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Isis, what has love got to do with it?


As we explained about light and dark, we think an explanation about the subject of love is the right path to follow.

What is Love?

There is Love between humans and it can be a great feeling.

Many show their love for beings that are not on earth at this time as well.

Love is part of the human experience and can be used in many different ways.

The love for a child is different than the love for a partner.

There are so many different ways of loving one another.

Some see love as truth or light.

Some see accepting others for what they are as love.

Some see something they don't like and sent love.

What does it mean when someone says, I love you.

What love are they talking about?

The word love is used in many different situations, like for example, I love that movie.

Love within the human reality is a different love than within the spiritual reality.

It is a great expression of your human as you experience love as an uplifting feeling that supports your spirit in the human reality.

Do not over extend yourself into forcing yourself to be love at all times.

It is ok to feel other feelings, it is ok if you have times where you cannot feel the love for others.

You are human and these feelings are part of being human.

It is more important to find a balance within the feelings, so when you are not feeling too well and the world seems negative around you, you allow these energies to flow through you to find the balance within you.

If you ignore or resist these feelings, or refuse to accept these feelings, you will find it will becomes harder and harder to move back into the balance.

Yes the world around you is falling apart, and yes there is help needed for others as they do not understand the energies that are making them feel insecure and not able to handle what is happening.

The awakening within you has an effect on all that are connected to the consciousness around earth.

If you are able to stay in balance within the energies, it will have a greater effect on the other humans upon earth, as the energies within the consciousness will be balanced.

If you are out of balance it will be felt by others connected to the consciousness and they will react more out of balance as well.

Many of them are not ready to feel love the way it was meant to be on earth, and they will not understand the love energies the way you do.

Much of the misunderstanding is transmitted through the consciousness that you are all connected to and use to send energy to others to bring about changes.

As the belief systems amongst all of you differ very much on different parts of the earth. It is not easy to get everyone on the same page.

You all want to see world peace, others just want their own little place of freedom.

Your way of life and view of the world is different than others, as you already see that amongst the people that surround you here.

Do you really think that people in other countries are sitting there and thinking; oh I am so grateful for those people in other countries sending me love and are thinking of me. Not all of them are; many are thinking is I wish those people in other countries would leave me alone and let me find my own path. As most of them do not understand the way you are thinking.

Yes some of them would like help in finding that path, as they are living within circumstances that many of you would not even be able to imagine, or would be able to understand. Yes many of them would like to have electricity, running and clean water and there are ways you can help with that.

This requires actions from governments, where instead of actions of war, assistance is provided on a human level. Where the money is not given the government of that country but the assistance is being given on a personal level to the people that are living in those countries and are in need of help.

This is not where your governments are at the moment as they are more into controlling their own country and controlling the surrounding countries than they are in really assisting others to gain the same living circumstances that are available within your country.

They are somewhat working on assisting these countries, but more for their own interest than for the interest of the people in those countries.

You are living in a world where the reality is different than what you would like to see, but you have to understand that changing a reality for all of humanity is different than changing how you look at the reality.

This takes me to my next message about a source point of view or a human point of view so I will leave for now.


Through Petra Margolis

December 3, 2011


The difference in understanding from a

human point of view

and a

source/spiritual point of view.


As there is so much that is changing right now within the energies upon earth and you can see the imbalance within the energy as the changes are happening.

It is very important to understand what we talk about when we talk about awakening. Understand the difference between looking at the world from a human point of view and a source or spiritual point of view.

Many are not aware of this and many do not need to be aware of this as their path is different than what some of you have chosen.

Some will shift between a human point of view and a spiritual point of view, others will stay within the human point of view and some will move completely into a spiritual point of view.

Even though the spiritual point of view has to be translated within the human point of view, there is a great difference in understanding of what is happening.

Awakening means being aware of your being within spirit, awakening happens on different levels as some are moving through their own levels within. Awakening and being aware is already happening on the level of the higher self and some will stay at that level. Others will move further upward and again there are different stages or levels where their awareness will remain.

Some are working and have chosen the path of awakening and awareness up until the level of their own source being.

This does not mean they act from the level of their source being, they are only aware of their source being and able to communicate with their source being.

The communication with their own source being is also dependent upon the clearings and activations they have done along the way. As it is not only about reaching the Source within, but also becoming aware of all that you are.

There are different levels of communication with the source being as there is a need to bring down the information of the source within to the human level and to understand the information that can be received from the source within.

