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October 16, 2011

Preparation for Ascension

Because We Are Ascending

Because I AM ascending...

Today I will remember to decree:

Today, I AM Ascending

Today, I AM Ascending

Today, I AM Ascending


9-20-11 Message from St Germain and Arcturians
What Happened on 9-24-11?
Checking Out the Stargate ... Trial run through 11-11-11
10-12-11 Morning Message
YouTube Video with Evita Ochel
Online Healing Retreat on Preparing for Ascension


9-20-11 Message from St Germain and Arcturians

I received a message yesterday, which I want to pass on to you. The message was from St. Germain and the Arcturians. They are working as ONE to assist us with our ascension process. First of all, they reminded me that ascension is, indeed, a process. Second, they clearly stated that that process is NOW fully underway.

They said that one of the most important things to remember in our ascension process is to BELIEVE that we are ASCENDING - NOW.

Since our belief sets our state of consciousness,

Our state of consciousness directs our expectation,

Our expectation directs our perception,

And the reality we perceive is the reality we live,

it is vital that we Believe that we are ascending.

The belief that we are ascending will instantly expand our consciousness,

Which will allow us to expect to see everyday evidence of our ascension process,

Which will direct our attention towards the conscious perception of that evidence,

Which will guide us to live in that frequency of reality in which we are IN the process of Ascension.

Remember always that the Path of Ascension is filled with unconditional love. Therefore, if we ever doubt our perceptions, we can ask our High Hearts to beam in on the frequency of unconditional love.

We have had myriad lifetimes on Earth and/or traveled the Multiverse in order to have the great privilege of participating in Gaia's Grand Transmutation. In order to remain AWAKE during this wonderful process, we will need to keep reminding ourselves that everything we choose to think, feel, do, desire and become is:


Imagine what it would be like if everything we CHOSE to think, feel, do, desire and become was "Because I AM Ascending." For example:

Because I AM ascending...

Today I will recognize my fear-based thoughts,

feelings or actions and say,

"I know you. You are fear, and because I AM ascending,

I look into your face and send you love.


What Happened on 9-24-11?

On Saturday, September 24, 2011 many of you were suddenly overtaken with total fatigue. Perhaps, you knew that it was not just your fatigue, but that it meant that something was happening in the higher levels and/or within the body of Gaia. Afterward, many of you had intense experiences of being Lightbody. Please remember that there is no time, so "afterward" is not bound by sequential time, but rather by opportunity to raise your consciousness enough to re-visit that energy. Often, our grounded ones will experience a huge download as fatigue, but not be able to be conscious of the frequency or the meaning of that download, until they are able to find a place that is safe enough for them to go into a very deep state of meditation.

We wish to thank you all for your awareness. We cloak you with our unconditional love so that you can better feel us around you now. Feel the protection that we offer. We know that you are concerned that you may not be able to totally re-enter your form after having an experience of such a high frequency and intensity. Be not concerned for we are here, as always, to assist you in your next phase of ascension. This next phase involves grounding the high frequencies that you are experiencing into the body of Gaia.

We know that during your meditations, or even throughout your mundane life, you can receive a major download from us. However, the energy is so intense for your earth vessel that all you can do in that moment is to file that information and try to stay connected to your body. After such an experience it is difficult for you to get all the way back into your form, but you will accomplish that more easily with practice. On the other hand, none of our ascending ones will return "just" to their third dimensional form because you are all beginning to live on two realities, or more.

Our grounded one, Suzille, first visited her second reality of life on our Starship Athena. She is now visiting and grounding her consciousness into her second parallel reality on fifth dimensional New Earth. We say to all of you that once you have fully grounded yourself on a fifth dimensional reality, that world will become your primary reality and third dimensional Earth will become your secondary reality. What is the difference between a primary reality and secondary reality? Your primary reality and/or realities are the places where you live. On the other hand, your secondary reality is the place that you visit.

