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The Intersection of Dimensions

Copyright © June 2012 ~ David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. We want to explore the concept or the idea of the intersection of the dimensions. Specifically, we are speaking of the intersection between the third and the fifth dimension. This intersection of dimensions is the basic energy vibration that will set in motion the Ascension. However, there are several interesting observations about the intersections of dimensions. I wish to explore and to explain these concepts in more depth.

Please understand that the intersections of dimensions, namely the third and the fifth dimension, have occurred in other planetary systems in this galaxy and in other parts of the universe. So the intersection of dimensions is not a new or a unique event to the Blue Jewel. Nonetheless, it is a major event and it is a significant event. I will begin my explanations of the intersections of dimensions by explaining an occurrence that happened on the Pleiades many eons ago. The Pleiades, as you know, is now a fifth-dimensional planet. The main planet on that system in the fifth dimension is Erra. That planet and the Pleiades are inhabited by humans that are part of your heritage, and they look exactly or near exactly the way you do. Before they were into the fifth dimension, as a planet, the Pleiadian scientists were experimenting with space-time travel. They were going through the planetary evolution cycle quite similar to what the Earth is now experiencing. They were more advanced than the Earth. During this scientific and space explorationary period on Erra, they discovered the secrets to dimensional travel and dimensional travel through hyperspace.

In fact, it is clear that when one wants to travel through or go from one dimension to the other, then one must travel through hyperspace. The entry and the reentry from hyperspace back into the third dimension or forward into the fifth dimension is complicated and must be done with precision. I want you to understand that, in moving from hyperspace into a dimension, there is a tremendous amount of energy being exerted and being unleashed. It is really difficult to describe. Think of an airplane or a spaceship entering the sound barrier, for example, or breaking the sound barrier. There are waves of sound that are almost visible, and you can feel and hear the resultsof the spaceship or the jet breaking the sound barrier. If you are on the Earth when this happens, you would hear the sonic boom, and it might even rattle your windows.

So this is a good comparison because the travelling into hyperspace requires the acceleration at extreme speeds much faster than the sound waves. For example, an airplane may need to travel faster than the speed of sound which may be over 800 miles per hour. In fact, the speeds needed to reach the entry into the hyperspace are coming close to the speed of light, which as you have heard, is approximately 186,000 miles per second. When you are in hyperspace and you want to return into the Earth or into the third dimension, you will also be aware that when you enter back into the third dimension, then you will be at a tremendous speed. When your ship is in hyperspace, you may not feel like you are travelling at a high speed. But this would be similar to flying in an airplane; you could be flying in an airplane at 600 miles per hour. You have no concept of how fast you are going until you look at a speedometer. In other words, you have no sensory experience of the speed you are travelling until you land on the ground. Suddenly, as you land, you feel the extreme speed at which you have been travelling. So, on a spaceship you might then feel the effects of gravitational pull and the energy around you when you begin to leave hyperspace and enter the third dimension.

Now, this is another good example. So, when you are leaving hyperspace and coming back into the third dimension, you are entering that dimension with a huge force. You are entering that dimension with a huge wave of energy that is similar to the description of the sound wave that I have described, that is when you break the sound barrier on the Earth.

During this earlier period, the Pleiadian scientists in space travel did not have a total understanding of the precise reentry and the necessity for precise calculations that must be done when reentering. Now, for example, when extraterrestrial higher dimensional beings come into the Earth or into your solar system, they will reenter from hyperspace at the Jupiter Corridor. The reason is that this corridor is far enough away from the Earth. The Jupiter Corridor provides enough barrier and enough space so that the force and energies coming from hyperspace into the third dimension will not overwhelm the Earth or not overwhelm even another planet, such as Mars. The Earth or Mars could receive a huge pulse and wave of energy from the entry of the spaceship from hyperspace into the third dimension. Then such a reentry too close to the Earth would cause a huge disruption in every aspect of dimensional life on the Earth. Even if Mars were thrown out from a hyperspace reentry, then Mars being thrown out would affect the gravitational energies of the Earth and create problems.

So, exact and precise reentries are paramount and most important when reentering the Earth from hyperspace. Now, by coming into the solar system at the Jupiter Corridor, this gives more than enough space to make up for any errors and miscalculations. It gives the space traveler a buffer and thus certainly gives a nice margin of comfort.

