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Resurrection of the Lemurian Grid

Lemurian Council through Pat Crosby

The continent of Lemuria once covered the area of the now Pacific Ocean. Traces of the continent continue in California, Central and South American including Peru.

Lemuria, in Elohim Angelic Light Language, means: Created from the heart of God to carry streams of unconditional love into every aspect of created forms.

Dear Beloved Earth Beings,

We greet you in the name of universal and unconditional love. We ARE the collective of beings known as the Golden Spirits of Lemuria. Our assemblage includes the Golden Spirit of Lemuria, the Guardians of the Lemurian Grid including Archangel Metatron and Reshel (the feminine aspect of Metatronic energies), and those called to serve planet earth and her inhabitants during this foretold time of rapid change on your planetary grid systems. You may call us overall the Lemurian Council.

What Is A Grid?

You are very familiar with the concept of electrical grids. There is the raw unchanneled energy in the cosmos called electricity.  It is seen in your sky as lightning. In its raw form, it is not only untappable to you, but even catastrophic and deadly to most humans and animals that have direct contact with it.  It can fry you in a second ~ as the energy gap between it and your system is too immense.

An enlightened human master was able to devise a system and method of capturing this raw energy, and transducing it ~ or scaling it down to human usability and consumption levels. This Master Benjamin Franklin opened the doorway to stepping down this energy till today you can use an iota of this cosmic energy to make your toast in the morning in a little machine that sits on your counter top.

The system of wires, transformers, generators, plugs, outlets, etc, forms the Electrical Grid.  You can now use this grid to plug appliances in and out of it to get the power you need to perform specific tasks ~ such as reading this on your computer, cooking your dinner, washing your clothes, etc.

You can also unplug these appliances from the grid anytime ~ so the grid is a useful intentional invention that was created ~ and has evolved ~ to being of great service for the project of enlightening the physical plane of your planet earth.

Pause for a moment and think what a momentous and giant collective task to create an electrical grid has been for much of humanity in the past hundred years or so.

Also pause and reflect another moment as to what a difference having this grid in place means for humanity on a daily basis. Think what life is like without using this electrical grid, and how many hardships come to most people when they do not have access to this electrical grid. You see how many possibilities are extended to humanity because of the electrical grid which is newly in place.

You see pictures of poor people in poor countries having to carry buckets of water for miles because they do not have an electrical grid system in place to do the pumping and transporting of this basic human necessity ~ water.

You can see what powerful intervention has occurred for humanity by having an electrical grid in place.

Today we are seeing people modifying this concept of a big electrical grid, and making miniature grids serving their own property. They say they are “off the grid”. This means they are creating a mini-grid serving just their own needs ~ with a solar or other electricity generator connecting to their individual grid of converters, batteries, wiring, plugs, etc. We call this process a fractalizing of the electrical grid. Fractalizing the grids is a universal characteristic of grids.

Grids are also communication devices. Examples of communication grids in your world are telephone networks, radio networks, wifi networks, television networks. These are each a specific grid that operates with its own unique hardware, programs, purpose, intent, and methodology.

The energetic grids we are talking about in this channeling are also communication devices. Each grid is designed to flow information back and forth between various components in any intentional communication network ~ rather it be a continent, a planet, a galaxy, a project, etc.

How Many Grids Are There?

There are as many grids as there are manifesting intentions. Grids are created with a specific intention and function in mind.

For starters, the Creator created cosmic grids that carry the intention to manifest the creation.

Interlaced and interwoven with a grand cosmic grid are various function-specific intentional grids.

There are, for examples, galactic grids ~ that outline the form and flow of each of the multitude of galaxies. Within each galactic grid are other grids that define and specify different functions and purposes.

Each star has its own solar system grid. Each planet has its own unique grid. You are familiar with the Gaia Grid. Each grid has its own consciousness and connections.

To make this clearer for human mental intelligence, we offer the example of your precious human body. It is a grid or form outline defining its form, purpose and function.

