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2012...What Do You Mean The Third Dimension Is Going Away ?....By Jim Self.....

2012 ~ What Do You Mean The 3rd Dimension Is Going Away?

By Jim Self

Posted December 9, 2011

As 2012 approaches there is an increasing urgency to this message because
we're all, literally, running out of time to play in the third dimension.

In simple terms, the habit of thinking and feeling and behaving that we know
of as the third dimension is going away. Everyone is shifting into a fourth
dimensional consciousness and experience, and then into a fifth dimensional
consciousness and experience.

However, most people on the planet are not prepared for this Shift. But it
is happening nonetheless, and for those who are unaware of what's going on
it will not be an easy or comfortable experience.

Yet this can be a wonderful, enjoyable time as well. With some basic
information about what the Shift is, and what "dimensions" are, and with
simple tools to help manage our thoughts and feelings, everyone has the
ability to evolve their consciousness and move gracefully and joyfully into
these higher vibrational realms.

If you don't know what dimensions are, you are not alone. Most people
playing the game of life as we know it in the third dimension are playing
without a "rule book" that would explain what the game really is and how one
can play it successfully.

This article provides these basic, missing rules. It explains what the
third, fourth, and fifth dimensions are, and why they are the most important
consideration of your life right now.

If you can understand the structure and play of these dimensions, you can
begin to move fluidly through the unprecedented changes of this Shift
without fear, without effort, without the tension and anxiety that is, for
the most part, the daily habit of our lives.

So, first of all, let me define what dimensions are not.

Dimensions are not places or locations, and they are not a linear
progression - 3, 4, 5, 6 - stacked up like pancakes. And the 3rd dimension,
or the 4th dimension, is not the chair you're sitting in, or the walls that
surround you, or even the Earth itself. That is form, which exists
predominantly in the 3rd and 4th dimensions, and which will still be very
much part of the play in the 4th dimension when the 3rd dimension is no
longer an option.

In general, dimensions are states of consciousness available to anyone who
vibrates in resonance with the specific frequencies and opportunities
available within each dimension.

In a way, you could think of each dimension as a different game with a
different set of rules as to what is possible and not possible for the
beings that choose to play and create there.

So what is the 3rd Dimension?

The third dimension (3D) is a box of rigid beliefs, more or less, with a
relatively inflexible set of rules and limitations. Most of us have been
playing this game for lifetimes, so we tend to think it is the only game
available to us. But nothing could be further from the truth. One of the
rigid 3D beliefs that structure our lives - our thinking and feeling and
actions - is linear time.

Linear time is an optional belief and structure that let's us "live" an
experience of past and a future... and then we die. Because this belief is
the default assumption of mass 3D consciousness, and events seem to validate
the belief, most of us think and act as if it's true.

But now we are all waking up from the illusion of this ubiquitous belief.
And as you become more conscious, you realize that time in 3D is actually a
time loop. What you experience in "the past" is pretty much what you put
your attention on now, and you project that reality into "the future," and
therefore you experience it over and over again.

So the structure of time is quite specific (and limiting) in the 3rd
dimension, but your experience of time is quite different (and empowering)
as you move into higher dimensions.

Everything in a 3D consciousness is also very conditional. The concept of,
for example, 'unconditional love,' does not exist in the 3rd dimension. If
you experience 'unconditional love' or 'unconditional peace' you have
actually moved into a fourth dimensional (4D) consciousness.

You see, in the earth experience now, we have access to both 3rd and 4th
dimensional consciousness, but most of us rarely step out of the
well-grooved habits of 3D thinking and feeling.

The 3rd dimension also offers no possibility of choice. We don't choose our
thoughts, feelings, and actions in every moment (that's a skill of 4D and
5D), instead we react from unconscious beliefs and training to the people
and situations that pop up in our space.

Duality provides another rigid structure for 3D experience. Up/down.
Left/right. Should/shouldn't. Since the fall of Atlantis 12,500 years ago,
we have become very fearful as a way of life, and in that fear we have
learned to narrowly define good and bad, right and wrong, etc. Unconscious
judgment permeates 3D thinking.

