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Introduction by El Morya

Many of our earth masters are feeling the pull of New Earth for you are, in deed, moving into a frequency of reality that is not adhesive to such low frequency patterns as the third dimension. The higher levels of the fifth dimension create continuous, circular and infinite energy patterns that expand and transmute. On the other hand, the lower frequencies of the third and fourth dimensions create energy patterns with more and more interruptions as the energy travels down the frequency range.

These interruptions occur because humanity’s thought-forms of "time" create the illusion of “space” between the manifestations of light. In reality, time and space are ONE and are only perceived as two different dimensions through your third/fourth dimensional consciousness. It is only via the perceptions of your Multidimensional SELF that you can perceive these “interruptions” as portals. The reasons for this discrepancy are that your third dimensional consciousness searches outside of your SELF and into the 3D Matrix to find “reality.” On the other hand, your awakened, multidimensional consciousness seeks to find “reality” within your SELF who is within the ONE.

These portals are inter-dimensional pathways through which your expanded consciousness can travel free of all the energetic barriers in the third dimensional Matrix. You explore these portals as pure consciousness, while your physical earth vessel is sleeping, meditating or involved in a calming, creative act. In this manner, your Soul can experience lifetimes of inter-dimensional travel, in what appears to your third dimensional earth vessel as an eye-blink.

Once you are aware that you are having the experience of inter-dimensional realities, you reach a threshold in your ascension process. This threshold represents your dedication to the process of ascension, for you will need to continue the process of opening these inner portals while in the midst of your daily life. In other words, you must learn (which is actually remember) how to live in two, or more, realities at once.

The experience of multiple realities starts with the “main reality,” being on third dimensional Earth. Then, gradually, you become confused as to which reality is your main life and which life are you visiting. Of course, if you don’t know which life you are in then you are functioning within your third dimensional consciousness. On the other hand, when your consciousness is multidimensional, the answer to that question is always: ALL OF THEM. Once you can imagine that you are actually in ALL of the inter-dimensional realities that you are visiting, the concept of your “main life” begins to fade from your awareness. It is then that you Know that YOU are a multidimensional consciousness exploring many realities within the NOW of the ONE.

However, the lower worlds of the third and fourth dimensions are especially difficult to visit. For one thing, these realities may or may not be enjoyable. Furthermore, while in the lower worlds of the third and fourth dimension, you can forget that you are pure consciousness and become trapped within the 3D Matrix. Fortunately, the higher frequencies of multidimensional light and unconditional love through which Earth is now traveling are entering your Third Eye and High Heart. Hence, every day, more and more of you are awakening to your true, Multidimensional SELF.

As this higher energy opens your Third Eye and High Heart, your multidimensional consciousness and unconditional love greatly expand your powers of perception and manifestation. The multidimensional light assists you in holding a form in your thoughts, which you will fill with unconditional love to bind the molecules of life to the structure of that form. You needn’t worry about your negative, low frequency thoughts moving into the higher worlds for they only resonate to the third and fourth dimensions. However, these higher dimensional energies will highlight thoughts, emotions and behaviors that will need to be released in order for you to flash your carbon vessel into Lightbody.

Fortunately, you are working in tandem with Gaia who is also transmuting Her energies to that of the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, when you ground your consciousness in Her body of Earth, it calibrates your vibration to that of the ascending planet. Furthermore, when you merge with Gaia, you tune into the growing mass of multidimensional thoughts and emotions of all the other Ascended Masters within a clay form. Therefore, as ONE Being, you are learning to perceive daily life through the higher perspective of your Multidimensional SELF.

The more you allow your “imagination” to see that which is beyond the perception of your clay form, the more you will activate your multidimensional abilities. Trust what you are experiencing and release the old programing of a frightened and controlled 3D world that told you it was crazy, wrong, unscientific or blasphemy to perceive the higher realities. You are moving into the fifth dimension now, and all the rules under which you lived your 3D life are extinct. If you focus now on exploring and practicing your expanded abilities, as well as staying in constant contact with your higher dimensional guides and expressions of SELF, your ascension process will become a normal part of your daily life.

In closing, I ask you to listen to the voice within above all others and run everything through your High Heart. If it does not feel right, do not proceed. If it feels like love, move into and embrace that energy. Remember that YOU can talk to any of us in the higher frequencies of reality. Just call upon our assistance, and we will joyfully assist and/or instruct you. After all, you are our family members who are visiting a lower frequency of reality. We await your return with open hearts. Of course, we know you are coming here for, in our reality, you have never left.

Blessings on your return Home,
El Morya


First Entry

My Journal about Creating New Earth


I wake up in the morning and allow my first thought to be, “I am creating New Earth.” Before I arise from my bed, I look around my room to see it’s fifth dimensional expression. I feel the wondrous bed of Light and peer out the window to see an aquamarine sky with silver sparkles. There is no alarm clock here to disturb me, so when I hear that old third dimensional noise in my memory, I smile and say, “I remember that way of starting the day.”

Then I rise and go into my grooming room. When I look into the mirror I see the face of my Lightbody. As I bend over the sink, I see a lovely stream running through that room in which I can bathe in the clear, crystalline water. I then go to my closet and see the new type of clothing that I wear in this wondrous new world. When I go into what would have been the kitchen, I tell my replicator what I want for breakfast and walk out onto the lovely terrace overlooking the fifth dimensional landscape to enjoy my meal.

As I look over the lovely scenery, I paint a picture of it in my min, so that I can remember it when I go back to the third dimension. Yes, I still go back there, now and again. At first, I was running there all the time. There were things I needed to finish up, people to assist in coming here and others to whom I had to say goodbye. When I saw how difficult my adjustment to this new kind of life was, I stopped judging those who decided to stay there.

