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Guardian Council of the Golden Ray: Be-ing in this World but not of this World

Guardian Council of the Golden Ray:
Be-ing in this World but not of this World
Shared through Jill Renee Feeler
August 16, 2012
"Greetings and blessings. We are a collective consciousness of Guardians of the Golden Ray, sharing wisdom and perspectives on the very unique time phase you are experiencing. We offer our unique perspective on the Cosmic relationship to your Personal Ascension and your unique Role in the Shifting of Ages on Earth. Our energetic translator is one of us, choosing to serve her role from within the bodysuit at these magical cycles of time on your planet.
Let us begin with this sharing session.
Being in this world but not of this world
This message is becoming more and more clear for you.  We understand the challenges it presents.  Please remember that there remains a celebration of Separation (lack of Light) that continues on the Earthly planes and this takes many forms.  As you embrace more of the Light that you Are, you feel more clearly what is in discord with Your Light and The Light of All that Is.  This is natural, purposeful and right on schedule.  It feels like a polarization and we know that sometimes feels confusing to you.  How are you to assist others if you are following the power of Light so fully and completely that you seem to be separating from Separation (smile)?  How can you help and assist others when you are feeling so strongly to only Be and Experience yourself among and withIn Light and celebration of Light?  Isn’t this the splitting of worlds we said would not happen?*
This Is Ascension.  Choosing so fully the Light that you Are, no longer feeling contracted to participate, support, condone, bless or Be separate from the Light.  Light, which Is the root of All, Source, Divine Energy
Does this mean leaving others behind?
We understand how you mean this and we would reply, “No.”  We’ve shared before that you cannot do this for others.  If your personal Ascension process calls for your further engagement with more authentic and pure Light of God in your energy field, then you will naturally and organically feel a pull towards more experiences and ways of Be-ing that honor, nurture, support, amplify, encourage and celebrate Light.
Free Will and contracts and varying missions and many other factors affect personal Ascension timelines.  Others are not going through this sublimation of Light process and that is in Divine time.  Can you allow them their process?  Do you trust them and your Self and All that Is enough to follow the energies so divinely guiding You and that is also uniquely guiding others?  Can you feel in your core the purpose of and intent of You following Your path? 
Those who celebrate Separation in this time phase are having a different experience.  Free Will and the present blend of Dark Age and Platinum Age experiences amidst this Shift offers this combined experience.  We offer that for those on the timeline of bringing in the Platinum Age, if you wait for others to come along, the Platinum Age would not happen.  The gateways and portals of Platinum frequencies are opened and anchored by your Being your Light in ways that others do not yet know is possible.  You are changing the energetic structures of the planet, and of humanity by following your guidance and your unique path to purer and purer experiences of Light from within the bodysuit. 
Being Judged for Setting Boundaries
In our definition, judgment is feeling or indicating that another being is making the “wrong” choice or a “bad” decision. Discernment is rooted in love, honor for self and honor for other.  Discernment is noticing that You are not making that same choice for you.  Discernment allows you to notice the varying choices being made without the need to label another’s choice as good/bad, right/wrong.  Deciding something is not in your highest good is discernment. Determining something is not in another being’s highest good is judgment and beyond the scope of your authority or responsibility relative to free will and personal Sovereignty be-ing offered in your realms.  Boundaries are taking action, or not, when energies are not what you choose to participate in or to experience.
As you discern how to experience your Self amidst this combined experience, many of you are making difficult decisions regarding relationships and participation with others and in groups.  Feeling led, internally to set boundaries, discerning what is honoring and supporting the Light you seek to experience and Create in the physical realms. 
Others will not understand this.  They will call you names, judge you and ridicule you.  We know you can handle all of this.  This is why Masters volunteer and are assigned to these roles. 
They will claim you are denying others by exclusion and separation. 
What these beautiful souls in judgment of you do not recognize is that they are still on the path of celebrating Separation.  They are asking you to hold back on your path for Ascension until others are ready.  They do not understand your purpose, your role.  Please do not ask them to.  It is not their responsibility to understand your process.  It is Your responsibility to understand your process. 
We see this split and condemnation come most often from within spiritual groups, which makes it all the more bittersweet. 