Moreover, we perceive our 3D experience predominantly with the left
hemisphere of the brain, home of the rational mind, and so we use only about
5 to 10 percent of the brain's capacity to play the 3D game. Most of us
suspect the rest of our brain must do something but have no idea what it
actually does and how it functions.

In fact, what the rest of the brain enables us to do is function in the
higher 4th and 5th dimensions, and beyond.

We already have the potential, all the necessary equipment and wiring, right
now, to be fully conscious in all these dimensions. But our habits of
thinking and feeling, grooved over many lifetimes, dumbs= us down and limit
us to 3D experience. Our left-brain, rational mind only knows what it
knows, and doesn't know what it doesn't know, and it works tirelessly to
keep us within a thin range of objective 3D thinking and possibilities. And
we, for the most part, have gone along for the ride. But no longer.

The increasing light energies and frequencies of the Shift are rewiring our
brains to allow us access to a much wider range of information and
possibility than is available in the 3rd dimension. These light energies
are preparing us for 4D and 5D experience, even as they are clearing the
rigid 3D "rules" from our consciousness.

So what is the 4th Dimension?

The "rules" of 4th dimensional consciousness provide an enhanced sense of
ease, possibility, and capability than the structures of the 3rd dimension.

Time in 4D, for example, is always present time. The focus is only ever this
moment, what is happening right now. Our bodies already know only this
present time; they can't know 'yesterday' or 'tomorrow,' and as conscious
beings in our natural alignment in the higher 4th dimension, we function
absolutely in this "Now" of present time awareness and attention. When our
attention point becomes present time awareness, choice becomes possible
again. We can observe any and all events with a sense of detachment, merely
as information to consider, and from that still, uncluttered platform we are
then, and only then, free to choose our response. In the higher 4th
dimension we become response-able.

A concept and possibility known as paradox also becomes available in the
present time of 4D consciousness. Paradox simply means that what was true
just a moment ago may not be true right now. And what was false a moment ago
may no longer be false. Instead of applying rigid, pre-existing definitions
to any experience, we choose our preferred version and vibration in every

So as we move into 4D consciousness in present time, with the power of
choice and response-ability, and the flexibility of paradox, the ability to
alter the game to enhance our happiness and wellbeing becomes available.

Interestingly, 4D consciousness will not be a long-term option after the
Shift clears away the rigid structures of 3D consciousness.

The 4th dimension is serving as an essential, but short-lived, stepping
stone or vibrational platform from which we will all move into 5th
dimensional consciousness. 5D is the target for Earth and all her
inhabitants. The archangels have said the entire consciousness of Earth will
be a fifth dimensional consciousness by the year 2015.

But although the 5th dimension is the target, the experience of the 4th
dimension is essential. We cannot enter 5D directly from 4D. All mental and
emotional baggage from the 3rd dimension must be left at the door to the 4th
dimension, and we can only enter the 5th dimension after we have become
masterful of our thoughts and feelings in the 4th dimension.

Some assembly is required.

So what is the 5th Dimension?

The 5th dimension operates, to a great extent, in a completely differently
fashion from the 3rd and 4th dimensions.

Time in 5D is instantaneous time, meaning that everything (all
possibilities) occurs in the same place at the same moment. In 5D, you focus
your attention and the answer or experience is given to you exactly when and
where you focus.

Ask and you shall receive.

In 5D, you don't have to move or go anywhere for your answers or
experiences; everything comes to you easily and effortlessly based upon the
attention point and vibration you choose to hold in every moment.

When you are vibrating in 5D consciousness, you don't create with form as
you do in the 3rd and 4th dimensions, you create with light and light
patterns and light frequencies. You apply sound and color and geometric
shapes. You consciously interact with the Creator and all the Beings of

In this heightened consciousness, the rational mind plays a very minimal
role. It returns to a small, specific focus it was intended to have, namely
the wellbeing of the physical body.

But before we can move into our vibrational home that is 5D consciousness,
we must first become masterful of the vibrations and possibilities of 4D
consciousness. This is the focus of the Shift for most people as we head
into the ever-accelerating events of 2012.

