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Messages from Archangel GABRIEL through Shanta


Messages from Archangel GABRIEL through Shanta

Shanta Gabriel is an inspired teacher, healer and the author of The Gabriel Messages. Shanta offers a monthly newsletter, “Archangel Gabriel’s Messages to the World.”

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The Gabriel Messages

Shanta Gabriel is an inspired teacher, healer and the author of The Gabriel Messages. This volume of timeless and compassionate wisdom for the 21st Century from Archangel Gabriel, is personal as well as practical, and provides clear suggestions for emotional and spiritual balance.
As a part of her ongoing with work with the Archangels, Shanta offers a monthly newsletter, “Archangel Gabriel’s Messages to the World.” She posts frequent messages on her blog, as well, as a monthly dedicated message on her website, Messages have been translated into Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese.

These messages contain Divine Love and Wisdom and carry the light-filled presence of Archangel Gabriel into a heart willing to receive. In order to receive from the deepest Sources of your being, consider stopping before you read to breathe very deeply into your heart. When you place your hands on your heart, you can feel the beating of the Divine Heart within all beings, and you are more connected to this sacred place within you. Breathe in the love available to you so your mind becomes more receptive to the wise and compassionate messages Archangel Gabriel brings to the world. As your mind rests, allow yourself to gently feel your response to these beautiful messages from a more profoundly centered place within you. Your feelings are the key element to receiving gracefully.

May each person receive deeply, soar high and know they are always surrounded in Wings of Pure Light.

My Initiation with the Archangels

Who Did You Say You Were?

by Shanta Gabriel

“Is this an earthquake? Has lightening struck nearby?” The intensity of the light behind my closed eyes is brilliant, and the room is shaking in a way native Californians interpret as an earthquake. Slowly, a growing awareness begins to register on my conscious mind, “I live in Hawaii, where earthquakes and lightening are rare occurrences. What is going on?” I wondered. Though I have been trying to focus on the woman lying before me on the massage table during a healing session in my living room, the golden light shining behind my eyes was awakening my curiosity.

Allowing my eyes to open to a slit at first, they popped wide when I observed the radiant visitor at the foot of my table. The source of the room’s unnerving quakes was a glowing figure standing in golden light, with wings so large they reached beyond the ceiling. Remembering my client happily breathing deeply on the table, I resisted the impulse to scream and fall backwards. I needed to stay calm so I would not cause her alarm.

My mind was racing, as the emanations of power from this winged being streamed across the room. “Who are you?” I ventured in a silent whisper to the glowing apparition. A booming voice in my mind answered, “I am Archangel Michael.” I looked again at the radiant figure blocking my view of Diamond Head and the ocean beyond. I gazed up at the being whose wings were as wide as the patio door before they disappeared through the ceiling in gold light. I could feel the molecules in my body rearranging themselves. I was being called into an unfamiliar realm, and if I had not already been on my knees, they would have buckled. My client sighed, and I came back into the present moment. It was time to complete our session of the healing work I had been doing for years. My last thought to the one who said he was Archangel Michael could best be interpreted as, “Right. Thank you for sharing, but I’m busy now.”

My conscious mind felt as if it were turning flips. There was no reference in my background that included angels. I had no church upbringing as a child. As an adult, I studied a Hindu tradition that cautioned against being lost in visions that may represent the distracting illusions of the ego rather than true spirituality of the heart. The likelihood of an archangel appearing in my living room was too overwhelming for my rational mind to contain, and I felt intimidated by that massive Angelic presence threatening to rock my world. As I helped my client to sit up, she commented on how well she felt while noticing the breathing problems, which had brought her to my table, had disappeared. I never mentioned my celestial visitor. I also did not say anything to my husband later in the day, since he had already made a reference to the confusion he experienced with my “esoteric side.” It appeared that I might have finally gone around that mental bend in the road to the place my family was sure I had been heading for many years. Yes, I was a wanderer on the path of higher consciousness, an explorer of spiritual belief systems, metaphysical truth seeker, and what some called, a hippie. Never mind the fact that it was now 1988 and I was over 40, and still wondering what I was going to be when I grew up. I knew that I had a path to follow and that my work needed a spiritual purpose to feel meaningful. I just did not know the form this calling was going to take, so I had been making prayerful entreaties to the Universe.

