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I just opened the following message from our Crystal and Stone Keeper in Australia, Kali - and I am blown away ... WE WILL GATHER IN CEREMONY all around the world on december 20th or 21st - when a seed crystal will be burried at ULURU, the HUB of the WORLD! MAY the DREAMS of mankind be released back to us ... I strongly feel that this event has a close connection to us entering the DREAM WORLD again ... united as ONE ... soon, so soon, we will be able to connect DIRECTLY through the dream world - as we did in the very beginning ...

Now, please, read what Kali has to say - and add your ideas and visions which come to your mind for this most SACRED event ...


Sonja MYriel RAouine

Hi Sonja

I trust all is well in your world, it has been awhile since I connected here. Did you go to Mt ShastaPhoto: some of my crystals and the Waratah Bay and Minnamurra Rainforest Stones placed in the centre of my Meditation/Love Room. The golden energy around the lower steones was not physically showed up in the photo.  

Well so much has been happening around the initiation crystals and stones. I checked and didn't get to post the message about Waratah Bay and Uluru here on LightGrid...things unfolded quite differently than I had envisaged! Nicole and Rebecca didn't come to Waratah Bay..I ended up meeting up with my first two I AM Process clients from the mid 190o's! 

I collected many stones and 'they were vibed under the Full Blue Moon of August 31st'. I sent them to Nicole and Rebecca and they have also gone to other Light Workers who asked.  All had very powerful, unusual experiences with these stones. 

The original parcel has come full circle and I'm getting the remaining original stones and one seed crystal is to go to Uluru with a Light Worker {Naomi} I know from my local area. She got a message  to do ceremony at Uluru on Dec 20 & 21st and will take the remaining stones and seed crystal....unless I get other direction. 

Another Light Worker/Weaver Aleeya took the Waratah Bay and Minnamurra Rainforest stones to Alice Springs [close to Uluru] where she is living, she has been listening and placing them in waterholes in the area. When we both placed three stones in a lagoon by the sea they formed a triangle as they sailed into the water. I then began to map where the stones have been placed and they form Light Triangles...we are weaving Golden Light Triangles. 

Another Light Worker, Bev took two stones from Minnamurra Rainforest that said they wanted to go to Italy and she placed them in a sacred stream and brought a stone back from there. To complete this  triangle some stones would like to be placed in Argentina. Do we know anyone on LightGrid who lives there? Otherwise someone will turn up to take them! 

Well Sonja, if we ever doubted we are all ONE the experience of the Initiation Stones and Crystals...I had believed I was to go to Uluru and my guidance is to be at my home where there is a Portal and do ceremony there.  I will be connecting in with Naomi at Uluru and with some other Light Weavers.  I have not needed to do anything but collect the stones from where I was asked to and to listen to who they needed to go to, and begin mapping where they are placed. I'd love to connect in with LightGrid at the Uluru ceremony, I will let you now when the time is confirmed. 

Please do post this message if you get to...I do not know how to. 

Much Love


My reply:


Sooo awsome!!! So we will have a Lightgrid Crystal Grid Ceremony on december 20th or 21st!!! WOW ... this surpasses all my dreams, dearest Kali!!!

I am so grateful for your BEING in Australia! Your openness to receive infromation and act accrodingly is astounding - and YES - it is what happens now ALL AROUND the world! Me, too - I have been placing stones and crystals at Sacred Sites and special places all around where I live by now - taking stones from here to there ... YES, we are WEAVING the GRID of Crystallline Consciousness to its perfection!

I have just finished reading Drunvalo Melchizedek's latest book - and found confirmation ALL ALONG the book ...

So I am very much looking forward to receiving the details of when the ceremony is finally to take place at Uluru - I feel that this will send energy thoughout LIGHTgrid - and thus trhoughout the whole world ... past present and future ... if you agree, we will get the message out onto other sites as well, so as many people as somehow possible can join in.

Lightgrid has five members from Argentina - let's see where they are meant to go!

Maybe you can send the stones which are meant for Argentina in time so we can all do ceremony together in december ... Oh, excitement and JOY are rising :-)))


Sonja Myriel

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Hi Kali,

I will shorten the message: Evelyn and me would like to carry the energy in Mexico. So if it is possible for you, please send us a seed stone from Uluru. There is nobody in Mexico until now and it is very important to have all continents connected. We are happy to participate in this work.

