware of another tool of the illusion.

Please do some research dear ones and view the health of your race over hundreds of years. Why the sudden need to eradicate dis-eases that pose no real threat to human health? What is the purpose of injecting millions of healthy humans with substances that can react very badly in the human body. Is the fear that deeply entrenched that you would give up the now for something that will not happen to you in the future? To nourish the human body, to give it the nutrients it needs to flourish is to maintain health. TO inject a lot of chemicals, over processed foods and drugs that are not natural is to weaken the human energy system. A weakened energy system is more prone to any negativity. It is a downward spiral. It can be relatively easy to maintain a healthy energetic system.

We guide you on what to put into your bodies but many of you are still within the illusion and believe the advertising that says you are wrong and that the latest product that has BEEN ENHANCED is better for you. Why would mother earth have her children consuming that which has been manufactured? Did she not provide for her children in the fruits and plants that furnish the planet?

Human ego has reached the stage now through illusion that mother nature's larder is considered not good enough, the illusion has somehow managed to plant seeds of fear into the nature that surrounds you. Many of you eat a diet that is literally dead food, it contains nothing of the energies of the planet that you live on. It contains no live energy, it is a mass of chemicals and fillers. This is not the way to nutrition dear ones. This is illusion under the guise of convenience. This convenience of course is “needed” as you all lead such “busy” lives. Many of you rush through your waking hours doing many, many tasks at once and view eating as just something to be done. We guide you most strongly to reconsider this point of view. Eating for humans is pleasurable or should be. It is a refuelling and reconnecting to nature. It is not just another task.

If you are of the view that eating is “just something that needs done” then we would guide you strongly to sit with this and find where this was planted. Nutrition of the human body is vital for health. Illusion has many of you ignoring your health under the guise of working hard. Is your health less valuable than the money you have in the bank? Wouldn’t it be a self fulfilling prophecy if you ignored your health only to find yourself ill and not able to go to the work that demands so much of your time? Do you see how this scenario truly works dear ones?

Many of you are on a treadmill that you cannot remember climbing on and worse cannot see how to get off. Your health is in your hands, your happiness is in your hands and your joy is in your hands. We can guide you in this process but whether our words penetrate the illusion is once more in your hands.


We guide you at these times to jump kick you out of the illusion so that you can begin to think and FEEL for yourselves. If our words trigger you then please dear ones sit with this trigger and try to work out why. Why would we guide you if it was not to highlight what is being done to you as a race? We cannot come from a place of love and compassion and not highlight ALL that is being done to the human race.

The pursuit of love and compassion with no reference to fear is a flawed one dear ones. If you ignore the seeds of fear they will grow, it is that simple, ignoring the fear that is flooding the human race does not make that fear go away. Working through your emotions and being able to hold love where there was once fear will turn the tide. We guide you strongly not to ignore the fear that you find within yourselves, your loved ones, neighbours etc. When you find fear ROOT IT OUT. Then pour love and compassion through it. Many of you will find this very hard to do but we guide you to continue with this as you hold more light it will become easier for you.

At this point in time dear ones there is not one human alive on the planet earth who has successfully conquered ALL the fear that is inside of them. That has not been reached as a consciousness at this point. This consciousness will be in the reach of many of you as you continue with your weeding and pouring of love. The fear has been in the human race for so long that it will take time to weed it out but it CAN be done dear ones. Do not let illusion tell you otherwise.


We step back now to allow you to absorb our guidance and our words. We will guide more in due course. Our guidance is for you to realise the power that lives within each one of you and know that you have immense power and love inside of you. The keys to unlocking this love are within each and every one of you. Reach out to your fellow humans and touch their hearts dear ones, for the road to joy is through your hearts.


We love you, we have always loved you and we are ONE. We are your star brothers and sisters, we are the high council of orion. We hold each one of you in our hearts."

(Thru Karen Doonan

Be well and happy

Human life is relatively simple dear ones, illusion has you seen complications where in essence there are none.

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Yes !  Thank You ! This resonates with me very much and as I have had some physcial challenges lately and stayed the course of healing from the inside "out" despite the fear around me because humans I share this life's way with have not yet realized that the medical "establishment" we have created in this time and space has still great ignorance of the whole "picture" of what a human or any other being truly is ~ a beautiful expression of Divine Love and Union expressing and feeling in many ways through different forms through various planes or levels of vibration Divine Light and Sound of Divine matter ~~~  It has felt for me, an "empath" and a being of Light and Love Energy ever expanding, and as a being in a human form who has shed some of the layers of separation I have also been "processing" a lot of the learning also for those around me as well as myself ~ yet all through the Light and Love and Divine Sound River Within and the Great and Awesome Love of the many Sacred Guides and Helpers of Love here to help us has been so Great that although the little body has "suffered" some, the Inner Heart has been Remembering so so much of the Divinity and Love Wisdom I Am.  So thank you All for Your continued Love Love and All Love and the words of Guidance shared in All of these groups ~ I Am so Grateful ~~ I Know in this Heart and Always Feel that Love is the Underlying, All permeating Guide of All that is Shared in this Family of Love which Embraces the Heart of All ~~~~in All Love and Gratitude ~ Param Gian ~ Kathryn
Thank you so much for your reply, dear sister

