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Thoughts, emotions, feelings, accepting is the key.

This is a subject that is in need of more clarification as it is a very important part of the human communication system.

There is the notion amongst many that you have to be good, good to others, even love others no matter what they do.

This is an attachment and a belief system that has been taught through many religions including the spiritual teachings.

If we look at this and most humans have the intent of being good, doing good, love and forgive others, it is not really how they walk the walk.

There are many judgments amongst religion and yes amongst those that follow the spiritual teachings.

The ones that start with, I love you but, and then the judgments follow.

This is the mind negating the negative feelings the human feels towards another human.

They negate this by saying I love you, and then they feel they can place judgment upon the other as they say it from a "loving place".

Many times this is not the truth, the negative feelings toward the other are still there and will come up each and every time they see this other person.

It is not about loving everyone, it is about accepting everyone.

And yes accepting each other means you cannot negate these feelings by just saying I love you.

And you don't even have to like the person, you don't have to love the person, only accept that each has their own path.

This is what releases all judgment as others follow their own inner path.

It is also about accepting your own human parts, every part of you as a human. Allowing yourself to be that human as this is what the human experience and teachings are all about.

When you are at a point of awakening, you slowly start to release the human experience and move into the experience of your higher parts.

This means that you still allow the human to feel everything, as within the higher parts of you it makes no difference as it is all part of the learning experience of being human and this is what was chosen by your higher being.

Becoming one with your higher being is becoming one with everything that is within Source.

Within source there is no judgment as all exists within perfect alignment with the divine.

If you release all attachment to the human world and step into the spirit world you will see that there are still levels of attachment as you experience the spirit world from a human perspective.

This slowly subsides as you move into more expanded parts of consciousness and awareness of your being in spirit.

Until at one point you move beyond all and are able to be within source.

Now within source it just is and this is why each being, even though still within source also moves its awareness outside of source as this is where it all happens.

The continuous expansion of awareness and exploration of your own being.

Many think that source is the creator, or God is the creator or many other belief systems that have been introduced over time.

The creator is you.

These belief systems were created to guide you back to you.

At this point in time where more and more are awakened enough to see beyond the belief systems it is time to let go of these belief systems as they have served you up until now.

From here you follow the inner guidance system that each and every one of you has created within yourself, within your own being to guide you back to the one source of your own being.

It is time to release the belief system of one creator, God or any other names you use and realize that the creator is completely you.

You created this world, this reality. There is a creator being guiding you, but this being is you.

Is this part of your being in control? No, each and every part of your being is in control. And the whole purpose of being here as a human is to start working again with all those parts of your being as it has extended down into the 3rd dimensional reality, dimension or frequency.

Many of you feel this longing, and you have been taught it is a longing to be with God, a longing to be with source. This is only partly true. It is a longing to be a complete and whole being again. A being that is fully aware at all levels of its own being including within source.

This is why it is so important to release all attachment to belief systems and thought systems that are attached to the human but also the so called lower parts of your being.

The full truth is to be found within every part of your being as your being extends and explores every part within your own being and within source. You will not find it if you have attachments to specific beliefs or thought systems.

Each being has the power to create and this power is used over and over again.

To fully use this power you needed to fully explore the effect of this power. Yes this means you also have to learn how to abuse the power within you.

The power within you has to be within balance within your own being which means there needs to be balance within your being as this is what allows you to create at all levels within divine alignment within source and your own being.

Many things influence this power and the human is not ready to wield a power like this as the human is not in balance at most times as it is not fully connected and working with all parts of your being.

The power is used to create all things possible.

It can create within every frequency, every dimension as your being exists within every frequency and every dimension.

Now to allow the human to become part of your entire being it needs to be at the same frequency, or to say it more specific, it needs to be able to vibrate at every frequency your whole being vibrates to create.

This is a complete range of frequencies, not only the higher frequencies, but also the lower frequencies.

As everything is one and everything is within source, the complete range of frequencies is within you. The one thing that is important for the human is to understand this and to become aware of this but also to experience this fully as the awakening of the consciousness is connected to the human part of you.

In fact each part of you is fully awake, the problem is that this is not yet translated fully into the human experience, the human mind and yes heart.

When every part of your being works together as a whole, it means that every part of your human needs to be working together with your being as a whole.

This is why we suggest releasing all attachments to belief systems as they will prevent you from moving into a space where you fully connect with your whole being.

The whole purpose of experiencing human life is to explore each and every possibility of creation on every level, within every space.

You have done this on earth and in many other places within your universe and beyond.

This is not new, it is something that your being knows and your being has the experience to completely guide you towards this wholeness within every level of not just your own being but within every frequency and dimension.

This moment in time, the great shift, is where many can choose this reality for the human. Reaching the wholeness within your being.

It is a choice and many will choose to experience and explore more within the 3rd dimensional reality as they have not finished this part of exploring all possibilities fully.

There are however some that are ready and they have the opportunity to make the choice now. To accept the wholeness within and start creation on another level as they have explored all the possibilities their being set out to explore within the 3rd dimensional reality up until this moment.

There will be more to explore, but they will explore from a different place.

A place of full awareness as a human, full wholeness within their entire being and this will allow them to explore even more possibilities as it allows them to create on a different level all these possibilities to explore.

They will move beyond the physical limitation within the physical body and be present upon earth on a different level. Many will become the teachers as they will be able to see from a complete view what is needed as others make the choice to follow the path toward freedom and wholeness within their own being.

Others will move to other parts of your universe and beyond to explore, experience and create new possibilities of expansion and creation.

This is what was taught time and time again at the mystery schools, they did not have belief systems, they used their awareness to explore and reach the wholeness within their being to move beyond the physical limitations and become a whole being that works together on every level of its being.

At this moment where mystery schools are still available it is called cosmic ascension. Just words to explain an awakening for the human on every level of your being including source. A place where you move beyond the physical limitations into a place of limitless possibilities of creation and expansion within your own being and within source.

This path is about you, it is not about others, who they are, what they think and what they feel. It is about you, your choice to experience this human way of living within or without the limitations of the human reality.

Once you can move beyond that you can see the reality behind this one right now, and there will be more realities behind that. Until you reach the point of wholeness within your being where you become a creator within these many realities.

This is the moment where you use your power in balance to create either within yourself or with others.

At many levels of your being you are already creating and working with others.

The crucial point is the moment where you bring this creation into the human reality.

Yes there are beings on earth already creating and bringing it into 3rd dimensional reality as they have been able to use this to control the human reality for a long time.

To change this you have to work in balance within your own being, your complete being and be able to use the power within in balance to change the realities, to create a new reality.

This can only be done in balance, within balance within your whole being.

There has to be the understanding of all of your power and how to remain in balance even under the most dark circumstances.

This is why it is so important to know every frequency, every dimension. To fully integrate all that you are within every part of your being.

Also have no attachment to this power, as it is you and not you. It is source and it is all that is.

As a human you have to know that the power within is also outside of you, it can either assist you or hurt you.

There are many ways to use the power within you and it is up to you to bring it within the human in a divinely balanced way.

It will have to be used with humility and understanding of the great force behind it to really make a change within this part of creation.

I can only explain so much about this power as it fully relies upon your own experience and understanding of this power and how to use this power within the 3rd dimensional earth reality and beyond.

Once you have full understanding you will know what and how to use this power to create a different reality within creation on earth.

This is where I leave you again with much to think about and many choices to make within you.


Through Petra Margolis

October 9, 2011

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I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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