Within this human body grid (and it is further refined that each human has its own unique version of the species specific prototype) are circulatory grids (your circulation system, your digestion grid), your structural support grid (bones and cartilage of your skeletal system), your nervous system grid that carries information through electrical and chemical interactions, etc.

What Is The Purpose Of A Grid?

A grid has the function to hold something together ~ to hold something in form ~ to weave an intention and process to fulfill that intention into form.

We look again at the human body grid. The skeletal grid holds the basic structure and shape of the creation ~ the human body. The circulatory grid carries food and oxygen around the structure. The digestive grid organs and membranes feed the system and carry out no-longer needed ingredients. The nervous system grid communicates with all parts of the grid and connects to the operating command center ~ the brain.

We also have the breathing system grid ~ that carries the gift of life into every nook, crevice and cranny of the human grid. We can look at the breathing system as an on-off capability switch. Breath comes in at the beginning of the human life project, and leaves when the project is complete, so the form can disintegrate.

What Is Special About the Lemurian Grid?

We look at the Lemurian Grid as a specialized system in form that holds in place the Creator’s intention for a special unique process on this planet earth ~ a high frequency, multidimensional, quantum place in time and space interweaving with the third dimension to create a golden civilization on a golden continent called Lemuria. A grid that holds and circulates the energy of unconditional love.


The Golden Spirit Of Lemuria Now Shares
The Story Of The Creation Of The Lemurian Grid

Dear Earth Children,

Long ago and far away, by current earth reckoning, existed a beautiful golden continent ~ a continent created in love and maintained in love. This glorious golden land was woven out of the most beautiful threads in all the Creator’s vast collection of energetic strands.
The warp of this design was a heavenly celestial rosy bright pink ~ a mix of beautiful magentas and fuchsias.
A few beautiful ruby sparkling threads were woven in, as well as lovely vibrant oranges. There were even some threads from the Creator’s purple collection thrown in for good measure. This was truly the most vibrant and special design the Creator had ever woven by its team of master weavers.
This beautiful design was not stagnant. It was actually flowing and alive with the Creator’s powerful intention. This intention arose because of the powerful prayer requests of many beings of light who requested the Creator to create a special playground for them where they could practice and develop their skills in maintaining love and equanimity ~ even if another being kicked sand in their face (though such things did not exist in Lemuria)! But they wanted to discover and document these possibilities for themselves.
The Creator listened and listened till finally there was such a volume of similar prayers and requests, that the Creator went into deep meditation and pondered HOW it could create such a powerful loving place ~ especially in the midst of 3rd dimensional density.
Finally, the Creator called in its master creative design and construction team, the Elohim, and put forth the task to them.
The Elohim spent cosmic eras considering all the possibilities and potentialities of fulfilling this special request from the Creator.  They constructed various models from their own collection of light threads, and examined closely the patterns of light, known as grids, that already existed in other places in the Creator’s vast cosmos.
When they had a working model, and scaled it up to size, they asked for volunteers to go to this new land and set up house ~ to try it on for size ~ and report back how they found the experience.
As this was a very hot topic in the levels of creation, and many beings were excitedly watching the development of the unfolding of the Creator’s plan and decision, there was a VERY long line of beings wanting to go to this new dimensional land opportunity for exploration and to try out this new experiment.

The Elohim and Archangels
The Elohim team, in consultation with the Creator, called in the Archangels to oversee the nitty-gritty of the colonization of this new golden land. The various orders of angels had great experience in bridging the intermediary steps from the Creator’s mind and heart of intention with the actual beings that would live the Creator’s intended manifestation.
The angelic beings were very excited about participating in such a grand way with this latest example of the Creator’s mighty manifesting creations.