Trust.  Trust your Self.  Trust your inner guidance system and ask your Self in these situations, what is most honoring to my Light and where is my joy most amplified at this time. 
But isn’t everything you see a mirror of yourself?
This is very related to the span of one's personal energy field.  As you expand your consciousness, your energy fields are also expanding and this allows you to see the reflection of what is in you as well as what is in others, and/or what is in the collective.  At that level of experiencing one's Self, just because you see it, doesn't mean it is "yours," that you "own it" nor that you are responsible for it. This is very much related to what we call "triggers." 
How do you know for whom the trigger is meant?  How do you know who "owns it" as their responsibility, their personal opportunity?  The opportunity for growth resides most directly within the one feeling an emotional surge by what they are seeing or experiencing. They are creating the perhaps emotional and/or painful event, often subconsciously, for their own growth and expansion. 
When you are feeling neutral, with no emotional response and no judgment about what you are seeing/experiencing then your role is as an Observer, a Witness, and this also offers growth in honing that skill.
You are dramatically expanding and your reflections will evolve beyond your own personal energy field, broader and broader into the All that Is of Unity Consciousness.
Classic Example of Discordance
We wish to be more specific to amplify the valuable role boundaries can in your process, if you feel led. 
Anti-Light/Separation programs
If each experience with a certain individual or community or group feels like a bitter pill, pay attention to that inner feeling.  The other individual or group may be subconsciously supporting and running programs that are actually anti-Light, i.e. celebrating and relying on Separation for survival.  These individuals tend to be very unstable, often experiencing series upon series of very unfortunate events.  In other moments they may demonstrate spiritual wisdom and loving vibrations.  The cycle repeats over and over and over again within their field.  The cycle is easy to monitor and observe using your higher/inner awareness system. 
Those operating from the original 5 sensory human system will miss the cycle and miss the anti-Light energies and behaviors.  They will also likely miss the power this subversive program has on everyone around them.  It is toxic to Light, even the being’s own Light.  It is as if another software programs runs simultaneous and they are in conflict with each other. 
The program distracts others from their Light and it is highly manipulative, and often narcissistic.  It is a classic program of a Dark Age cycle. 
Trust your instincts on how you feel about this individual or this group and their behavior.  Ask your Self whether, in that chosen state of being, can they support Light (in general) with that subversive program running in the background?  Recognizing you cannot change anyone, consider your choices, ask your team for assistance in how you can best support and Be Your Light while allowing others to create the journey they desire.
But shouldn’t you help them? 
We ask you gently, did they expressly ask you to help them?  Do they know they need help?  Are they conscious of this subversive program they are allowing to run in their energy field?  If each answer to these questions is, “No,” then you cannot help them.  (Notice any emotional response you feel to that statement for it will help you recognize a possible Victim/Rescuer program you may be ready to address and release.)  That does not mean there is no help or no hope for them.  You know every being has a dedicated spiritual support team assigned to them.  You also know the clear distinction between helping someone who is asking for your help and helping someone that is not asking for help, from you or anyone.  Helping another in this situation when you are not asked and they are not conscious nor self aware of the deeper issues, is unproductive, energetically draining, possibly frustrating, discouraging and sometimes even depressing.  They are running the program and they must be the ones to address it. 
From our perspective, we see them as a Master Level Soul, running a very sophisticated program of a Dark Age cycle they chose to work with.  They just aren’t done with it yet.   The master’s piece is not yet complete; a work in progress.
This perspective, when you allow it to become your personal truth, is extremely beneficial.  It connects Youwith a more empowering vibration of Source energy.  By your holding this truth and viewing the other as the master level Soul they are, you help energize those master frequencies within them.  You may be the only one that offers that frequency to them in their entire journey, because You Can.  We ask you, how is that not helping? 
This approach is relevant and applicable for anyone or anything You feel needs to be rescued or saved from any thing or any one.
Back to the example. 
But what will happen to them? 
That depends entirely on them.  Free will, remember? 
