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Happy 2012 - The Year of Creation

Crossing The Threshold

What is the reason for my life and why have I come here

To a world so filled with sorrow, with anger and with fear?

Though my thoughts may seem confused, I know the answer's there

For deep inside I hear a call, but I'm not sure from where.

There is a tranquil message, pulling softly at my mind.

It feels so very loving, and sounds so sweet and kind.

This voice that hears my pain lives somewhere deep inside.

It hides behind my ego and is muted by my pride.

This presence is so quiet, whereas others yell and cry.

It wisely gives me reasons, and gently tells me why.

If my mind is calm and centered, it fills my heart with cheer,

But if there's a mental storm, it's impossible to hear

"The answers are all known," it says. "If you turn your mind around

To see what can't be seen and hear what has no sound?"

If the portal to this inner world lives deep inside my Soul,

Then to step across that threshold is my promise and my goal.


What Are We Creating?


We stand at a threshold. Behind us is all that we have known and all that we have been. In front of us is the unknown and the mystery of creation. And what are we creating? We are creating a new version, frequency or expression of the person whom we have known as our Self. This new expression of our Multidimensional SELF is inside of us and is different from the one we have formerly known as our Self. Many of us are beginning to feel a new expression of our SELF inside that we have never experienced before.

Before now, our Multidimensional SELF usually kept inside us, and we perceived it as was a mystery, a quest, a goal, which we had never achieved while holding a physical form. Our expanded consciousness is the core of this new SELF. For many of us, this new SELF has not totally broken through its shell, as the shell has allowed us to stay in a world that did NOT feel like our Home. Too often, we felt unhappy in this "outside world" because we often had to pretend to be the person who was acceptable, the person who could survive.

For most of our life, as well as for myriad lifetimes, this SELF we had to keep this component of our Essence a secret from those around us, or even from ourselves. We could not begin to imagine that we could BE the one we felt inside. Therefore, we perceived this Being, not as inside but as above. Our ego worshiped this Being that we thought was up above and thought of it as an external God. Unfortunately, our ego was trained to be subservient to God, as well as all authority figures. Conversely, our inner SELF did not feel like an authority figure. It felt like love. But, how could we love our SELF, our ego queried?

Our ego had learned from the world that loving our SELF was conceited, something we never wanted to be. The being inside that felt like love could not be our SELF, as we could not imagine that such a Loving Being could be inside. However, as the frequency of our personal and planetary body is rising, many of us are beginning to believe that this loving Being can be inside. At the same time, we are feeling our ego reminding us not to be conceited. We hear our ego saying,

"If you want to be a good person, you need to work really hard and achieve recognition, fame and respect from the outside-and, yes, you must also make money."

Nonetheless, the Being inside of us, the one who we used to believe was above, is saying,

"There is NO outside. This higher frequency inside of us is a higher expression of our Multidimensional SELF.

Even after lifetimes of study, meditation and spiritual seeking, we are still unsure about whether or not we can really be the SELF we feel inside. In fact, a battle is raging. It is the same battle that we have fought our entire life. It is the battle between the ego self that society has told us we should be and the Multidimensional SELF we have always been. Actually, the fight has come from our ego/self, whereas our Multidimensional SELF has patiently waited for the fight to be forgotten and Truth remembered.

Patience has often been an issue for us because our third dimensional self has wanted the instant manifestation of our fifth dimensional SELF. The hard work over long periods of "time" to make our lives even vaguely resemble what we felt inside made us depressed, anxious, angry and afraid. Fortunately, as we gained more mastery over our thoughts and emotions our achievements made us feel better. But "achievements" easily became traps to pull us out of the SELF inside and into the ego who did what it had learned to do. But, now, we no longer want to do those things.


Conversations With Our SELF


We want to do what the SELF inside, our Multidimensional SELF, wants to do. We want to be free of the demands of our ego. We know the SELF inside has fully released ALL ego needs, but the ego self in our mundane world still has "needs." We hear our ego say,

"You still have to interact with the outer world. You must do your work and take care of your daily responsibilities. And don't forget that you have to make money so that you can survive."

Yet, we know that there is more to life than just doing and surviving, so we ask the SELF that we have found inside,

"Dear Multidimensional SELF, why do I need to continue to interact with the outer world?"

Our SELF, whom we can now hear, says,

"My Dear Physical Expression, please explain the term 'outer world.' We have no concept of 'outer' in our reality."

"Who are 'we?'" ego asks.

"We are YOU. There is no difference between we and I at this resonance of expression. You have been feeling anxious and depressed because you tire greatly of the illusions of your physical expression and of the ego needs that distract you from Being your greater expression of SELF."

