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The following discussion is not part of Violette's series - it is the Spiritus Angel Message for May 8. Coincidence that this was the day when I shared the introduction on THAT day? Well, we all know that what is termed "coincidence" is what shows us the WAY. We are right on track, SYNCHRONICITIES are guiding us :-)

So I open the discussion here on HOW TO HANDLE OUR EMOTIONS in the most beneficial way for ALL:

The Law of One is the original law of Creation, and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.


We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are healed.

Therefore, in the name of who I AM,

and I am one with all there is;

I ask that ONLY

I give thanks that this is done.



THANKS to Cynthia Schlosser!


18 degrees Taurus
The Angels of Mental and Emotional Mastery
Also known as
The Angels of


 Mastery of air and water requires mastery of thoughts and emotions.

When a person reaches a high state of maturity and harmlessness we inspire great powers of thought and feelings, so great in fact, that
the elements of the air and the elements of the water easily obey.
Remember that with mastery of thoughts and feelings comes mastery of the beings of air and water.

Many miracles are accomplished through this mastery, and miracles indeed are in order, not only to birth Heaven on Earth, but also to maintain it
 In many old paradigms, mastery connoted a sense of restraint, CONTROLLING both in the sense of holding back certain emotional expression and not allowing certain thoughts into consciousness
In this sense, the spiritual master had power over where he directed attention,  i.e., away from thoughts which are debilitating and away from emotions which are weakening.
The emotions and thoughts to be allowed were only those which are uplifting.
  Negative feelings and thoughts, once stopped, were stored in the subconscious and in the body tissue, creating tension and underlying feelings of stress and discomfort.

On an unconscious level then, these thoughts and feelings continued to create and attract negative situations.

This type of suppressed emotional stress also suppresses the immune system within the body, and is an underlying cause of sickness in both mind and body.

We help the children of light to realize that to have mastery over the beings of the water element therefore, it is necessary to first master ALL of the emotions within.
When feelings change from negative to positive, thoughts change from negative to positive as well.

In this age of enlightenment, it is finally understood that  mastery is not the same as denial and dissociation.
In many traditional, often oriental, cultures, emotions were strictly curtailed; for example, allowing behavioral release of emotions such as crying or anger was immediately and totally squelched and seen as sure signs of weakness and lack of mastery. 

In these cultures where absolute suppression of anger was demanded, people had not reached the point of understanding that negative emotions could be DIRECTED in a beneficial way that would transmute them,
a way that would create healing for the person experiencing them.
 Although the traditional notions of mastery still have relevance for the seeker of enlightenment in the present day, the idea that mastery only means stopping or holding back expressions of emotional energy is too limiting and dangerous, considering the true nature of emotions.
The essential nature of emotions is to flow, like water
Using a martial arts analogy, emotional mastery is more like aikido, which requires flowing with the available energy of the “opponent”, or flowing with negative emotional energy, to advantage.  To continue the analogy, optimal application of emotional mastery is not like some forms of karate, which require aggressively attacking, ‘forcing the issue’, to overcome the opponent, or maliciously unleashing negative emotional energy.
 It is important to understand that to flow freely does not mean continuing to flow unlimitedly, into destructive acting out.

 It does mean
DIRECTING the flow in a beneficial way.

This type of mastery requires divine empathy applied to wounded parts of the self, to flowing wounded or painful emotions.

Remember that negative feelings come from emotional wounding. The part of the self that has been wounded needs to heal.

 Empathy for the part of the self which feels negative feelings allows love to do its most perfect work of transmutation.

 Remember that
feelings are the water element.

 Both the earth herself and the human body are over 70 percent water.

Water must flow to remain pure and life giving.

Just as stagnant water becomes poisonous, blocked and denied feelings become negative and quietly poison the subconscious mind.

 When painful emotions are allowed to
flow safely with unconditional love and empathy, these feelings  heal, and the negative thoughts and memories connected to them also transform into positive ones once again.

By flowing with wounded feelings in a safe and non-destructive way, old memories reveal  hidden wisdom and blessings, and these are the blessings that the higher self wanted to embody in this life's lessons.

  After a person has faced their darkest fears and allowed them to heal, they will never cause harm to any sentient creature, for they have learned the importance of harmlessness on an extremely deep personal level.

 In the paradigm which reflects Divine Original and Perfect Will of Love manifesting in practical ways, the controlling of thought and emotion begins with this type of mastery, and builds upon it.

Control is used selectively, to allow negative emotions to flow ENERGETICALLY and INWARDLY, in ways that encourages healing insights and emotional changes.

These insights are the changes in the thoughts and feelings about the situation that caused the anger.

Forgiveness and understanding come from this type of inner reflection.  What was not understood at the time of an emotional trauma can be understood later, in moments of reflection. 

For example, a small child who is brutally beaten by a parent does not have the detachment and understanding at the time that maturity in later years opens to why the higher self attracted and allowed the situation to occur in the first place.  In later reflection,  insights arise as to what was really going on with the offending parent and the surrounding circumstances.  Forgiveness and appreciation for the lessons learned from this experience brings an opening of the heart and faith in life once again.

By understanding how feelings work,  emotions flow and evolve safely without being allowed to be acted out in  destructive way
It is quite understandable in ancient traditions, because of the close historical connection between the flaring up of the emotion of anger and violently acting out to maliciously harm the perceived ‘enemy’,  that mastery as restraint became the law.
When not masterfully directed and safely contained, indeed, strong emotions can tend to escalate and trigger others.