So, the Pleiadian scientists and the astronauts made a miscalculation many eons ago. They were travelling through hyperspace. Remember, travelling through hyperspace is the preferred way of travelling throughout the galaxy. There are certain techniques of acceleration used to go into hyperspace. Once a space traveler attains a certain speed, then they can use a certain method where thought forms are integrated with the thought waves. This integration allows the spaceship to enter into hyperspace. This integration is based on special computer technology, and actually the Earth's scientists are close to developing this technology. You will see that technology now when you hear them talking about telepathic communications with the computer. That is, that the computer can read your thought waves and perform tasks based on what you are thinking. This is the initial primary step towards the integration of space travel using spaceships and hyperspace and thought waves.

So, the Pleiadian space travelers were coming back into their planet Erra, and they made a miscalculation. They came in, from hyperspace, from the fifth dimension back into the third dimension. They came in too close, and they produced a wave of energy and a wave of lifeforce that threw the Pleiadian planet totally out of balance. So, please try and understand the overwhelming force of a starship coming out of hyperspace and entering the third dimension at speeds that are perhaps equal to half or maybe a third of the speed of light (that could but still be an incredible 60,000 miles per second). Imagine the huge sonic boom made when a jet comes into that higher speed on the Earth. Now imagine the sonic boom or perhaps as you might call it a "dimensional boom" made when you come back into a dimension. The "dimensional boom" is the sonic boom that occurs when a spaceship comes from hyperspace and reenters close to a planet. The planet can be thrown totally off-balance from a dimensional boom.

In this instance, the Pleiadian planet Erra was thrown off its rotational axis from the dimensional boom. The planet stopped rotating. Perhaps you have even heard of circumstances or predictions of what could occur if the Earth just stopped rotating for 24 hours. It would be catastrophic. So, there was a planetary crisis on Erra because of this mistake, when the spaceship reentered from hyperspace too close to the planet. The planetary crisis was actually leading to a catastrophe for everyone on the planet.

The Galactic Council and the Ascended Masters intervened. They were aware before this incident that the Pleiadians were making great advancements. The Pleiadians were making great advancements in their peace as a planet. They were making great spiritual advancements. They had integrated in a very effective way their spiritual wisdom and with their planetary technology. So the Galactic Council made a decision that it would be indicated and allowed to move the Pleiadian planet, Erra, into the fifth dimension. The decision was made for several reasons. It was decided that it was not in the interest of the karma or the evolution of the planet and its inhabitants to suffer such a catastrophic event. When I say catastrophic event, I mean that there would be great loss of life, and there would be also an extreme disruption in their ability to evolve as a society. So, the Galactic Council and the masters, the Ascended Masters, performed a planetary intervention and allowed and created the conditions necessary to move Erra into the fifth dimension. This, in effect, saved the Pleiadian planet from catastrophe, and it also provided the necessary intervention to create a better harmony for the planet.

The mistake that was made in the calculations was due to a computer malfunction; it was not due to "human error". The error was due to a computer malfunction because there are special what you call software that must be calculated, and the time factor must be taken into consideration, because the entry and reentry into the hyperspace is based on time measurements. For example, you cannot reenter at a time before you started your journey. I know that sounds obvious or maybe even confusing, but in hyperspace, it actually is possible to leave the third dimension at 10 AM in the morning, and then you could reenter at 9 AM that same morning. Well, that distortion in time travel is not allowed, because that creates undue time waves and energy waves. But you also have to understand that, when you are in hyperspace, time loses its meaning. You also have to understand that the measurement of time also is not possible in hyperspace as it is on the third dimension. So, when you are in hyperspace, when you are travelling at these extraordinary speeds, then any type of time measurement devices that you have would not operate in the same manner. In hyperspace, time can be slowed down and in some cases the time can actually begin to go backwards. I know this is not being explored yet in your scientific world.

So, the point is that you cannot enter the third dimension before you left. So, the reason why I'm explaining all this to you is because I want you to have an understanding and a grasp of the power of the intersection of the dimensions. So we talked about a spaceship coming from the fifth dimension through hyperspace to the third dimension. If that is not all calculated at the right time, then there could be problems, and the planet can be thrown off of its axis, and rotational problems can result and catastrophic planetary events are also possible.

Now, let's go to a more global or universal scale. Let's speak about the intersection of the fifth dimension with the third dimension and speak about that intersection occurring on the Earth. Let us also say that this intersection of dimensions is a necessary step for the Ascension. Let us say also that you on Earth now are closer to this intersection of dimensions. The necessary calculations are being prepared; the foundation is being laid for the intersection of dimensions with a force that is totally beyond the normal comprehension. Yet, that force that is created when this intersection occurs has to be calculated so that there is in effect a smooth intersection. It has to be calculated so that the entire planet is not destroyed. It has to be calculated so that there is not a catastrophic event.

