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Dear Lightgrid Team.

Crystal Skulls play an important role in many cultures as they were used to store memories by ancient peoples.

Soon the legendary 13 Crystal Skulls, the memory keepers of the Maya, a peoples who claime to have come from Atlantis, will be brought together in ceremony. This Crystal Skull Ceremony will bring back the knowledge of the past 13000 years to the Mayan Elders ...

Crystals are LIVING BEINGS - and each of the Sacred Mayan Crystal Skulls holds the knowledge of the last 1000 years ... according to Drunvalo Melchizedek the Spirit of Human Beings who were trained to hold this memory also reside within the Living environment of each Crystal Skull ... and this knowledge will be downloaded into living people through a Ceremony which is only performed every 13000 years.

But not only the Maya had Crystal Skulls to help their people keep the memories - Crystal Skulls were also known in Tibet and other parts of the world.

Now what will happen when this Ceremony takes place? 

As all Crystal Skulls - no matter if ancient or recently carved - are CONNECTED, very much like all humans are connected and each species is connected, too, this Ceremony will have an effect on all Crystal Skulls ... and I strongly suppose that through our INTENTION the LIGHT which this Ceremony will bring down to Earth will spread around the globe and the perfect transmitters are Crystal Skulls - Human Bodies (our SKULL made of living BONE!!!) - and, to a lesser degree, but perfect for STORING this LIGHT, CRYSTALS which have been attuned to the Crystal Skull energy.

Some of us are Crystal Skull Keepers. I am not - but I have some beautiful crystals and I will choose one of them - or rather will ask them which one is the chosen one, lol! - to attune it to the Crystal Skull energy prior to december 8th.

I suppose there are as many ways of how to do this as there are lightworkers :-)

One idea suggested for the Crystal Skull Meditations for World Peace is to choose a Crystal Skull picture and attune your Crystal to it ... you could also choose 12 pictures, I suppose, and place your crystal in the middle of this MEDICINE Wheel to introduce the crystal to the frequency of the Crystal Skulls and programme it.

The World Peace Meditations take place every Sunday at three times:

Meditation Time #1:
8 AM (EST);  1 PM (England);  10 PM (Sydney)

Meditation Time #2:
12:00 Noon (EST); 5 PM (England);  2 AM (Sydney-Mon.)

Meditation Time #3:
6 PM (EST);  11 PM (England);  8 AM (Sydney-Mon.)

For more information, check out this link, please:

Setting your intention to connect to the Crystal Skulls will suffice ... those who are called will know what to do. Any information shared here with us is greatly appreciated!

Let us see where this is going to lead us ... for now - let's meet in the ethers, it's CONNEXION TIME :-)


Sonja MYriel

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Hi Sonja

I attended the Crystal Skull Conference 11/11/11 and had direct contact with some of the 13 Ancient skulls..... and brought back three small ones attunded to 3 different skulls. If anyone would like a photo to attune to any of these do let me know.

I also brought back an attuned small crystal ball to a larger crystal Ball believed to be originally from Atlantis....maybe a gem essence will be created?!!

It was a profound experience...........of re-membering.

Love Kali

Wow, Kali, how fortunate you were to be able to do this....pre-destined, no doubt!   I was just telling Sonja how I totally missed this...I was just discovering all things Skulls. I have 3 small ones, attuned to 3 different Crystal Skulls....the names of which escape me at this time....

If I knew how to post a pic in a reply I could show you 2 of them.....

A question if I may, seem to know what you are often should I re-activate my 2 permanent Crystal Grids, please?  I have one for Abundance & one for Love & healing, I have been doing this only about every 6 weeks or so....or is there a specific time I should do it? Maybe New Moon?  And do you think I need to dismantle them & cleanse (wash) the individual Crystals before re-activating it/them?

I would be very grateful for your help, there are a few gaps in my knowledge....

I am fairly new to this site, & am enjoying trying to fill in the gaps in my education of all things Spiritual, Multidimensions & etc....It's Aladdin's Cave for me!

Thanks for listening,

Sending Peace, Love & Oneness energy....

Sylvia (aka Melaynia)  xx♥♥

Dear Sylvia,

I was aiting for Kali to reply here, but as she does not seem to be around I will try my best to do so myself.

Crystal Grids reflect the intention we put into them. They absorb the energy which we dediacte to them - andthen,  in return, they emanate this energy as a constant vibration.

Renewing your Grids every New Moon is therefore a great idea, as this point in time is perfect to initiate new things. I personally do go with the moon a lot - and then there are also the special dates of Equinoxes, Solstices and Eclipses. All these together make up for a perfect schedule to adjust my grids - and YES, every now and then I do cleanse ALL my crystals - with WATER and sometimes also recharging them afterwards in the Sun (not all of them, and not all for the same amount of time, as for some the Sun is too potent - it depends on what kind of crystals you use)

I hope that helps? 

