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An instruction of how to build

The Flower of Venus: 

The following is a reproduction rather than a translation of Werner Neuner's instruction on how to build the Flower of Venus with flour or stones / crystals.

1.) Start out with a RITUAL:

If you would like to build the Flower of Venus with a diameter of 13 meters or inches you need at least three people. The three of you should meet in a circle at the beginning of your work. Tune in to the energy of Mother Earth - to what Werner Neuner calls "The Healed Matrix of Mother Earth" - and ask our Mother to share Her songs of this Healed Matrix with you!

Follow your intuition on what to do or say next. Maybe you would like to chant the OM together or a Mantra which suits the occasion? If you are familiar with burning incense, do so and cleanse each other's aura. When you feel ready to move on,

CONTACT the Guardian of the Place and explain your intention of building the Flower of Venus  in order to anchor the Healed Matrix here in this realm. Ask the guardian of the place to be with you and guide you and to work together with you. If you have not yet spotted the perfect centre of the Flower of Venus, ASK this being for guidance - and if you think you do already know where to build it exactly, ask the Keeper of the Place if your choice meets his.

Then WAIT for a SIGN before you begin your work.

Such a sign may consist in a breeze of air on a windless day, a bird's song which touches your heart, the flight of a bird high above, an animal which makes its appearance or any other sign which NATURE gives you to say, "OK!"

Then start your work:

You either need plenty of flour or stones from nearby to build your grid. If there are none in the surrounding area, you will have to bring them. Make sure that you do the collecting of the stones in a spirit attuned to Mother Earth and Spirit and the Sacred Work you are about to perform. You are entering into contact with Mother Earth and Her Beings - and with Venus - through FOCUS and INTENTION.

Constructing the Flower of Venus:

Photographs from phenomenons


The flower of Venus seems to be most effective when it has a diameter of 13 meters. I suppose that it has the same effect if you build it with a diameter of 13 inches. Other possible measurements are 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 8m, - or 21m, 34m, 55m ... Those familiar with the fibonacci sequence will have realized that these are all measurements which are part of this sequence which always consists of the sum of the two last numbers: 1+1=2; 1+2=3; 2+3=5; 3+5=8; ... so you know in what way to proceed if you are planning on a mega Flower, lol ;-)

For best results you need two ropes:

The first rope scales the RADIUS, which for a Flower of 13 meters is 6.5 meters.

The second rope scales 0,59 by diameter, that is 0,59 x 13m = 7,64 m

The first rope (R1), that is the one which scales the RADIUS, receives five marks, three blue marks and two red marks - and it is important to remember which end is the inward end and which one is the outward end.

The blue marks are as follows:

FIRST blue Mark:

radius divided by 6,85:     6,5m/6,85=0,95m

SECOND blue mark:

radius divided by 2,62:     6,5m/2,62=2,48m

THIRD blue mark:

at the end of the rope

The red marks are the following:

FIRST red mark:

radius divided by 4,24:     6,5m/4,24=1,53m

SECOND red mark:

radius divided by 1,618:     6,5m/1,618=4,02m

The Second Rope (R2) receives only ONE mark - and this mark is in the MIDDLE of the rope:


Now go to the point which you identified as the CENTRE of the Flower of Venus and mark it with a centre stone or stick.

The first petal of the flower which you mark should be in the NORTH. Mark the point by using the first rope R1 and put a stone at its end in the north. To find out where the second petal ends you need both ropes and three persons: One person holds one end of R1 in the centre of the Flower. The second person holds R2, the second rope at the North petal end. And the third person picks up both loose ends,brings them together and tensions them. The point where both ropes are streched and together is the place where the third stone to mark the second petal goes.

Now the person who holds both ends goes to the other side of the flower and marks the tip of the 3rd petal. Continue in the same way to find the remaining two positions. The person who stands in the north goes first to position 2 - and then to position 3.

To find out the inner crossing points now use R1.

The blue mark at the end of the rope is in the north - the other end is in the centre of the flower.  Lay down a stone for each blue mark :-)

Then you take the second rope R2 and lay it down from one tip of the petal to the other. Now extend the other rope from the centre across the mid point mark on R2 - and put a stone at the places where the RED marks are. Do this five times inbetween each petal:

Congratulations: you have now found all the cross points which you need :-)

When you go about to lay out the whole grid now, it is recommended to start out from the tips of the petals and work your way inwards! In this way it is easier to maintain an overview ;-)

The stones should all TOUCH each other. In this way they CONNECT forming an energetic fabric, a powerful field of geometric consciousness.