After so many lifetimes of separation and limitation the total unity with all life and freedom from all barriers was difficult to believe and hard to trust. Happily, I am over that confusion now. I can’t say how long it took me to get used to this place, as there is no time here. However, NOW this is my Home.

With my meal complete, I put the dishes back into the replicator to be returned to their molecular state. I do not need to grab a jacket or carry a briefcase as the weather is always perfect and work is not work. If I want to experience a season, I can visit any planet via a Portal or enjoy a holographic experience. Also, “work” is now “purpose.” I meet with a group of like-minded people and we work as ONE to continue to create, stabilize and explore our new world.

Today, I am in a pensive mood, so I will take the airbus to my office. I could also take the transporter, but today I want to see more of this wonderful new life. With the very thought that I need to catch the bus, the airbus appears and I enter. There are many friendly faces that I see whenever I take this form of travel. We enjoy sharing our experiences of adapting to this world. Some of them still take frequent trips to the Matrix World, which is our name for the illusion of third dimensional Earth. There are still many people who cannot open their minds yet to this reality. Therefore, no matter how hard we try to convince them, they refuse to believe in our world.

They call us crazy, and many of them shy away or are actually rude when we try to approach them. I think that is I why I stopped going there very much. Eventually, they will open their minds, or they will “die” to that world and be born on this one. However, if their minds are still closed, they will be born in one of the Threshold versions of this world. The residents of the Matrix World are the in-between people. They have enough light to maintain a residence there, but not enough to raise their consciousness to this reality. They still need to have something “bad” or beneath them in some way, so that they can feel “good” about themselves.

We worry about them and wonder if we will ever see them again. However, we are told that all of us have our Soul SELF in the mid-fifth dimensional reality. Therefore, no one will be totally lost to us, even our enemies. That is why we must stay here until we have forgiven all the darkness that we have ever experienced. Then, we can see the Souls that are always clear, even though they have decided to take the role of “villain” in the pre-ascension Earth.

Oh, here is my stop. I will talk to you more in your “later” and in my NOW.


Second Entry

My Life On New Earth


I took the transporter home because I wanted to get here instantly so that I could continue this journal. I have heard that we can communicate beyond time, so I am trying to send these entries to the time just before our ascension. Our teachers, who prefer to be called Friends, are helping us to restore our full memory, They remind us that we can assist the process of ascension before it even begins, that is before it begins in that time-line. I have decided to create this journal so that those just before ascension can see what a wonderful reality they are coming to.

I am not a special person at all, nor was I special before my ascension. I was a young man in my early twenties just beginning to find myself. I was not particularly spiritual, but my mind was very open to that “movement,” which I had heard a bit about. I would not say that I had given any great service to humanity or that I was even connected to any Spirit Guides. I was just a regular young man trying to find myself.

What I found was much more than I could have ever imagined. My awakening was quite gradual, in that day-by-day I began to recognize small changes in my thoughts and habits. Of course, now I know that thoughts ARE habits, so I was actually changing. However, at that time, I didn’t know that. I thought that I was just trying to adapt to a world that seemed to be falling apart. I had a college degree, but it did me little good, as there were no jobs. The financial world was totally falling apart, and the weather was out of control.

The thing that surprised me was that I was not afraid. I don’t know why I wasn’t afraid. In fact, I thought maybe I was a bit crazy or some kind of loser that I was not worried about whether or not I couldn’t “make an impact” on the world. I guess I was a bit of a kid in a man’s body. However, I did have some unusual dreams. I kept having dreams of losing people. These people were in my life and, then, they were suddenly gone. I would wake up in the morning quite upset. Often I would text these people, and sure enough, they would answer the text, wondering why I was contacting them so early in the morning.

I guess they were surprised because I usually slept in. I mean, my job was of no consequence; in fact, I can’t quite remember what it was. I think that is another reason why I am writing this journal. I am forgetting that reality more and more. I do want to do something important now. I mean, my purpose of assisting with creating this new world is wonderfully purposeful, but I as though like I left that world without really doing anything for it. Maybe I just feel guilty that I ascended.

Our “Friends” tell us that guilt is one of the harder habits to release, and I can attest to that. They also say that all time is an illusion, so if there is anything in that last reality that we would like to re-do, we can. I want to re-do the fact that I didn’t give anything, yet I received so very much by coming here. I feel the unconditional love rising within me at the mere thought of how blessed I am to have come here. The Friends tell us that our ascension is a birthright and that we don’t need to do anything other than chose to come here. I guess I would like others who might see this to know that bit of information.

I would also like to share a bit of my process so that it won’t be too frightening to those who are in the time-line in which ascension is just beginning. I was frightened, but at the same time not frightened. I know that may sound impossible, but many paradoxes happened towards the end, or was it the beginning? I mean, at the end of that reality, but the beginning of this one. Therefore, I will call that process the “Transition.” At the time, it did not feel like an ending or a beginning. It felt like a transition from one way of seeing reality to another.

In fact, it was “seeing” the Transition that happened first for me. Others would hear things, feel things or just Know that something very different was happening. I had always been a bit of a sci-fi buff, so my transition began with seeing “flying saucers.” Of course, now I know that that is not the correct term, as they do not fly and they are no saucers. They transport, and they are more like houses because Beings (people may not be the correct word) live on them, sometimes for hundred of years.

