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Message From The High Council of Orion
Channeled by Karen Doonan
JUne 16, 2012

Welcome dear ones we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and support as the major structures of your civilisation begin to dissolve and to disappear. Much of what has been guided has been on the edge of your vision for some time but now events will start to unfold in the physical reality in which you live. These events should be viewed for the confirmation of the new energies that they are in Truth.

We are moving our channels and our emissaries into place over the next 24/48 hours with many now holding the space for the rest of the human race. This is a challenging time and we appreciate this but we ask for you all to find balance and to find that reservoir of calm that exists in the deep part of Self.

Those who are part of your human life experience who are not aware and not awake will now begin to display behaviours that may have many of you questioning their sanity. We guide for you to hold in Your space and Your balance as those who are unaware of the depth of changes begin to make waves for those who are aware. We wish to guide further for this and we ask that you process our words and our imagery through Your heart.

Those who are now in the process of dissolving the 3D world are being shown a vision of Truth, that vision is now moving them to a place where they are able to be in this world but not of this world. This level of consciousness is now being seeded within the human race in general and this will filter through the consciousness that All connect to on planet earth in due course.

As the systems that are in place and have been for aeons begin to dissolve, to break down and to be shown for the containment and suppression they are in Truth many will fall into disbelief. This disbelief will be followed by actions by many to keep the structures alive, to keep hold of that which is in place for Fear of what will be replaced. This is a natural state of awareness given the vibration that many live within on planet earth. This is the “main stream” section of the human race, those who have embraced and anchored the teachings without question. It may seem almost insane to many who are now awakened to keep hold of a system that is to the detriment of the human race but we ask for you to have compassion and to realise that it is not possible to see something that is not questioned.

Many believe that the end of the world is now, that it starts, for they have been told it was foretold, they have been taught to look for the signs of the collapse of the human world and the smoke and mirrors are now in operation to have them believe this. The ability for all to see beyond the smoke and mirrors is vital, in your role dear ones of those who have awakened we now ask for you to stand in Your Truth, to live the way that You Know how to live and to detach from those who would convince or try to convince you that the planet earth is at the end.

The “end” dear ones is the financial and energetic tyranny that has plagued planet earth for aeons. It is the dissolving of the systems that have kept you enslaved and your vision dulled and contained. That which is Your birthright is being given back to you but in order to see the birthright for the freedom it is in Truth we ask You dissolve the teachings that are in place to make it something it is not. The smoke and mirrors placed around the planet earth will show destruction, it will show loss, it will show a breakdown of society but it will show only what it needs to show and no more. This is to fuel the lower vibrations of those who are not awake. The full picture would show the seeds that are planted, that are growing at unprecedented rates and the beauty that is blooming across the world. The smoke and mirrors will not show this for the teachings of distortion require lower level frequencies in which to operate. We guide for you to anchor this and to process this. Where there are low level frequencies there will be disharmony for it is created by these frequencies and Fed by those same frequencies.

The tendency for many on planet earth may be to defend their position and we guide for All to detach from this viewpoint. The defending of belief is akin to lowering your vibration and will feed the very energies that you seek to dissolve in the old world. The dissolving will happen, it has already started to happen across the world, many are now Feeling this in earnest. The Feelings of disquiet, of discomfort are all the dissolving of the old.

There is a sadness that is released as the energies are dissolved for the sadness is borne out of the dreams that were created below these energies. Many held dreams within these energies that have been fuelled by the lower frequencies for so long they are at a loss of how they dreamed them. We guide for All to have Love and compassion for All over the next 24/48 hours as the world is plunged into the clearing and cleansing process.

This is needed in order to dissolve the residue. How much residue is consumed by those who are now being fed solely on low frequency and vibration is up to the peoples of planet earth. The process can be a long drawn out one or a short one, it is entirely Your choice. The more you hold onto a system that is out of sync with the energies that now flow through You and around You the more painful the experience will Seem to Be. Remember dear ones smoke and mirrors are at play. These are roles being played out across planet earth. No One is lostNo One dies and No One suffers other than in the role that they play on this earth in this incarnation.

The human body is but a vehicle in which to experience this the physical reality of the human race on planet earth. It is Not You dear ones and we call out to all who are now ready to stand in Truth. The time of the dissolving of the old is upon You, the ability to ground and to anchor Truth at the deepest levels is now upon You. To stand in Truth is to connect to the deepest part of Self and to Know that all is perfect and that All is As Is.
We guide in order to pull your attention to the new and to brace for the changes that are now coming into the reality in which you physically reside. Many have called for these changes and asked for them not realising how they would affect the world in general. We are now working with all races and realms to support in all ways. For the dissolving of many of the accepted ways of Being and of living on planet earth may cause some panic in those most deeply asleep. It may also start to cause panic within those who are awake but not able to Trust in Self. At a deep level dear ones You are creating these changes, the world is responding to the dreaming that has created the new earth. This new earth is not given to you it wasCreated by You and as such the events that are unfolding are doing so in response to this dream.