Werner Neuner also descibes a way of how you can find the EXACT outline of the flower of Venus. I can translate this part for spcialists if you are interested - but for the moment this basic outline shall suffice.

Inauguration of the FLOWER of VENUS:

When you have finished your work, come together in a circle again toTHANK your guides, the Guardian of the Place and all Beings who were involved and helped you build the Flower of Venus here!

You may wish to transfer the energy of the Flower of Venus to a crystal, stones, talisman, jewel or ornament. If so, place them in the CENTRE of the Flower of Venus before you start your ceremony.

Feel free to invent your very personal ritual - and at the end of it PACE OUT the flower of Venus five times in single file in the following way:

One of you should take the lead playing a cymbel or clanging a bell to wake up the stones to their new purpose and to connect them all. 

After you paced out the whole flower 5 times, take position at the centre and the tips of the petals as well as the cross points of the flower. 

The person who stands at the tip of the northern petal of the flower of Venus is the spokesperson. 

Address again the Guardian of the Place and the Beings of Nature and ask them to support and maintain the force of the Flower of Venus on behalf of ALL that IS.

Address the power of the Songs of the Healed Matrix of Mother Earth which from now on will emanate from this place.

Ask all participants to serve as a bridge between Heaven and Earth to channel energy in both directions: from the Galactic Central Sun (Hunab Ku) and Sun (Kinich Ahau) to Mother Earth ... until she responds and you feel the flow of LOVE back again ...

CONNECT your flower to the NETWORK of Venus Flowers all around the world. In this way the field of the Healed Matrix is strengthened and the Songs of this Healed Matrix can spread more easily and touch the lives of many!

At the end of the ceremony direct your attention to the CENTRE of the Flower and to the objects you have placed there. Ask for the transfer of energy and know that whoever touches these objects consciously tuning in to their energy will be BLESSED by the powerful energy of the Healed Matrix which they will carry from now on.

I share these instructions with you in gratitude to Werner Johannes Neuner whose German manual is the base for this English rendition of how to build the FLOWER of VENUS.

In the hope that MANY FLOWERS will be laid in the course of time ALL OVER the WORLD - and some may even before - for - or at the Venus Transit,

Sonja Myriel Aouine

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wow    indeed arleem

this is so beautiful

sharing venus sacred light love

drawing her unto our mother earth

linking up the two sister planets



Ask all participants to serve as a bridge between Heaven and Earth to channel energy in both directions: from the Galactic Central Sun (Hunab Ku) and Sun (Kinich Ahau) to Mother Earth ... until she responds and you feel the flow of LOVE back again ...

CONNECT your flower to the NETWORK of Venus Flowers all around the world. In this way the field of the Healed Matrix is strengthened and the Songs of this Healed Matrix can spread more easily and touch the lives of many!"



thank you sonja

venus love   forever more to us all


THANK YOU so much, dirk!

The above figurine is know as the Venus of Willendorf - a small village near where I live.


Sonja Myriel

It makes me happy to know that you like it, Leo :-))

Dear Sonja,

I like this but if it comes ready made then I can use it for the purpose.....

Dirk has posted goddess



Thank you for this wonderful instruction!

I will share this in a few places and connect from home with all who are doing this with my bowl of crystals.

Many blessings, Ishema

Ishema, you are such a beautiful LIGHT for me! THANK YOU!!!!

WOW - Where did you find this picture, Arleem? THANK YOU so much!!!


Sonja Myriel


AH!!! :-))) Spirit of ALL That IS is Manifesting through ALL of YOU!!  How Wonderful!  Thank YOU, Dear Angel Sister, Sonja and ALL for the Flower of Love Information & Pictures.  Building this Lovely Flower of Venus can be BIG or Small.  You can use pictures of the Flower in your Sacred Spaces. The Image itself conjures the Love Energy and Reminds Us to Embody the Element of Love in ALL We Do.

Have Fun EveryONE ~ I Love YOU ALL!

CrystaLin Joy

Ah - YES : The pictures DO carry all information required :-)))

Thank you, dear CrystaLin Joy - indeed - a great reminder! 

FUN and JOY to you, too :-)

Sonja Myriel



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