Also, they do not move by flying. Instead, they move by thought direction. They are in one area, and then the Captain or Engineer, whoever is in the Command Center, merges with the Ship and thinks of a location. Instantly, the Ship is there. However, when I saw them on 3D Earth they looked like they were flying, which they would pretend to do for the sake of the grounded ones. The inhabitants of the Ships appear after the landings would think themselves into a form that was not too frightening to their observers. On the other hand, they could determine whether a person would be upset by their true appearance, and would show that if that observer was fine with it.

Being a sci-fi person, I thought it was cool to see their different forms, so they showed them to me. However, if I were standing next to someone who didn’t want that truth, they would see a humanoid form. At first, I thought I was crazy because I saw things that other people didn’t. Maybe that was why I could come here. I was not afraid. Maybe because my life was so useless and devoid of purpose, I was able to embrace what seemed impossible at the time? The Friends tell us that our Souls are in control of our transition and create whatever reality will lead us to our ascension.

I believe whatever the Friends tell us, as their unconditional love leads me to totally appreciate their help, but on 3D Earth I had NO concept of my even having a Soul. I was not religious or exceptionally smart or even well read. I was just a guy trying to get by in a very difficult world. On the other hand, I do now feel my true SELF inside of me, and I know that I am in the process of fully expressing that version of consciousness. When I can fully remember and become my true SELF, I will remember how to move beyond this reality and into the higher dimensional expressions of life.

I think that writing this journal is an important part of that Transition, for our Transition does not end with the ascension. In fact, our Transition BEGINS with our ascension. Anyway, I guess I created this form of reality (I do finally admit that I am creating everything in my life) so that I can give now what I was unable to give before I ascended to this world. What I want to give to whomever reads this journal is that YOU don’t have to DO anything or even BE anything special.

You, whomever you are, deserve to ascend because you chose to ascend. I am just now remembering all the many lives I had on Earth and all the many things I did in those incarnations. I don’t fully understand why I was just the “regular guy” when I ascended, but maybe it was to write this journal and to say that in your time-line:

You deserve to ascend simply because you ARE.



Third Entry

The Tunnel


I hope it hasn’t been too long since you have heard from me in your time. I have no way of knowing, as we do not have time here, as you know it. I have a strong impression that my journey is being read. I don’t know how to explain how I know things here, as I am just getting the hang of “Knowing.” The Friends say that the most important thing is that we trust ourselves. There are no enemies here to be on-guard against and we don’t have “bosses” who tell us what we have to do. We DO what we ARE. I didn’t know what that meant before, and I still can’t explain it, but I do Know it.

I remember how at the end of our old world, or was it the beginning of this new one, we all went into a sleeping-like state. Time seemed to grind to a standstill and, along the end of time, all our routines, duties, obligations and responsibilities seemed to have little importance. We all felt as if we were half awake and half asleep. We would move around and do some small thing, like feed our bodies, and then we would doze off for another “sleep.” It wasn’t until we met in this world that we realized that all of us were doing the same thing.

It seemed like an eternal Sunday where our obligations were not calling us, but something else was pulling us deep, deep inside of ourselves. It seemed as if we were at the edge of a deep tunnel, but this tunnel was filled with a warm glow and a welcoming presence. There was no obligation to enter this inner tunnel, but the temptation was irresistible. At first we entered it shyly, like a young kitten moving towards a saucer of milk. However, after we had gone just a short way into the tunnel, we woke up without ever knowing we had gone to sleep.

Finally, I decided that the next time I would remain awake the whole time I was in the tunnel. However, the tunnel seemed infinite and I could take only so much of the light, which grew brighter and brighter as I went deeper into the inner tunnel. I had never meditated before, so I was unable to understand then that the inner tunnel was a representation of my journey into the Core of my consciousness. In fact, I didn’t even know exactly what consciousness meant. The thing was, I didn’t really have a choice, and the drive to enter that tunnel was so overwhelming that I couldn’t resist it.

The Friends have told us that there were many people who did not give up their daily routines, did not enter the tunnel, and some of them didn’t even see it. There were many who could not believe in their own perceptions enough to trust themselves. Instead, they saw the tunnel as some form of hallucination that needed to be resisted.

Many were experiencing these inner tunnels of light, but the ones who were afraid to think outside of the box were sure that there was poison gas or something. There was quite a buzz about the possibilities of great harm. On the other hand, those who entered the tunnel could not believe there was any harm because the tunnel felt so warm, safe, secure and, well, loving. Since these love-filled tunnels were inside of our own imagination, or consciousness as I later learned, we had the unusual experience of truly loving our self.

The best part of this love was that it was unconditional. We didn’t have to do anything special or be anyone different or better. Likely, for the first time in our life, we felt that we were perfect just the way we were. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful that was for me. As I said before, I was just a regular kind of guy. I had done nothing special, nor did I feel special in any way. Nonetheless, while I was in the tunnel I felt as though, I don’t know how to say it, I as though like I were ALIVE for the very first time.

Because I had to slowly adapt to the tunnel I would eventually “fall asleep” and wake up outside of the tunnel, but each time I could stay in the tunnel longer and go deeper and deeper into it. As I went further into this inner tunnel of light the sensations began to change. At first they were soft and gentle, like a morning breeze. However, as I entered deeper parts of the tunnel, the light became as bright as a mid-day Sun in summer. It was then that the changes began to take place.

For one thing, when I went into the tunnel again, I found myself no longer at the beginning of it, but instead at the place/brightness that I was in before I “fell asleep.” Once I entered this brightness, the sense of love became so overwhelming that my body could hardly contain it. In fact, the body that I went into the tunnel with was NOT the same body I was wearing at this depth of the tunnel. Yes, I know that sounds weird, but as I continue this journal you will read things that are much weirder than that.