Love Light Blessings,

Sonja MYriel

Thank you xxx

The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for the Crystal Skulls

Here is an intriguing Vision that comes to us from crystal skull explorers, Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head. Joshua and Katrina begin their Vision by telling us a little bit about the crystal skulls so that we will understand their Vision better. Thank you Joshua and Katrina for this most interesting of Visions!

To the indigenous people, the crystal skulls - human shaped skulls made out of various quartz crystals, both newly made through modern carvers and those which have been discovered near ancient ruins throughout the world - are a part of their prophecy for a transformation of our world into a time of total peace and harmony.

With this in mind, we envision a time when the world will fully understand what the crystal skulls are about, as they will be used to help heal people, to help people awaken to their inner divinity, and to help people work with their inner spiritual and creative gifts. But most importantly, contained within the skulls (and we will know how to access this one day soon) is incredible knowledge and information which humanity will be able to use to create a world where everyone has the ability to be themselves and live their life with complete freedom and joy.

Another vision which many people see is that 13 very special crystal skulls - skulls which have a living consciousness onto themselves (although each may be of a different color, we are unsure if the skulls are made from quartz, they may be a form of gold unknown to us) - will come together in one location, returning to be together after being apart for thousands of years. When this occurs, the vibrational frequency of the world will totally shift as we move into a 5th dimensional consciousness which will bring the realization of the prophecy foretold of a Golden Age of Peace.


Oh, my, Sonja....I just found this...I am sorry to say, I was at that time just discovering Crystal Skulls, & have 3 small ones, each attuned with different larger, needless to say, I missed it all!!  (sigh) I am a fairly new member, & am still discovering lots of things on this's like Aladdin's Cave!!  I used to be friends with a lady who has over 200 Crystal this time probably closer to 300 by now, if I know her....'

Do you know of any other Crystal Skull Events to come?  Maybe I could join in with another one. I have a collection of Crystals, and 2 permanent Grids, one solely dedicated to sending Love & Healing energy all around the Planet as well as to the occupants of this house, & a list of friends etc underneath the main Crystal, (a Beautiful 6 inch Selenite Tower). The other one is to attract Abundance to this house & the list of friends underneath my main large Healing Clear Quartz Crystal....

Love all my beautiful Crystals....

Thanks for all your work, Sonja, I am very grateful and fortunate indeed to be able to tap into your vast knowledge, as I slowly educate myself on all things Multidimensional and etc....

Peace & Love, Sonja...

Sylvia  aka Melaynia  xx♥♥

Oh, drat!! I tried to post a picture, but it came out as an attachment!  So, you can look at the attachment & maybe teach me how to post a picture in a reply? Pretty Please?  ♥♥ Many thanks...♥♥


What a lovely picture, Sylvia Melaynia :-)

If you want it to appear in the post click the second icon in the text box - right beside LINK - and upload the picture you want to share ;-)

As for Crystal Skull events: YES, there are regular ones, every SUNDAY - and it is interesting to note that 11pm and 5pm ENGLAND Time coincide with our lightgrid connexion times!!!

Here's the link:

I will post this as a discussion, too and share in a minute.


Sonja Myriel

Dear Sister thank you for I am of the Crystal skull of the Jade Family there is a website Called the jade skull legacy on the net you will see the Elf skulls my skull is in the Highland of the UK but I did have the Blessing to be with a person with the skull   in my Blood line. for we spoke for six day's I wrote down all He And I Am That I Am said to me  the energy is in a crystal  here for this is how  I channel with I Am that I Am. this is first time  I Am that  I Am came  the crystal is a very powerful. Lady Elfso     

Hi Sonja thank you for this sharing.  This is new knowledge to use crystal skull picture instead of  crystal skull.  Thank you dear for this sharing and meditation. With love & light Tercy

You are so ver much WELCOME :-)

All is INTENTION ... we can effect so much if we are clear in our intention :-)

Lightgrid LOVE and BLESSINGS,

Sonja Myriel

Whenever these 13 crystal skulls can get together and "speak " will be a wondrous event. Let me know the results. I wrote on the Mitchell-Hedges skull recently on one of the Federation of Light sub-sites. I attended a metaphysical seminar in Denver, CO in the late 1980s and was privileged to handle and caretaker it for over one hour. A most wondrous experience. It did not speak but did emit a beautiful, blue light for a few moments. Al Powers

Dear Albert, I have not heard anything after that event took place - but I entirely TRUST and have faith that it took place as it was meant to BE!

Your experience with the Mitchell-Hedges skull sounds awsome - you are carrying that light now as a living messenger. It shall be readily available when the time has come


Sonja Myriel



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One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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