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Receive the Velvety Maroon Red with Copper Gold Ray of Divine Service and Divine Mission, Dec. 2012

Divine Mother’s Guided Meditation to receive the Velvety Maroon Red with Copper Gold Ray of

Divine Service and Divine Mission

Adapted from 11/11/12 Gateway Portal Day Channeling


Grounding Summary

Visualize that you are standing on top of Uluru. Be aware that everyone that reads this meditation is standing there with you.

Feel the rock pulsing around you, and as we dissolve and move through to the Hara Line of Uluru to move towards the center of the earth, visualize you are suspended in the air within a Pillar of Light, before the horse shoe falls at Niagara Falls. Bring in the energies of Niagara Falls, bring in the Water Element. See Niagara Falls in front of you. See yourself in the Pillar of Light anchored in the vortex before Niagara Falls, as you slide down to the core of Mother Earth.
Take a deep breath and as you are standing in the Core of Mother Earth see the Amber Colored Light all around you.
Let it be absorbed into your body and your being and see the Sacred Altar before you and take a moment and set your intentions in this sacred fire at the Core of Mother Earth.
Now see the Amber Colored Light that is around you being absorbed into you and send it up your Antahkarana Cord all the way up through the Thrones and see it move all the way up to the Throne of Creation and spread out like the branches and leaves of a tree.
Pull the Cosmic Life-Force Energy, the Amber Cosmic Life-Force Energy back down, let it cascade through all the Thrones, and as it does it imbues those Thrones with this Cosmic Life-Force Energy.
It moves all the way down through your Antahkarana Cord to your Crown Chakra, filling your body and your Being, filling the entire Core of Mother Earth with the Cosmic Life-Force Energy – pulsing.
As we send the Life-Force Energy of Mother Earth back up the Antahkarana Cord we will spin and spiral together through the Pillar of Light up all the way through the Thrones to the Throne of Absolute.

See yourself standing before the Scared Fire at the Throne of Absolute.

See to your right, Divine Mother beaming Copper Gold Light.
Great Silent Watcher standing on the other side of the Sacred Altar, towering above everyone, holding her Scepter above this crowd, Turquoise Blue Light pouring everywhere.
See Goddess of Victory standing to your left, emanating Golden-Yellow, Platinum and Pewter Colored Lights.
To your left Cosmic Mother of the Universe – Vibrant Pink Light.
To your right beyond Divine Mother, Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos with her Amber Colored Light.
Behind you and behind Goddess of Victory the three Omniversal Mothers are standing. Our Omniversal Mother beaming her Purple Colored Light, Omniversal Mother beaming Ice Blue Aqua Marine Blue Colored Light, the third Omniversal Mother, beaming Clay Red and Gold Colored Light.
See around us 144,000 Silent Watchers and 10 Billion Angelic Watchers beaming Turquoise Blue Light.
See that all around you is Maroon Red. Every surface around you is a Maroon Red velvet substance. Even the Flames are Maroon Red and even the bottom of the Altar is the same velvety surface in Maroon Red.

My beloved Children of Light I am your very own Divine Mother.

This is an important day; this day is the most important day of the year until the Gateway Portal of 12-12. Then we will build up the energies until we go through the Portal of 12-21. I ask you to perform this ceremony I am about to give you through this amazing time, from this now moment, and at any point that you join us in the future, moving through the energies into the Portal of 12-12 and through the Portal of 12-20 and 12-21 and then into the New Year. Even if you join us in ten years from now, you may join us and put your energies in ten years from now by sending your energies to this now moment, because whenever you get to hear this and participate in these exercises you have the chance to travel in time and space and place yourself in the moment and move the energies from that moment to where ever you are, thereby joining us in this wonderful healing ceremony.
Take a deep breath and visualize that Goddess Victory is moving towards the Sacred Altar. This fire will not burn her hands because it is a Higher Dimensional Sacred Fire. In the Higher Dimensions, the Fire has the consciousness of not being destructive, but maintaining its transmutational potencies. Goddess Victory takes some Sacred Ashes out from the bottom of the Altar. The Sacred Ashes have a velvety Maroon Red hue to them. She stands face to face with me (your very own Divine Mother). She holds her hands out and I lay my hands on hers. I add my Copper Gold Light and it becomes Maroon Red mixed with Gold and it becomes a paste.

I will connect the energies of this Paste to the Sixth Ray. Remember that the color associated with the Sixth Ray, the Ray of Divine Service, is Maroon Red with Gold and Lady Nada is the Patroness of this Ray, the only Ray where a Female Master is in charge. The color of Sixth Ray and its energy is similar to this paste which is now in the hands of Goddess Victory. She places her Right hand over your Third Eye and her left hand on the back of your head below your Crown Chakra at the corresponding point to the Third Eye. She rubs the paste on and it feels cool and calming. Feel Goddess Victory’s powerful energies bathing your Third Eye and the back of your head. You might have the feeling of nausea. Breathe and bathe in the energies.

Goddess Victory goes back to the Sacred Altar and returns with a double fistful again. I place my hands over her hands to bathe the Sacred Ashes with the Copper Gold Light and the ashes become a Golden Maroon Red Paste which she now places on your Throat Chakra and on the back of your neck where the Channeling Chakra is located. Once again a cooling sensation ensues as she pours to your chakras her Personal Signature Energy.