Just as you now live on third dimensional Earth and visit the fifth dimensional realities, you will increasingly perceive yourself as living in one or several of your fifth dimensional realities and visiting third dimensional, ascending Earth. Remember that in the fifth dimension and beyond you can easily experience more than one reality within the same moment of the NOW. Because of this fact, you can have more than one fifth dimensional primary reality. Therefore, once you are fully grounded on in a fifth dimensional reality, ascending Earth can remain a "place where you live" while you also experience living your fifth dimensional lives.

Once you have grounded your consciousness on New Earth, you will begin the process of grounding your consciousness in the mid-fifth dimensional expression of Earth and far beyond. Your challenge while in your earth vessel, is to believe that your physical reality is the illusion and ALL of your fifth dimensional realities (and beyond) are your True Home. Everyone who is choosing ascension will have this challenge.

Some of you are teachers, and it is your Mission to share your experiences with others. Documenting and sharing your experience is not everyone's Mission. Nevertheless, the process of writing down your experiences greatly assists you in totally re-entering your earth vessel at the closing of your inter-dimensional journey. We remind you all to please become fully grounded in your physical form before you go about your mundane tasks.

At first, you may experience feelings of sadness and even depression when you find that you are again in the lower frequency of the third dimension. After the experience of "Being fifth dimensional" it is common to feel very, as you say, "Homesick." When that feeling comes into your awareness, use it as a compass to set your intentions to return Home as often as your process will allow. Everyone has his or her own unique version of the Process of Ascension. It is this vast diversity of life forms creating different versions of the same reality that is Gaia's signature frequency.

This diversity has caused many problems in the depths of third dimensional polarity, as the "dark" seemed to be in control. The dark polarity was in control because they function under the "Service to Self" paradigm and see no need to care for others. Therefore, they can be ruthless and cruel to what they perceive as "others." However, their reign is ending NOW. Earth and all Her inhabitants are moving into an area of Cosmic Space in which all thoughts and feelings immediately return to the sender.

Therefore, if you have thoughts and feelings of love, harmony and caring for all life, that is the version of reality to which you will resonate. On the other hand, if one were to have the intention of harming another, these thoughts would, instead, bring that harm onto themselves. Because of this, dear ones, you need not worry about "others" who appear to be the dark ones. As you progress on your journey Home you will decreasingly think about "others" at all, for you will feel at ONE with all life. Furthermore, fearful thoughts of harm, control, limitations and separations will gradually dim from your memory.

Some of you may fear that you will lose something, or someone by "leaving" the third dimension. These thoughts are just the limited thinking of your wounded ego-self. Just as a loving parent will distract a child who has lost one toy by presenting them with a better toy, your ego will become so distracted by the beautiful reality that is being unveiled before you, that that part of you will forget about the reality that appeared to be lost. Besides, how can you lose anything when you have the power to manifest whatever you need and can visit any reality of your choice?

On New Earth, which is much like a preparation reality before you enter the mid-fifth dimensional worlds, your needs will be met by "new technology." This new technology has actually been around for decades, but the dark ones have hidden it from you. They had that ability because many of our grounded ones were still "children" in their ascension process. Therefore, they had external authority figures who were nice or not nice, and they had no control over how their authority figures treated them. This mind set is left over from the early days after the Fall of Atlantis.

Due to the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, the frequency of Gaia dropped into a very low frequency. Therefore, energy that was sent out took a long "time" to come back to the sender. Because of this delay of energetic return the Law of Karma was established, so that the energy sent out would come back even if it returned in another lifetime. This law was not just to teach the dark ones, but also to assist those who chose the light. As you well know, up until very recently, one could spend their whole life in service to others or involved in an important social contribution with NO return of their loving energies. These are the ones who appeared to be so "lucky" in other incarnations.

Now, you will no longer experience death and rebirth. In your fifth dimensional realities and beyond, you will retain your form until you feel complete with the experiences of that life-expression. Then, when you feel finished with that life, you will voluntarily dis-articulate your form and return to pure consciousness. Also, you will be able to maintain a conscious connection to more than one reality. In this manner, you can create a mosaic picture of your many ongoing adventures in form.

