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Just a short bit today. I was relaxing in my hot tub, just enjoying being, no big meditation going on, but feeling pretty wide open and aware.

I was thinking about the RV/GCR and the latest hold-ups that seem to have taken most by surprise. I ended up thinking about the cabal and wondering about their role in it.

Next thing you know, I'm talking to George Bush Sr. and he is dug in, not willing to let go. Like a little kid stubbornly holding onto a toy so nobody else can get it.

Somehow, I'm not exactly sure how it transpired, but I was transporting George Sr, Barbara, George Jr. and Jeb to be addressed in a review of sorts. I was trying to work out the best place to take them and considered several "realms" but ended up on a large ship.

I was in Archangel form and two Dragons were on either side of me in a large hall with dozens of beings present at a large oval table with the Bush family in the center.

I was speaking for the entire assembly addressing the Bush family and explaining what was happening.

This was not a trial, and they were not being "judged." It was a statement of fact and an opportunity for "redemption" if that is the right word to use.

There were three options on the table. Immediately accept and embrace the light of their being, be removed from Gaia to continue developing elsewhere, or be returned to source to start over. They did not choose option one. Of the remaining options, they are being relocated and have a short time to "pack their backs" so to speak, but have been cut off from power.

I had the strong impression that there were a whole string of these events happening at once with different people.

I took a nap later to see if I would join in on the proceedings again, but I don't recall anything like it.

It was fascinating to witness and even more so to be the speaker during the event.

After having this experience I have to wonder if they will really be physically removed or if this more of an energetic change...

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Gratitude to you, Dear Brother Paul, for your continued sharing and on-going support of our Collective Being!

What you describe here makes perfect sense to me. Over the years, and more frequently now in the recent past, I, too, have suddenly found myself out among some of the more commonly known "world players" on an energetic level.

To me, this again is wondrous confirmation of how interconnected we all are - and how important the roles of each and every individual can be; how we all can (and will) affect our collective evolution for the best benefit of all.


It only takes awareness of Self - and then awareness of Self within the larger environment - and wondrous things can and will happen!


Your experience also coincides nicely with the wheels of "creator's chariort" - the "ark" - slowly starting to turn and move forward. All of Nature awaits mankind to join in the celebration ... and there will be a celebration. It will happen, regardless of those who think that they can thwart it or stop it. All shall proceed forward - it is what Nature - the Cosmos - wants. End of story.


Dragon Blessings,



Thanks Amoran, it's amazing how much is going on at so many levels within each of us. I was also "impressed" with how my Archangel self was so strong and kind, and how well spoken I was/am with this projection of authority much like a good parent.

I did have a little bit if a challenge with scale. When the proceedings started on the ship I grew to the size of the dragons on either side of me, which made my angelic body enormous, towering over the assembly and the Bush family. When I realized I was way too big, and likely too dominant looking, I returned to "normal" size. Weird stuff like that happens when I'm jumping between dimensions. Normally I'm flipping back and forth between Dragon and Angel, but this time I stayed as one expression.

Maybe I'm just getting back into the groove with all of this. :)

Thank you Paul and Amoran for sharing your experiences here.

Dragon blessings to you both,


So the time of redemption is upon us :-)

Isn't it interesting to note that redemption is the choice the cabal are fearing the most? More than continuing to live in dakness ... the evil you know is easier to support than the good you don't know yet ...!

My choice is clear - I opt for redemption in all the fields where it is still needed!

When you see this scene, Paul, the time is HERE NOW for each of us to CHOOSE.

With our choice we determine the future.

I envision PEACE for the entire Universe and LOVE to conquer all fear!

The option to learn in another dimension on another planet will close in due time, too ... this is what I feel and see - but then ... time is just an illusion, is it not? LOL! There might be a dimension where you can continue on and on and on in NO time until you have learnt what you need to integrate, HA!

But no more damage and harm shall be allowed affecting beings of LIGHT ... no more angels are to fall!

We are on our way back to the higher frequencies - and all the lower frequencies are flooded now with the LIGHT of LOVE, integrating, transforming, transmuting ... but staying in the form they possess. MATTER is integrating LIGHT!

And so it IS,

Sonja MYriel

IT sure wash a great message. Sonja I do not no how you do all these things and grow so fast. Dale

Beloved dale,

This is Paul's experience related here - but as for the growing: It is a re-MEMBER-ing more than anything else ... becoming who you truly ARE - HERE ON EARTH, in your body! And once you have embarked on this journey, there is no way back anymore ... and the speed depends on your ability to LET GO that which no longer serves you and ALL that IS.

May the Goddess Power united with God's Love guide and aid you as it guides and aids me,

Sonja Myriel

Sonja Dear.. Thank you very much. This makes me stop and think hard for a long time. This means a lot to me.I sure wish I had your understanding of a lot of things . Thank you so much. Your friend Dale..    

The Good Force be with you!

Nice posts, Sonja & Paul! Thanks for sharing & keep it up!

As Leader of the Cosmic Tribunal, I perform justice & righteousness now & forever!

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)

Haha I love this one!!! ....... Thanks Paul

I think it could be Both PAUL



for sharing






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