In the 11.01.1992 I carried the energy of the opening of a Stargate. And from 1988  I went on carying the energies and Meditations Jose Arguelles advised. So we have a great chance to create a strong red. Additionally we will stand as twin flames with our unity (more than that: at the 15th of December , we will be married) and ankle the red here in Mexico city or in Pena de Bernal, who is another strong holy energy point. He is the third strongest monolith of the world, after Uluru. We already have a crystal with exactly the same shape of the monolith in our house.

So if you are able to send a seed stone from Urluru per Express, we are prepared to raise the red. Our Address: Ralf y Evelyn Seger, mar austral no 6, Ciudad Las Brisas, 53280 Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico, Mexico.

Everybody who lives close us , is invited to join us at these days for the ceremony.

May peace prevail on earth!! Que la paz prevelesca en la tierra,! Möge Frieden sein auf Erden!

Ramanand and Anakin

It makes me happy to read this, Ralf :-)))

So you will be married on december 15th - congratulations!

Will you participate in our Crystal Grid Ceremonies on december 8th, too? That would be fantastic :-) 


Sonja Myriel

:-)) Of course we will!

We additionally are going to Peña de Bernal on Saturday, to the Monolith. Depends on the time, we have to connect. If we are not at time there, we will shift the time. Don´t worry.

We will be online!

Love to all and to humanity


Your reply makes my heart sing, Ralf!

Dear SohiniBen is in India, and Mukesh, too - I will invite them to the discussion.

I'm not really good at photoshopping and maps - maybe someone can take over this part for me - I simply TRUST in God's Divine Plan for us all, that we will be READY and at our places when we are called ... we are preparing an awsome Ceremony here ... WE ARE BLESSED :-)))

Love Light and JOY abounding to ALL,

Sonja MYriel

Hi Ralf,

Thank-you for joining in this joining!

And Congratulations on finding your Twin Flame and getting married, I wish you both a magic wedding day on the 15th and blessings in your life together. 

I will send you some stones and delighted you are joining in the Uluru Ceremony and that Mexico is included. Thank you for telling us about Pena de Bernal I wasn't aware of this Monalith.

Love and Peace


Hi Kali,

great to know you. We are happy to join the ceremony. In Mexico there is more than this great Monolith - of course. But there is more the world was allowed to know until now. We will cover it out.

One very interesting thing of the last days I found, that the spanish conquerors destroyed en Vedic sun temple. It was  here, where they founded Mexico City. The Aztekas had a huge connection to ancient Aryans, who are the founder of the vedic culture in India. That´s why I guess we need to reconnect the sun consciousness to the grid. If there is already a connection to an Indian suntemple or India, that would be a real opening ceremony. I already ordered to the masters to send someone who is able to connect. And Sonja might send a call to India and the Indian people or anybody who is just  there.

Can you send or post a copy of the map, who already is connected and which points will be connected?! That would be great.

Thank you for your wedding wishes. We will spread them to enlighten the world.

Love and Blessings Ralf and Evelyn


I am mapping where the stones have already been placed and where the stones have been sent to...once I have done that  I will create a discussion group where I hope to post the map. We can  read the messages from each other more easily and quickly adding each of our guidance to the big picture.

Love Kali

That's a great idea, Kali! I'm looking forward to this group :-)

¡Muchas Felicidades!
Que vuestra nueva vida sea feliz y plena de amor y alegría. 
in bocca al lupo!
ciao Giuli

Ciao Giuli

Some beautiful stones are on their way to you, I trust you will receive them by 21st when we all join in ceremony.

Your willingness to participate is appreciated by the Circle of One.

Love, Peace and Blessings,


Ralf y Evelyn

4 stones are on their way to you...they all specifically asked to go to you in Mexico so thanks for being open to this.  I will be in touch re connecting on 21st December.

Love to All


I particpated in the Crystal Skull Meditation for Peace yesterday and attuned a big quartz crystals and a small one and a green tourmaline to the Crystal Skull energy - it was an amazingly beuatiful energy!!! Calm but very POWERFUL .... Here are some pictures:


See the beuatiful rainbow star in the attuned big crystal ... :-)

The smaller ones are attuned now, too,

so you can use this pictures to attune your own crystal, too, for example.



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We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


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Sonja Myriel RAouine

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