Some are completely happy with just feeling their own source being and will not look any deeper into their source being than just the experience of the source energy flowing through them. Others will begin to explore the information available within their source being and awaken further.

You all know that you are living in a created reality to allow you to experience and learn in many different ways. This does not mean it is a full illusion as the experiences are real for every part of your being.

The illusion is connected to the fact that duality is within this reality and duality is something that was created to have the experiences needed to learn what you chose to learn.

Are there more created realities out there?

Yes there are, of course as the process of learning and experiencing is something that never stops and can happen through either creating a reality or just moving through the energies that are within source.

Everything is creation, creation is the way you learn, experience and expand.

As a human you might see it as an illusion, within spirit it is definitely not.

No matter how many worlds are created, the experiences remain and are real.

The human reality was created, much of what you believe within the human reality is an illusion. Such as death is in fact an illusion as the death only occurs on a physical level but your being in spirit remains, it is there with the human experience, it is there going through the death of the human body, and it is there after the death of the human body.

The difference comes when you start to see more from a spiritual point of view than a human point of view. You will see that much of what you believed to be the truth as a human is in fact an illusion created to allow the human part of you to experience and learn.

This doesn't mean everything within the human reality is an illusion; it is more that many of the beliefs about the human reality can be seen as an illusion from a human point of view. Within spirit everything is experienced making it real no matter what the creation or so called illusion is.

This is why awakening plays an important part as it takes you beyond the illusions of the human point of view into the reality of the spiritual point of view.

Yes, you are multidimensional beings and you can create any reality you wish to create within spirit. Creating a reality on a human level is however different as there are many other beings involved in the human reality.

You have chosen this reality of the human experience and you have chosen to move out of this reality through full awakening of what you are in spirit.

This does not mean you have to become aware of every universe that is out there.

It means that you have to fully realize who you really are, fully awaken to what is keeping you here and fully awaken to what can take you out of this human reality experience.

Is that all an illusion? Anything that is being experienced is real for the spiritual part of the human.

Could you create a different reality at this moment?

The earth reality began with just the experience of having a human body and slowly the reality changed whether through forces you could not control, and/or choices you made along the way.

It does not matter as you are now awakening again to a different reality. The reality of being a spiritual being, not a human being.

This is slowly seeping into the human awareness and like we said, for some this will become the full awakening taking them out of this human reality, for others it will be a partial awakening taking them to another level within the human reality and from there they will spend more time on awakening further until they also reach the full awakening needed to move out of the human reality.

It is all about your choice, your free will, nothing says that these people have an advantage over others, the small groups that are going for full awakening have dedicated themselves to this and have made the commitment to their own being to complete this.

It doesn't mean this small group is more advanced, it means they have worked hard to become fully awakened and if you could talk to them you would see that they do not see themselves as more advanced. They only see that they want to become their full source expression upon earth.

Each and every one of you can reach this.

Let me end this message with saying that the difference between a human point of view and a source point of view is that from a human point of view you want to change the reality in the human world, from a source point of view you understand the reality of the human world and see that the changes have to be made within you.


Through Petra Margolis

December 4, 2011


Each Channel has a responsibility.


Each Channel carries a responsibility to check within about every message they receive and channel and bring out.

It is up to each channel to see if the message is bringing hope that cannot be fulfilled as they know that the earth is within a process of change and change cannot be done as fast as many of you would like to see.

Change upon earth is a slow process of awakening and many are not going to awaken at this time as it is not their path yet to awaken.

This brings in the conclusion that change cannot be done in a way you see it as many are not going to change within.

Each and every change happening on earth is because each and every one of you is changing within.

Even if every person on earth would awaken right now, the change would take many years to complete. As the physical change you are hoping for requires more than just wanting the change, it requires bringing the change to fruition.

As you are all spread out, this requires a lot of planning and then a lot of time to carry out the plans to make the change happen.

Even if every person on earth awakens, they will all be at different levels and all have different views on the change they would like to see happen.

This journey of ascension is a very personal journey and you will have to see it as a personal journey.

You will have to go within and move out of the reality that you have created on earth into a reality created from within spirit.

As many beings are willing to assist you will have to understand that many of them have no experience with this type of ascension.

With that I mean, in fact no one has experience with this type of ascension where there will be life present upon a planet that is going to ascend.

This is why we would like you to focus on the inner journey at this time.