Again, I want to try and help you visualize the force when objects from the fifth dimension come into the third dimension. So, even a spaceship, that is relatively small, coming in at this huge speed from another dimension can totally disorganize and throw a planet out of balance.

Now, can you imagine if we say that the dimensions are going to intersect? What does that mean? What kind of force and what kind of calculations and where does the intersection have to begin? It is necessary to provide a buffer that would ensure that there are no harmful effects from the intersection. At the same time, the intersection would have to be smooth enough and effective enough that it would allow the Ascension to occur. (Tones OOOOOOOO)

This event known as the intersection of dimensions, and also known as the Ascension, is a galactic event. It is an event that is a calling for many people. It is an event that is a calling for many starseeds who are choosing to reincarnate. It is an event for many starseeds who came to the Earth either in this lifetime or other previous lifetimes. Now, they became involved in the incarnational cycle, and they know that at this time it is beneficial to reincarnate in order to experience this intersection of dimensions.

Many other Ascended Masters and higher dimensional beings are coming to this planet to observe this event in the same way astronomers would observe the eclipse of the Sun. People would want to observe the intersection of the dimensions. In fact, the intersection of the dimensions has a lot of parallels between the idea of an eclipse and the idea of the dimensions intersecting, because the intersection of the dimensions is also an alignment. This alignment of December 22, 2012 is a predecessor or it is an indicator of the type of alignment necessary for the Ascension. Third-dimensional planets are more capable and able to experience the intersection of the fifth and the third dimension when there is this galactic alignment. But this galactic alignment is not only occurring just at that one point on December 22, on the Winter Solstice 2012. Try and imagine the huge distances we are speaking of, because when you are speaking of the annual eclipse of the Sun, you are talking about the Moon, which is 239,000 miles from the Earth, and you are talking about the Sun which is 93 million miles from the Earth. The intersections of those bodies in an alignment create this event called an eclipse. But you are talking now about galactically aligning with the Sun, the solar system and the center of the galaxy. The center of the galaxy can be as far as 35,000 light years away. So this is a very precise alignment and from many aspects you are in the alignment cycle. You are in the intersection cycle of the Ascension now.

So, let us also look at third-dimensional events that are occurring now on this planet. Let us look at those events as part of this process of the intersection of the dimensions. I also want to look at how the intersection and the approaching intersection of dimensions are affecting you personally. Truly, it does have an energetic effect on your energy field, including your sensitivities.

So, the first point is that the Earth and the energies on this planet are in a huge state of polarization and turmoil. You are all aware of the predictions of the 2012 time, and you are all aware of many of the end-time predictions. There have certainly been many polarizing events already on the Earth during 2012 and 2011. There are indications that these polarizations will continue. However, the energy polarization is creating a shift; it is creating an imbalance. It is also indicating that the energies of 2012 are causing a shift from old thought forms, the old values, the old standards. This shift will affect the old ways of doing things in terms of religious, spiritual, economic, military, environmental and ecological systems. All these methods that are part of the older system are not going to work. In fact they are not working well now. In fact, the old systems are breaking. You have seen these systems breaking down now in a more intense way, and it is clear that as you move into the summer of 2012 , there are going to be more examples of how these old vessels, these old thought forms, these old patterns, will not be able to hold the energy.

Therefore, the polarization is not just creating different camps. It is not just creating different sides. But the polarizations are indications that there will be breaks in patterns of doing things. These breaks, these patterns of doing things, are intensifying greatly now, and they will reach a crescendo perhaps as early as July 28,2012. The breaking of these old patterns could go into the first and second week of August, where you will see on the global scale that the older patterns cannot sustain or hold the energies. This type of experience that is the breaking of old patterns is frequently a precursor to the Ascension, and it is frequently a precursor to the intersection of the dimensions.

Imagine again, the sound waves, and the idea of the jet breaking the sound barrier, and the waves of that sound coming to the ground causing a sonic boom. The predicted intersection of dimensions includes the initial steps that have already occurred on the Earth. The initial steps now include the creation of these dimensional waves that are already coming into this planet. The problem is that, in order to withstand these waves, you must be in spiritual resonance. To have spiritual resonance you need to develop your spiritual energy and spiritual wisdom. There must also be an ideal of spiritual unity and an understanding of dimensional energies. It must be understood that these dimensional energy waves are actually powerful and helpful. But if you are not in resonance with the waves and do not understand them, then they become disruptive and actually the waves can throw you into a greater polarization.

