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Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Master, I am Metatron Lord of Light ! We greet you in a vector of Unconditional Love ! We welcome each of you, individually, as you read these words. 2014 continues to be an extraordinary year, and one of challenges and intensities. The solar reversal has affected many of you in manners not fully acknowledged, and this has been amplified with solar radiation. Masters all of this is purposed, and the 2nd half of 2014 will be much easier for all of you, relative to the first half. All of these astro-wave insertions are benevolent and with purpose...these are part of the crystalline shift.

With the diminishing of the magnetic grid, and the emergence of the 144 Crystalline Grid, Arizona and Arkansas are now the most potent crystalline portals in North America.

Arizona will be extremely active in the Harmonic Portal StarGate energies of 2014. The Aquarian Resonance during the Harmonic trigger aperture will combine the Grand Canyon energies with that of the Sedona-Sonoran and Sangre de Cristos Vortexial regions. What then will occur for the embellished phase is a triangulated matrix of some 300+ miles per side in oscillating harmonic reach. We emphatically tell you that the telluric energies that flow within this expanded Sedona-Vortexial region are absolutely laden with codes of the upshift. And are essential to the Aquarian Shift of the New Earth.

And so we speak in this gathering on a most timely topic. The Vortexial energies of Arizona and the powerful energies of the Star-Gate Portal. We tell you that the energies of the Arizona vortexial portal complexes are extremely important from 2014 and beyond. These represent the receival point of new codes for the Americas in the crystalline shift.

Now, we wish to share two important clarifications... First, our use of the term sacred site requires a brief caveat. To be clear, the Earth in all parts is sacred...but there are specific locations on the planet that carry far greater energy, far greater access to the higher realms. Humanity refers to these as sacred sites, perhaps a more accurate defining term is 'powernode' ...vectors of vortexial portals formed from a myriad of sources that are conscious teachers and extraordianry gateways.

Second, there may be some of you that may feel the Sedona Vortexial area is no longer as potent as it once was in centuries past, because of the habitation of human populace within the vortexial frequencies. We tell you emphatically that this is not the case. This is a misunderstanding of the nature of such localities. We tell you in fact the vortexial points of Arizona are graduating to an utterly astonishing renewed potency...and even greater importance in the energies of the New Earth.

So to further explain, the Earth is consciously multidimensional, and can be more accurately termed as the Omni Earth. Masters, the grand consciousness of the Living Earth exists in a vastly different modality & sequence of time than does humanity.

The Sedona Vortex has been in place for many millions of years, geologically speaking. A linear sequence of human habitation of less than 2 centuries has little impact on its integral nonlinear multidimensional reality, even within chronological aspect. This is true for all powernodes...for indeed each 'Sacred Site', each powernode and stargate has a unique frequencial signature and sentient conscious, a succinct Spirit of Place that is above the duality realm of the third dimension. That is why one must be able to raise their vibration to unlock the key to such vectors. That is why what occurs in 3d duality cannot truly mal-effect the true nature and higher resonance of powernodes. Dense energies in 3d will always occur, it is the polar nature of duality...but dense 3d energies cannot rise into the crystalline higher dimension, and the Spirit and frequency of sacred sites and powernodes is absolutely above 3d.

Master, nothing occurs on the Earth that is not under the conscious mastery of the Divine Living Earth. Although better understanding and wise stewardship is essential, humanity would not be in any area that is currently habited if it were not purposely granted for at least a period of time. There is indeed a reason for humanity having access to specific Living Cathedrals.

Those areas on the Earth you term power points are apexes of infinity. These points are the primary dissemination mechanism of higher dimensional energies. The vortex -portal templates that occur on the Earth are uniquely varied, yet have many benevolent commonalities. 

Within specific powernodes that humanity terms as sacred sites, the door to sacred knowledge is opened, and a catalystic energy exchange occurs. The pilgrim & focal seeker can become imprinted with the code-keys of frequencial wisdom unique to each sacred site visited. In kind each pilgrim imprints their highest reverence into the energy of place. One may receive coded light energy from the site, and feed higher frequencial energy back into it. A synergetic transposition ensues as each seeker begins to manifest the impeccability & higher dimensional perfection of every sacred site visited, each melding and building upon the other. You carry with you the energy of every powernode you visit, and indeed each pilgrimage, each spiritual quest amplifies your energy coding.

Powernodes can be defined in simplistic terms as areas that resonate at a higher vibration and are catalysts for spiritual experience. Such areas often radiate crysto-electro-magnetic fields of higher frequency. These locations can be naturally occurring or manmade. The latter are often temples or stone circles built over naturally occurring leylines or energy points. Temples, cathedrals and pyramids built to sacred geometry actually attract and amplify energies, especially when built over telluric hotspots that contain crystallized minerals such as quartz. Numerous sacred sites are aligned celestially, at specific angles to cosmic points.

The Vortexial matrix of certain powernodes on the planet are what may be termed 'purification or crucible vectors'. This is indeed a rare and yet perfect blend of energies for revealing what is hidden. It is the 'Perfect Storm'. Not all vortexes are as such, each will vary, each will spin according to its purpose and design. In these locales, there is a purposed intensity that can be either a stepping stone or a hindrance.

Sedona - The Alchemy Is There! 