So how do you become masterful in 4D consciousness?

The Tools of 4D Present Time

As I mentioned, 4D is the 'right now' of 'present time.' But present time
actually has four different levels.

In 2010, we all stepped into the third level. As we move 2012, we will step
into the fourth, and final, level. In that level, when you think, 'I would
like an apple,' the apple is going to appear in your hand. Usually when I
say that people get very excited. And it is exciting. However . there is a

The vast majority of people on this planet are not prepared to be the
masters of their every thought, feeling, and action in every moment. But
there's no option. It's a required, baseline skill of higher 4D and 5D

One of the reasons the 3rd dimension was created was to provide a
"playground" in which we each can practice and hone the vibration of our
thoughts and feelings. To accomplish this, the 3D playground has a time
buffer. Instead of 'instant manifestation' there is a time lag between the
thought we think and the manifestation or experience of that thought. For
the most part, we are very sloppy with this buffer.

Instead of focusing on what we want, and allowing this to unfold over time,
we spew anger, frustration, boredom, worry, anxiety, blame, guilt, fear -
all kinds of lower, disharmonic thoughts and feelings. We behave as if we
can think and feel anything with impunity because we do not see the
instantaneous results of our thinking.

But no longer. As 3D linear time is collapsing into a single point of
present time, the time buffer is collapsing too. We have less opportunity to
practice being aware of our mental and emotional habits before what we think
is what we get. This is a very big deal.

Fortunately, some simple energy tools can help you manage your thoughts and
emotions in every moment so that you can be prepared for the unprecedented
opportunity and challenge of living and creating in present time in the
higher dimensions.

These basic energy tools are available for free on our website
www.masteringalchemy .com but let me explain
a few of them here by way of example.

Allow the Shift to clear your unconscious thoughts & feelings

In simple terms, the Shift is using one wave of light frequencies to clear
away who we are not, and another wave to remind us who we are. The Shift
knows where we've stored unwanted, unconscious habits of thought and
reactionary emotion, and the light is clearing all this from our vibration.

However, as these lesser thoughts and feelings are cleared, they will come
into our awareness, and magnetize people and circumstances to us that mirror
these chaotic energies. How do you handle these often-powerful energies when
they appear. You allow them. If you can simply observe them with a sense of
detachment as they come up - knowing that they are just coming up to be
cleared - they will clear quickly, and you won't even remember what the fuss
was all about.

But if you grab hold and engage these chaotic thoughts and feelings, if you
insist on feeling guilty or worrying, if you continue to argue that 'I am
not OK' or 'They are not OK,' these energies will not be cleared from your
space - and the Shift, as it accelerates ever faster, will become a very
bumpy, very 'not OK' road for you.

Remember most often what comes up is not even yours; it does not belong to
you. Acknowledge it and know that it's coming up to be cleared. forever.
Take a couple of deep breaths, go for a walk, listen to music -- but turn
your attention point to something of a higher vibration.

Understanding the Lower and Higher 4th Dimension

To simplify another important aspect of the Shift, let's imagine that the
4th dimension has just two parts to it - a lower 4th dimension and a higher
4th dimension. (This is not technically true, but it's a useful

As I mentioned, form will remain when 3D disappears. We'll still experience
houses and cars and trees. But fear, judgments, blame and guilt, the rights
and the wrongs, will disappear. All this dense emotional energy, which is
the only thing that prevents us from playing in the higher dimensions right
now, will simply be cleared from our space.

However, depending upon the vibration of the thoughts you are thinking as 3D
disappears, you will find yourself in either the lower 4th dimension or the
higher 4th dimension.

The lower 4th dimension, which is also called the astral plane or dream
space, holds all the thoughts ever thought by anyone in the 3rd dimension.

You see, thoughts don't just disappear after we think them. They live on in
the lower 4th dimension, with specific weight, texture, density and
emotional charge. And they bond and cluster with all the other thoughts of
similar character.