"Yes, I know that is true." replies ego. "I know that I want to just let go of the mundane responsibilities that distract me from being my SELF. On the other hand, I know that it is not yet 'time,' as it would create even more distractions from being SELF if I did not work. Perhaps, some of my problem is that I don't want to work any more. I want to create."

"Dear physical expression of my SELF, what is work?"

"Work is anything that I don't want to do. If I want to do it, it is fun. If I don't want to do it, it is work. I know that there is not even a concept of work at your expression, and I look forward to living in that resonance."

"My One, looking forward is the same as looking outside of you. Please remember to look IN to live in the frequency of my resonance."

"Yes, yes, I look inside all the time. A lot of good it does me. I still need to do my work," complains ego.

"Our dear ego self, you are within us, just as we are within you. We know that you do not realize that fact because you believed what you where taught so that you could fit-in to your physical world. You, dear ego, are the bravest part of our expression. You are the One who lives in a frequency of reality that is totally separated from the ONE of our great, Multidimensional Being. We are so very grateful that you have returned your resonance to the frequency in which we can commune.

"We are fully aware that 'time' in your frequency of reality is a nemesis. Time makes you wait for the fulfillment of your creative expressions. Then, because you had to wait all that time and do all that work, you want someone outside of you to give you recognition, success or money for all the hard work you did. Here, in this frequency of reality, there is no time. If you want to experience and create, which means the same in our world, we merely think/feel it and it is instantly manifest. Just as there is no need for recognition for the fact that you can breathe in your frequency, there is no need for recognition for our creations in this frequency,

"In this reality, manifestation and breathing are the same. We breathe in that which we desire to experience and we breathe out that which is complete. There is no work, time or struggle involved in manifesting our creativity. Therefore, there is no need for a reward for our 'hard work.' We create our life with the thoughts of our mind and the breath of our heart. However, mind and heart are quite different here. In our resonance of Lightbody, our Mind is the Group Mind of the ONE and our Heart is our High Heart, which resonates to the unconditional love of the ONE.

"Long ago, before there was "time," we decided to create a place, a frequency of reality, in which we could explore the concept of individuality. In order to do so, we had to create the illusion of time, which created the space to separate our Group into individuals. This experiment is coming to a conclusion in your quadrant of physical manifestations. The many of us who took lower expressions of form in your reality have grown immensely. Because we ARE you at a higher frequency of expression, we share all your emotions, thoughts and experiences. Therefore, we, too, feel your exhaustion with the work, the striving, the separation and the time of your reality.

"Unfortunately, some of our physical ones have become lost in the Game. In fact, at some 'time' in some 'life' all of our grounded expressions have had the experience of being lost in the illusions of your polarized world. Then, you believed that you were separate and that you could 'do unto others' without it coming back to you. Because of this choice, you needed to suffer many incarnations to learn that energy OUT is always energy BACK. Religion and laws were created to give you guidance and protection, and ego was created so that you could better define yourself. But all three of those aspects of separation got lost, too. Fortunately, as the frequency of your reality rises, more and more of you are remembering your true, Multidimensional SELF.

"This remembrance gives you the tools that are necessary to rise above the illusion. However, as long as your reality resonates to the frequency in which there is time, there is also space. This time and space gives you the illusion of separation from others and from your higher expressions of SELF. Even though, you have released your belief in many of your third dimensional illusions, the frequency of your reality is still too low for instant manifestation. Therefore, our physical expressions must still 'work.' In spite of this, we want to assure you that in every moment of your time, the frequency of your reality is rising. Soon, your reality will be beyond the limitation of time and the illusion of separation that time creates.

"Your journey has been long, millions of years long for many of you. Therefore, the fear that still stalks you is often the remembrance of your myriad lives in which you were trapped in suffering until it was your 'time' to leave. We can joyfully NOW tell you that 'time' is almost over, and your process of ascension is swiftly progressing. As you know, the final 3/9ths of any project is the 'time' in which you must pull together all that you have learned in order to bring your project to completion. Hence, we ask you to hold Hope and Faith during this final stage of you ascension process.

"Know that as your time appears to pass, you are experiencing higher and higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. It is these higher expressions of your SELF that you are feeling inside. Soon, all reality will be inside, for the polarity of inside vs. outside will no long exist. Hence, you will no longer feel as though your true SELF is 'inside,' as we, your SELF, we be HERE NOW! With no time, there will only be NOW, and with no space, there will only be HERE. We are HERE, for we have never left. YOU are here, for you have never left. You bi-located. In fact, your reality on ascending Earth is just one of myriad realities that will be revealed to you once you return to your Multidimensional SELF.