Before we conclude this message, we explain what you experienced on Saturday when you felt your overwhelming wave of exhaustion. Beloved ones, we are pleased to tell you that Earth was able to make a huge leap in Her resonant frequency. This caused all of Her inhabitants to re-align their consciousness to be in resonance with the consciousness of Gaia. As we have just said, this higher frequency will kick many "Service to Self" persons on Earth off the Matrix. In order to stay on a reality, your consciousness needs to match the resonance of that reality. Hence, those who cannot maintain Gaia's rising frequency of expression will no longer be able to adhere to Her form.

In other words, Gaia has begun her ascent into Her higher expressions of form. As you ascend with Her, there will be many expressions of darkness that will simply disappear from your reality. All you need DO is to maintain a state of consciousness that resonates to Gaia's ascending planet. And, whenever you personally experience a download of higher light, please continue to share that higher light with your Mother Earth. In this manner, person and planet return to their fifth dimensional expressions as ONE Being. We will conclude our message with a message of thanksgiving from dear Gaia.

Because I AM Ascending...

Today I will calibrate

my consciousness

to unconditional love.

Beloved members of my planet,

I wish to send you all, human and non-human, my deepest gratitude for remaining on my form and assisting me with my ascension. You have continued to send me your love and ground your wonderful, multidimensional journeys into my body. Furthermore, many of you could have left my body in order to continue with your personal ascension, but you have remained with me, your planet, to assist with OUR Planetary Ascension. You have all worked tirelessly to be my voice and to protect my body. I want you to know that your sacrifices have not been in vain, for your great contributions have been vital for me to begin OUR journey HOME.

With unconditional love,

Gaia, Your Mother and Your Planetary SELF


10-1-11 Checking Out the STARGATE


Trial Run through 11.11.11 Stargate

I see the 11.11.11 Stargate/Portal before me. It is unimaginably beautiful. The colors on the perimeter are violet, but inside the Stargate, they morph into a new spectrum of color that is unseen in the third dimension. These lights are a higher octave of that spectrum, such as red becomes magenta, orange becomes... there are no words for this color, but it is like a pool of glistening orange with ripples that I can only call "birth." I feel my second chakra throbbing with new birth, as the yellow becomes a golden glow of thought.

Then, I enter into the frequency of what would be green in the third dimension, but it is a radiant combination of all the life force on Gaia's beautiful body. This light holds me like a mother and gently opens my High Heart. With that opening there is a flash of light, and I realize that I was only at the corona of the Stargate. Now, I see the Stargate in the distance at the same moment that it is right in front of me. There is no time here. Hence, there is no space. There is only NOW. My consciousness vibrates so quickly that it is only attached to my fingers so that I can type this experience. I know it is my mission to document this journey for all who may need a map for their journey.

My body, which appears more like wings than any other form, trails behind my High Heart, as the High Heart holds the key to opening the Stargate. I feel the unconditional love of the Cosmos. This love is a frequency of the reality to which I will, am and did ascend. With a sudden flash of my being I am pulled directly into the opening of the Stargate. The frequency is almost more than I can contain. I must take a moment to adapt, so that I can remain in conscious connection with my grounded self.

I can only smile as I integrate this frequency. My accepting smile amplifies the energy into the next octave. My body wants to shake, but I have learned to contain this energy within my life force. The integration of this frequency of reality takes lifetimes. I see myriad lives flash before me. I am human, I am Arcturian, I am Antarian, I am Sirian, I am Pleiadian, I am Andromedan. Then, I am a non-humanoid of another galaxy.

I could not begin to say its name or planet, but it looks like a silk scarf that has been caught up by the wind and floats through the air. In fact, it is not unlike a jellyfish, without that density of form. I greatly enjoy this form. It is huge and travels the multiverse by undulating like a jellyfish. This Being is so kind and innocent and pure. As I surrender my essence into the Being, it engulfs me like a warm summer wind night filled with billions of sparkling stars. I want to laugh as it becomes me and I become it. As ONE Being we float through the Cosmic Sea without the encumbrance of a Ship.