Know dear ones, that All that You interact with You affect, Know the thought process that You go through in your everyday waking reality are affecting All that Is. You are anchoring the light, You are not at the mercy of those who have been taken off the planet for they have been removed some time ago. It is the teachings of distortion that are their legacy and we ask now that You dissolve them. Power is something that You have been taught to Fear, we ask that You now embrace the Power that You Are and to allow the new to unfold around You, within You and through You for it is You.

Truth just Is dear ones, Truth is what is left when all is dissolved for only Truth can exist in the new energies that have been anchored on planet earth. Never before in the human race has this been created and we are honoured to walk this path with You as You now rediscover who You Are in Truth.

We ask for You to breathe over the next few days in Your reality, take time to Be. Listen to the Knowing that exists within You for it calls to You, do you hear it? It is the vastness of Your Being, it is the Divine Self that now calls to You, we ask for You to have Trust and Faith and answer the call.

We have put in place on planet earth rainbows who now anchor the new energies and the new codes. These rainbows will now begin in earnest the creations that will bring the new earth together as One. They will begin to build as the architects, magicians and builders they are in Truth. They will begin a new way of Being that the human race will begin to harmonise and sync with for they are anchoring Truth. Allow Truth to show You the Light that You Are, for You are creating in unprecedented times dear ones.

We are here for You at all times. Other channels will now begin to disseminate further information and guidance from other realms for we are aware of the impact of the dissolving on the mass population. There are now systems being put in place that will allow for greater clarity and greater connections across and within planet earth. This is the dawn of the New Age in earnest dear ones. We wish You the Love that Is, may it flow freely around You , through You and within You for the human race is now about to reveal the family that it is and that We Are. We are the High Council of Orion and we welcome You home.

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This brought tears to my eyes it was just what I needed to hear right now.  Thank you so much for this message today. 

Hey bobby I have to agree .

Beautiful message very inspiring. Exciting times aye I have to say its so great to be able to communicate with others on this level I am loving it.

I just want to get you all together and hug the heck out of you all.

I am loving being able to just be let go and love its awesome wish you guys and girls were here in NZ.

I think that I am going to start a organization here in NZ  as I am loving this and I feel the need.

So have a virtual bear hug from me to all of you guys and girls out there .

WONDERFUL The meaning meaning of the message resonates with how I am feeling. It is truly a special time for one and all. All flowers bloom at there own time as this is the way of things. I feel illuminated from within and the need for sleep seems to be becoming less and less I seem to only sleep in patches of an hour at a time but I am feeling so very refreshed and renewed. Love is fast to becoming my favorite food of choice and I am learning to eat sleep and exist within its embrace.

My meditations are increasing in resonance and I am starting to drift from the sleep of being awake into the reality of becoming awake.

I have been traveling to a crystal chambers where many beings of the light exist and I am being worked on with love and light adjusting of my 12 chakras and aligning my energy,s .

I found myself drawn there, the ( funny thing was when I was trying nothing was happening) but by just letting go I was drawn to the chamber I have a feeling it is shambhala as it is within the earth.

I have been there 2-3 times now and each time the process becomes easier. These are amazing times I am not one at all to imagine things happening so the effect was magnified .

I have been meditation for over 20-30 years and have done a lot of work in the 4 step method but in the past I have had to meditate anywhere from 3-7 hours to gain the same results as I now get in 5-10 minutes so I encourage everyone regardless of experience to meditate , Pray , there one in the same thing allow the earth our sacred mother to show you the way or your path if you like as no 2 paths are exactly the same we all travel different roads so to speak (But the destination is the same).

Also don't worry about whats happening in the waking dream all is as it should be we are all just awaking from our slumber some are early risers some are late this does not matter in the end as the result is the same .

How long has it been since you have spoken to our great mother earth find a quiet place and connect to her say thank you for the gift of life (find a tree and hug it :0) lie on the ground and imagine her embracing you spend a few moments experiencing the love through the connection.

Imagine that the core of the earth is her heart and connect hers with yours as we are all connected .

You will find a place of love and you will be awakened your energy state will raise and you will find that your energy is more in line with the energy that is being transferred to earth at this time. (It is a way of making the journey a enjoyable one as this is a special time and we are so very very blessed to be here.