Before I close this journal entry, let me tell you what happened to my body when I was in that light. It is hard to describe it, but it was as if my body kind of disappeared into the light and actually became the light. While I was in the tunnel it was as if I had no body at all. Then, when I “woke up” in my old world, my body was glowing and felt very different. At first I could only hold this glow and unique feeling for a few seconds, which progressed to minutes, then even as long as an hour.

For a long time I was stuck at the hour mark of being able to maintain that light body, and I was getting frustrated. Then, I began to hear voices in the tunnel and see glistening forms quickly move past me. At first this frightened me, and I immediately found myself outside of the tunnel. I decided that my fear didn’t allow me to stay in that light, so I concentrated on overcoming that old habit of fearing anything that was new.

With the release of that old fear of change, my process progressed exponentially. The first difference is that, without the fear, I stopped “falling asleep.” I began to learn that when I had experienced all that my consciousness could hold, I would will myself out of the tunnel. I learned this skill by mistake. One time, I was becoming overwhelmed and on the edge of that old feeling of fea,r and I instinctively called out, “Enough!”

Instantly, I was outside of the tunnel, and able to remember every part of my experience because I had not fallen “asleep.” I had learned to accept that which I did not understand and to wait until I could understand it. Because of this new attitude, in which I was free of fear and self-judgment, I found I could accept greater and greater light. Furthermore, the unknown light beings that had swished past me before could feel my growing self-confidence and remained still at the edge of my vision until I was ready to address them.

Inside the tunnel there was no time, so I don’t know how long it took before I found the courage to address them, but in outside, earth time it was quite a while. Suddenly, one day I told myself that when I went into the tunnel this time, I would address these beings. That was when I first met the Friends. Since that first meeting they have been my continual companions. I say “they” because they are of a Group Consciousness. Generally, they exist as pure consciousness but will willingly take on any form that makes us comfortable so that we can better communicate with them.

I feel as if I should take a moment here to tell you that my life within the tunnel gradually became the time when I was AWAKE, whereas my life outside of the tunnel became the time when I was asleep. I walked through my mundane life as if I were dreaming. Somehow, I knew that I had to continue to play the “3D Game,” and go to work, pay my bills, do my chores and see my friends and family. However, I found that I was mostly spending time with people within, with whom I could share my experiences in the tunnel, because they too, had discovered and entered that inner tunnel.

We even got together in groups and went into our “separate” inner tunnel and found each other in the tunnel that we had formerly thought was just ours. First, we started in the same room, and then we found that we could be anywhere. All we had to do was decide to meet in the tunnel. Then, no matter what time or place we were in outside of the tunnel, sure enough, we would find each other inside our “own” inner tunnel.

At this point, the separation between tunnel, friends and family was not the same in our outer worlds, either, because we all felt like ONE being when we met inside. This is when I/we addressed the Beings who appeared to live inside the tunnel. On the other hand, one of the first things they told us was there is NO outside or inside, for there is NO time or space to create that kind of “separation.”

That statement was a bit of a shock for me. Even though I had experienced that unity, I figured that was just inside the tunnel, and the tunnel wasn’t real, was it? I guess I had been so enamored with the “meditations” I was having that I never thought that I was actually moving into a whole different reality that was based on a totally opposite foundation.

The shift from thinking in terms of time and space to Here and Now is largely why we are in New Earth. This reality appears much like our old life in many ways. We appear to have separate bodies, but we do see the light that flows between them and connects us to all life. Also, the bodies warp in and out between Lightbody and a denser version of that form. The Friends have told us that this denser version, which looks like our old form, except it is totally healed and youthful, is a temporary condition until we are ready to move into the Mid-fifth dimensional realities.

Personally, I am not quite ready for that. Besides, I am really enjoying this world. I am planning now, which could always change, to stay in this world, the New Earth, and help the ones in Matrix World to see what they are missing. Also, I feel as though I need to gain more wisdom, inner power, and I need some more work on the unconditional love of my self. The Friends tell us that our full force of unconditional love, which is the Source of all creation, will only be realized when we love ourselves unconditionally. In other words, we can only send out as much unconditional love as we can accept for our self.

Oh, yes, that brings up the whole part about our Multidimensional SELF and how we have myriad expressions of our SELF all over the Multiverse. But I will have to understand that a LOT more before I can share it with you, whomever you are. I am signing off for now, but I send you my unconditional love.


Fourth Entry

The Arcturian Corridor


I wanted to start this entry with more about our journey into the tunnel. As we all became more comfortable in the tunnel, we begin to hear what the fleeting Beings around us were saying. It was very interesting, for when we shared what we had heard, we found that we all had a very personal version of that particular topic. Therefore, even though all of us, and our group was growing bigger everyday, thought that we were hearing the same message, each of us was being personally addressed.

How can this be, we wondered? In response, we all heard the same response, which was, “Your multidimensional consciousness is fully operational inside of our Corridor.” At once we all thought, “Who is our?” and “What Corridor.” It was then that we first learned about the Arcturian Corridor. The tunnel was actually a Corridor through which all Beings pass whenever they move into a higher dimensional expression of life. They also move through this Corridor when they move into a lower dimension, such as being born on third dimensional Earth.

In this manner, we met the first members of the Friends. Once we met the Arcturians our transformations began. When we were outside of the Corridor in our “normal” 3D life, we struggled with doubting that our experiences were real. Therefore, we exchanged email addresses and began to communicate on a regular basis that, “Yes, this is happening.” And, “No, we are not crazy or making this up.” I cannot tell you how important these regular messages were. For us it was so VERY important to know that others shared our experience and we were not alone.