Their Higher Self has a plan and a purpose for this journey and that even includes these subversive programs we are discussing here.  They have signed up to experience them.  Before possibly spinning into an emotional negation of this being possible, please re-center and listen with your heart.  This master level soul may have volunteered for this part of their experience, possibly for the benefit of seeing and experiencing how it affects other Lightworkers and Wayshowers, to see from the inflictor how toxic that energy can be to Source Light in a polarized game like Earth in a Dark Age cycle.  That is powerful information and experience to gather. 
And You may have contracted to experience it on the receiving end, to learn how you can best respond while remaining in Your Light and honoring the Light of All that Is, including theirs. 
If this is going on in your personal experience, are you done?  Have you fully experienced enough of it or do you wish for more?  Will you go back to that item on the menu list over and over again?  It may take somewhat severe and directed actions in boundary setting by You for it to no longer be in your experience set.  The only thing you can Change is You.
But what will happen to them (question repeated)?
We ask you, do you believe they are also an infinite, Sovereign Soul?  Do you believe their re-membering, Ascension process can be done for them?  How much will you compromise your own Light and your own energy to interact and “help” this being who has not asked for your help and may never ask for your help?  What will it take to help you Trust your inner guidance regarding where you can best play your role?  What will it take for you to Trust there is a path and purpose for this other being and that path may no longer include you?  They may allow and seek another for help and in Divine time but they aren’t choosing you, at this time and maybe never.  Again, please recognize the ego-ic patterns You may be facing with this experience. 
But will they be left behind?  Are you leaving them behind, by setting boundaries and no longer sharing your Self and your Light with them?
We remind you that in this Ascension timeline for Earth and for all life on Earth, no one gets left behind.  We repeat, no one gets left behind.  And part of how that happens is by as many as possible going through your own Ascension processes, embracing levels of Light others do not yet have access to...  because they are running those subversive programs and don’t even know it.  You know it and therein lies your opportunity and we would say responsibility to anchor these Platinum frequencies for the dawning Age to become real and tangible and unshakeable... so that others will have it available for them... when They choose.  They are not yet choosing and that is obvious by their cycles of behaviors and actions.  You Are choosing, choosing Light and declaring your self done with Separation and all the games and programs that support Separation from the Light that you Are.   
Discernment Continues
There will continue to be distractions to your Light and your Ascension throughout this phase.  You will become more and more sophisticated at your ability to discern this as it happens and respond proactively, maintaining your unique vibration as you feel led.  Again, this will be misunderstood and you will be ridiculed by some for setting boundaries.  They cannot or will not see what you observe, so don’t ask them to.  Trust.
Masters at Work
This session was most productive and we hope it is supremely helpful to you at this critical stage of the process.  Separating from the game of Separation, falling into the Sovereignty and Light that you Are.  It feels like a paradox and yet it is a critical part of this Ascension process, particularly with the Platinum Age frequency of these Divine Blueprints.  You will more fully Feel and Know the Light of all that Is, and seeing it more clearly in others as you embrace and allow more and more of Your Source Light with-In.  Masters, doing/being things never done/been before in carefully chosen realities like Earth.  Typical over achievers, setting the bar for your Selves higher and higher.  Sometimes to avoid boredom (smile).  Sometimes just to ensure very special missions like this are accomplished in full.  And so it Is.
Namaste, Infinite Love and Blessings to this very special Ground Crew,
The Guardian Council of the Golden Ray shared through Jill Renee Feeler”
*When I asked this question, I felt like I was submerged in water, bobbing gently at the surface and it felt as if time stopped, everything rushed and shifted around me and a huge white, platinum and golden chariot seemed to glide in above my field of consciousness.  I could feel the significance of this huge moment, that I had asked a pivotal question so many of us face and there was celebration and fanfare in offering their perspective.
Copyright ©2012 by Jill Renee Feeler and Beacon for Lightworkers LLC. This material is protected by U.S. and international copyright and may be distributed freely in its entirety as long as the author’s name and website, are included.
Jill Renee Feeler is a spiritual teacher, channeler, healer, writer, and inspirational figure for many seek-ing to access their God-selves in their current journey. Jill guides others to create and access the New Earth into all aspects of their personal realities.  She offers a weekly global webinar, a DVD "The Platinum Age:  Creating the New Earth", online classes, intuitive sessions and many no cost videos and written articles. Learn more about Jill at  *  

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