The visitations from Archangel Michael continued for the next year during the most intense sessions of my healing work. I kept up the prayers for my soul’s purpose to be fulfilled, and pretended not to notice the large winged being in my living room. Clients often commented on the radiant glow of golden light, but I never acknowledged the source of that radiance. I did not try to engage him in conversation, and just kept scrambling to find a grounding place in the material world of Honolulu after years of ashram living. A visitation from an archangel was not fitting even my wildest plans for a clue to my vocation in life. Looking back I can acknowledge the shift in my healing work with the arrival of Archangel Michael. The vibrational frequencies in my form of bodywork had taken a great leap, but I was still too intimidated to explore the meanings behind the gift of Archangel Michael’s presence. I could focus on the profound light enhancing my work, but could not reconcile an angel in my already emotionally turbulent world. It was most likely the attention I was giving to my emotional state that hindered my exploration of the mystery of an archangel’s presence in my life.

During this time, questions about my marriage were rampant. This upheaval mirrored the great changes on the world stage. After the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, the structure of the USSR collapsed, the Berlin Wall was torn down and it seemed as though the structures I had been so sure of, on many levels, were now crumbling. Though often confusing, it was also a heady time as the realization of possibilities for peace on earth, and new beginnings of global awareness for environmental action became more prevalent. My husband and I discussed divorce and made a decision to not only stay together, but to buy a condo on the windward side of O’ahu. Possibly this provided even more distractions to keep me from exploring the world of the Angelic Realms.

Finally in 1990, while meditating in my new living room, the now familiar golden light flooded the field behind my eyes, only this time my heart felt like it was melting into a pool of love. The angel standing before me was nearly faceless in the bright light, and once again, his wings arched grandly beyond the cathedral ceiling. This time his eyes drew me to him in a new way, and I felt no fear. I heard him say he was Archangel Gabriel, and that he had a message for me. He proceeded to give me a series of exercises that allowed me to receive inspired communication from a light-filled world of love and compassion. These messages soothed my emotional bruises, filled me with hopefulness and a deep inner peace.

For years I wrote from this inspired place during my meditation times filling journals with wisdom and truth. Still I was quiet about these experiences, rarely sharing the information. When I did, my friends were very positive and encouraged me to create an outlet for this work. I decided to print small inspirational message cards. When I asked Archangel Gabriel what I should call them, I was told, Angel Messages. He then informed me that the name of my new business was to be “Angelic Dimensions.” Then one of my friends showed me the cover of Time Magazine from December 1993 since I did not read newspapers or watch the news. I was astonished that a national well-respected magazine would have a beautiful angel emblazoned on its cover, with the caption: The New Age of Angels. 69% of all Americans believe in angels. What in heaven is going on? The angel trend had officially begun. The world was finally ready to hear what the angels had to communicate, and many would make mega bucks on corny angel trinkets. In 1994 my first advertisement to launch the Angel Messages card sets was mailed to new age retail shops in the form of a flyer that said, “Help from above for your bottom line.” Out of 4000 mailings, I received 400 orders, an amazing 10% return, and my new work in the world had been revealed to me. I was out of the metaphysical closet admitting that I not only could see angels, they were talking to me.

For four years, I had a wonderful small business dedicated to inspiring people with messages from Archangel Gabriel and bringing peace to earth. In retrospect, it also would have been useful to ask for a profit from the Angelic Dimensions for my very earthly company. In 1999, after my business went into bankruptcy and we lost our condo, my appendix burst, a divorce was imminent, I was in a car accident and menopause arrived, I would remember ruefully the guidance at the beginning of that fateful year: Just when did you think you would need faith? Angelic humor was reminding me that it is easy to have faith when things are going well, but having faith in that which is unseen is really the key to happiness. During the painful time that followed, I knew I was being guided through the unknown. I have since realized that I was never truly alone no matter how it felt at the time. Now ten years later, I have used some of the messages I received from Archangel Gabriel and put them into a book published in February 2009 called The Gabriel Messages. I am receiving messages from Archangel Gabriel again on a regular basis and they have found a new creative abode through my blog, Though my life has taken some interesting turns, I am happier than I have ever been.

I believe that Archangel Michael was the advance courier for my work in the world, as he has been for so many people who feel like they are becoming spiritual warriors. As we work together with others to anchor more Divine Light on the planet, it brings the energy of Heaven to Earth leading to spiritual evolution. The Archangels are available now in a way they have never been in recent history, if only people are willing to listen. The earth has been receiving unprecedented angelic light and healing energy that can bring encouragement and support to the hearts of all beings. The power available from the Angelic Realms strengthens our core spiritual energy so we can stand up for the truths we believe in, and bring greater understanding and positive change into our lives. The love of the angels can provide depth and meaning to hearts that are starving in a world where overemphasis on the material is the norm. The angels are here to open doors to a refined state of Truth and uplift our hearts and minds. With the help of the Angelic Dimensions we can connect to the child like spirit within each of us, and offer hope to the confused adult within us in need of direction. I truly believe we are in the midst of an evolutionary shift allowing us to bring value into our personal lives, more interest in peace to all hearts in the world, and healing for the environment. We have been gifted with a magnificently beautiful planet, and have the opportunity to serve the Creator of this earth with the profound support of the Angelic Realms.