"In closing, we wish to thank you for being our teachers. You, our grounded ones, have taught us about life locked in time and separation. Thank you for being our teachers. You thought that we were your teachers, but it was reciprocal. You have served as the Portal through which we of the higher frequencies could experience the physical creation of the ONE. Now, we will serve as your Inner Portal through which you can experience the metaphysical creations of the ONE. Your Portal will open according to your own wishes. We are all here within YOU and YOU are within US. Turn around inside your mind to find the Inner Portal of your own Multidimensional SELF. Your Portal will open when you choose it to open."


The Reality of our Dreams

Can we believe that ascension can be as simple as making a choice?

Can we find the 'time' to focus on our ascension, or are we too busy working? Can we decide to lose the habit of time and remember how to live in the NOW?

Can we release all conflict and allow ascension to unfold?

Can we remember the life we dreamed of when we were too young to worry?

Because of the ever-expanding connection with our SELF, many of us have been receiving important dreams lately. Some of us have had dreams about how we can gradually integrate the higher dimensional energies entering our reality into our personal and planetary body. Unfortunately, these dreams are often forgotten when we awaken. Therefore, we must expand our consciousness into the fourth dimension to remember that which we have forgotten.

There are three types of dreams. "Subconscious Dreams" create scenarios in which pent-up fears or forgotten memories are explored. "Rehearsal Dreams" are preparations for daily life, and "Higher Dreams" are messages from our fifth dimensional SELF and beyond that we cannot hear while engaged in daily responsibilities. The imprint of our experiences in these dreams is left in our fourth dimensional consciousness so that it can be more easily retrieved by our waking mind. Since our fourth dimensional consciousness has a Flowing and morphing concept of time, 3D language cannot contain the vast information of our dreams. Therefore, our dreams are stored as pictures and emotions in our fourth dimensional consciousness.

As we have discovered, the sequence and details of pictures and emotions are difficult to retrieve because the fourth dimension does not resonate to human time or language. Hence, the details of our true, higher dimensional experiences are foggy to our time-bound thinking. Because of this, we need to use our multidimensional thinking to fully remember our dream experiences. In fact, we will not "remember," for remembering is a time-bound thought that is based on bringing forth a "past" experience. Instead, we will return to the NOW of that experience by activating our multidimensional thinking.

Higher Dreams, which arise from, or are actually experiences of, our fifth dimensional and beyond consciousness, are sent to us via Light Language. Light Language is carried on a wave of unconditional love and is expressed as symbols, pictures, instincts and emotions. We can only fully understand our Higher Dreams via our High Heart, which resonates to the frequency of unconditional love, the carrier wave of all higher dimensional experiences and messages.

Since dreams do not function under the rules of third dimensional time, and Higher Dreams function within NOW, we need to allow the symbols of our dreams to Flow and intermingle like drops of water in a sea of possibility. As we connect with more of our multidimensional nature, we will be able to release our addiction the sequential nature of time. The best way to recall a dream is to feel the dream images and emotions swirling around us. Then, as we surrender to these images and feeling, they can enter our consciousness like waves breaking on the shores of an ocean of multidimensional possibilities.

When we surrender to the images and feelings of our dreams, we can feel our fourth dimensional aura floating around us as we enter the shallows of this mystical ocean of possibilities. It is helpful to create a connection with our SELF in the depths of the inner ocean, for this ocean Flows into the ONE and back out into our ever-expanding consciousness. In dream imagery, water represents our consciousness. A pond is the reflection of our consciousness, a stream is our individual consciousness, a river is our group consciousness and the ocean is our collective consciousness. Rain nourishes the land just as our higher consciousness (falling from "above") nourishes our daily life.


Expanding Our Consciousness


To expand our consciousness, we can imagine the Flow of the ONE as it enters our fourth dimensional aura and our third dimensional heart and mind. We can then feel the rising tide of possible realities within our Third Eye, and we share this sensation with our High Heart. It is this rising "tide" of multidimensionality Flowing into our Multidimensional Mind and High Heart that has made us aware that we are standing on the Threshold of Great Change. With exhales that are twice as long as our inhales we use our breath to pull the Flow to stream into our mundane life.

When we raise our consciousness into the higher frequencies of our Multidimensional Mind, we can see the great ocean of possibility that exists inside of our expanding awareness. We can imagine myriad possible realities Flowing in and out of the Oneness of a Multidimensional Sea. As we slowly step into this sea, we surrender to the unknown and allow it to flow around us as we move deeper and deeper into the Flow. This Flow swirls within our consciousness but is only remembered when we give it our attention and intention.