It is as this formless form that I/we enter the Stargate with my High Heart leading the way. As we enter the Gate, all is instantly calm, still and as quiet the Great Void. Except, this Void is filled with the breath of life. I can only visualize myself as the small bud of a flower. The first warmth of spring is encouraging me to open my essence to its light. As I do so, my consciousness bursts forth and I feel my High Heart burst open to reveal its fragile Core. This Core is the point of rebirth where both male and female energies live as ONE, ready to instantly create and re-create. I emerge from this Core like a butterfly wiggling free from its cocoon.

As I look around I find that, in order to see this reality, I must look within my SELF. However, within, around, in, out and even see are long outdated terms that I vaguely remember so that I can document this experience. I know that this is a trial run and that I am a scout that has gone into the unknown to find the Way to our new life. I realize that I must go back to tell the others. On the other hand, I Know that this expression of my SELF lives here infinitely. It has always been here and shall await the return of this small fragment of its SELF that is being sent back to tell the others of this Portal.

Before I leave, I ask this SELF who has never left and shall always remain, "How can I take this joy and unconditional love back with me?" In response I feel a touch in my High Heart that almost hurts because I have missed it so very, very long. I have felt this octave of love and joy before and know that it is almost impossible to ground into the physical world.

I know that in order to ground this energy I must go inside my deepest self to release every portion of my Being that cannot maintain this frequency. I must then heal that part of me, as well as that part of Gaia, and release it. Yet, even with that knowing, I return to the physical with the knowing that most of my SELF is HERE!

Because I AM ascending...

Today I will remember that reality is a

state of consciousness.


Morning Message


Dear Arcturians,

Please help me to understand my visions upon awakening this morning.

First I saw a huge Portal, which I will try to explain now. The middle of the Portal had a bright pink opening, with some energy coming out of it. The portal was a perfect circle with many colors radiating around the outside.

Then I hear something like, "It has begun, the war is over or IT is over."

Then I saw people coming out of the top of something. It had a lid like the opening to a submarine and they had some kind of space suits or deep-sea diving suits on. I saw the first people of whom I knew would be many, and they had huge smiles on their faces and were all extremely happy.

My first impression upon seeing this image was that the ones who were in the underground cities that the Illuminati created and had disappeared when the caves were destroyed,were now coming to the surface for the first time in decades. I sensed that these people were coming up from deep underground and seeing the natural light of day for the first time in ages.

I feel like the "war" that is over is one that most people didn't even know was being fought.

Dearest Suzille,

Yes, we did send you a message this morning for you to release to your readers and to put at the end of your next newsletter. The "cleaning up" of the dark ones' errors is nearly complete and will be finished in time for the myriad Portal openings on 11.11.11. These Portal openings will, of course, only be perceived by those who have volunteered to "see" them, and will perceived by each person according to their personal inclination. Because of the vast variety of inhabitants on Earth, it must always be this way. Furthermore, the cetaceans will be very instrumental in the Portal opening over the great oceans and vast waterways.

The opening of these Portals will not be frightening in the least for they resonate to the mid-fourth dimension and travel into the fifth. Therefore, only those who have recovered their multidimensional perceptions will even know they are there. We send this message to you so that you can dispense it via your communication systems. We know that you will do your best to replicate the vision of the Portal that you saw this morning. (I have a picture at the top of this message.)

Your impression about the people coming up from the ground was partially correct in that a large group of those who were once living in the dark ones' underground caves/cities have recently escaped. It was a huge covert mission that everyone has been working on for quite some time now. Once these people feel safe enough, and once enough people can tolerate the information that they will share, they will tell their story. This will likely be after the opening of the many Portals, as the flash of extremely high frequency light and love coming IN through these Portals will serve to awaken many who still sleep.