I ask each of you to envision all the Children of Light, your own loved ones, and all the Indigo Souls are receiving this paste in the same way that you are receiving it, directly from Goddess Victory. I ask you to envision that they too are able to receive and absorb the energies from this gift. Imagine that their wounds are healed from it. I ask you to envision that every soul that has crossed paths with you is capable of receiving and absorbing this healing paste.

It is absorbed into your Physical Body Cocoon, Etheric Body Cocoon, Emotional Body Cocoon, Mental Body Cocoon and Spiritual Body Cocoon. Then the color of the area returns to the color of your own skin, while the energy is absorbed into the Five Body System and further moves into your Light Body.

The significance of this velvety Red Light is that it carries your own Divine Purpose within it. As the paste is placed on your Chakras and it moves into the Energy Bodies and illumines your Light Body, you are realigned with your Divine Mission. Each time you perform this exercise, think of your loved ones and the Children of Light. They too will be realigned according to their Divine Mission. This means if they need spiritual teachers, mundane guidance, financial assistance, mental, emotional assistance, or physical assistance, the Universe is obliged to bring it to them and to you and then through you to all others. Consider yourself an archetype, capable of extending the healing to all the members of the group for whom you represent the image and for whom you are acting and receiving the substance.

Goddess Victory is now bathing your Cosmic Heart front and back. I have blessed it and it’s rubbed on your Cosmic Heart. It is fully absorbed into your body, moving through the Five Body System and bathing the Five Body System and cocooning it; then entering into the Light Body and illuminating it.

Goddess Victory now places the Paste on your Personal Heart Chakra, and it gets penetrated from this Chakra into the Physical Body, the Five Body System and from there into the Light Body. Breathe and Bathe.

Goddess Victory now places it over the front and back of your Seat of the Soul Chakra. Breathe and bathe and absorb it, allow it to move into the Five Body System, and illuminate the Light Body.

Goddess Victory brings the next pile of the Maroon Red velvety Paste, blessed by your very own Divine Mother and places it over the Solar Plexus, on the front and back of your body. It is absorbed through your belly button and through the corresponding point on your back; and it releases the dross, the fears, the pain, the feeling of powerlessness. It brings healing to the entire region, which is your Power Center and it expands to your Five Body System and moves further to illuminate your Light Body.

Goddess Victory now places it over the Sacral Plexus, front and back. It is absorbed, entered into the Five Body System, and illuminates the Light Body.

For the Root Chakra, she is going to put front and back and below, between your thighs directly over the area that is considered your Root Chakra. It is absorbed, transferred through the Five Body System, illuminating the Light Body. She then rubs the paste to the front and back of each thigh, knee, calf, ankle, and to top and the bottom of each foot. You can feel the cooling experience, allow the energies also to be absorbed into your Earth Crust Chakra and pour down your Hara Line to the Core Crystal of Mother Earth. Breathe and Bathe.

Feel the Core Crystal throbbing; the color first turns into this Vibrant Maroon Red mixed with Gold. Then the wave pulse of this Maroon Red with Copper Gold expands from the Core Crystal to the surface of Earth into the Five Body System of the Earth, illuminating the Light Body of Earth. Envision that every soul from the Indigo Lineage- those who were born since 1972 to present- receive, absorb, digest, process and illuminate the Light. Lady Nada’s Sixth Ray is Maroon Red with Gold; add Copper Gold to vibrate closely to Divine Mother’s Energies embracing the Sixth Ray of Divine Service.

With this ceremony, this grid, you help the process of awakening and guiding the Indigo Souls and all souls relevant to them. You are the pioneers, the guides, the guardians of those Indigo Souls. It is your job, your responsibility, your contract, to guide and guard and to help the Indigo Souls. In September of 2012 we did a ceremony for the awakening of the Indigo Souls. The process of the awakening has been successful, now it is time for us to help guide them to embrace their Divine Mission. In the process of awakening they are facing their fears, they are facing the darkness, they are becoming aware of things they were not aware of before. By offering them this paste which carries the Energies of Divine Service, the Power of Goddess Victory, and the Love of Divine Mother, we cocoon them in protection and we guide them to accomplish their Divine Service.

I ask you to repeat this exercise daily for at least 9 days and preferably for 33 days. After nine days you don’t have to continue to visualize Goddess Victory and Divine Mother blessing and placing the paste on your Chakras because it would already be there, your Five Body System will be illuminated and your Light Body fully lit with the impact of this Maroon Red Light, the Light of Divine Service. Then all you need to do is to reinforce it in your Body, 5 Body System, Light Body and then send it to the Core of the Earth and let the Earth pulse, sending it to its Five Body System and illuminating the Five Body System of every Indigo Soul, every new born soul, and every soul who is relevant to this work. Any soul who is already awake or awakening is relevant.

It is perfectly fine for you to pray and offer the awakening of the souls who have not yet awakened. The Maroon Red with Copper Gold Light which embodies the Ray of Divine Service is the perfect embodiment of Divine Light, the Light of Divine Service, and most appropriate for this time, as we move to the energies of the Portal of 12-12 and further the Portal entry into the official gateway of the Fifth Dimensional Octave on 12-20 thru 12-22.

We do have a lot of work to do but remember that together we have accomplished a great deal. I hold each of you in my own heart and I thank you for all that you do.

I AM your very own Divine Mother with great love. So It Is.

© FAGU 2012

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