We step into this inner ocean now, knowing that our experiences are real. In fact, all "real experiences" arise from the ONE and Flow to us via our Multidimensional SELF. When we surrender to this Flow we feel the Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love of the ONE. All the experiences we have within this Flow are projected into whatever reality that resonates to the frequency of our consciousness.

Many of our dreams are real experiences we have had within the ONE while our earth vessels sleeps. These dream experiences are messages from our Multidimensional SELF which are sent to us via Light Language. Light Language is free of the encumbrances of time and sequence. Since we are often too busy to listen to messages from our SELF, they must come to us via our dreams. All the inhabitants of Gaia are having a group consciousness dream which will become increasingly vivid as we Flow through this year. This dream is about Surrender.


The Dream

We stand at the edge of a river. It is moving swiftly, yet it is full of life. We know that if we can find the courage to enter it, we too, will be full of life. The river is Flowing very fast, and we fear it may sweep us up and carry us to some unknown destination. This "unknown" frightens us, but we are not afraid that the river will drown us. Somehow, we know that we will stay afloat. We have proven that to ourselves.

Perhaps we can enter the river with our mind and leave our body safely on shore. But then we envision our mind being swept away by the strong flow of the current while our body is left on the shore. That will never do. Can we lean over the edge of the shore and put our hand into the current? Just to get used to it, we assure ourselves.

There is a slight ledge, but when we lean down far enough to reach the water, we are in danger of falling in. Therefore, we decide to lie flat along the shore and reach our hand down into the flow. When our hand is in the water it feels different. It feels lighter. When we pull our hand out and examine it, we see that now it looks different from the rest of our body.

Therefore, we decide to sit on the ledge and dangle our feet in the current. Once our feet are in the river we notice that, even though the current is very strong, it doesn't appear to be going anywhere. In fact, on closer inspection, the river appears not to be of water, but of light. Therefore, the force of the flow does not move our feet, but instead moves through our feet. This realization gives us the courage to actually stand in the river.

We find a large root to serve as a handle, and holding securely onto it, we step into the river. Indeed, there is no threat of being carried away. That was only our fear. The flow of the current, which is definitely more like light than water, does indeed move through us. But, it does take something away.

It takes away our fear. Just as a dry leaf cannot stand the vibration of a fire, our fear cannot stand the vibration of the Flow of this current. As we experience the fear being cleared by the Flow, we feel strangely naked. Now we recognize how much our fear has protected us. No wonder we have held on to it so tightly.

Then a new fear enters our mind. If we went out into the world without the protection of our fear, how could we survive? Fortunately, even that fear cannot withstand the Flow, and, almost upon thinking of it, the fear is swiftly washed from our mind. In fact, most of our thoughts are pulled from us, as are most of our emotions.

What is left? We ARE! The pure essence of our Multidimensional SELF is left. Our SELF, beyond the generations of limiting thoughts and emotions, beyond lives of memories and experiences of separation is left. Our SELF was always there, but we forgot it. Slowly, our ego's thoughts, feelings, memories and experiences are being swept away by the flow, transforming us from the ego that we appeared to be, to the Multidimensional SELF that we have always been.

Before we individuated, our Soul was a drop in the Flow of this river. Since then we have gained self-awareness and self-mastery. Old concepts of insecurity try to seep into our mind, but are quickly liberated by the force of the Flow. Slowly, we begin to realize that there are many other individuated Souls about us. Time and space is not apparent within this Flow and each Soul mingles with each other while they simultaneously maintain their individuality. This is a completely new way of being.

Is it possible to retain this way of being outside of the Flow?

Can we take this Flow with us and internalize it as a constant source of succor?

Will we remember this experience when we return to our mundane world?

These questions are quickly pulled from our mind by the very Flow that seemed to create them.

And then there is PEACE !

There are no questions, no thoughts, no feelings and no memories. Yet, there is the result of all that has left. Like a meal digested, the energy is there, but the source has been internalized and transformed.

We determine to lay down in the current. And, when we do, we realize that if we completely surrender to the Flow, we do move--very slowly. We are being taken somewhere, but we do not fear, anticipate or question.


We are simply following the course of the Flow.

What Do We Have to Release

Releasing the habit of ego is no small task, as our ego/self will repeatedly say, "But I should be doing work..." Fortunately, our Multidimensional SELF says, "I love being creative..." Choosing to BE that which we love releases ego's need to DO work. This choice allows us to Flow with the creativity of our SELF. In this way, we can create our transition into our higher expression of SELF and Gaia's higher expression of New Earth.