This allows for changes to happen within the consciousness upon earth, and allows for the evolvement of all as they move into the 5th dimensional frequency after the ascension of the earth.

This doesn't mean you cannot make any changes in the world around you, just realize that the changes will take a lot longer than many of you would like to see.

Once everyone has moved into the 5th dimension, changes will happen faster, but no one at this moment can say how much faster.

Everything that you work on now, will benefit you the moment the earth ascends.

This because time is speeding up and the energies around the earth are already above the 5th dimensional frequency, allowing you to take advantage of a faster growth within.

After the ascension of the earth, the energies will settle within a 5th dimensional frequency and there will be once again more time needed to reach the higher frequencies.

At this moment, as the earth is preparing for her ascension, she is radiating those higher frequencies as well as the higher frequencies are coming in faster because you have moved as close to the cosmic spine as possible.

Once the earth ascends you will move away from the cosmic spine and the higher frequencies that can be reached very easy at this moment will be further away again.

This process of ascension of the earth is what is supporting your own ascension, either on a planetary level, or a cosmic level.

For many it will be planetary level. For some it will be the Cosmic Level.

A small group, the Cosmic Ascension Team for mother earth will be working on the ascension of the earth.

This means they are preparing themselves, not just for their own ascension, but they are preparing themselves to assist the earth in her ascension when the time comes.

The year to come will be the year where the ascension should take place, as we cannot predict fully when the earth will move through the cosmic spine to ascend.

There is however much work to be done and this work will be done by those that have completely let go of all that you are thinking about and are only focused on getting ready within to assist the earth and all life upon her.

So many of you have been looking for your purpose on earth, and this is the time to find it deeper and deeper within.

For most it will be focusing on their own ascension process and in this way they will be assisting in anchoring higher frequencies into the consciousness around earth.

For others, they might be called to do some work to assist with the earth.

This all depends upon the work you do within as your purpose has many layers and as you are able to move deeper within you will find more of your purpose.

There is also the choice that can be made at this time.

Even though you might have come in with just the intent to complete planetary ascension and move into the 5th dimension after the earth ascends, you can always change your choices and make a different one in each moment.


Through Petra Margolis

December 5, 2011

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Isis, There is no Light or Dark.

As you move into the 12-12 gateway of another splurge of energy coming to the planet, we like to introduce a different way of transmuting the duality thinking and beliefs systems that you hold on so dearly within your human reality.

Duality thinking is based on opposites and as you try to get out of duality based reality thinking you still have one opposite that remains very prevalent for all of you.

Light and Dark.

As the duality experience was created for the earth, part of your being moving into this reality split itself up into two different energies. You can see this translated within the yin and yang symbol.

As you study this symbol you will see the black and the white, representative for the dark and the light, within the black/dark you see the white/light circle and within the white/light side you see the black/dark circle.

This is the representation of how you split part of your energy to represent either dark or light. Or to represent opposites or duality.

Now this symbol is only a representation of how you split up your energy to experience the duality reality upon earth.

If you move further up into your own being you will see there is no split anymore, there is just you.

There is no Light, there is no Dark as there is no need for a duality experience within the higher parts of your being.

Within those higher parts of your being there is only choice guided by free will.

There is no differentiation between Dark and light as you are all that is.

There is no reason for a duality explanation, as there is only the choice to move onto your own path within the flow of energy.

You can choose to flow and make choices within the oneness of all that is, or you can choose to flow and make choices within yourself.

None of those choices is wrong or right.

As I have tried to explain, each being is within the oneness following its own path.

You see the path as either right or wrong.

This is our experience from the point of no duality.

We do not judge anyone as there is nothing to judge.

We all have free will and choices to make at all times.

For the earth a duality experience was created and for anyone to move out of the reality experience of duality they will have to move into the highest part of their being to see beyond the human reality into the spiritual reality.

Accept that this is not for everyone.

Many will stay within the duality of the human experience as they have not completed their experience of duality.

For those who are ready to move beyond, this is the time to move fast.

This is related to the energy flow within your universe as the earth moves along the spiral of the cosmic spine within your universe.

This is a circular motion and I will try to explain this.

The cosmic spine is the core consciousness of your universe.

The earth and many planets around her are spiraling around this cosmic spine.

The spiral started at the cosmic spine and from there moved further outward within your universe according to the natural flow.