Angels and Elvins
The angels pondered how they could fulfill this work order. They too pondered many possibilities and discussed options.  After great deliberations lasting millions of what were to be earth years (though time did not exist in their worlds), the angels decided to consult with specialists in natural world experiments who were specialists in creating environmental fields that were self sustaining and viable.  This class of beings is known as the Elvins. They are also experts at working with the elements and all their permutations.
Please note that Elvins are different from what your fairy tales call elves. Elvins are giant beings of light and connected to natural cycles of life and nature throughout the creation.
The Angels decided to incarnate themselves into this new grand experiment of the golden continent Lemuria. They selected ~ by the drawing of straws (tubes of light) ~ from among the eager candidates ~ a strong loving contingent who already had practice and skills in other galaxies of holding patterns of light and love in all kinds of various conditions. They realized that this latest challenge offered by the creator would open them up to many new possibilities to extend their threads of light into different degrees of density and matter as they maintained their energetic light form amidst more dense matrices.
Added to the Angels loving harmonic specialized knowledge, the Elvin grace and skill in forming and maintaining life forms in the cycles of nature was optimally synergistic.
For the next thousands of sun rotations (years) the Elvins and Angels partnered to bring forth in full light, harmony and love, the grand experience of the Creator’s dream and vision to create peace on earth, love in action, and the heart-mind of God unfolded in the firmament of matter.
When this grand experience was complete, the Lemurian beings archived all their discoveries by adding them into the original pattern of the weave of this golden continent ~ the glorious magnificent magenta Lemurian grid ~ a repository of their acquired knowledge and wisdom intermixed with the Creator’s intention for a place in time and space holding the golden vibration of unconditional love.

This story is gifted by the Golden Spirit of Lemuria, the project supervisor of the grand experience called Lemuria ~ From the Creator’s Heart in unconditional love.


The Origins of the Lemurian Grid ~ And What It Is

The Lemurian grid originates from the heart of God. It originates in a realm beyond time and space, so there is no way to measure this beginning in terms of earthly third dimensional reckoning or languaging.

When the Creator began to ripple him/her/itself out into a fractalling of its own divine potentialities of manifestation, its heart essence became aware of a desire that all parts of itself ~ no matter how far out from its own center ~ could always find a way back to its own origin in the heart of love itself ~ the Creator.

Hence the Creator looped a circuitry of its own divine essence in, and around itself carrying a circulation of its own living heart essence of light-love to every cell in this new project.

Similarly to the circulatory system of blood in a human body that carries the life giving cells of food and air and nutrients to all components of the greater organism, the Lemurian love infinity loop circulates this essential love energy into every crack and crevice of the Creator’s creation ~ its own body of living light substance.

As the earth planet was going through its changes, the Creator knew that a template of this heartfelt essence of its own love would be a necessary component to keep the creation alive, well and thriving even as the fractals and permutation of its essence continued to ripple out from its own heart center of unconditional love.

What Are The Strands Of The Lemurian Grid Made Of?

What Is Their Frequency? 

As the circulatory infinity loop of divine love was put into place by the dreaming mind of the Creator’s intelligence, the Creator knew that the greatest sustaining food, the greatest sustaining principle, would have to be its own unconditional love.

Unconditional love is the medicine that can heal all ruptures, tears, and breaks in the connection to its own heart center and allow full return to experience of its own divine origins in unconditional love. Unconditional love is the fix-it of the creation. Unconditional love is the creative matrix of the Lemurian Grid. All that is touched by the Lemurian Grid carries the vibration of unconditional love.

The high frequency vibration manifests in the earth dimension as the color of vibrant magenta. Closer inspection shows the color is made of a mass band of vibrating light particles that span the spectrum between ruby red, orange, various hues of pink, tinged by the purple rays.

Beyond the human recognition spectrum are other vibratory rays that you categorize as sound. There are additional rays that are not yet identified by human sciences.

Ultra sensitive humans as well as many animal species can perceive these various ray formations through their unique sensory apparatus. Plants can also respond to this frequency range band and reflect it in their growth patterns. Plants also capture and encapsulate the efficacy of the rays for healing and nutrifying the various organisms in the Creator’s matrix of forms. The plants are transducing the various rays into a spectrum usable by humans, animals and other plants.

The strands of the Lemurian Grid, which appear magenta overall, are actually composed of an undulating interweaving of multi-faceted, multi-colored strands of vibration perceived as light. These strands of light cover a spectrum that ranges from red to violet ~ as perceived by your earthly vision. The strands are interwoven in a vibratory mix of undulating living light colors.

