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I just opened the following message from our Crystal and Stone Keeper in Australia, Kali - and I am blown away ... WE WILL GATHER IN CEREMONY all around the world on december 20th or 21st - when a seed crystal will be burried at ULURU, the HUB of the WORLD! MAY the DREAMS of mankind be released back to us ... I strongly feel that this event has a close connection to us entering the DREAM WORLD again ... united as ONE ... soon, so soon, we will be able to connect DIRECTLY through the dream world - as we did in the very beginning ...

Now, please, read what Kali has to say - and add your ideas and visions which come to your mind for this most SACRED event ...


Sonja MYriel RAouine

Hi Sonja

I trust all is well in your world, it has been awhile since I connected here. Did you go to Mt ShastaPhoto: some of my crystals and the Waratah Bay and Minnamurra Rainforest Stones placed in the centre of my Meditation/Love Room. The golden energy around the lower steones was not physically showed up in the photo.  

Well so much has been happening around the initiation crystals and stones. I checked and didn't get to post the message about Waratah Bay and Uluru here on LightGrid...things unfolded quite differently than I had envisaged! Nicole and Rebecca didn't come to Waratah Bay..I ended up meeting up with my first two I AM Process clients from the mid 190o's! 

I collected many stones and 'they were vibed under the Full Blue Moon of August 31st'. I sent them to Nicole and Rebecca and they have also gone to other Light Workers who asked.  All had very powerful, unusual experiences with these stones. 

The original parcel has come full circle and I'm getting the remaining original stones and one seed crystal is to go to Uluru with a Light Worker {Naomi} I know from my local area. She got a message  to do ceremony at Uluru on Dec 20 & 21st and will take the remaining stones and seed crystal....unless I get other direction. 

Another Light Worker/Weaver Aleeya took the Waratah Bay and Minnamurra Rainforest stones to Alice Springs [close to Uluru] where she is living, she has been listening and placing them in waterholes in the area. When we both placed three stones in a lagoon by the sea they formed a triangle as they sailed into the water. I then began to map where the stones have been placed and they form Light Triangles...we are weaving Golden Light Triangles. 

Another Light Worker, Bev took two stones from Minnamurra Rainforest that said they wanted to go to Italy and she placed them in a sacred stream and brought a stone back from there. To complete this  triangle some stones would like to be placed in Argentina. Do we know anyone on LightGrid who lives there? Otherwise someone will turn up to take them! 

Well Sonja, if we ever doubted we are all ONE the experience of the Initiation Stones and Crystals...I had believed I was to go to Uluru and my guidance is to be at my home where there is a Portal and do ceremony there.  I will be connecting in with Naomi at Uluru and with some other Light Weavers.  I have not needed to do anything but collect the stones from where I was asked to and to listen to who they needed to go to, and begin mapping where they are placed. I'd love to connect in with LightGrid at the Uluru ceremony, I will let you now when the time is confirmed. 

Please do post this message if you get to...I do not know how to. 

Much Love


My reply:


Sooo awsome!!! So we will have a Lightgrid Crystal Grid Ceremony on december 20th or 21st!!! WOW ... this surpasses all my dreams, dearest Kali!!!

I am so grateful for your BEING in Australia! Your openness to receive infromation and act accrodingly is astounding - and YES - it is what happens now ALL AROUND the world! Me, too - I have been placing stones and crystals at Sacred Sites and special places all around where I live by now - taking stones from here to there ... YES, we are WEAVING the GRID of Crystallline Consciousness to its perfection!

I have just finished reading Drunvalo Melchizedek's latest book - and found confirmation ALL ALONG the book ...

So I am very much looking forward to receiving the details of when the ceremony is finally to take place at Uluru - I feel that this will send energy thoughout LIGHTgrid - and thus trhoughout the whole world ... past present and future ... if you agree, we will get the message out onto other sites as well, so as many people as somehow possible can join in.

Lightgrid has five members from Argentina - let's see where they are meant to go!

Maybe you can send the stones which are meant for Argentina in time so we can all do ceremony together in december ... Oh, excitement and JOY are rising :-)))


Sonja Myriel

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Hi Facotti,

Thanks for listening I am sending the sacred stones to Sonja who will send them to you. 

Bless You

Love Kali 

thank you Kali and thank you Sonja.

I'm looking forward to get them and use them as directed. I need at least four.

I've been told to bury one in the mountain near here, to place one in the river nearby and keep the other 2 for the connection during the cerimony of the 21 december . After that I'll receive more information. If you send me  more I'll take care to send them to other crystal healers in Italy.   

What is unfolding right now is really magic! I'm really grateful!

Bless you.



Hi Facotti beautiful you ae so in tune with

Hi Facotti

I received a message to send quite a few stones directly to you to begin working with them as soon as possible. Can you please message me your address. I am sending the other remaining stones to Sonja and those called to this work. 

Thank you again for hearing and following your inner guidance.

Love with many blessings



 Hi Facotti,

Sonja has given me your address so am sending them today.



