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Channeled August 2nd.......



 Please note I was in a bit of
an ‘off ‘ mood when I began channelling this morning, so you will see that I
ended it at * and took up again later on, I decided to keep this first part in
as part of the whole.
Hello! I’ve been thinking things
over lately … it didn't’t really get me anywhere … but I thought it would be
good for us to get down to some real nitty gritty. To dig a little deeper so to
speak. I am assuming you know what I am about to ask as I decided last night
that I would ask this question in my channeling this
Indeed we know of your surmise.
You wish us to declare on a more profound level that of who we
Yes. If you wouldn’t mind. All I
know is that you wish to be known as The Federation Of Light, and that you are
the overseers of the overseers. So, intricate detail of what that description
actually entails would be very enlightening to say the
This is understood. For have you
not built upon a TRUST and within that TRUST have we not shared many things
that are known to us as TRUTHS. And you have willingly allowed these Truths to
be shared amongst many on our behalf. Therefore we would consider it righteous
to disclose to you and those who have given their Trust to us, that of who we
are. But may we ask of you … who do you think we are?
Well, as odd as it may sound, I
just connect up with you. I think of you as an energy and sometimes I FEEL your
LOVE so strongly that I cannot consider you in ‘individual soul’ terms. I just
FEEL you as HIGH BEINGS OF LIGHT. And yet … I say HIGH BEINGS … so am I
speaking these days to one or many, as in a
We wish to be known as LIVING
LIGHT. We have reached a level of consciousness that is of this. Therefore when
we say we are the overseers of the overseers, this is due to our level of
understanding regarding many matters. When we speak of councils, we speak of
council’s from the Highest understanding. In your world you have co-operate
meetings as such … and there may be discussions held on many levels before it
may be necessary for a particular matter to go to the top. Much is dealt with
by the hands of others so to speak. Yet nothing is passed without our seal of
Are there overseers of you? Who
is above you?
Those of an even brighter Living
Do they not have to approve what
you approve?
 No. For our say on any
matter is considered one that is final.
So … when you say your ships
will appear in our skies, do you mean your ships? Or those in ranks below you …
I do not really know how to put that.
You can FEEL a strength entering
at this point. Connected to your universe is a vast enterprise … a fleet that
has been designated to uphold honour to the cause of protecting and seeing
through that which you know of as The Ascension. Yet when we speak of a fleet
we do not speak of twenty or thirty.  Look at vehicles on your roads … are
there just a few? No indeed there are millions. It is the purpose of this fleet
to guide you. This is how we shall assist you when the appropriate time
arrives. We are here to guide you through.
When you say ‘we’ do you mean
you? You who are communicating with me now?
 In your vibration at this
moment in time you are feeling a little downcast, we are picking this up in
your energy and therefore you are struggling a little with the flow is this not
 Yes I guess so. I mean …
sometimes I find it all a little hard to comprehend. For a start, when your
ships appear in that way that no one can deny, what are YOU going to do … as
overseers will you be appearing or do you stay out of sight as perhaps your
vibration is too High to present yourself for us to
All things are possible. It is a
matter of attention.
Can you explain
 Let us help you to accept
your position for a moment for we can feel you are struggling with that. Why
would someone like you be given this ordeal?
Funny word to
Look it
I know what ordeal means. I
looked it up as you asked though, and it said 'severe trial or experience'. I
would hardly call this communication a severe trial or
And yet would you not say that
what you experienced in your Truth on our behalf regarding the matter of Oct
14th was not a severe trial and experience.
Yes It was. I didn’t realize you
were speaking of that.
Then if we may continue. Your
knowingness knows that you shall keep on with these communications. It cannot
do otherwise for the agreement made was on the understanding of your strength.
You are forgetting who you are. As indeed many of you have
Yet … I have come to understand
that who we are is LOVE. Isn’t that what we are supposed to remember and
Yet are there not many levels of
Love. The vibration upon that which you reside subdues your energy. You must
accept that due to your Light and we are speaking to you in particular at this
time Blossom ... that there is much at work to diminish that which you are.
This is also True for many that have taken on the tasks of spreading the Light
in the same manner as yourself. You are a target for those that are lost to
cling on to. You are a force of Light that those in the dark wish to bring down
to their level. This is the reason that so often you feel downcast and
*I decided to abort the
channelling here as I just wasn’t feeling in the right frame of mind to
receive. However it is now early evening and that frame of mind has changed, so
I will give it another go. Please note I made the decision not to read over
what I began this morning … just wanted to have a clear run  and see what
transpires. It always works best if I leave it to them. I should know by
Hello again. Apologies for my
demeanor this morning. Couldn’t seem to find the happy side of myself. So
decided to remove myself from the situation. Much better now, so wondering what
YOU would care to discuss?
What we would desire is that
which would be of most benefit to yourselves at this time. We understand that
in these times there is much speculation as to what is or isn’t about to occur
as your days roll into the coming of the Ascended world. You are becoming
overwhelmed by the mass of information, not knowing that which to believe and
that which to discard. It amazes /amuses us to FEEL the need upon your planet
to study that which is obviously NOT of Light. We do not understand why your
souls would undertake such study when it is clear from every angle that certain
material does not resonate with the Highest good. And yet … some still choose
to circulate these messages of doom. We cannot stop a soul from doing so , and
yet we cannot help but be a bit bemused by such an action. Why? When all that
is told of moving into a world of Light would one feel it necessary to spread
Do you not see dearest souls
that these messages of Love are here to assist as you integrate with Higher
energies that are sprinkling into your world. The lower vibrational messages
are being ‘setup’ to deter the Light from reaching you in its fullest capacity.
