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Prediction From Selecia ...For The Year 2016....The Year Of Truth & Justice...

Selacia's Annual Predictions Article

Selacia's 2016 Predictions:
- Year of Truth and Justice -
by Selacia

It has taken a very long time for humanity as a collective to begin facing and openly debating closeted issues of truth and justice. Coming out of the shadows increasingly during 2015, awareness of these themes began reaching a critical mass. Yes, over the centuries we've had an endless number of revolutions, atrocities, and wars rooted in these themes. The difference in 2016 is our sheer numbers and a growing acknowledgement of what's at stake if these issues are not addressed.

Major Opportunities to Shift How We Live Together

Oftentimes the way a year ends sets the stage for the next year. Themes and unresolved issues that reached a boiling point in one year tend to remain front-and-center. This is certainly the case for 2016, a year when we as a collective will have major opportunities to shift how we live together on the Earth.

When we study nature - observing mass species extinction and other human-induced problems like climate change - we have a litmus test of just how precarious life here has become. Climate change, in fact, is among the issues tied to truth and justice.

The whole notion of climate change has been made into a political vehicle, putting a shadow over the truth of what's going on and delaying constructive action. At the same time, rising sea levels and barren farm fields will potentially become an injustice to millions of poor people around the world. While rich countries may have resources to help cope - at least for a while - the poor have no such options.

Cosmic Energies Illuminate Untruths, Injustices

In 2016 cosmic energies will put a growing spotlight on untruths and injustices throughout society. We've had a taste of this already, due to the long dance of Uranus-Pluto that has catalyzed a mega reworking of our world.

The needed changes are core-level, impacting how we relate to one another on basic levels. They involve long-established patterns of power mongering, inequality, oppression, and a veiling of information by those in power as a means of control.

Needed societal changes don't come easily, so there is still a lot to unfold. It's important that each of us remains strong and in our empowerment. Inner strength and heart-centeredness will be necessary to weather the ups-and-downs. We will need to be present and mindful of what we are creating with our thoughts and actions.

Role of Divine Changemakers

As divine changemakers, we know that we are quantum, creating our future a moment at a time. We stand at the forefront of the massive changes happening now. This is a role encoded within our very DNA. Each of our paths leading up to now, including earlier this life and past lives, has led to this role.

If you felt like you moved through a fiery transformational time in 2015, know that this tempered you and helped you for this next phase. The bigger shifts are not easy to make - you will feel them deeply, often to your core.

Even before 2015, you went through some big changes. On the other side of them now, you are stronger, more whole, more accepting, and more loving. Those qualities are vital for your enlightenment and for the planetary influence your light is to have.

What does this mean? Each time you become more whole and more loving, you help humanity as a whole and raise consciousness across the planet. Do not underestimate the power of this. When you see injustices and lies, remember your role. Do the best you can to embody justice and truth sourced from love.

Be a Neutral Observer

As 2016 progresses, the things that separate people will be in the spotlight. This includes everything from outmoded laws, societal structures, prejudices, and dictatorial regimes. The talk may get loud, the actions messy, as people on both sides of issues resort to fear and finger pointing.

There is good news in this! Loud and messy gets more attention and has the potential for the bigger shifts needed now. Keep that in mind throughout 2016 as things heat up. Rather than go into fear or anger about how long the changes are taking, use each instance to go within and see how the outer may apply to inner changes you can make.

A change in view within can make you more effective and perhaps launch a new element of how you serve in the world. Taking things to the personal level first, rather than being angry at the upside-down world, gives you spiritually-grounded power!

For healing and transformational change, issues must be brought to light and seen for what they are. Do what you can to stay neutral as you process social media discussions and the news. There is a lot of fear in the air - it must be brought to light in order to change the status quo. Inherent to the human condition is a learned fear-based response to the unknown and "outsiders." This is nothing new of course. What's different now is the cumulative effect of raised awareness and the numbers of people who are connected in real time to what's happening globally.

Fear-based labeling of people, religions, and countries must be avoided if we are to have a peaceful world. That's not always easy, even for those on the path of awakening - the fear and DNA-level prejudicial conditioning is that strong. Everyone has it. Therefore, be watchful for your reactions when you hear about refugees settling into your city or construction nearby of a place of worship involving a faith different from yours.

