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I believe this is a moment in time when peace can move forward for Syria, and Syrians need our prayers to tip the balance.

For the first time ever, all major powers behind the war in Syria will be meeting within a few hours. This morning the message I received from Avaaz said within 48 hours. The people of Syria are setting up a live feed to get clear demands from the Syrian people presented to the negotiators at the talks. 

This summit is the best hope they have had to curb the fighting in their country. They say that, the majority of Syrians just want food, and a night without snipers and a plan that could help lead to peace and democracy.

Please hold them your prayers, and sign their urget petition.

Love, Light, and Peace!


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Thank You for this post Ishema!

Love and Light!


You are welcome Angel~a. 

Love and Light!


Thank you Steve for this post. This prayer is most appropriate now!

I remember when it was given out last year in August, when the US was committed to start bombing the Syrian nation. In one day the situation changed to International leaders working together to bring the chemical weapons under control. An unprecedented cooperation occurred. Now it seems that the crisis is to end Syria's civil strife. I am sharing it in the places that I posted the Avaaz plea.

May this powerful prayer bring peace once more,


Wasn't that a beautiful thing!!!! Peace will always prevail!

Love and Light,


Sending a prayer for invoking Violet Flame for this particular region,may Love and Light prevail!

Thank you Galina.


Oh Ishema, Steve - THANK YOU :-)

Thank you Sonja for this beautiful prayer!

When I multitasking, I often use this mantra.

I AM a flame of violet fire,

I AM the purity God desires,

I AM Light,

I AM Love,

I AM fixed desire.

I send the Violet Light to Syria, with the same mantra. (Syria is a flame of violet fire, etc.)

Love and Light,


Oh WOW ... LOVE this!!!

Syria IS a flame of violet fire,

Syria IS the purity God desires,

Syria IS Light,

Syria IS Love,

Syria IS fixed desire.

THANK YOU so much for this input, Ishema!


my prayers  are  with  them  and  my heart  xxx



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