Why Is The Lemurian Grid Resurfacing Now?

As the time of the great shift in cosmic consciousness is upon the earth plane now, the Lemurian Grid is being re-activated and brought into intersection with the third dimensional process to help and assist earth and her inhabitants navigate the various shifts in the energetic patterns intersecting with the earth plane in greater ease and harmony. The Lemurian Grid carries the acquired knowledge and wisdom of integrating newer energies into an existing format in such a way that the changes are easier to digest and to be assimilated by the people. The resurrection of this grid is a compassionate move by the Creator working with the angelics, galactics and lightworker humans such as this channel and other forces of light to smooth this important transition to the earth plane. In other words, the resurrection of the Lemurian Grid is making the shift easier and more comfortable.

There will be forthcoming opportunities for light workers and loving beings to connect with this grid and set up connections to its circuitry to spread the powers of this grid to all humanity and places on earth that want to plug into this high frequency light-love unconditional love pattern. This process will unfold over the coming years.
Light Codes  

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The Light Codes of Cosmic Consciousness - Sacred Codes of Light Open Beginning in 2012 for Humanity to Reach Divine Potential of Cosmic Consciousness

Embedded in these light strands are the sacred codes of light. Thus, separately, each strand has its own unique effect.  When the strands or bands of light are interwoven in a specific geometric pattern of sacred light codes, they create new and different effects that arise from the immeasurable number of permutations that the interweaving of these strands of light can create. These are the potentialities and possibilities of this magnificent weave. These patterns of light, these codes, are intentional in their creation and their effects by the Creator of the grid and codes.

Additionally, when the colors are interwoven ~ in this case magenta, fuchsia, red, orange, violet ~ creating a magenta based vibratory weave pattern ~ with various sacred geometrical patterns that encode specific and unique intentions, unique and specific energies and effects are incorporated into each strand in an evolving process of light configurations.

It is important to note and keep in mind that each strand is unique in the fine points of its intention and purpose. Ditto for its manifestation potential. Manifestation effects are created and activated by a combination of the Creator’s intention contained in the weave, and also by the prayers and intentions of those in the creation who use the power of this weave to co-create that which is of good and service to the highest intention for all.

Manifestation Potentials. Immunity to Misuse
The Lemurian Grid weave is of use only for high vibratory patterns of intention that serve the highest good of all and carry the codes of unconditional love. Selfish limited intentions bounce off the weave as they are a vibratory mismatch. The living power of the weave will not accept any prayers, wishes, intentions, thought forms ~ uttered consciously or unconsciously from the debris in the embodied limited mind of various formatted beings in the Creation, nor from the full-fledged incantations of those trained in the powers of the “dark forces”.
In other words, the Lemurian Grid weave is immune to misuse. It actually swallows up in its immense ocean of unconditional love any lower vibratory intentions and transmutes them into higher vibration love-light energy, while sending a sparked electrical magnetic  impulse message back to the originator of lower vibratory thoughts to help that being awaken to higher awareness.

In this way, the Lemurian grid weave serves as a cosmic teacher ~ by allowing limited embodied beings to experience directly the results of various thought forms they may create and send forth from their own creative matrix of their limited mind-body complex.

Quantum Nature and Fractalling of the Lemurian Grid

The Lemurian Grid is quantum in nature. It can appear in the human mind to be of a comfortable proportion to the human perception of it. This scaling down of the perception is an act of compassion by the cosmic intelligence to allow humans to feel comforted by perceiving the grid rather than being overcome by a sense of overwhelming awe of the majestic power and glorious proportions of the grid.

As a quantum living structure of the Creator’s intentional design, the Lemurian Grid is actually a huge, cosmically large template. The strands of its form which can appear compatible to human and earth dimensionality ~ are actually elastic in their sensory perceptibility. Thus they can appear and are gigantic in their large vision awareness. It is part of their fractal origin and nature that they can replicate into infinitesimally small replications that are in sync proportionally with a particular planet, sacred site, individual, or project, etc.
Future channeled articles will define more of the process of the creation and manifestation of grids and light codes.