Hi Kali,

thank you very much for your guidance. do you have any specific message for me?  bless you G

Hi All Light Workers/Weavers

I am sharing this with everyone here as it may trigger and unlock a code within you if you are to directly participate and work with the Waratah Bay stones. You will know by feeling drawn by your inner senses to connect with me to receive the stones  and do something that makes no sense to your mind. I'm sure many here know how that feels!!! We all acknowledge it requires much trust and flow.

I am asked to reach out to you in Argentina, Peru and in England......please read the following transmission and check if you are drawn to place stones in these or other areas. Whilst it is not essential that the stones are physically placed in these areas, it will greatly assist between the times 12/12/12  until  21/12/12 and beyond.

And some of you will place sacred grids to support and strengthen the bridge being co-created as described in the transmission below.  Whilst this project has specific tasks we acknowledge all our work interconnects and supports the Divine Plan.

The photo above was taken at Waratah Bay when the Blue moon rose on Aug 31st 2012. These are some of the Waratah Bay stones vibed under that moon. 

Transmission received by Aleeya 10/11/2012  as she held the Waratah Bay at a time.

" what a beautiful light energy. As I held the stones, breathed and felt, images and words came.....a huge portal opened, a lightship appeared and stayed till the message ended and the last stone was held. These stones carry light energy from The Pleiades & Acturus. They will form a light bridge to those stars and the Beings on them who are working with Uluru and Kjata Juta. The ancient ones here have forgotten their star brothers and sisters and their origins. This is to reseed that rememberance and to raise the vibration of the Centre of Australia.  Also to link the Earth's Solar Plexus energy of the Centre with the cosmic third eye and crown energies carried by the stones. The timing for this to occur is closer to December leading up to the equinox. The Being also channeled a huge beam of light through the portal, through me { Aleeya} as I held both hands open over and touching the stones and into Mother Earth through to the inner earth community led by Lord Adama and is under Mt Shasta. The connection has been made, to Alice Springs and the stones. Holy...holy ...honored you were told to connect with me for this work. TELOS is under Mt is not the only inner earth community that connected .....also linked to Mt Kailash in Tibet and Glastonbery in England......and to Lake Titicaca in Peru.

Where you are drawn to create grids please ask Sonja for the stones and please message me directly to receive stones for specific guided placement.

Hope that's clear!

Love & Blessings to us All as ONE


It is such a delight to see these stones, dear Kali!!! They remind me so much of the intitiation stones which I have been guided to gather and charge last year at about this time! I, too, charged them with the light of the Moon - and they became smooth and lovely ... I see now that most probably we are not the onlyones working this way!!! There are some who are called to do this Sacred Grid Work - and how beautiful it is to do it TOGETHER in such an international Cycle of Lightworkers!!!

The initiation stones which have gone around the world by now connect us directly to the Arcturus and Antares Midway station - that is, the Mothership of these star beings in our Solar System :-)

I am very much looking forward to receiving stones now which will connect me and my area even more to the Pleiades, also, which I consider my home base as this was the very first star constellation which I found again and again in the night sky when I still was y teenager. I had no idea then what constellation this was - and, just for me, called it the "tennis racket" :-)

Ready to receive and hold the serve now :-)

Love Light Blessings,

Sonja Myriel

Hi Sonja

Thanks for your lovely response, I like the tennis analogy!

Your message is so affirming we are all in co-creation, in motion with many Light Workers across the planet and how blessed we are to be in touch with each other to work magic that we cannot 'do' anything alone.

What a joy to be part of this and to be learning to let go how it will be.......

Love Kali

Hi Sonja, I had the same experience when I was a little girl! 

I think I'm from the Pleiades too.

when I first hold a crystal in my hand I had a vision of  a white man with long white beard, dressed in a white tunic smiling at me and from that moment on when I do therapies there are these luminescent beings very tall and thin surrounding me.  

2 weeks ago during a meditation with some sister souls I found myself  in the middle of a council in a white room with a vault ceiling crowded with people dressed in white. I knew I belonged to that place from the very beginning, because in my heart I had a surge of commotion so deep and meaningful that I started crying like a baby.  it was then that I've been told again about the grid and that I'll be given further instructions about what to do with them. the first time they told me that I would have received stones from all over the world in order to summon the different energies of sacred mother earth. in fact last summer a friend of mine brought me a stone from Chichen Itza  (mexico) and now Kali and you are sending me others. isn't that amazing?

I have the feeling that I'm still missing the energy of India, but who knows which miracles are waiting for us??!

bless you



Hello, there is a beautiful  energy coming from this post. I dont live in any of the places indicated, but am drawn to ask if there is any way we could be gifted a stone/ Im unable to but any locally or from the internet due to myself and my husband and 12 yr old daughter are struggling to  have just the basics in life.  although things have been flowing a little better since the 12th. Thank you either way and blessings to all Jodi

Dear Jodi, YES, of course you can receive a seed crystal and a stone, too! Please contact Shenna

and message her your address. When the parcel comes to you, all that is required from you is forward it to the next person on the list ;-)





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Sonja Myriel RAouine

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