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Create a Force Field that Weakens Fear: Grandmothers Speak


"There is so much fear now-in the world, in me, in everyone, Grandmothers," I said as I stood before them. "The economy is in tatters. Yesterday someone told me she was terrified of the liberals and the liberals I know are terrified of the right wing. The right vilifies the left and the left does the same. Muslims fear Christians and Jews and Christians and Jews fear Muslims. Fear is having a field day, Grandmothers," I said. "How can we live at this time without letting it run us?"

They stood silently, regarding me with serious faces and I wondered if they'd heard me. "Contact," they said at last. "Stay in touch with us and with one another. Being in contact and aware of the Net of Light creates a force field that weakens fear. Fear doesn't want to be anywhere near the Net of Light." Smiling sweetly, they said, "The Net of Light is the antidote to fear.

"The Net of Light holds everything in love because it IS love. Fear has no part in the Net of Light. Ever!" they said, giving me a level look. "So when you take your place within the Net of Light you create an inhospitable environment for fear.

"But at this time while fear is running wild," they said, "should you look to the world for guidance, you will not find it. At such a time you cannot focus on the world, because- " They stopped speaking then, laughed, and gestured off to the side. Something was moving there, circling and whirling. It was an old-fashioned merry-go-round! I watched as people leaned toward the center as it spun, straining and reaching for a golden ring. "Oh!" I said. "This is how the world operates. We are told to hurry, hurry, to hold on tight to what we have, and to grab for the gold. In the meantime, we are to fend off others who are also trying to grab it." Shaking my head at the ridiculousness of this injunction, I turned to the Grandmothers.

"That is not life," they laughed and shook their heads too. "That is not how life works. If you take away mankind's' attempts to alter the flow of life, life as it is," they said, "is perfect. The pattern of life always fosters more life. Life evolves. Emotions, relationships, spirits, and places evolve. At every moment all is shifting. This is the flux of creation," they said, "the flow that creates change and the change that creates more flow. Life is forever in the process of becoming-becoming something else.

"If you look back on your lifetime you will see this," they said."At every moment you were in the process of becoming more. Becoming the next thing-a student, a mother, a teacher, a wife, a seeker. Becoming - more love," they said. "Life moves you in a certain direction and it moves everyone. This is the rhythm of life," they said. "There is nothing to fear in it.

"Whenever you resist change," they said, "fear becomes magnified. When you deny what is," they said, "fear is strengthened. Pushing against the flow of life is a misuse of Yang energy. And pushing against does nothing good-ever. Fear," they said, "is nothing but the energy of Yang pushing against something." Laughing at this absurdity, they said, "There is nothing to push against.

"You ask us how to cope when fear is popping up everywhere. Turn the spotlight of your awareness on what triggers the fear in you. What is the presenting issue? As this issue comes to mind, can you stay in harmony with the flow of life? Can you stay in a good feeling place? If the answer to these questions is 'no,' you have been snared by the energy of fear.

Whenever this happens, call us," the Grandmothers said. "Call on us and on the Net of Light. Then experience your union with us, with all who work with the Net of Light and then hold the fear-based issue within the Net. Not seeking to change whatever brought it up," they said, "not seeking to make anything different, but simply including what triggered fear in the Net.

"As the energy of fear feeds and grows stronger, all the so-called problems of the world seek to convince you that they are the most important things possible. This is what is happening today," the Grandmothers said. "You could actually call fear a 'show-off," they added, "because it demands center stage. But you do not need to give it center stage. Instead, observe as fear shows itself, ask us to take over (which we will do) and call on the Net of Light. Then feel yourself held in the Net and, instead of pushing against the fear, let the Net of Light hold it. We will also hold it," the Grandmothers said.

"As soon as you call on us we will take over. Then you can let your mind wander and go about your day. Every time you call on us for help, we will come. Every time!" they promised. "This is true for the smallest personal problem you can come up with and for the largest cosmic issue imaginable. In our eyes no issue is larger or smaller. Anytime you catch yourself pushing against something, know that the energy of fear has climbed into your drivers' seat," they said, and laughed, "you never want fear to drive. Take back the wheel by giving us the fear," they said, "and once you've done that, rest in the Net.

"When you get caught in fear, you feed the negative drama playing out on earth and that guarantees misery for you and for everyone. The world will try to fascinate you with its stories. These same stories have been retold thousands of times with different people playing the roles. There's nothing new in them. They are the classic tales of 'us and them,' of 'evil' and 'good.' But if you look closely, you will see that underneath each story lays the radiant Net of Light. The Net of Light holds the entire drama and patiently waits for the players to awaken to its presence. You can awaken now," they said.

"Each time you remember to call on the Net of Light, no matter what drama is being broadcast, it will be diffused. One person who stays in her/his right mind, aligned with the Divine, removes power from the voracious feeding machine we call fear. So as soon as you recognize that fear has wormed its way into your drivers' seat, call on us, and on the Net of Light.