From a higher perspective, knowing we are eternal beings with many lifetimes before this one, all of us have at some point been a refugee. Even considering this lifetime, if you trace your lineage back far enough, don't you think some of them were refugees?

Fear and separation have been intertwined forces in our society for thousands of years. As long as people fear their neighbors and view others as outsiders, humanity will remain mired in endless senseless battles. Similarly, an uneducated populace is not equipped to express itself in an empowered way. Uneducated is more than lack of education - it is also misinformation served up by media controlled by the elite.

Divine Changemaker Tips for 2016

As you know, this is not your ordinary life and you have no ordinary life purpose this time either. You are a divine changemaker, choosing to be awake for your biggest adventure yet!

Here are a few tips to help you move through 2016 with empowerment and relative calm. I use the word relative here, as you will of course have ups-and-downs along with stress as your world continues its mega restructuring.

FIRST, know that a time is coming when truth and justice will prevail on Earth. Think quantum and big picture when you consider this. Make allowances for the ripples of seeming setbacks along the way, trusting that love can move even the biggest obstacles. Love is the most powerful alchemy there is. Be relentless with your love.

SECOND, if you find yourself reacting strongly to an injustice in the news, consider that at a DNA level some of your own ancestral injustice issues may be getting stimulated. Go within and explore this. If you sense that your ancestors suffered an injustice and you may be carrying some of their pain in your DNA, seek healing at that level. This will help you and your ancestors.

THIRD, stay in touch with your body and feelings so you can consciously and appropriately respond to life events. You are meant to be alive now, moving through these moments. Your body may sometimes have unusual symptoms as you process things. All of a sudden, for example, you may become tired for no apparent reason. Tune into your body and if you need a short break or rest, take it. Similarly, if you become emotional, check in with yourself to know why. Process the feeling before you engage with the world so you can be clear and effective.

FOURTH, strive to be more discerning. Be your own truth watchdog. Question your questions. Do this for increased discernment and clarification. Example: when something rings true for you and you have received an inner validation that seems to validate that truth, ask more questions.

If something you hear scares you, question why. Higher truths do not generate fear. Reasons you could be scared: (1) the messenger of a truth describes things for manipulative purposes (2) your own fear-based subconscious programming (3) what you heard is only part of the larger story you are not being presented.

Facts are facts. Presentation of facts is another matter. Be mindful as you digest facts to check out underlying meanings and potential agendas. Sometimes a presentation can be skewed so a person or group makes money - convincing you that they are the only ones with the information and you must come to them to have answers or to be safe from some consequence. Be aware.

FIFTH, since truth is a key theme for 2016 - previously hidden truths increasingly coming to light - regularly intend that you discover more of the things that have held you back. Invite spirit's view of your hidden blocks to enlightenment - including what prevents you from being fully open, loving and compassionate. Include yourself in the picture. You must start with self-love and self-acceptance before you can fully embrace anyone else.

SIXTH, since justice is about fairness and in 2016 more of society's long-unfair practices will be revealed - look within to understand your personal justice triggers. These may be big or small - like finding out you were paid half the salary of others or feeling that your roommate in the 2-bedroom apartment has the better bedroom. Look at these things. In your outer world during crisis, when you see something unjust, don't look away and pretend it's not there. Go to your heart and spirit for a higher view and respond to what you see from that place. Show others what it means to be conscious, awake and heart-centered during crisis.

SEVENTH, no matter how much darkness you encounter, the light is always there. Invite a connection with that light daily, within yourself and within others. Trust that you never walk alone. Spirit is always with you.

Copyright 2015 by Selacia - author of Earth's Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.

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well said sister .

The Good Force be with you!

Thank you for sharing & keep it up!

On 2016, the Truth prevails & Justice is to be done for the greatest glory of God!

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)

Dear Melvin,

Yes, Truth & Justice are very essential for all of us to Ascend also easily....

Purity gives us strength....

Dear Sky,

Thanks for your concern & support....



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