The Lemurian Council is requesting our presence in Peru in February 2013 to anchor the Lemurian Grid to the cosmic portal of Lake Titicaca and other sacred sites.  If you feel the nudge, info is at

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Thank YOU!:)

OH!!!!!!! My Beloved Sonja Myriel............ This BLISSFUL message fills me with a humble desire to continue releasing and cleansing past lives grievances and BECOME right here right now UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to BE a BEACON OF LIGHT  to have the privilege to BE a receptor of this BEAUTIFUL COMPASSIONATE FREQUENCIES.



<3 Aura <3

DO so, beloved Aura Tello - your Heart is never misleading you :-) 





Sonja Myriel

these words are so wonderful to my heart.  thank you for sharing about the lemurian grid.  blessing us all in the moment of our transformation. 

And there is more to come, soon, judith :-)

I see the grid already resureface all around me's HUUUUUGE and powerful ... Ah :-)

Hi Sonja,

Just after the big energy gate was opened in Altai last August to release onto the Earth grid a cache of life force that had been sequestered by the Brotherhood of Light, I was informed that another cache would be opened in the Andes at the end of 2012. I feel that this opening is related to the resurrection of the grid in that area, as discussed in this post.

My original information was that I was to physically join the people of Capilla del Monte in Argentina on December 21st, and to trigger the opening through loving intention. I was told to keep quiet about this until July (which is now).

However, I have been released from that travel and the corresponding responsibility, because I am still recovering from the effects of the August 13, 2011 opening (which was overwhelming to my physical system).

So, I don't know, now, exactly how the December 21st opening will proceed, but I will keep you informed as I get further information.

As you may remember, the energy released in August needed to be grounded into the Earth (through human intention), and we understood that grounding would take about a year through the participation of many people around the world.  My initial information was that a specific marshaling of people was not necessary for this second cache, but that the global meditations on December 21st would be sufficient.

This resonates fully with my entire being, Carol! 

I also feel that our lightgrid work is like a preparatory work which is most needed ... very recently I have started to see the Violet Ray mix with the White Light Earth Matrix - or CREATRIX, as I have started to call her - and the result is a beautiful rose pink ... LOVE!!! And I feel the Ruby Golden energy of the 6th Ray of PEACE and SERVICE is intermingling, too ... so we get the fuchsia, magenta ... and orange shades of JOY, too :-)

... When the strands or bands of light are interwoven in a specific geometric pattern of sacred light codes, they create new and different effects that arise from the immeasurable number of permutations that the interweaving of these strands of light can create. These are the potentialities and possibilities of this magnificent weave. These patterns of light, these codes, are intentional in their creation and their effects by the Creator of the grid and codes. ...



When you talk about the Altai, I am moreover immediately reminded of the opening of the pathway of energy between Spain and the Altai - which finally made its way all around the planet ... I perceived this as the beginning of a new web of light which is now being woven ... It is like a living cross ... the Andes and the west coast of America are like the SPINE ... and if we continue the line on the other side of the planet is passes through the Altai, too ... and down through China and then over to Australia along Indonesia. This curve matches the curve of the Spine of the Americas ... and I wonder if it is all connected, lol! But now that I write this - of course it is, is it not? LOL!

So ... the thread continues ... I feel that the Big Hug (The Opening of the Pathway of the Camino de Santiago - that is between Santiago de Compostela and the Altai as described above)  has also served to weave a pattern of Light between the Altai and the Andes ... You mention Capilla del Monte ... I will look it up ...

I am very much looking forward to receiving more information on this :-)

THANK YOU so much for starting this train of thought Carol!

In the LIGHT of UNITY and LOVE unconditional,

Sonja Myriel

I have just come across another very interesting discussion at FOL on the same subject: 

Adama via Kata : The Pineal Gland and the Crystalline Matrix of the...

Thank you Sonja for this informative post. I am working my way through all the posts about the grids.

Love and Blessings,




Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


Lightgrid CONNEXION Groups

This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!


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