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Aotearoa - 'Mother of The Five Elements' Sacred Message -
at Our 'Full Moon Sacred Ceremony' last nite ...
on Our 'Waahi Tapu' in Our 'Circle of Love' -
Already the Manu had sounded the Presence of Higher Vibrations; before We walked onto Our Sacred
Multidimensional Portal -
Beloved Marama/Moon stood mist filled in the nite Sky
Eight beautiful 'Rainbow Warriors of Light' in the Physical
had enjoined Hearts, Hands, n Souls to Anchor the fullest
Illuminating Lunar Rays ... filled with Encoded Light and Love
Vibrations, into Ourselves, Beloved Papatuanuku and All Beings Upon, Below and Above Her ... and into the Multi Dimensions -
In this beautiful rich magical atmosphere ...
We stood in Our 'Circle of Love' ... and after Our Prayers
of Gratitude and Invocation. A crystal clear voice came thru ...
"Beloved Ones in Your Circle of Love ... Blessed Be to You Each
For You ... Those of You Who are new to this Circle ...
You will feel the wonderful upliftment and the joy; it feels like -
to stand; in a very Sacred Place; to be able to feel
the wonderful vibrations and energies; of the Upper Realms
of the rest of Your huge huge Family -Those of the Heavens
of the Cosmos; Those of other Planets and Realms ...
These Dear Ones; are All a part of Your Family ...
for They are indeed; Created by that same All Mighty Creator; Who Created You ..
Dear Ones; I come before You now; for this is the first time that I
have come; into this Beloved Circle of Love -
I Am known as 'The Mother of the Five Elements' ...
My Sacred Role; as Each of You also hold a Sacred Role ...
Is to ensure, that All The Elements, are vibrating in Their highest state. My Sacred Role, is at this time; to come and share with You; a Message from The Elements - For Those Who wonder and have questioned ...Who the Elements are; What are the Elements? Beloved Ones, Each of The Elements, also hold
Their Sacred Vibration ... Their Energies ... Each and Every One of Them ... and it is for Each of You to know; that it is through
these beautiful Elements - that You, are Existing - For it is through The Sacred Elements; that All Things are Created -
It is the Alchemy; it is the Vibration; it is surely
that Great Great Energy; that brings Us into the point of Creating
from the Spiritual; into the Physical -
For Those of You Who may be familiar with the Law of Attraction
It is good for You to know, that All things are Created first;
in the Spiritual; and then; it is through You, and What You Focus On ... that You Bring Them thru ... Into Your Physical -
For Some of You, Who have found it hard or a challenge
as they say - to bring forth that; from the Spiritual; into the Physical - There are Key Components, that You must Each know ... for it is surely these Key Components, that will indeed
assist You ... in becoming; the Master, of that Law, of Attraction -
However; Many of You - All of You here; have already
been using, the Law of Attraction; knowingly and unknowingly ...
For where You are standing now ... for the state that You feel
Yourselves in, now ... is all thru, that Law of Attraction ...
Tho Some of You may say 'Well I'm not too happy where I Am right now, and with My situation right now!' Whether it be; Healthwise; Spiritually, or Financially, or Mentally - Know this one thing,from this night on ... What You have Focused on ...
All of Your Life ... Who You Are ... Where You Are ...
What type of Circumstances You are Living in; right now ...
It has been very easy to point the finger of blame; to Others
for putting One, in the situation They are in ...
However; You will know, realize; understand and take, a check
of Yourselves; from this time onwards ...
For Beloved Ones ... Point number One ...
What You are Consciously Thinking about - Feeling - Vibrating ...
that indeed; You are and will continue to Manifest ...
Tho Some of You may say 'What; I didn't Create that ... I didn't Create that; accident!' Think again ... go back; a couple of days;
a week, or more! Take note of what Your Underlying - Unsaid -
Felt Thoughts; have been - and You will most certainly
nod Your head and say 'Yes I did ... My Thoughts ... My Feelings
even tho I spoke a word to No one ... I was actually Vibrating
those Thoughts and Feelings -
So Beloved Ones; how do You ensure, that Your Thoughts;
Your Feelings; Your Words; Your Actions; are Those which will
bring Beautiful Satisfying, Physical Manifestations into Your Life
into Your World! Think of this very simply 'What You Focus on
Increases - What You Focus On, Increases - What You are Feeling Increases - What You are Emoting out, Increases - What You are Worrying about, Increases - What You are Fearing, Increases! There You go; that wasn't hard was it. It is, a matter of Choice, Beloved Ones - for I Am the Mother of the Five Elements ... known as The Five Elements; and I have been sent Dear Ones, to give You very simple, explicit directions; that will Guide You ... as You Choose Consciously; Conscientiously ...