Have you not grown enough within your Being to determine that which is of Truth
and Light … that which makes your heart sing … compared to that which alarms
your Being and allows moments of despair and fear to enter in? For we say to
you … this discernment that we speak of, is as simple as that. What makes you
feel good? What makes you want to uplift those around you and allow ones heart
to giggle? If that which you read allows warmth to spread around your heart
area then by all means carry on reading. We simply find it quite strange that
when your alarm bells are ringing that there seems to be a morbid curiosity to
continue forth. So that when the end of a particular message has arrived …
 ones mind and entire vibration is in turmoil.
We try with our hearts utmost
desire to lead you away from that which does not serve you, and yet … many seem
to veer back towards the lack of Love. As if there is a need to  feel
comfortable in that which makes one feel uncomfortable ... for that is what the
soul has recognized as easy.
 We register this on
frequency bands and we see that time and time again ... a soul can fall down
into the lower level of the their vibration. They undo so much work that has
been done because of a weak moment where they surrender to the lower energy
that surrounds them. Let us speak of this a little . When we say ‘lower
energy that surrounds them', we are not speaking of a nasty frightening spooky
Oh such wit, you are catching
We ... like you, Blossom … like
to make Light of things also. We speak in this way ... meaning this . Each one
of you although residing on a planet of a certain vibration, has also your own
individual frequency that you are resonating within. This could easily be
proved scientifically with equipment already upon your earth. Therefore, that
particular frequency as an individual energy to a given soul  … has within
it levels of vibration …  within its vibration. So there could be shown
perhaps on a graph …  that which is resonating at a lower speed compared
to another part that maybe resonating at a faster/Higher
When your persona is feeling a
little down-hearted … as yours was earlier this day Blossom …. That is because
that is exactly what was taking place. Your heart was in the down/lower
frequency of your individual vibration. When your heart/soul is ‘placed’ in the
Higher frequency vibration of YOUR vibration ... then indeed you FEEL
Light-hearted. Do you see? So we would like to suggest to you that although
many of you have learned to change your mind's attitude when feeling low, that
it is also worth taking the time to imagine your souls Light moving into the
Higher/faster part of what you know as your aura.
What do you know it as? … Just
out of interest.
YOU. That energetic vibrational
colour is YOU. It is your soul. It is who you are, when you do not have a
physical body . That energy that is your aura is YOU out of the
And yet it surrounds our
It also penetrates your flesh in
order to animate you. If you had permission, for that is law … that YOU could
enter into any living matter to see through their eyes …  be that a plant,
a tree, an insect , you name it … if it is living ... you can enter it. Yet we
stress with all honour … this can only take place with the permission of the
energy that ‘owns’ the body of that living matter at the time. There are great
reprimands on a soul level for those who ‘take over’ another living body
without given permission.
Does that happen
Not so much now for the
evolvement of All has come to accept responsibility for actions taken. This
point we may speak of in general as it is very much a part of the possibility
of the Golden Age occurring due to this fact. So much has been recognized from
eons of misunderstanding of the self, and it has now come to pass that
trillions upon trillions of soul energies have moved into a space where upon
they have experienced much that is unnecessary to act upon again. In the terms
of that which is inappropriate for a soul that wishes to uplift further into
the Light. There are many upon your planet who make a decision not to make the
same mistake twice. We would express it not so much as a mistake but an
experience that was recognized by the soul that is not required
Would you say that as a whole we
are doing well down here? I ‘people watch’ a great deal and to me it’s as if I
sort of step out of me, or simply observe from an outsiders position … and we
seem to be such a crazy species. Nutty!!  I ask myself as I watch people
pass by whether or not they may even know of existence outside of our world. Do
they care? They just seem to be so wrapped up in the pointless automation of
everyday duties. I am not judging, it’s like a guessing game I play as to how
they would react if I told them that I speak with you. Are there enough of us
who KNOW what is happening? And do we really need to invite you.? Surely you
know you are welcome by many of us now.
It is said upon your planet that
the proper etiquette would be for those not of your species upon your planet to
be ‘cordially invited’ by you and that we would prefer this to be the way. This
is how it is known by many on your plane.
And yet if you rocked up
uninvited I’m pretty sure that those of us who Love ya wouldn’t be sending in
any complaints! Because surely YOU KNOW that you are welcome. If you don’t know
this by now, then you never will!
We are very much aware of the
energy that resonates with the desire for us to meet and greet. We, from where
we are stationed KNOW of the invitations already offered. So it is not of that
which we are awaiting. We are awaiting for the Lights to turn
Are you on
We have been on amber for what
would be considered decades of your years. Again the ‘no time’ cannot be
explained well in this circumstance. In the same way, we are unable to give you
the systematic change into the green. Yet as surely as your Lights turn this
way on your planet ,we assure you that we shall come.
We can FEEL more strongly than
ever upon your earth the yearnings of your souls to unite in LOVE with us. WE
return these FEELINGS of Love and this is why your yearnings become even
Many of you are BEING prepared
and you can FEEL this and yet you KNOW not of it. Yet we say to you over and
over that you will KNOW of this KNOWING when the time is ready for it to be
revealed to you in its awesome glory.
You FEEL that this wait is never
ending and yet your patience abounds through LOVE and through that KNOWING of
what is to come.
Be High spirited our kindred brothers and sisters. We are ALL of the ONE LIGHT.
We cannot be separated from each other for AS THAT ONE LIGHT we make up the
whole. When a Light is in the distance it does not appear as bright as when it
is close to you. Each particle of Light that seems so far away is simply a
distant member of the ONE family making their way
Thank you Bright Sparks!! I can
FEEL it is time to close.  See you around in Love and