At one point the spiral moves at a certain speed, going outwards makes it go slower and slower until at one point it stops and starts to reverse.

From there the spiral moves inward towards the cosmic spine and will go faster and faster until it once again merges with the cosmic spine.

This is the point that most of you call zero point as from there the spiral stands still until it starts to move through the cosmic spine and moves outward again.

This is what many have called the yugas and within earth time the movement of the spiral can be measured in earth time.

You are moving faster and faster toward the zero point where you will move fully into the core consciousness of your universe.

As you are already closer to the core consciousness, it becomes easier to connect with this core consciousness of your universe, but also with the core consciousness within your own being. The core or source energy of your own being.

As you move closer and closer to the cosmic spine, new energies can be released upon the earth faster and faster and it takes less time for the energy to reach the earth.

What you are receiving through these portals or gateways are energies that are naturally within the cosmic spine, the core consciousness.

The only action that is required is for you to open the gateway.

To open the gateway, a certain frequency is needed and this is where your work begins.

As the earth herself is surrounded by dimensional frequencies that all operate at different levels of density, you have to be able to move through those densities to reach the portal or gateway as the density of energy within the dimensions slows down the energy being sent.

You can see it as being under a blanket, the blanket is getting old and the fabric is disintegrating. You can either mend the fabric or you can start peeping through the holes to what is on the other side of the blanket.

For many the blanket is a safe guard, like a child in the dark will hide under the blanket afraid of what might be out there in the dark.

They hide under the blanket with a flashlight to not be in the dark.

This is what we talk about when we say there is no light or dark.

You are hiding in the light afraid to see what is really out there.

As humans your human eyes are not adjusted to seeing in the dark, you can see with some animals they are adjusted to seeing in the dark.

You will have to adjust your vision to see everything, even though it might seem dark, there is not really dark.

There is just energy moving in certain ways, moving and flowing in certain directions.

Energy is neither light or dark, it is just what you want it to be.

As you have gone to a belief system that there is dark and light you will see dark and light within the energy that surrounds you.

This is where I would like to end for now as I want you to think about this before I address what is happening on earth and not just on earth but in your universe and beyond your universe.


Through Petra Margolis

December 2, 2011

I asked Isis why they are giving us dates for these portal openings and her answer was that it does not matter about the date, it matters that enough people do it together to make the portal as wide as possible.

We can see it as, as many people as possible to widen the hole within the blanket, as more people move through the whole together the hole becomes bigger than if just one person moves through it.

As you are moving along the spiral there is a certain time limit within the human time frame where you are as close to the energies as possible.


Isis, the earth and no dark or light.


As I have explained more about this in my previous message, I would also like to explain what this means for the earth reality you are in at the moment.

There are many ways to advance and raise your frequencies.

There is no one way.

On earth it is seen as raising your frequency, or as becoming more light.

On earth there are many influences and many see these influences as lower dimensional beings that are interfering and even enslaving at times you as humans upon earth.

This is partly true as you are at the moment even more controlled than you were in previous times. Most of the control on the physical level coming through government and the easy access government has to your daily life and circumstances.

This is of course not happening in every part of the world, but mostly in the more populated parts of the world.

As far as spiritual progress a lot has been controlled as well, as much of your history has been either destroyed or changed into false stories.

The great civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria have been erased from history.

Can you even imagine if you had physical evidence, writings and teachings available how much faster you would have progresses on the path of awakening? You would have had an example of what it was like, more than what you have at this moment as most of the information at this time is coming through memories or channeled material.

Now in the beginning times of Atlantis, all were fully aware of their spiritual reality, this slowly changed as they became more attached to the physical reality.

There were however still many that contained the awareness and this is where the fight of control began. There were many advanced beings working together to gain control over the ones that had lost awareness.

These humans had full awareness and chose the path of control over others.

As you have all lived many times upon earth, many do not remember the previous times where the earth was getting ready to ascend and it was interfered with.

All these beings out there, not upon the earth know this as well.

It had nothing to do with the reality upon earth, as the earth ascension is dependent upon how many of you are actually awake enough to assist the earth.

It had nothing to di with the environment upon earth and alien bases as they were there at the time as well and the earth can ascend no matter what as she is capable of raising her frequencies and certain humans were capable of making sure these alien bases were not interfering with the ascension.

All they needed was enough support to open the portal through the dimensions and the reality creation the earth was in at that moment.