Sedona is such a 'crucible' vector, it provides a matrix of purification. Its energy, its frequency, its conscious resonance is purposely electro-magnetically imbalanced in order to accomplish this task. Sedona is an energy that bubbles up all that does not serve you. Although it can be said that Sedona was truly never meant to be an area of habitude, that is because it is an energy that can be very intense. In ancient days only those spiritual advanced were chosen to live within the potent frequencies, because these savants, these shamanic masters understood how to optimally merge with and communicate harmoniously with such living energies without being overwhelmed by them .

Sedona is capable of great spikes of energy. That is why some of the residents of Sedona may appear to be eccentric or imbalanced. The electromagnetic frequencial in power sites can in itself create what we will term an energetic pressure differential with the human CEF (Crysto-Electric Field) or auric field. In the process and period of equalization, auric fissures can occur, until such time as the balance is recreated. As such, there are times when it is prudent for the human to not overstay in power sites, until their auric energy is better adjusted to the harmonic. Those who choose to live in such sites will in time either gain the equilibrium or experience imbalance. 

This is why the indigenous societies utilized the vortexial sites of the American west for a place of vision and introspection. But not for placing villages.

Sedona projects a telluric energy prone to intense 'electrical' spikes, not always conducive to emotional tranquility or agreement. That is why many who reside within the core center of this energy are susceptible to erratic and extreme emotional highs and lows and eccentric behavior. Yet it is and remains a perfect energy for visioning, for spiritual purification and questing. And indeed, despite what some may feel, it has not lost that quality...quite the contrary. It is in truth more potent in 2014 than at any time in its matrix, and this frequency will grow annually through 2038. The Alchemy of the greater Sedona Vortex is absolutely still there !!! Indeed how could it be otherwise ?

Sedona is quite beautiful in its red rock environ, indeed many are captivated by its visual allure. It is an extremely high energy, and while some are capable of adjusting to its highly charged voltage, others find that living outside the electric vortex is far more tranquil. It is indeed an energy of inspirational amplification, but not sustainable for all.

Vortexes & Portals

But be aware that the vortexial parameters of Sedona do vary. We will verify that the parameters are expanding, but there are cyclic phases in which a natural contraction will also occur. Depending on astrological and telluric measures, the circular diameter can be approximated from 20 miles to 95 miles. And the pattern can also shift from circular to ovalesque. There are points within this greater vortex that are stargates to infinity. But not all sites within the vortexial energy circulation are portals. And that is an important consideration, for portals are different in function than that termed a vortex. All portals have vortexes, but not all vortexes contain portals.

Vortexes are complex, but may be crudely and simply defined as circulatory energies, usually formed when earth currents intersect, or where specific mineralogies occur. Portals however, are unique points of connection, of gateways of transmission and receival. Some portals are what is termed stargates, and connect what may be termed 'wormholes' to a specific point in the Cosmos, others are infinity points which are open gateways, offering unlimited connections to all dimensions, all realities. Some of these may lead to what is considered as external worlds, others as intra realities. Masters, there are Universes that exist in molecules!

So to be clear, not every point within the greater vortex of Sedona is what may be termed an infinity point. And not every person who quests or meditates in the stargate of an infinity point within the vortex will be able to raise their frequency sufficiently to have the visionary experience.

You see, the aperture of dimensional doorways within the energy of the portal points fluctuates through Cosmic and astrological forces. These are above the third dimension, and one must be in coherent clarity, frequencial purity & impeccability to truly enter in. It has ever been so. Impeccability is the crystalline vibration, you see. 

Access to stargates also varies with the specific vector of space-time continuum, as to how these powernodes, infinity points will define themselves according to where one stands based upon space and time. Does one stand upon the past, the future, the present; from which dimensional vector does one approach it? All of these influences change the physics & geometry with each variance.

Experiential Variation

Accordingly, verification of how an individual perceives and expereinces an infinity point will vary. A human primarily focused in third dimensional reality will perceive and interpret based upon their light quotient, their individual system of belief and level of awareness. The ability to raise ones vibration is essential, and this is only the beginning...the ability to rise into Crystalline light body is also an important part of full utilization of infinity points. And so another person may see the portal here or the transference of energy there, and they will interpret it differently from another. If one would approach the same portal from a coherent standpoint, it will define itself more clearly, and each place that you would stand, each varied stance, would offer to you a different perception and a different definition. One's purpose for questing, the attitude projected must harmonize in perfect coherency with that termed the 'Spirit of Place'.

There are those, however well intended, that speak of visiting 'power points' for the purpose of activating them, aligning them and anchoring them. In truth it is the power point that activates, aligns and anchors the human. And each human will receive this in a way tailored and defined by their light quotient, attitude and system of belief.

Infinity points involve all that you would term the crystalline codes... and much more as well that are not revealed. Much remains hidden from you in such vectors because humanity is not yet sufficiently perceptive. The ego brain attempts to apply 3d logic to a 12d experience. The 3d brain attempts to fit the new paradigm into what it already knows. But this cannot be done. The mathematics, the logarithms, the algorithms, of infinity points cannot fit into limited 3d concepts. And so those who would attempt to fit the new concept into the old cannot open the doors. . And of course it cannot fit because the New Earth and the up shifted powernodes are based upon a crystalline essence not yet understood by humanity who remained tied to polarity magnetics.

The better understanding of the cosmic matrix and the planetary interplay within vortexial portals and infinity points on your Omni Earth are waiting for the human group mind to expand a bit more into comprehension of the greater reality of the New Earth. Once you expand fully into the 33 chakric Mer-Ka-Na system, this will be accessible to you, and indeed for many of you, this has already occurred. We tell you that by visiting the nodes of Arizona and Arkansas, you will expedite this ability.

2014 And Beyond

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