One of the dangers of polarization is that people are thrown into their locked positions, and they become almost protective and also aggressive into holding their position. People often can hold onto their polarized positions even in the face of seeming defeat. Ithink that you are seeing examples of this now on the Earth. At the same time, when you are in spiritual resonance with this dimensional energy, then you can go into higher states of consciousness immediately. You are ready to ascend. You are ready to experience this elative, this joyful occurrence known as the intersection of dimensions. This experience - pardon this pun - it is an experience to die for, because it is an experience in which you will give up your ego and experience this remarkable transition and transformation.

We have been preparing you and the planet for many years now. We know that the final process that is necessary for the Ascension is found in the attractive magnetic energy force field of the third-dimensional Earth. This is to say that the Earth must be emitting an electromagnetic attractive resonant frequency that attracts fifth-dimensional energy. This emission or transmission of the fifth-dimensional attractive energy allows the fifth dimension to lock onto the Earth and to create the beautiful experience of the intersection. Yes, the intersection of dimensions is a fantastic force field far beyond what can be described or imagined.

At the same time, with the assistance of the Ascended Masters, with the assistance of Sananda, and with the assistance of the Galactic Council, the dimensional intersection is going to be done with such precision and such loving kindness that it will allow a smooth Ascension. It will be a beautiful, relaxing, harmonious and balanced intersection. It is not going to be a shock. This is a beautiful testimony to the preparation that you, the starseeds, are helping to provide and also that the planet itself is working on towards making the intersection and alignment of the dimensions happen. The work we have done with the Etheric Crystals, the work we have done with the Ladders of Ascension and the work we are doing with the Planetary Cities of Light are helping to create the magnetic resonance that allows the Ascension and the attraction to the fifth dimension to occur smoothly. In fact, each person who is thinking and working with fifth-dimensional energies is part of this magnetic spiritual resonance that will help to attract the fifth dimension.

Let us now look at your personal part in this process. In many ways, parts of the intersection are now occurring. That is to say that there are periods of pre-intersection energetic times. These times include the appearance of certain light frequencies and often are marked by certain planetary alignment events. You can experience these special days as powerful energy days. Some of these powerful energy days have been marked by recent alignments, such as the Venus transit or the recent annular solar eclipse. These powerful days, which will also include the 12-12-12 energies, will create a greater connection and greater feelings of openness to the fifth dimension.

Living on the third dimension now requires that you develop a sensitivity that exceeds the normal third-dimensional sensitivity. So, in order to perceive and experience these fifth-dimensional energies and these fifth-dimensional energy waves, you need to achieve a higher degree of sensitivity. This would be normal because you are increasing your psychic powers; you are increasing your Third Eye powers and you are increasing your Crown Chakra energies. Unfortunately, many of you still have to work and function in the third dimension. Unfortunately, some of you will find that as you are experiencing these higher fifth-dimensional energies, you can become off-balance when you are in the third dimension. This feeling of being off-balance comes to you because there is often a dramatic contrast between the higher energy and the lower energies from the third dimension.

Remember, this is a time of polarization on the planet. So, when you are working on the Ascension, in fact you are working to increase your sensitivities to energies. When you are going into the third dimension with heightened sensitivities, sometimes the contrast can be unbalancing to you unless you are properly prepared. You have taken some steps to prepare yourself for, shall we call it,"deployment" into the third dimension.

Now, some of the interesting steps that the higher dimensional beings use are very instructive. Billy Meier (the Swiss man who had direct contact with the Pleiadians) interacted with Semjase, a guide and teacher from the Pleiades who came to Earth to instruct Billy. She and her Pleiadian crew were able to develop thought field protective waves, which means that only certain people were able to see their ships coming and only certain people were able to directly see them. Even though Billy Meier was able to see Semjaseand her crew, other people that would even be 30 or 50 feet away wouldn't see them. So, Semjase used a protective device that prevented others from experiencing them. Now, this would be a difficult device for you to use, because you do not have such technology now available on the Earth.

But I would suggest that there is some benefit in providing protection for yourself, and there is some benefit towards protecting your aura. Remember that I have given the instructions about the Pung energy. The Pung energy is an energy in which your aura would only allow higher vibration to enter your energy field. The lower vibrations would bounce away from your aura harmlessly. At the same time, your energy field maintains a highly charged energetic state so that negative energy bounces away. Also your energy field would not collapse, or your energy field would not experience an indentation, in the face of negative energy. So these are other ideas for protecting your energy. We continually remind you of doing the Cosmic Egg exercise. Without protection it is easy to go from a heightened state back into energy which is lower. This could cause you to experience a disorganization of your aura. You want to maintain the total integration of your aura. You don't want your aura to be disorganized. If it does get disorganized, then it is ok to withdraw in order to re-strengthen your aura.