In fact, more and more, the concept of “alone” was leaving our thoughts and emotions. We had such a wonderful support group that we always had someone to talk to whenever we doubted our process. As we moved deeper through the Corridor, in our meditations, our process of transmutation (the word the Arcturians used for change) became quite challenging. I say “in our meditations” because we all still had physical bodies, physical lives, families, friends, jobs, responsibilities and all those aspects of 3D life. However, we were becoming increasingly attracted to our visits in the Corridor and cared less and less about our 3D reality.

We were learning from the Arcturians, and other members of the Friends who communed with us, that we were ascending into a higher dimension of reality. Many of us, including myself, had great difficulty with that concept. I had never heard the word “ascend” except to go up stairs or something. Also, the word “dimensions” has a very 3D meaning. Since I was always a Sci Fi buff, I enjoyed the thought of other worlds and different kinds of life forms, but I thought it was, well, fiction.

At this point, fiction was becoming fact and all the facts of life that I had held so dear were becoming completely obsolete. The shift in my thinking was creating great anxiety until I finally got the nerve while I was in the Corridor to ask the Arcturians about my problem. I will quote them, as will never forget what they said:

“Our dear ascending one, we wish to tell you that all the world is changing because you are changing and not the other way around. YOU are the creator of your reality, and because you have chosen to return to our Corridor again and again, you are becoming a higher frequency version of your great, Multidimensional SELF. It is through the expanded perceptions of your SELF that you are able to perceive the higher dimensional version of Earth. This reality was always there. You just were not, yet, calibrated to perceive it.”

That short statement makes up the bulk of all the lessons that we are learning on New Earth. As we expand the frequency of our SELF, we are able to directly experience realities that were once only “science fiction.” Therefore, I must share with you that I am not at the end of my ascension. Instead, I am at the beginning of it.

And, so are YOU!!

The journey continues in Part II:


Looking Through the Third Eye
Activating the Pineal Gland Part II

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Fifth Entry

The Light Within The Corridor


I wanted to tell you a bit more about our experiences in the Corridor. As I said before, the Corridor became brighter and brighter as we moved deeper into it. I want to add that, as the light became brighter, it began to take on different colors. At first the light was a soft pink, which made us all feel very safe, protected and, well, loved. None of us thought it was possible for a light to give us love, so we thought that it was the Arcturian's love that we were feeling. However, as usual, the Arcturians read our minds and said, "Although we love you unconditionally, it is the light that is sending you the love. You see, this light is "alive."

Alive light was yet another totally unique concept that we had to understand. Fortunately, we were learning that if we just stopped asking questions and surrendered to the experience that, eventually, our questions would be answered from within. Because we were able to surrender into this pink light, we could feel how it was alive. It seemed to collect around whatever semblance of form we still possessed to create a sense of knowing that was superimposed over all of our questions.

Then, gradually, the pink light morphed into a cozy orange light that felt as if an inner lantern was lighting our way into a new way of being, a re-birth. Just as we became comfortable with that concept, the light turned into a warm yellow glow that empowered us beyond our wildest dreams. We felt wise beyond our years and totally confident that, whatever it was we were doing, was right.

Since there was no sense of time within the Corridor, we had no way of knowing how long we were in each hue of light. It seemed that some of us needed more exposure to certain colors and less exposure to other colors. But I must say that "color" is not the correct term. It was more that we were in different, and progressive, frequencies of energy, and the color was the language of that frequency. We even learned that we could send different colors of light to each other, which actually became different kinds of messages. We were beginning to release the habit of talking in words and were learning to talk in colors and frequencies of light.

It seemed that all of us took a break outside of the Corridor before we moved into the green light. It seemed that this light was far more alive than the other ones, and we instinctively knew that we would have to prepare our consciousness to be able to accept it. We were becoming so lovingly united that we all had the same impression at the same time. This gave us great comfort. We decided to stay outside of the Corridor for what was 7 days in that Earth time to prepare for this next frequency of light.

At the end of one week, we all returned, how could we abandon each other or this wonderful process? We huddled closely together and awaited the green glow that we saw emerging from the depths of the Corridor. This light was more alive than all the other ones put together. This light was, yes, we realized all within the same moment, this glorious light was Gaia! She came upon us as softly as a falling leaf and surrounded us like a green dawn. We were warmed by her light, chilled by Her depth, caressed by Her love and enlivened by Her strength.

As the green light flowed into our being, we were almost overwhelmed by the varieties of green that one Being could simultaneously emote. We were the vast fields of early wheat blowing in the wind, the deep green of huge forests, the bright green of infinite meadows, the flowing green of fern-lined streams. All of the shades, all of these variations of manifestation of life flowed into us like the first breath of a newborn babe. We gasped, trying to inhale this powerful life-form, and sobbed like a baby as we exhaled that great life-form into myriad shades of green light.

Then, we were totally silent, each of us together, yet alone, struggling to surrender without becoming lost. As one person we thought, "If this is lost, then we are found," and we fell into the green. It was then that I had my first truly multidimensional experience, for as I traveled throughout all that Gaia had ever grown, I was US! I clearly experienced my every sensation simultaneously with every sensation of every one in our group.

We were ONE with each other and ONE with Gaia!