These Portals could not be opened before, because their high frequency will immensely amplify the thoughts, emotions and multidimensional abilities of those who are able to perceive them. On the other hand, they will also amplify the fear and anger of those who do not want to give up a reality in which they could have power and control over others. It is for this latter reason that we have delayed the opening of these Portals until next month. Finally, there is enough Light and Love to balance the fear that has been projected by the dark ones and accepted by the lost ones.

Some of our Lightworkers and members of the Planetary Ascension Team will be able to perceive and travel the inward movement of the opened Portals. On the other hand, those who are not yet prepared for that experience, will gain the benefit of the expanded frequency of light and love streaming OUT from the opened Portals. Of course, many of this group will now even know what is happening, but that is "business as usual" for them. Those who cling tightly to the old ways of reality will soon be jarred from their complacency, but this will only happen in a loving manner. Conversely, many will be instantly activated into a higher frequency expression of themselves and not even know why.

As you have now assumed, those coming up form the bowels of the earth are not just the ones in the caves. Either after the Portals have opened and closed, or during the opening, many of the members of Inner Earth have volunteered to leave the safety of their higher fourth to fifth dimensional reality and lower their resonance in order to visit the surface of Gaia. If you tune in, you will feel their preparation now. They are to be the forerunners of our Disclosure and Landing, as they are Earth members just like the "top-siders." You can see in your vision how happy they will be to meet their human family again. You thought of deep-sea divers coming out of the ground because they may have to wear special suites to gradually adjust to your environment.

As you are hearing now, these events will symbolize the splitting of the worlds between those who are ready to perceive the Truth and those are not. These perceptions are all at a frequency rate of the mid to upper fourth dimension and even onto the threshold of the fifth dimensions. It is for this reason, that we have asked you to take as many as possible through the process of going through our Arcturian Corridor.

As we have said, for most of the members of your reality, the Portals will open out into your physical reality to share their gift of multidimensional light and unconditional love. In order to travel into and through the Portals, you will need to totally surrender to your Multidimensional SELF who can easily find the inward passage and remember the fine art of Portal travel. One of the many secrets that have been kept from the masses is that your military has been using Stargates, human made Portals, for decades. Furthermore, one of the many patents that will soon be released are the small Transportation Portals that will end the burden of travel and make every destination just a few minutes away.

Some that may read this information will view it all as impossible. Fortunately, those ones will not be frightened by these events as their attachment to the old and their fear of the new will restrain their consciousness to a level in which they will not be able to perceive these events. We remind you all that the fifth dimension is not some "place" far away or high above. Fifth dimensional New Earth is right HERE-NOW but it resonates to a frequency that cannot be perceived by third dimensional perceptions. We urge you all to trust your "imagination" and believe in the messages from your "dreams" for dreams are your fourth dimensional experiences and your imagination is your fifth dimensional thought.

As you awaken to and travel through the many Portals, allow yourself to remember everything that you have learned throughout the process of your awakening and listen with your High Heart. Allow the information to come in through your Crown, perceive it with your opened Third Eye and understand the meaning of your perceptions within your High Heart. In this manner, you are protected from any phenomena, which may frighten you and lower your resonance. Within the safety of this protection, you can "stay the course" of your experience with unconditional love and blissful joy.

Because I AM Ascending...

Today I will continually align

my consciousness with the Arcturians.

What will YOU do, because you are ascending?



Youtube Video with Evita Ochel

EBTV on presents Earth Changes - a look at present day shifts on our planet and within us. In this episode, host Evita Ochel speaks with Dr. Suzanne Lie, author, psychotherapist and channel, about Ascension, the Arcturian race, channeling, 11-11-11, portals, Mayan Calendar, human evolution, transformation and more.


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Sonja, thank you for this group and this great information.


We both posted the new 'the group' minds ;-). Thank you~


Many Blessings,



Yes - It has begun :-)


Thank you for sharing, Kerrie!


Brightest BLESSINGS,


Sonja Myriel



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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


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One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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