Living in a Planetary City of Light can help to strengthen your aura. The idea of the Planetary Cities of Light is based on the concept of improving and protecting your energy field by living in a higher energy place. The idea of the Planetary Cities of Light is to create a safe haven for your energy work. And also the idea of the Planetary Cities of Light focuses on creating an attractive energy force that will resonate when the intersection of the dimensions occurs. Further, we have explained in detail that the interaction with the galactic sister cities is even providing a more powerful downloading of fifth-dimensional energy. The fact is that the sister cities are all fifth-dimensional cities, and they have all experienced the Ascension. Therefore they can resonate and send the ascension energies and the dimensional resonant energies to you. There is a way to be more in resonance with these dimensional waves. These dimensional waves that some of you are now experiencing are going to become stronger now, because the intersection of the dimensions is getting closer. But there are also powerful energy waves of dimensions that you can receive and that can activate you to a higher frequency.

The Ladders of Ascension, the Etheric Crystals, the subcrystals and the Ring of Ascension are all spiritual tools to use for creating integration with the dimensional waves. I want to also speak about Biorelativity and the dimensional waves. Yes, it is true that there are many systems on this planet that are becoming overburdened and aren't able to hold the energies. I am referring specifically to the economic systems, religious systems and political systems.

You can use these dimensional energy waves to increase your thought power for Biorelativity. The Biorelativity is on several levels. The Biorelativity has primarily been taught on the third-dimensional level. So you are, for example, discussing the Native American ideas of Biorelativity in talking to Mother Earth, and part of those exercises are still third dimensional. There are fifth-dimensional Biorelativity exercises. One of those exercises, for example, that will help to balance this planet, is to work with receiving the dimensional energy waves that are coming into this planet now. Sometimes those waves are coming in every 12 hours; sometimes they are coming in every 6 hours; sometimes they are coming in even more often. You can even attract and use the wave. You can call on the dimensional energy wave to help you experience more fifth-dimensional light.

These waves are like an ocean of spiritual-dimensional, fifth-dimensional energy coming to this planet in anticipation of the Ascension, in anticipation of this intersection. The intersection of the dimensions which will lead to the Ascension will be a positive experience for those who are ascending. At the same time, those energy waves that are coming and will be here can be directed in using Biorelativity exercises. You can use Biorelativity with fifth-dimensional energy to even quantumly affect the stability of the Fukushima power plant, for example, so that it doesn't collapse, and those rods don't fall to the ground. Use the fifth-dimensional waves to focus more on bringing moisture to the Southwest and to focus on creating a bigger balance on the weather patterns, to stabilize the plates on the planet. We know that there have been earthquake issues around Chile, and in Italy and around the Ring of Fire.

Bring these dimensional waves and focus them into the Etheric Crystals. The focus of the Etheric Crystals is significant, because the Etheric Crystals have the power to absorb and defuse in a positive way these dimensional waves. Remember, the dimensional waves cannot be integrated by those who are polarized. Or to put it in another way, those who are polarized significantly don't have the openness and the sensitivity to work with or understand this kind of energy.

Even for the starseeds, it is hard to store or to use this energy. Sometimes many of you don't even know what to do with so much higher energy. Sometimes you may even feel so uncomfortable because of having so much high-level energy. At times each of you may feel unbalanced because there are waves of energy coming to you. The Etheric Crystals have the ability and the power to store this energy and then to defuse it and to refocus it for you. So, in the Biorelativity exercises, focus on the dimensional waves coming into the closest Etheric Crystal or focus on the dimensional waves coming into your Planetary City of Light or the Ring of Ascension.

In the final parts of this meditation, I, Juliano, am seeing this huge fifth-dimensional wave of beautiful power and energy coming to the Earth. See that wave being absorbed by the Ring of Ascension and see that wave being distributed from the Ring of Ascension to the 12 Etheric Crystals. These 12 Etheric Crystals are like new meridian lines throughout the whole planet distributing a balance and a fifth-dimensional power. So hold that thought for one minute as we are in meditation.

A beautiful fifth-dimensional wave has just been integrated into this planet by you, and then that wave is also integrating into your energy system now. And all of this is creating a greater attractive force for the coming dimensional intersection.

I am Juliano. Good day.


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