Sixth Entry

The Blue Light


I am sitting on my terrace again looking at the vast vista before. This scenery is special because it is a composite of what I see and how I see it. One of the things that we are learning here is how much our state of consciousness influences how we perceive reality. That thought about the perception of reality comes to my mind now because I was just thinking of some friends who chose not to join us. While I was in the Corridor with my group, I didn't miss anyone from my old life. It was as if I had died, but I also knew I was alive.

Some people "died to me," not because they died, but because they chose not to join me/us on New Earth. I went back to Matrix World as many times as I could to try to awaken some of the people I cared about, as well as others I had never met. Some awoke and chose to ascend to New Earth and some never did awaken for as long as I knew them. Others awakened, but chose to stay there. I know that they are in the temporary Earth, which is actually a holographic matrix, but they believe it is real. Therefore, to them, it is. However, it can't be real to me any more because I have been through the Corridor.

I remember now, I left off my story with our integration of the Green Light. Just as we prepared for seven Earth days to accept the frequency of this light, we took seven Earth days outside the Corridor to integrate the planetary life force of that light into our consciousness. I say "consciousness" instead of body, as we were becoming increasingly detached from our physical earth vessel. We were remembering and becoming a much higher frequency of Being. This Being encompassed our earth vessel, but was not limited by it. In fact, our earth vessel was now perceived as the anchor that kept our consciousness connected to physical Earth.

When we met in the Corridor again, there were many more of us. In fact, there were so many of us that we could not perceive any portion of the Corridor that was not occupied by awakening ones. The Arcturians told us that because we are all ONE, when the life force of the Green Light, which was filled with unconditional love, entered us it entered everyone everywhere who could allow themselves to perceive it. The love and unity of life force that filled the Corridor was so powerful that we became ONE Being with many versions of expression. That was my first experience of how it would feel on New Earth.

After the Arcturians congratulated us, we settled in to accept what we knew would be a Blue Light. This time, the light didn't gradually come into us. Instead, it was suddenly there, as the sky is there whenever you go outside or look out a window. Whereas the Green Light was a bit overwhelming, the Blue Light was like a breath of fresh air. As one person, we inhaled this frequency, which immediately activated a flow of creativity beyond what we had ever known.

This creativity activated a completely different manner of thinking, and our perceptions became increasingly complex as many possible versions of reality intermingled like clouds in a clear sky. In fact, when we looked at each other we saw the myriad potentials of expression that we each carried within our consciousness. The Corridor appeared to become much larger, as if to contain the many versions of our self.This light was so easily embraced that we were immediately ready to move into the next Light.

Little did we know, how different that experience would be.


Seventh Entry

The Indigo Light


The Indigo Light did not come to us from within the Corridor. It came to us from within our Self. At first we all saw a tiny speck of Indigo Light in the center of our forehead, between our eyes. At first, I though I was seeing things, which indeed I was. However, I was still addicted to the third dimensional thinking in which the world was "outside" of me. Therefore, when I saw something apparently coming from inside of me, I was quite confused. This confusion mounted as the Light became larger and brighter.

I tried to look around the Corridor to see what the others were experiencing, but I saw them "inside" of me. I don't know how to explain this experience to those who still think third dimensionally, but I will try. My experience was that all of reality was inside the Corridor - that was inside of the Indigo Light - that was inside of me. Furthermore, at the same time, I was inside the Indigo Light - that was inside the Corridor - that was inside of all of us - who were now ONE Being.

The sensation was so disorienting that I became incredibly dizzy and felt constantly on the edge of passing out. But, what would it mean to pass out when I was inside of everyone who was inside of me. My mind became so boggled by the experience that it took all my concentration to stay within the Corridor. I had not come this far to pull out now. Therefore, I held on tenaciously--to what, I don't know. Maybe I was just holding on to staying conscious.

At the moment of that thought, I realized how much of my life I had spent in an unconscious manner. I was sleep walking while I went to school, went to my boring job, had beer with my friends and saw a ballgame, etc. etc... My entire life was a series of meaningless situations. To make it worse, I continually lied to myself that everything was just cool. That is, until I woke up. The waking up was when I first entered the "tunnel," as I called it then. In the midst of my commiserations, the Indigo Light bored deeper into my mind. Or was it OUR mind?

Then, suddenly, the Light was gone and so was I. I mean, I was gone because I had no body. I know I was there because I could still see the Light, but I could not see my body or the body of the others. In fact, there were no "others." There was only the Indigo Light, but I could still FEEL the consciousness of all the ones I had come to know and, yes, love. It was then that I realized that the love I had so desperately sought before was everywhere. I would like to say within me and within the Light, but they were the same. And neither the Light nor I had any form at all.

There was only freedom, love and, yes, there was joy.


Eighth Entry

Dividing of the Worlds


Eventually, I could no longer remain conscious within the Indigo Light and I returned to the physical world with a jolt, with the message "Dividing of the Worlds" in my mind. At that time, I had no idea what those words meant until I showered, ate and stepped outside. Again, I could hardly maintain consciousness for everywhere I looked I saw two, or more, versions of reality.

I blinked my eyes again and again, but these were not the eyes I was looking through. I was looking at the world through my forehead. I later learned that I was looking through my Third Eye, which is exactly what it felt like. To make matters even more confusing, if I were still, I could see things through the side of my head and even through the back of my head. Therefore, at first, I did NOT remain still. I tried to busy myself with myriad mundane tasks to ignore this new experience.

At the time, I had no way of knowing that this "new experience" was actually a great gift. This gift was much like getting a new car when I did not know to drive. Whenever I allowed my consciousness to rise above mundane tasks, I began to see two, or three, or even more realities intermingled into one. Then, I would crash into things, knock things over, and stumble around. I had to call in sick to work and isolate myself from my friends. How could I explain this "condition" to anyone?