The times you are living in are ripe for fear. It is running wild now--attempting to control everyone. But we see through all of the drama on earth and most of all, we see your hearts. They are beautiful," the Grandmothers said, tears in their eyes. "You have an important roll to play now, so stay connected with us, with one another, and with the Net of Light. Hold to the truth," they said. "No matter what disguise fear puts on, your job is to stay centered. Stay within the Net of Light! Each time you do this, you will help us and help everyone."

And speaking to each one reading this message, they said, "We thank you for your true, true heart."



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Opportunities for Ancestor Work

We will be working with the Ancestors at the following Gatherings. If you would like to join us, please get in touch with the contact person for the event.

Gathering of the Grandmothers, Groesbeek, near Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Sept. 23-25. Contact Catharina Schilperoort,

Gathering of the Grandmothers, Melaney, Qld, Australia, Nov. 25-27. Contact Christine Shand, Carolyn Somers

Gathering of the Grandmothers, Waikanae, New Zealand, Dec. 3-4, contact Clara Brouwer,

To find a Grandmothers' group near you, go to: Grandmother's Groups (


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Grandmothers' Words of Wisdom (from Our Love is Our Power)


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ancestors of Love- Letter from England

"In the June message from the Grandmothers, they spoke of the Ancestors and how we can connect with them to enhance our healing. The focus of my own inner healing in recent years, has been the recovery of memories of being raped as a child, by members of my mothers family, and all the abuses associated with it (the silencing with death threats, deceits, being told I was a "child of the devil", and finally a curse). This reflects a pattern of incest over several generations: "the sins of the fathers, unto the fourth generation"

I immediately knew I needed to connect with my own Ancestors of Love, in relation to healing the pattern of incest within my mother's family, and ask for their assistance. Once I had done that, I could immediately sense that things started moving, externally and internally.

I then reflected on how this connected directly to tragic events in my father's life, and his family, including me. The next logical step was to call on the Ancestors on his side of the family. The effects of the incest, has also had profound repercussions in my own marriage. So I then connected with my husband's Ancestors.

Every time I made this connection, profound and powerful healings began, and I could sense that things were beginning to shift. It was as if the Ancestors had all been waiting in the wings, for the request to be made. My request created the connection, and gave them the permission, which has enabled them, as a team, to put their plans into action.

I am now bringing the Ancestors into nearly all of my healing. I feel as if they have been, and are, waiting in a long queue!
The Ancestors of Love, are longing to heal all the wounds of the past. All we have to do is ask."

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Message from the Masters

August 10, 2011

Welcome to another message of the Masters, I am Kuthumi and I am here to tell you a bit more of what is happening and what you can do to support the new energies coming in on August 13 of this year.

There is much turmoil and much fear of what is happening as the world is seemingly collapsing around you.

This is the time to stay updated on what is in fact happening and not close your eyes as many are likely to do in these times and want to close their eyes instead of becoming aware of the truth behind it.

Many rely upon the messages brought out and do not search for the answers where they can be found.

This is the time where you think about change, hope and a new world view that needs to emerge. This can only be done if you know the world view moment to moment and know within yourself what the new view can be.

This is a world that is controlled by fear and people who know how to use this fear to control you. This is not something new and has always been a big problem no matter what time or age.

At this moment you have the illuminati; they control the banks, many governments and more. This is not new either as they have been in control of churches, temples and many of the established governments over hundreds, even thousands of years.

To think that by removing them, the world will change for the better is a simple view that needs to be looked at by all of you.

There will always be groups that want control; even you want control as you want your world view, what you think should change upon this earth.

Yes it might be a large group of people that have this new consciousness view for the earth, but still not every person on earth is going to want this. You might think why would they not want this, they will like it once it is there.

This is not a reality at this moment as the awakening only involves a small group of people and those that are not awake will not see all that is involved in a new consciousness view.

This is about control, discipline and awakening. This is about self-control, discipline and awakening. You cannot control others, you can only control yourself and this is what you need to realize and be aware of. You have to have the discipline to keep that control of yourself and not fall back into your old ways of fear.

You also have to have discipline in not controlling others; you cannot force others to take your worldview. This is what is happening as big groups are coming together to bring in the new energies with the intent to bring this in to change consciousness of all others on earth.

This is not possible as we have said before as you cannot force others to accept these energies. Yes you can come together in groups and bring in those energies, but be aware of your intent, as some have the intent that is control of others in a way to force others to accept these energies. Let your intent be that the energies will benefit you and the earth. Let the intent be to make available these energies to the ones that will awaken at one point and they will be able to use these energies if they choose to do so.

Being aware of all possibilities, being aware of all changes is something that you can do at all times from every place in the world.

Not closing your eyes from what is happening on earth, we know many have turned off the TV as to not be influenced by what is happening on earth as much of what is happening brings them fear.