As many beings giving you messages are saying they are assisting on earth, are doing nothing more than keeping you focused on the earth reality.

No matter what you earth reality is, awakening is possible, even if you are in the most dire circumstances, awakening is possible.

The awakening within is not related to what is happening in your earth reality.

Yes parts within your earth reality can interfere, but anything that is happening on a physical level can be dealt with.

Being controlled on a human level, is separate from being controlled on a spiritual level.

Even if you are being controlled on a physical level you can still work on your spiritual awakening.

If you are controlled in a spiritual level it will have to be dealt with on a spiritual level.

Anyone that is involved outside of your earth reality knows this and the focus should be spiritual awakening, not what is happening in your earth reality as far as circumstances and environment.

These are important things but there are many groups on earth already taking care of this and in a spiritual way which is more helpful than anything that can be done on the physical level at this time.

There is some need for assistance on the physical level, but work on the physical level is very slow as the density of the physical reality does not allow for the energies to move fast enough to have everything that you would like to see done before the time of the ascension of the earth.

In this way, spiritual work is faster as spiritually you can work within higher dimensional frequencies that move faster and as the earth is raising her own frequencies, she herself is moving faster as well.

Yes the human reality on earth seems to be very important, but remember that this lifetime is only one percent of your lifetimes upon earth.

This time you came to complete the full awakening, much of what is happening is the result of this awakening as the ones that are not ready are being influenced by the energies of your awakening and the changes you bring into the consciousness around earth.

Many however will not awaken as they are not at the point of being able to understand what the energies can assist them with.

They will be moved into a higher dimensional frequency the moment the earth ascends and from there they will be able to find more of an understanding and this will change much of what is happening at the moment upon earth. Much of the change you are looking for will happen after the ascension of the earth as a different dimensional frequency is needed to bring about the understanding and change within consciousness to support the changes you would like to see happen on earth.

The interference upon earth is a mere nuisance compared to the interference on the spiritual level.

As I said before this was started a lot longer ago than many of you can remember physically as there is no physical evidence available.

In the time of Atlantis there were fully awakened ones that took control over the earth and what was happening on earth.

These fully awakened ones have incarnated over and over again to further gain control over the awakening of humans.

They use the control in the physical reality up to a certain level, but as control on the physical level only works up to a certain point of awakening, they also use control on a spiritual level.

The last destruction of spiritual awakening and information about how to become fully conscious can be seen in Egypt, where at one point in time everything that would even remotely bring back memories of awakening was destroyed the moment one person decided he was God and there was only one God the people were allowed to worship.

This God was the pharaoh and his counterpart was Ra, the sun.

At this moment of awakening it becomes more and more important to be aware of what is interfering spiritually, on every level of your spiritual awakening.

Especially since many beings have been talking about what they are doing to the low level interference upon earth.

The low level interference upon earth, and they all know this is only a tiny part of what is interfering.

Interference is coming from the higher levels as the ones that took control in Atlantis are not low level beings. They are advanced spiritual beings that are masters at manipulation of the energies and masters in creating interference to prevent a full awakening as they would like to see you fail again, they do not want the earth to ascend as this will mean they will lose part of the control they have on a physical level, but more so they will lose control on a spiritual level. As some of you are on the path of full awakening and the ones that will fully awaken will be able to negate the control on a spiritual level.

There is only a small group of advanced being needed to take back control over the awakening and ascension of the earth, there is however the need of support for this group as the energies need to be adjusted and raised to a certain level to actually complete the ascension of the earth.

To support you will need to reach a certain frequency anchored within the physical body and awakening up to a level you are able to understand what is happening so you will be able to consciously assist with the ascension of the earth.

As there are many beings that are not upon earth willing to assist, you have to realize that some of them do have the knowledge of what happened within the earth history and others have no knowledge of previous attempts to ascend the earth.

As many of you are at the path of leaving the earth completely after the ascension, it is not important if there are beings that tell you, they will come to earth.

There is no need for this as ascension means you will go to them, or any other place you wish to move to.

Many of the beings around earth at this time, have gone through some of what you as humans are going through, this is why they can be of some assistance in the beginning of your awakening. Many of them have however not yet reached the level of understanding needed to fully assist in the awakening and this is why there are so many contradicting stories as they bring you their experience, which can be somewhat similar to yours, but is never completely what you are going to be experiencing. This because the ascension of the earth and beings upon her has not been done before. Without interference there would be no need to ascend the earth with beings upon her as all of you would have awakened to full awareness and consciousness and would have ascended of the earth, out of the earth reality.