Perhaps you will consider a visitation in your life? Try inviting Archangel Michael into your living room. You may be surprised at the blessings that take place.

Shanta Gabriel
Copyright: April 10, 2010

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Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on September 25, 2019 at 9:16am

Archangel Gabriel Meditation that brings the reminder that in the physical realm, each of us are wonderfully unique! You are an original spark of the divine.

You were not meant to be told how to dress, what to do or who to be...

This Archangel Gabriel Meditation will assist you in releasing the restrictions that may have been imposed upon you by others, by society, or by your own limiting beliefs, attachments, cords, or doubts.

Release what you are not in order to reunite with the full truth of who you are.

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You,


Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on April 26, 2017 at 11:16pm

I am also uplifted by Shanta Gabriel's messages Sylvia... thanks so much for your reply... and just to make sure you know, you can also considerably increase the size of text on each web page on your computer.

Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light,


Comment by Sylvia Liney on April 26, 2017 at 11:05pm

Thank you for the latest message, Steve....2 things resonated with me deeply, the Quote from HH The Dalai Lama, and the first time she was visited by Archangel Michael....but the whole thing was very uplifting & I did copy the Violet Flame invocation so I can read it out loud later, or when I need eyes are getting so bad, I have to print everything out in large text so I can see it! Much Love & Blessings to you all....sorry if I made any typos, my left hand is still not 100% better yet....Sylvia Melaynia  xx

Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on June 1, 2016 at 4:54am

Everything is Coming Up Angels

There are times when the Heavens open so the Angels come closer to the Earth to bless all of humanity with deeper communication and connection. This is one of those times.

The Archangels have a vested interest in the evolution of consciousness on the Earth. They want to help each and every one of us to find our way through the density of this time and create a life that works in more strategic and sustainable ways, enabling us to thrive in the new 5D frequencies of Light that are so available.

The following is from Archangel Gabriel.

Dear Ones,

In the expanse of all life, there are times when the messages of God’s Love come through the presence of Angels. These blessed beings of Light carry the powerful presence of the Divine to touch the hearts of all those who are open to receive.

Never before has there been a time when the gifts of Divinity are so available. You need no intermediary, as these gifts are a part of your Soul’s destiny. There are moments in life, however, when a personal loving touch from the Grace-filled Wings of Angels can act as a soothing balm to the soul who yearns for more Love, Peace and the pure joy of Divine Union.

And so there are Angels to bless, embrace, guide, protect, and love you into the eternal place of unity with God within you. The Archangels, as the leaders of the legions of winged beings of Light, hold a special place within the ascension of the Earth and all humanity. They are the architects of new life, and each one holds a special resonance that your soul recognizes as Truth.

There are even moments when the field of Light that holds this resonance coalesces to create a new life path, or to enhance the journey your soul has chosen. At those times, your most Divine Self has put out the call to receive a greater presence of guidance, empowerment and love into your life on Earth.

When you are ready for mastership  — living in your most Divine Self while in human form  — that is when your soul opens to receive a special quality of consciousness from the Archangel who is called. Your whole body responds to this essence in pure acceptance, and your energy system opens to the rewiring necessary for divinity to transform you from the inside out.

Please click on the link to read the rest of this new message from AA Gabriel:

Everything is Coming Up Angels - AA Gabriel Through Shanta Gabriel

Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light to all,


Comment by Nancy Mora on July 2, 2014 at 7:37am

Peace, Love, Freedom, Joy, Light, Power and my eternal gratitude to my beloved Angels.


Comment by Myriel RAouine on April 24, 2014 at 11:18am

Tathstu, dearest Debra - Carity of Intention, Focus, PEACE, JOY and FREEDOM from all past restictions,

Sonja Myriel

Comment by Debra on April 19, 2014 at 1:13am
Namaste...this message was great.I just arrived on mount Shasta last heart yearning for middle earth...I make my way there knowing clarity of intentions is everything. ..I speak & share this information to manifest this as my reality.
Peace to you
Comment by Myriel RAouine on February 15, 2012 at 9:22pm

I LOVE these pictures, Gino and Monika, THANK YOU!

Comment by gino plantamura on February 13, 2012 at 11:52pm

Comment by Myriel RAouine on January 21, 2012 at 5:08pm


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