If this is what is happening to you, you still have fear and you need to work on this. The changes and turmoil upon earth are not what is giving you fear, you are still holding this fear within you. Fear of being controlled, fear of not being able to change.

The change has to come from each and every person on earth and by closing your eyes from that which can bring you fear is not real change.

If you do not release this you will bring it with you into the new world.

Change is also needed when you look at the governments of your world.

Many people within your governments are already of the new wave and more of them are needed to bring in the change within the governments that is needed to move into the new world.

The biggest problem with most governments at this time is that they have made you reliant upon them. You have given them that power, now it's time to take your power back by choosing the people into your government that will give the power back to the people.

Yes these are hard times for many in many countries. But reliance upon the government that is controlled by many of the ones that control through fear is not what you need to move into the new world.

Yes it is going to require you to choose the new government whenever you have the chance to make a change.

This is why we suggest you become fully aware of what is happening within your governments, who are the ones that actually stand for change, who are the ones that are willing to fight to give the power back to the people.

This means watching some TV, search on the internet, become aware of who is representing you within these governments. Do your own research.

Become involved in what is happening on earth, be aware of all that is happening and why it is happening. Do not follow the words of one person, search within the words of many. The same for the channelings available, search within all of them, not just the ones that suit your view or needs.

This change on earth is your change. It is not the change of the Masters, the Galactic Federation or any other being that is not on earth at this moment.

It is the change of the people that are on earth, they are the ones that have to change.

Releasing fear, but also releasing control and a mindset of what you think should happen, as this will limit the outcome of what could happen.

The only way to release control is to release it from within you.

The only way to real change is make the change within you.

This is what was taught in the old mystery schools, the temples and throughout all ages. People were not focused on awakening others. They used their control to change themselves.

You cannot control the world around you, but you can control the world within you.

Another thing we would like to talk about is how you are being controlled as there are many different ways of control and Isis will come to tell you about this.

Welcome, I am Isis and I would like to speak about the many forms of control that are being used on earth at this moment.

The biggest one is of course fear, as you all know, fear paralyzes you and prevents you from becoming the being you are within spirit in many ways.

Once you start to release that fear and become more of what you are in spirit, there are other forms of control that will be used.

Hope and change by others is one of them, it's all about the "Others" that are going to be there to assist you in this change.

This will keep you waiting and waiting for the change to happen and in the meantime you are not making the changes within you to the fullest of what is possible as you are waiting for the "Others" to change the world around you.

Then we have the ones that say we need you, we need your light, and we need your help to do this. We all need to work together to change this world, we need to bring in the change, and we need to bring the change to all.

This is the one that sounds the best as this is what you all want. You want everyone on earth to wake up and be part of the new world.

You have to read between the lines, why is your light needed, what are they planning to do with it? What is their intent?

Activations of every one on earth, activating other people on earth even if it is something that is within every person already and most of the time it is.

It is not possible, you cannot force another person, you cannot force another being, and they have to make their own choices as to how and when they activate these possibilities within them.

The change happens within each person in their own time and in their own way. There is no magic device or magic energy that can be brought in to make that change happen within each person upon earth.

Now this does not mean the people who are doing this have bad intentions, they usually have good intentions. But they forget about control and how each and every person on earth was gifted with free will.

And of course, yes there are ones with intentions that are not so good, that is for you to decide, for you to decipher and find out.

This new date of August 13, 2010 is a good date for setting intentions, but intentions for your own change, your own life. Setting the intention of what you want to change within your own life, and how you can be part of the change in the world around you in a way that does not interfere with others in a way that interferes with their free will.

Changes have to be made, governments need to change, and ways of how to use the resources that the earth has given you need to change.

You are the ones making those changes, making choices for each of you personally no matter how that will affect others; the choices are to be made by each person.

Conscious change from within you is the only thing that is important.

You cannot change others; you can only lead by example, by making your own decisions and choices and in this way showing other they can make their own decisions and choices.

This cannot be done by force; this cannot be done by activating something within others that is not of their choosing at this time.

This is what you need to become aware of; this is what many do not understand at this time.

Choices are to be made by you and you alone, all the groups out there not of your earth can say anything, can give you answers, directions and more, but they cannot interfere with this. Any group who says they can is not telling you the truth. They are not here to interfere as they cannot interfere with free will.

This is why you need to discern and start your own research, make your own decisions and choices as this is what can bring the new earth.

No other being can do it for you.

This is what you can control; you can control your own decisions in how you want to be within the new earth. You cannot control how the new earth will change others as this is not your choice to make.

Anything else is just a repeat of what is happening on your earth at this moment. A small group controlling the way others are living.

Isis and Kuthumi

Through Petra Margolis

August 10, 2011

These messages may be shared freely as long as no alterations are made and the source is included in the message.



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