For when You don't choose Consciously ... Unconsciously; You are attracting, more often than not ,,, that which is not desirable to You -
Relationships; I am told. Why does a Person; keep on getting the same old type of Person, in a Relationship? It is the same thing ... You are Putting out; You are Feeling; You are Fearing
certain Vibrations, that are Attracting, that Same certain type of
Relationship and Partner!
So Dear Ones ... time to take that Inward Check ...
What am I Really Feeling and Thinking? When I see Somebody
walking down the street or walk by Me ... am I looking at that Person saying 'Oh, that looks yukky?'
Take Check, of Yourselves, Beloved Ones ...
'What You are Thinking, Is Creating' ... there You go -
'What You are Thinking, Is Creating - Good, so called Good
so called Bad - 'whatever' ...
'What You are Thinking You are Creating' - How it Manifests
in Your Life; it is for You to see; whether You like it or don't like it
and if You don't like it; well - You know How to Change it -
Okay Beloved Ones; this is the Message I have been sent
to Share with Each One of You. For it is the 'Soul Time' ...
Each and Every One of You ... Many Worldwide
are now more closer; Their Soul has come closer; into the Physical; Their Shells; Their Bodies ... which therefore
would also mean - there is; to be less drama; because it is ... the drama happens; when the Head, is going through all kinds of scenarios and emotions. When the Soul is in, the Body ...
the Heart is home, and the Compassion is huge; and the judgements; are left, at the door - And then Each One is able
to Allow the Other - to BE ... and to Be doing that; which does not harm. For ... often; and for in that past Paradigm ... there has always been Control of - You Must Do This; or Do it That Way ...
You Must Act this Way ... You Must Look, That Way for Your age!
This is a New Paradigm; Dear Ones We are in the New Paradigm ... and This Paradigm; is in Your Hands ... to Change
very, very very; smartly - its called 'work smarter; not harder'
And Beloved Ones ... 'It only takes a Handful of You ...
to Change This Paradigm - and it is through Love and Only Love; that the Paradigm, changes ... more and more strongly
into the Beautiful Golden Era, that We are in right now -
Dear Ones; this Message, I leave with You - for some of You
may already Feel the beautiful Breeze - Listen and Feel very deeply; the Elementals; the Wind; the Birds - Listen ... Feel Them ... for They are Talking to You, Your Souls - and You Can
Talk to Them; Also! What You could not do in the last Paradigm - this Paradigm; You certainly Are fully able to Connect and BE
the Oneness; Who You Truly Are -
I leave this beautiful Sharing and Message with You Dear Ones
and say to You now ... tho You think, that You are few in numbers ... in the Physical - You do not see the Outer Ring ...
You do not see, the beautiful Beings; Who are All Listening to this beautiful Message -
We of The Realm of Light, We of Heaven, We of The Cosmos,
The Star Nations, The Guardians; of The Galaxies ...
We; Love You Each and say to You Each; You ... Each One of You - All of Those, Who are hearing this Message throughout
Every Dimension, at this Multidimensional Portal ...
Every One of You; are All In ... for this Beautiful, Wonderful Paradigm; of The Golden Era; of The Golden Age of Enlightenment. For Those of You Who have felt, unsure on Your feet; Who have felt, a bit dizzy; a bit ... not quite, anchored down; - Just know that All ... All is in The Hand of The Great Creator; of All That Is ... in The Councils of Light; The Ascended Masters; The Archangels; The Gods and The Goddesses ...
"All of Consciousness; is on Your side, Beloved Ones" -
We Thank You once again ... for Showing Up
Blessed Be ... Blessed Be ...
And So Be it
It is Done"

*pic - after Ceremony: of fading Moonbow that had appeared as 'The Mother of the Five Elements' was Sharing Her Beloved Message to Us*

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Thank you so much for sharing, beloved Kereru!

The 5 elements... and here is the Morher of the 5 elements speaking - I feel blessed beyond words!


Sonja Myriel

Thank you Kerar for this beautiful message,

Love and Light,


Dear Kirar,

I like your message because I was not aware of the mother of five elements...

heard first time from you from this post...

Thanks a lot for giving me such a good vision...




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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




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I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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