Finally, I learned that if I closed my physical eyes, I could see through only my Third Eye. That is when it started to be amazing. I could look out my window and see two or three energy fields merging into one or pulling apart from each other. I didn't know at the time, at least not at first, that those energy fields were possible realities. Then, gradually, I began to realize that if I stared into only one of these energy fields, with my physical eyes closed, shapes, pictures and activities would gradually take form. That is when I could see that the landings were beginning.

The "landings" meant the landing of the Space Ships. Of course, they didn't exactly land. They hovered. Then suddenly, they would take off in a flash at an impossible angle of turn. Or, they would just disappear. The Ship was there, and then it wasn't. At first, everyone ran out and filmed the Ships with their phones and posted them on YouTube. But, eventually, the Ships became normal, like clouds.

Some days there were a lot of Ships. In fact, they would practically fill the sky. Then, on other days, or even weeks, there would be no Ships at all. It was then that we began to realize that we actually missed them when they were gone too long. In fact, we would get depressed or angry or lonely. It took us a while to figure it out, but the Ships gave us something.

When the Ships were in the sky we felt protected, which was very important. By that time, the entire world was turning upside down. It seemed that everything that had once been important was now obsolete. Also, people stopped caring about doing all their mundane tasks. Money was so was unreliable that we didn't fret over paying bills. Jobs were so scarce that those were unemployed stopped looking, and, some of us who had a mundane job going nowhere, like me, simply quit.

How could I quit my job when work was so hard to find. It had to do with the Ships. We all started having dreams about being on the Ships, working on the Ships and being instructed about how to operate a Ship. It was so fascinating that we all hurried off home to go to bed so we could have another dream.

Then we began to dream that the Ships were actually landing, and, sure enough, shortly after that they started to land. We were not surprised at all, as we had been warned in our "sleep." However, one of the first things they told us when we were awake was that we were never dreaming. Instead, we had been visiting them on our higher frequency astral body.

We had NO idea what that meant.


Ninth Entry

Accepting the Impossible


With the landing of the Star Ships (the name the Galactics used) our lives on Earth were totally different. The first thing that happened is that the News began to really be NEW. By that I mean that it was no longer the same old stories of wars and problems with money and people finally standing up for themselves. For the first time in my life, people were talking about the future instead of the past. The Friends, which is the name we all called the Galactics, appeared on the News via Internet, radio and television many times every day. Oh, yes, the word ET was replaced with the term Galactics. One of first the things the Galactics told us was that they were not just our "Friends," they were also our family, our Galactic Family.

You would think this would be shocking news, but everyone took it as if they already knew. Remember how I said before that the Ships somehow changed us, even before they landed? I think that they opened our minds in some way. Well, actually, I know now that they did open our minds, and I know exactly how. What the Galactics did is that they "cut off" the constant stream of ELF waves that were being broadcast through our airways via every possible means. These Extremely Low Frequencies were sent by the elite few who were actually running our world.

These ELF waves can have a huge effect on human behavior. With the external transmission ended, we all begin to remember and to know things that we had never even thought of before. The Friends told us that without the external noise to mask our own inner states of consciousness, we would begin to download and integrate our multidimensional consciousness. While external forces were consciously and unconsciously controlling us, our inner Portal to the fifth dimension was beyond our conception.

As usual, they were right about this. Shortly after they discontinued the transmission of these waves, we all began to have dreams and meditations of a great Portal opening before us. In fact, we had these dreams and meditations so many times that when we saw the Portals in our daily consciousness, we were excited rather than frightened. Again, the Friends prepared us for changes in our third dimensional reality by coming into our higher states of consciousness us in accepting the impossible.

In fact, "accept the impossible" became our theme. So many things were changing in such sudden and impossible ways that we would have been reeling in confusion and anxiety if not for the Friends' teachings. There is much more I would like to tell you about the ELF frequencies and Portals, but I must close for now.

Besides, I don't know if you will be able to understand what I am talking about before you have gone through the Violet Light.


Tenth Entry

The NOW Is Always Occurring


Once the Friends turned off the controlling frequency waves, which we never knew were there, we were so surprised to experience an inner quiet. Gradually, our dream lives became increasingly lucid, and our meditations began to take us on group journeys. Of course, we did not know that we were having the same meditation until we talked to each other. However, once we found that more than a few of us were having the same meditation, we began sharing our meditations on the Internet so that people all over the world could know whether or not they, too, were sharing that experience. That was when we found out that our dreams and meditations of being in the Corridor were exactly the same all over the world.

I realize now that I never told you how I started going into the Tunnel, which I later discovered was the Arcturian Corridor. I never told you that information because I could not remember. Just as we all forgot our higher life when we took on a physical body, most of us forgot much about our physical life once we came here to New Earth. I mean, we remembered it in that we returned to assist others, but I just realized through the process of writing this journey that there are many holes in my memory about how I actually got here. I think that remembering how I got here was an important reason why I felt a need to write to your timeline.

Actually, that sounds like an ego reason, but I guess that I am to be a type of teacher here. Therefore, I will start my teaching by telling those in your timeline how you, too, can get here. In other words, as I teach you, I also teach myself. Therefore, I must remember the detail of how I entered that first tunnel, which I now know was a Portal. Since New Earth resonates to the fifth dimension, there is no time as you know it in your dimension. Therefore, putting events into a sequential form is something that we quickly forget upon our arrival. We do not need that skill. Therefore, there is no reason to retain it.