 The ‘hothead’ who lost control of his emotions did threaten the safety and integrity of everyone’s way of life.

 Allowing anger, for example, to “flow” was definitely foolish and dangerous when no distinction was made between dangerous release, versus therapeutically acting out, of emotion.
Mastery in the larger sense involves selectively blocking the expression of some emotions
for example, remaining totally in emotional control is necessary within  an inappropriate situational context such as a public place
In contrast, freely allowing unimpeded spontaneous expression of unpleasant emotions is healing in a therapeutic or private situation in which no damage to others or self is done. 
Limiting expressions of strong ‘negative’ emotions like anger to a previously
defined, safe 'container' makes all the difference between a healing outcome
or chaotic or dangerous results.
 Even more at the crux of the issue of selective mastery would be the example of expressing anger by pounding a pillow but stopping short of hurting self or destroying property.

 This latter instance could be considered ‘controlled loss of control’, a prime example of the
right use of mastery of emotional release—choosing to allow the nondestructive flow of emotion, while totally suppressing destructive acting out, once the flow of emotion is underway.

 When emotions flow to completion, they change, become purified, and ultimately transcendent
if no damage on any level, including physical or property damage, is permitted.
In some traditional cultures the notion of “loving all emotions”, and selectively directing their flow would have appeared to be a confusing impossibility.

 Early childhood, negative feelings were indeed overwhelming, scary and not to be played with.
The new paradigm of emotional expression teaches a new attitude and methodology which awaken enlightenment through safely flowing with emotionsEmotions are the change process.

Control over the change process, of feelings, within the self  confers control over the change process, of feelings, in the outer world.

In the presence of empathy, this flowing change process restores divine clarity and purity to the emotional self within and in the outer world.

As the emotional nature heals, so does the mind

Dark and fearful thoughts heal

along with the dark and fearful feelings that go with them.

"Love conquers all."
When painful feelings of childhood are embraced with unconditional love and allowed to flow safely into healing and resolution, mastery of the emotional nature is attained.
Since thoughts and feelings are interconnected, controlling one affects the other.

  As early childhood feelings are purified and healed, the mind also goes through transformation and healing
Once original negative feelings and thoughts are healed, the original childlike connection with grace, mercy, enlightenment, and the splendor and majesty of Divine Being, returns in full force
That is why it was said,
Ye must be as little children, to enter the kingdom of God.”
Many people avoid painful feelings.

 They do everything, all of their lives, to avoid feeling the darkest recesses of their souls.

 A common fearful fantasy of doing this is “ I will never be the same again after going into my deepest and most fearful emotions;  I will never return {to the way I was before}”.
We are here to tell you that only by walking bravely into the valley of the shadow of death, and facing and feeling these dreadful and fearful emotions with unconditional faith and love that healing and enlightenment can come.
“There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”
 This is partly what is meant by emotional maturity.

 After a person has faced their darkest fears and allowed them to heal, they will never cause harm to any sentient creature, for they
have learned the importance of harmlessness on an extremely deep personal level.
 When true harmlessness is attained, the beings of the air and of the waters respond to the intuitive will, thought, and enlightened emotions that flow through a child of Divine Being.
As the dark polarity of feelings are mastered, then the other emotional polarity is attained and mastery over the elements of air and water are possible through the use of Will.
Meditate on  the absorption of the will, thoughts and the feelings in the divine virtues of the letters of our name, Magelucha.
  The beauty of healing emotions is that the process allows the psyche to spontaneously remember the original thoughts of Heaven in all of their purity
This is part of the second birth.
“Ye must be born again.”
The combination of healing the mind through
emotional transformation and meditation on the qualities of
Divine Consciousness awakens mental maturity. 
By meditating on the magnetic power of feelings and
how flowing feelings are the change process-
 the letter M,
wisdom and enlightenment and mystical faculties-
the letter A,
letter umlaut A, ae,
grace and mercy-
the letter G,
the omnipresence of Divine Life-
the letter E,
the splendor and majesty of Divine Being-
letter L,
the act of creation and its karma- the
letter U,
in clarity and perfect purity of flowing divine feelings-
letter Ch
complete control over air and water spirits is attained-
letter A.  
All imperfections are gladly released for change into other states
- letter umlaut A, ae.
As people become more mature they become more childlike.
Those who are most powerful on Earth are the most harmless
because they are spiritually mature.

M…As perfect master of feelings, sensations, and vital energy in self and others, we direct emotional divine energy
A and umlaut A, ae…into various artistic talents, clairvoyance and miraculous abilities. All imperfections are gladly released for changes into other states.
G…We do this to bring happiness, wealth, and satisfaction in having abundance.
E…We help manifest ideas into reality using clairaudience,
L… and bringing health, vitality, beauty, and youthfulness into manifestation through all of the divine virtues and in the form of medicines and youthening treatments.
U… We do this with the associated ability to transfer consciousness and evoke trance states.  We change fate for the highest good of all, seeing the ongoing effects through time.
Ch… We are gifted with perfect clarity and insight into the true original essence of everything in its purest forms
A and umlaut A, ae…in order to bestow wisdom and enlightenment and transformation.



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I Love this quotation :-)

I suppose it really must be so - those who have stepped over and come back, in most of the cases, were very sad in the beginning to be back again ...

LOVE, dearest Violette :-)

Sonja MYriel

Oh - WOW :-)

All my respect, my beloved lady, siSTAR from the eternal realms of LOVE :-)



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