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Thank YOU, Angela/Blossom! Reassurance of That Which IS, is Always Appreciated and tends to rejuvenate those of us in the trenches. . .With Infinite Living Love & Light :-) CrystaLin Joy
Hi Blossom
I am a new member and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this connection. Can you please share with me what they mean by the ships and being on amber? I understand that they are ascended beings of light but I am having a hard time getting my head wrapped around ships.
Thank you
Hi Paula, for me it was also very, very hard to accept that Beings of Light need ships to travel ... I then thought, well, maybe they do it just for us??? To show up in these UFOs to make themselves shown ... but finally I realized that there are sooo many different levels and vibrations, that some of our extraterrestials friends do indeed rely on space ships - or so it seems - LOL!

I'm still trying to figure out in how far our Elohim and Ascended Masters are involved in extraterrestrial activity - LOL! I'm sorry I cannot give you definite answer - I'm still studying the whole topic with interest but it seems that if some speak of highly advanced Aliens they actually refer to beings who others call Elohim, Angels, or even Ascended Masters. If I should get a clue finally what it is all really about, I'll let you know ;-)

Today I've found out for example that the Beings we often refer to as the "Arcturians" are actually Elohim and members of the White Brotherhood of Light and closely connected to the Violet RAY ... I've posted the video at the Arcturian group - maybe we can continue to discuss the topic there?

Blessings of Love and Light,

Sonja Myriel



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