In fact, our consciousness is fully calibrated to perceive all reality in a multidimensional fashion. That is why I can look into your timeline to see that you are nearing the opening of the First Portal of 11.11.11. Of course, there are myriad Portals that will open because these Portals are accessed from within each person. This statement may seem very confusing to you who still function third dimensionally, but our frequency of reality is accessed by logging-out of your 3D Holographic Reality and logging-in to our true Multidimensional SELF. You will log-out of that Holographic Reality through the Portal that you will find with your higher dimensional perceptions.

Some of you will see these Portals, some of you will feel them, some of you will hear them and some of you will only experience them while you are asleep. I realize now that I was in my fourth dimensional dream body when I found my first "tunnel," as I called it. I had to be asleep because my life had not come across any information that would allow me to believe that it could be possible to enter a Portal into a higher dimension of reality. I write this journal in hopes that someone will read it and become aware of the True reality that they are NOW experiencing via their Multidimensional SELF. I remember how confusing that statement is to time-bound thinking, so please believe me when I say that a reality in the NOW is ALWAYS occurring.

It is the challenge of keeping your consciousness awake to my timeless reality while maintaining your physical shell that is creating the fatigue that I perceive in the bodies of those in your timeline. I know that what I am saying may be very confusing. However, it is your time-bound thinking that ties you to a reality that is coming into its completion. I can see the myriad possible realities that are converging and intersecting in your world, and I wonder which of you will choose which possible reality. I guess what I want to tell you is, "Please contact the highest expression of your SELF that you can imagine and allow that version of your reality to make those choices for you."

This highest expression of your SELF resonates to the octave of the Violet Light. Ultraviolet is the highest perceivable light on any octave/dimension of reality. Hence, it is the resonance which will allow you to transmute your consciousness into the next dimension of reality. In fact, it is the resonance of Violet Light that will guide you to the opening of your Portal into the higher frequency expressions of reality.

By the time I had adapted to the Indigo Light of the Corridor, I knew I was ready to become a higher version of my SELF, but I did not know how. Therefore, I needed to re-enter the Corridor.

In other words, I was ready to go inside of myself to enter the Corridor in a fully conscious manner to return Home to my Multidimensional SELF.


Eleventh Entry

The Violet Light


I return to you now because I can see how many of you are preparing yourselves for your great transition. It is through the Violet Light, the "fire" of transmutation, that this transition begins. Once I had decided that I was ready to BE this higher version of my SELF that I felt deep within me, I began to feel myriad changes in my physical body. Many of us thought that we were "sick," but because of my conscious decision to return to my true SELF, I knew that my "sickness" was my body trying to catch up with my consciousness. That is when I began to hear the voice of the Arcturians in my daily life.

These voices first began during meditation, which I had fully embraced by then. Then, I began to have a certain feeling, which is difficult to describe. I would have to say that the feeling was an intense urge to stop, close my eyes, take a deep breath with a long exhale and listen to my inner Self. As soon as I would do that, I would feel my consciousness begin to expand. Then had the feeling that only a small part of "me" was in my body and the rest of me was beyond the confines of my physical form. I say "beyond" rather than "outside" because the greater sense of myself was INSIDE.

When I turned my eyes, actually my eye-my Third Eye-around to look inside I could see the Corridor. Very often before this time I found myself IN the Corridor, but I could not remember how I had entered it. Now, for the first time, I could see the light that led to this entry. That light, of course, was Violet. At first the Violet Light was very small, as if the opening to the Corridor was far away. But, how could it be far away if it was inside of me? Could I have been that vast within my SELF? The voice inside then said, "YOU, our beloved, are more vast than you can imagine."

This time I heard the voice echoing from deep, deep inside of me, and as I put my attention onto it, the Violet Light became brighter. I asked for more inner instructions and heard, "Follow the FEEL of our voice and the GLOW of the Violet Light." Upon hearing these words my body began to shake and I had to focus on deep breathing to calm myself and, especially, to stay conscious. There was a part of me that wanted to leave. At the time, I did not understand that feeling, but now I know that that was the part of me that was totally ready for ascension. However, there were other parts of me that still held fear and attachment to my old life. Hence, a battle started to be waged within me.

The shaking became faster and my breathing deeper and, almost, desperate. I was loosing ALL control of this situation. It was as if I was in a run-away car with no breaks. However, at the same time, I would not have used the breaks if they were there because I was beginning to experience a euphoric feeling beyond anything I had ever known. I then heard, "Surrender to your feelings and release all resistance." At first, all I could do was to say to myself, "Surrender and Release." I said this over and over, more times than I could count. My words made me feel more in control, which calmed the fear I had not realized I was feeling. Then, I pulled all the shaking into my Core and slowed my breath.

At that moment I felt like a rocket ship that had just been launched. I knew that my body was perfectly still, but my consciousness, my Essence, was soaring beyond the speed of light into the unknown, AND I was loving it. Never had I experienced such freedom and glory. I had had myriad experiences in the Corridor before, but nothing was like this. I hoped that I was still breathing and wondered if I would ever return. But, where would I return to? Who would I return to? And, why would I ever want to leave here?

"It is not your time-yet!" whispered the inner voice, and suddenly, it was over. I was back sitting on my chair with the biggest smile my face could carry. All I could think was, "WOW!" I looked around my room. It was the same. My chair was the same, my desk was the same, and when I looked out the window, the world looked the same. However, I was NOT the same. I knew that what I had experienced was a "preview of coming attractions," and I was very antsy to see the "entire movie."

"The Path to Ascension is paved with patience," spoke my inner voice.

Again, a smile filled my face.

Trial Run Through The Portal


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