Wow, a storm has arrived exactly when I as about to write that I was happy to know now  that all I have been experiencing for that last few weeks concerning emotions was due to a process of releasing - LOL! I had to stop writing and quickly shut the windows and check if I had not forgotten anything outside.


Ok, so I guess I am still in the middle of the process of releasing - hahaha!


For many of you over the past few weeks and months this has been a trying time. A time where you have felt and re-experienced emotions that for some were very painful. It is this very pain that sits in your energy system and wreaks havoc if it is not listened to.


Well, I see how important it is not to neglect these feelings and work with them! I am integrating them and loving me free ... but it is sometimes really painful and stressing - for seemingly now reason!


And yes, I know, "no reason" in THIS time line ... I am becoming more and more multidimensional  and I am releasing the pain of ignorance of other life times, the pain of not being accepted, of not being good enough, of being treated badly, ... I am forgiving that which I do not see but clearly FEEL!


We guide you most strongly dear ones that illness is fully within your control. It is part of you, as is full health and vitality. The difference between the two states of BEing are your thought processes.


FIRST I had to overcome the fear to manifest my fear through feeling it - LOL! - then I could FACE my fear as that which it is: a remembrance which wants to be accepted, taken in, LOVED and then released! So I started to LOVE my hurting stomach ... and accept it. And now the situation is changing .... changing ... changing ... there is still fear - but I have also found out that I like to wear red sometimes - LOL!


Ok, I'm sending you a love filled hug, dear sister,  thanking you again for your comment which brought me to write all this down now,


Sonja Myriel

Dear and Ever Beautiful Loving Sister,

I wanted also to share and insight/experience I have had as of late along with the challenges ~ Yes, I feel too we are healing ourselves on All timelines now ~ how glorious!  and we are feeling the hurts of many many manifestations of our Sacred Being in various times and spaces ~ the insight I had just prior to the Solstice and really beautifully revealed further on that day of Solar gifts ~ we are not only healing the hurts of the pasts, but we also had some really Supreme Divine Gifts and Awarenesses in "other times" (quotes because I see if we view all of this play of experience from the Sacred point of view of the Soul we will see them all happening at once ~ one beautiful glorious Love package, yes with many challenges, but also with a Glory and Divine Connectivity that we chose!  :-)  ! ).  These "other" "lifetimes" of strength, Awareness, cultivated Divine Connectivity, Bliss, etc. are also here NOW Within us ~ we are that too!  One beautiful package that bears the essence that this fragment of Divine Love into Expression has chosen!  I have been finding also that Beingness I am even from a "past" or a "future" is healing "me" now ~ We Are One!  

Thank you so much Dear Sister ~ I feel so much Love and Wisdom and most Supremely appreciated authenticity, honesty, Beingness from you and all you share ~~~


additionally, and a little note about a lesson I have had to learn several times in this "lifetime" and many "others" I think and that is to keep Love and Equanimity in Divine Vision and Awareness as my guide and filter always ~ in that way I do not "give away" my ability to be Self empowered ~  I have recently, in a small outer way, but it had big energetic implications in my body, had to extricate myself from a relationship (not a personal life one, and not here at Lightgrid, but in another "group") that appeared to be a good choice Spiritually, but I realized that Embrace of this Love and Equanimity in Divine Sacredness doesn't always come to All at the same time and as I was assuming it was in this relationship, I began to feel nuance that there wasn't enough Love and Equality of Sacredness ~ it was subtle and not possible to "pin Point", but I had to Trust my feelings beyond "outer" appearances on it and once I didrelease the connection and "cut the tie" or redirect the relationship so to speak, there was a lot of expansion and much Greater Love for All involved....  I thank You Dear Sister for Ever putting Love, Trust, Honesty and Equanimity at the fore of all sharing and communication.  You are a wonderful teacher for me and I am ever your loving sister Param Gian ~ Kathryn


p.s. I haven' yet made it to the "able to wear red" stage !  I am gigging because that resonated with me too ~ so funny!  I have never been able to wear red much ~ oh!  but I have been wearing a big brimmed sun hat and it happens to have a BIG red flower and ribbon on it!  so maybe I am making some progress! :-)



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