Its a good time at present to start with the groin Chakra I do this By breathing into the root chakra I do this by drawing breath energy in from the Third eye chakra down into the sacral chakra this is done with an inhalation on the exhalation I send this energy into the root chakra under the groin.
In breath into sacral chakra and out into root chakra This will give you good grounding for the mother earth meditation where you send this energy down the legs into the heel chakras then form a triangle facing downwards into the heart of the mother earth this will give you a good conection to the mother and a strong foundation in the ficical realm.

Placing a dot on the wall and aligning the body then drawing the dot in and down into the sacral chakra over 3 months will open the Third eye chakra as well so in essence this will open and activate 2 third eye 6 sacral and 7 base root chakra.
It will also fuel the body and releave the person of many of the hardships in the physical dream 3d manifestation.

I will add other meditations as the situations arrise love and blessings to all.

The meditation for the chystal chamber I will also add later.


Place soothing music (of a high vibration) this will help to raise the vibration of the body in readiness of receiving the energy from Master Quan Yin.

You may chi breath and allow the breathing to render you into the quiet mind state that you are familiar with . You know the peaceful state one attains when chi breathing.

After 10 minutes of this you will be ready to begin.

Lye down in a comfortable position you may have a pillow if you wish it .

Now with your eyes closed see master Quan Yin appear in the sky above see him dressed in white robes and illuminated with white pearl like light. Note this light is not blinding to look at quite the opposite.

Leave MASTER Quan Yin there for a moment and take the time needed to see the body as an empty vessel a hollow container if you like . (do not concern yourself with the mind difficulty at this stage manifesting the apparitions just having the mind intent will suffice at present.

Now at the top of the head there is another chakra as mentioned above the 7th Chakra now while maintaining the thought of being empty see this Chakra as the doorway into the body and using your mind intent open the door as the door opens ask Master Quan Yin for the blessing of his !!wisdom!! !!guidance!! !!healing!! and !!knowledge!! !!!LOVE!!! !!!COMPASSION!!! see this coming buy way of the white pearl like light being illuminated from quan yin.

As the Body is an empty vessel see it full with this energy from the feet to the crown and still more energy flows more and more and more and more.
Now see the energy from Quan Yin manifest 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 times and see this energy with all the qualities !!wisdom!! !!guidance!! !!healing!! and !!knowledge!! !!!LOVE!!! !!!COMPASSION enter the body and see it find all the impurities of the body toxins' deceases negative emotions worry grief anxiety hate envy anything negative see the darkness illumined .

Still the energy enters the body and now it has entered the muscles tissues CLEANSING THE BODY PURIFYING THE BODY.

Now see the toxins and negative emotions of the body as black tar dark goo see the being driven to the outer skin of the body still more energy enters the body and as it does see all the darkness all the dark tar see this dark tar leaking the body through every pore of the skin see the last of it go now with your minds eye 6th chakra.

Feel how light the body feels now cleansed and purified.

Now see the body glowing with the energy of Quan yin SEE THE QUALITIES OF !!wisdom!! !!guidance!! !!healing!! !!knowledge!! !!!LOVE!!! and !!!COMPASSION!!! for this is the reason of the illumination.

Now see the light around your body intensify and expand into a ball around the body Now as you see Quan Yin and yourself you both are identical in the way you both have this sphere of light encompassing the body now you intern send this light of love this light of compassion send it on to your friends and your loved ones then on to everyone see them all connected to you and Quan Yin and new they to are beginning to glow now see the world GAIA our blessed mother see her to glowing with this energy .

Now take a moment to see Gaia mother earth and to thank you for the love and shelter given also see this light helping her in her ascending process ask her to now include you in this process also experiencing her love as the mother see yourself rapt within her arms enjoy the BLISS BLISS BLISS .

When you are ready allow your mind intent to drift back within the body and take a moment to thank both Gaia and Quan Yin for their love and guidance.

Allow the mind to wake into the dream this 3d reality and carry the light with you into your work and life.

Thank yo so much for this wonderful post. It so resonates with my being and such a great upliftment at a time when we really need such loving support and information.

Infinite blessings,

Jewel x

Thank you for sharing  :)


Blesed be!

Dear Angela

This is really beautiful, thank you, love Lynette xxx

Thank you for this beautiful post.  Love and Light to all.


Very interesting, nice to see the council not talking about the wars going on between other Orion factions at present, we all know how much turmoil goes on between Reptilians/Draconians of the light and dark factions

Dear Angela,

Thanks for posting...




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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


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I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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