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Exploring Your World With Crystals

By Stephanie Arnold

Deep within ourselves lies an explorer waiting to set out with a compass and explore the great unknown that lies beyond the backyard fence.  A part of our human nature, so many people have this drive within them to check out the world around them and what lies beyond the horizon.  All past cultures have their Explorers that they turned to, to guide them to the unknown, be it by camel, boat, horse or on foot.  While your travels may not be quite this big, even a vacation to a new area can feel like a new voyage to the unknown.  As you set out on your own expeditions, take your crystals along to support you on the journey.

Crystals are a great compliment when you are following your inner explorer.  To spark your adventurous spirit, try wearing a Carnelian necklace or pendant to bring out your playful side and help you to live in the moment.  Yellow Jasper will protect you on all your travels and Black Tourmaline will ward off any negative energy, thoughts or feelings.  Blue-greenChrysocolla can help to ease any anxiety you may have about your journey.  Of course, always pack some Citrine andSunstone to help bring happiness and joy to all your travels, and bright sunny energy to your days.

Because you will be taking your crystals along for the journey, you will want to make sure they are protected from all the bumpy roads along the way.  Be certain you have everything packed up securely to avoid any chips, fractures or breaks. Velvet pouches are a great way to separate crystals and prevent them from hitting against each other during travel. They can also be wrapped in a soft cloth to protect them.  Another suggestion is to use plastic cases that are sold at most hardware stores.  While these may be designed for nuts and bolts, they work great for Agates and Quartz and the separate compartments are especially great for fragile and softer crystals.  Some divided boxes like this are also available at craft stores.

Even though you are out on the road, your crystals are still picking up energies and will need to be cleared.  If your crystals are put through an x-ray machine or other security device, such as those at the airports, it’s advisable to clear them before using them again.  It can be difficult to clear the energy of your crystals when you are away from home, especially for those who like to smudge.  You may not always be in the opportune place for lighting up your sage, especially if you are staying in a smoke-free room.  A Tuning Fork or other sound clearing is a great way to clear your crystals easily anywhere.  It works for all crystals and is clean and easy to use. This YouTube video can be played to clear your crystals too:  Another method that is easy to do while traveling is to hold the crystals under running water.  Be careful as this method should only be used with crystals that are not fragile or easily damaged.  As always, using Reiki, brilliant white light, or other healing energy will also clear your crystals. The intention to clear the energy is what really counts!

Not all travel requires you leaving home.  Astral Travel or other similar out-of-body experiences can allow you to journey without ever leaving home.  In The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, she defines Astral Travel as "the soul being able to leave the physical body behind and travel to distant locations."  If this is the kind of exploring and traveling you seek, crystals can be a useful tool to help you find your way.  AmetrineCelestite, and Rutilated Quartz can all help facilitate Astral Travel; add a piece of Hematite to protect you on these spiritual journeys. Clear Quartz is also good for assisting with Astral Travel.

Explorers today are still seeking and finding new types of crystals - even some ancient crystals that have disappeared for years, only to be recently rediscovered.  Explorers have located some crystal skulls that were used in ancient times and were created in a way that cannot be duplicated today.  These amazing skulls hold incredible power and have remarkable healing abilities.  One of these is the famous Mitchell-Hedges Skull that was found in 1923 in a Mayan city.  Another amazing recent crystal discovery is the Giant Crystal Cave in Mexico that is home to the largest natural Selenite crystals in the world.  This cave was first located in 2000.  In these amazing and enlightening times, there are new types of crystals continually being found.  Some crystals that only recently showed up are Larimar (rediscovered in 1916),Tanzanite (1967), Nuumite (1982), Kunzite (1902), Pietersite (1962), and Danburite (1839). I know this Crystal Girl is looking forward to any new discoveries!

Whether traveling across the world or across the street, keep your crystal buddies nearby to support you along the way.  Now, get out there and enjoy exploring your world!

Posted on September 13, 2013

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Thanks SohiniBen! Your posts are always precious!

Love, Pat

This is my danburite!

Has anyone heard or received any info recently on those super Crystal Skulls? I had the honor to observe and hold the Mitchell-Hedges skull (last known in Canada) in the late 1980s. It was silent then. Last week I received a "nudge" that some of these crystal skulls were soon to break their long term silence and getting "ready" to speak out. Thanks

Al Powers



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