Some thoughts - such as rape, domination, slavery, war, hatred - feel heavy,
dense and dark. Conversely, thoughts such as 'butterflies,' 'children
playing in the park,' and 'flowers blooming on a warm spring day' feel light
and have a simple, airy vibration. Lighter thoughts like these rarely
linger in a 3D consciousness. Because in order to align and feel the
vibration of, for example, 'beauty,' we must step out of 3D consciousness
into present time, a higher 4th dimensional space.

Wait, you say, I know 'Beauty!' You do, because we're now living in both the
third and fourth dimensions simultaneously, but how often do you align
yourself with, and linger on, the feeling of beauty?

It's a 4D, present-time skill to take thoughts like 'light,' 'airy' and
'beauty' to heart. These vibrations don't even exist in the hurry up,
past/future of the 3rd dimension where it's very difficult to pause in
present time and smell a flower.

But, on the other hand, have you noticed that heavy, uncomfortable thoughts
such as 'I'm not good enough.' or 'They don't like me.' or 'I'm never going
to succeed.' tend to linger quite a bit longer in 3D consciousness? This is
because thoughts are electric and emotions are magnetic. A set of light,
airy vibrations like 'beauty' or 'graciousness' has a low, soft, electrical
charge that is expansive and fluid. Whereas heavier, uglier thoughts come
highly charged and wrapped in highly magnetic emotions. These thoughts are
not only harder to clear than kind, loving thoughts; they also bond
magnetically to all other thoughts like them in the lower 4th dimension.

So much of the magnetic field we walk around in - I'm not OK, You're not OK
- has very little to do with who we really are. It's just the magnetism of
one heavy, unconscious thought attaching itself to the magnetism of similar
heavy, unconscious thoughts.

You begin to see why it's vital to become conscious of the thoughts you
think and the emotions you throw into your vibrational mix.

Fortunately, the second wave of the Shift is making this easier and easier.
As we let go of the heavier energies of Who We Are Not, the light is
rewiring us, stepping us up into a higher 4th dimensional vibration where
lesser thoughts and emotions are not such a distraction in our general

We start to live in alignment with the heart, and experience the vibrations
and consequences of concepts such as 'I like me,' 'I'm happy,' 'I'm pleased
with myself.'

The alignment with the heart becomes natural because it already is our
natural alignment in the higher fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions.

However, some assembly is required.

Any limitations, judgments, denials, blame, guilt, or resentments that we
each still argue for, in one way or the other, become like weights on a hot
air balloon. They limit how far we can rise within the fourth dimensional
range of vibration.

Each of us is 100 percent in charge of the process. The more weight -
lower-vibrational patterns of words, thoughts, and emotions - we remove, the
higher we rise into the expansive experience of the higher 4th dimension.
Here, it is as if we look past the boundaries and limitations, which were
always just a habit of observation in 3D. It's a wider view, a calmer view,
and a quieter view. In the upper 4th dimension, you can choose fear or
worry, and drop into the lower 4th dimension. but you won't.

As you begin to align with the heart, very naturally - 'I Like Me' - you're
going to find there's no reason or compulsion to choose an uncomfortable
attention point in the lower 4th dimension. It comes naturally and readily
because it is the language and vibration of you're natural well being - if
you let it, and if you focus upon it.

It's a choice.

As the shift accelerates and time collapses and everything is in the present
moment, you could still choose your thoughts and feelings unconsciously, out
of 3rd dimensional habit, and you would have the opportunity to live that
discomfort immediately and fully in your experience.

Or you can choose your thought and emotion in every moment, with focus and
awareness, and live the fullness of that experience.

In other words, it's to your benefit to practice and integrate the ability
to choose the contents of your consciousness right now, before it really
counts - and that moment is not very far away.

It's all up to you.

Until now, the center of your head, the place from where you can choose your
thoughts and attention point, has been pre-occupied by the thoughts of
others. Your Mom-Dad-Teacher-Minister loved you and had an opinion about the
best way for you to live your life, and as their thoughts moved in to your
head, "You" moved out.

Now it is time to take back ownership of the center of your head. As you
recognize and let go of the unnatural thoughts that say, 'Oh, I can't do
this' and 'I can't do that' and 'I must do this,' you're going to find that
soon all those thoughts, with their sticky interlocking connections in the
lower 4th dimension, disappear.