Calibrating our consciousness to the resonance of New Earth offers us a loving transition into our Multidimensional SELF and the myriad realities that we can simultaneously experience within the NOW of the ONE. Releasing our habit of "time" frees us from linear thinking and the limitation of sequential experiences. It is then that we can more easily remember the many higher expressions of our Multidimensional SELF. As we remember ALL of our SELF, we become ALL of our SELF.

However, it is a bit too soon to get too comfortable. We are in the final stages of our transition. Therefore, we must take full responsibility for ALL of our creations. If we are going to create change, healing and love, we must first change, heal and love our self. It took great courage for us enter the Flow. Now it will be simple. Right?

All we have to do is relax into the Flow and release; but what do we need to release? We settle down into the Flow of river, expecting it all to be easy. However, as the water pulls old portions of our self to the surface, another force counters by pushing our secrets back into hiding. This force is resistance, resistance to change, resistance to healing and resistance to love.

Nonetheless, we can feel the Flow moving through our body releasing the stress and strain of many third dimensional lives. But, there are places in us that are afraid of change, any change. Our resistance to change is trying to come to the surface at the same time that it wants to stay hidden, which makes us feel nervous and uncomfortable.

We know now that we will have to participate in own healing in order to allow the Flow into the hiding places of our ancient secrets. What would be the sense in hiding, from our self, from others, from the truth? We have always sought the truth. Haven't we? But what if our search for truth reveals something we don't like, some aspect of our self, some emotions, or thoughts that we aren't ready to face?

We can feel the resistance. Can we allow ourselves to feel that which lay hidden behind it? Can we allow ourselves to love these portions of our self? Yes, only love will give us the power to accept that resistance is a part of change. Therefore, we must accept that which we resist, and then, surrender it to the Flow. What do we have to lose?

"You can lose sorrow," says our heart.

"Yes" we say, but first we will have to accept and love it. But how can we accept sorrow? How can we love it?

"Sorrow has taught you to seek comfort," murmurs the flow of the current.

Yes, we know that to be true. Can we take the risk to accept an old enemy? Can we stop resisting our sorrow, love it free, and release it into the Flow? Years and lives of sorrow fill our memory until we have no choice. We can't hold on to it any longer. We have to release it, forgive it, and love it. We have to love our sorrow free.

"We love you sorrow," we cry into our heart as we allow the Flow to pull our sorrow to the surface. "You have taught us to seek comfort."

With these words sorrow leaves us. Our tears join the Flow and float away in the current. In the place where sorrow lived is now comfort, comfort from within. It worked. We loved our sorrow and surrendered it to the Flow. But, we know there is more that we can surrender, more that we can lose. We listen for the next voice.

"You could lose confusion," says the Flow as it travels in circles about us.

Our mind swirls like a flooded river and we almost lose our footing. We will have to surrender our confusion. We can no longer live with it. But, what has confusion taught us?

"It has taught you to seek clarity," speaks the voice that now seems to resonate inside us.

Yes, without the pent up sorrow we could listen-listen to the Flow of our SELF.

"We love you confusion," we sing in our mind. "You have taught us to seek clarity."

Because of our love, and our willingness to surrender, the confusion is washed from us and travels with the Flow. Confusion seems to have a direction now, at last.

"You could lose suffering," continues the Flow as it pushes against our body.

Yes, suffering, the sum total of our inability to find happiness. We can definitely lose that. But what has it taught us? Yes, we know.

"We love you suffering. You have taught us to seek happiness," we say as our arms embrace our body, protecting our wounded heart. Our body relaxes as lives of suffering are pulled to the surface by the Flow of the current. Our arms open and float on the water allowing our heart to release it's suffering.

"You could lose fear," comes a cry from our entire being.

We know the answer and respond.

"We love you fear. You have taught us to love," we call to fear as it floats down the river with the Flow.


Then, all that is left is LOVE

And the Power we gained by surrendering to the Flow.

Note from author,

Since we are moving into the higher dimensions, it is important that we begin to use our multidimensional thinking, which is much how we think in our dreams. Therefore, I will try to incorporate poems, stories, meditations, pictures and youtubes. I guess I have always done that. J I look forward to the wonderful adventures in consciousness that we will share as we return to our true SELF. I started writing in 1994, so it is a VERY long-term project for me. When I started this journey, I had no idea, or even a thought, that one day I would come to this point. It all seemed too far away, too impossible, too good to be true. But it is true, and we will make it true by believing in our SELF.

I am planning on offering Webinars on a regular basis (see the below message). In preparation for this year, I was pretty much frozen deep inside my SELF for most of December. However, I think I am back. I feel like I am back. But I do know that "I" will be changing a lot. I AM Ready! How about YOU?

Blessings for 2012



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