Now as we have known about this interference for a long time, have dealt with it for a long time, you have made the choice to accept the interference as an experience to assist you in learning even more than what normally would be possible.

You have chosen to incarnate over and over again into the earth reality up to a point where it seemed impossible to move back into full awareness and consciousness of the spiritual world.

That was a brave choice and yes something to be proud of if you would like to see it that way. There are not many beings out there at this moment that have done this, so as you have chosen this path you have immensely grown into advanced beings that surpasses many other beings out there.

No reason to think you are there though as you are at the last leg of your journey and the journey still has to be completed by full awakening and conscious awareness of your being within the spiritual reality manifested in the human body upon earth.

We know there will only be a small group that will fully awaken, but this small group is very important and these messages are for them as many of you have not chosen the path to full awakening at this time.

It doesn't mean you cannot change this choice, you all have the opportunity to fully awaken.

It is however not required of you, as the choice to fully awaken is a choice of dedication and commitment to your own being, to fully complete the search within and become your being fully awake within the human reality.

Some of you see this as impossible as you are understanding what is happening, but you have to understand that what you are understanding at the moment is not the full reality of spiritual awakening.

Some might think they are fully awake and aware and again, please understand that there is more to become aware of as the spiritual process of ascension does not end at a certain point of awakening and understanding.

Awakening is possible and there are many ways you can awaken fully as there is still time depending of course on your choice and commitment and dedication to your own process.

Let yourself be guided by your inner teachers and know and trust they will lead you in the right direction if you fully commit yourself to your own being.


Through Petra Margolis

December 3, 2011

As I finished and was about to post, Isis reminded me that full awakening is being fully aware of source within you, living from a source point of view and not a human point of view.

Isis will explain more about what it means to have a source point of view instead of living from human point of view in her next message.

The 12-12 Portal, Cosmic Diamond Heart

Yes another one, and just like the previous ones there will be much anticipation by some.

I would like to remind you that these portals are to release energies upon the earth that can be used by all of you to progress in your spiritual awakening.

These energies are not specific to the date, as we only use a date to bring in the energies through a greater amount of people.

The energies have to come through a great amount of density and as we have more people focus on the energy at the same time we can bring in a greater amount to be anchored on earth.

All these energies coming in through the portal dates are to allow you to raise your frequencies and move into a place of greater understanding within your own being.

This is not an automatic result of the energy as there is still work that needs to be done to integrate these energies and receive the understanding.

The energies have an effect on the consciousness and bring in higher dimensional frequencies available for you all to use to raise your own consciousness.

The energies affect the physical body, but have to be fully anchored to have the complete effect you would like to have.

The changes have to come from within you, and change is only possible if you work on it consciously. It is not just about changing the physical body and your consciousness. It is about you changing your reality and the way you look at your reality and move into a different state of being more aligned with your source being or God.

We cannot tell you how this is going to affect every being as this is up to each being and what each being chooses for itself and its own reality.

As you are preparing yourself for this new energy to come in it is a good time to take a step back and see if any clearing within you is needed.

As you are on the path of awakening more of your spiritual self, there can be a need to clear those newly awakened parts of your spiritual self and bring them into alignment with the path you are on at this time.

You have been through many different incarnations upon earth and it is possible that energies from those incarnations are still within some parts of your spiritual self.

As the newly activated parts of your spiritual being are usually within a different frequency than you are at the moment it is good to align your entire being so every part of you can start vibrating at the highest frequency.

The energies coming in through this portal on 12-12 will bring in a greater connection to the energies of the cosmic diamond heart within you.

As there are many levels within your being, there are many levels within the cosmic diamond heart.

These energies are to assist in a further awakening of the heart center within you and raise the vibration and awareness within the heart center to a new level of understanding within you.

Raising the vibration within the heart center brings in more balance in your physical and spiritual reality as they are slowly becoming one reality.

For many of you this is a process that will continue as you have chosen to change the reality within you and in this way become a part of the change of reality outside of you.

In the new year 2012, there will be more and more portals opening as you are moving closer to the zero point, or ascension point of mother earth.

You are moving closer and closer toward the cosmic spine and the energies will come in faster as time is speeding up more and more.


Through Petra Margolis

December 5, 2011



Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


Lightgrid CONNEXION Groups

This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!


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