Just putting your attention in present time on 'beauty' and 'well-being', or
just being 'happy' in a state of 'ease', eliminates the lesser vibrations
stored within the lower astral fields of the 4th dimension.

Start by playing with the vibration of what I call Living Words. The
Archangels very deliberately and precisely selected these words - words such
as Certain, Capable, Commanding, Present, Senior, Graciousness and Happy -
so that you can most easily clear all the unconscious vibrations from your

Choose one word each day and live with it all day, think it and feel it

If you practice thinking and feeling these vibrations now, when it doesn't
absolutely count, they will become your habit when it does count.

You begin to gracefully realign with the fullness of "You," and your natural
state of wellbeing lifts you into the higher 4th dimension.

Easy? Kind of.

Simple? Yes.

Does it require awareness and a choice from a present time space?

Can you sit on the sidelines and hope it all turns out? No.

Increased levels of electromagnetic light from the higher dimensions are now
flowing within all of us. Many people in the 3rd dimension cannot handle
this surge, and they are choosing to step out of their bodies.

And many, many more will follow as the Shift accelerates

You see, everyone is going home to the 4th and then 5th dimensions, but not
everyone is going home on the same timeline, and with the same ease and

How do you choose?


Jim Self is an author, international speaker, and teacher of the Tools for
Mastering Alchemy. This work is in co-creation with Archangels, Ascended
Masters and Teachers of Light. Free DVD and Free Tele-Classes. Jim is
presenting Free in-person classes and the weekend seminar, Creating the
Personal Power Field around North America.
www.MasteringAlchemy.comor 775-851-8950 ~
Copyright: You may share this article with your friends as long it is kept
whole and our website is included. Thank you.

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I really appreciate Jim Self.  He has helped me for many years now with his webinars , etc.  I love the "Rose Techinque" he teaches, and I use it frequently to send energies into the rose, explode it, and feel refreshed.   Thanks, Dr. Shukla, for this post.  I will share it with others.

Dear SohiniBen

Thank you, great article

Love Lynette

I thank you for this, I havn't understood alot of what is happening  cause I'm stuck inside of myself I'm afraid to say, feeling feerful, that I'm not good enough to be special, all the thoughts and feeling that I've had in my body for all these years are still with me, I think I'm ok then wham I sabotage myself, I'm so stuck right now I don't know what to do, I don't want to be this way. I don't really know how to heal myself and the cycle I'm on.

BK, lol.  I don't even know your situation, but I can tell you this from my own personal experience--that I came to know thatI was already healed.  LOL.  I sometimes just didn't know it.  The instant I shifted my consciousness to KNOWING I AM  worthy of it, whatever energetic blockage there was was alleviated.  Whatever I needed came to me.  Then, I surrendered during meditation and relaxation.


I abided by the principles of the chakras and determined to be my Christ Self just as Master Sananda demonstrated for us to follow.

Chakra Principles:  Carolyn Myss'  book "Why People Don't Heal and How They Can"-----------




Solar Plexus:  RESPECT SELF






If there was ever a body part involved in my illness--I found out which chakra(s) likely governed it.  Then I determined what in my life is going on.  Finally, I applied the principle of that chakra(s) and THEN I EXPERIENCED THE WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSE WITHIN!!  Balance was restored healing my body, mind and spirit.





Dear Mother SohiniBen,

thank you so much for this post!

LOve and Blessings,


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Do you often find yourself “taking on” other people’s moods and emotions?
Would you like to know how to clear other people’s energy out of your space, and experience your own personal power?

Your Personal Power Field consists of a sphere of light which surrounds a form known as an octahedron. This geometric form, when rebuilt and reactivated, becomes a containment field creating both safety and permission to experience your life on YOUR terms, without all of the history of your past directing your present experience.

Dear Damian,

Thanks for your reply ...I do not know about Rose technique....


Dear Lynette,

Thanks for posting your message....


Dear Arleen,

Thanks for your videos.....


Dear Beverly,

Thanks fopr your response....




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